Cries in the Night: Chapter 60

At the law office, everyone was still in shock from the revelation that not only had William Church been murdered but Bryan could not have been the one to have done it.

“Gantz and Madison, you are the lead investigators in the murder of William Church,” Chris informed them.  “Guthrie and I will finish up the stalking case and see if we can link Sabrina Shaw’s murder to it?”

“What about Calvin?”  Mae asked aggravating Matthew by mentioning his name.

“He is still on suspension,” Chris stated.  “I never got a chance to talk to him today because I have been here.  We need to discuss some things before I reinstate him.”

Matthew smiled to himself.

“But I could not put him on the William Church case anyway,” Chris started to say.  “I have excused myself from it as well.  If we believe he killed Calvin Sr. that puts me and Stoner too close to the case.”

“So you do believe it was him?”  Draper questioned her.

“It appears so,” Chris responded.

“If we are investigating Mr. Church’s murder, then we need to know the last time you all saw him?”  Matthew asked.

Julia, James, Deborah, and Draper all looked at each other and then thought for a second.

“I wasn’t here,” James stated.  “That’s the day I did my interview at WMON, and I went home after the interview.”

“That’s right,” Deborah agreed.  “It was just Julia, Draper, Katherine, Bryan and me at the office that day.”

“He left that afternoon because he said he was going to handle the Sabrina Shaw situation,” Julia informed them.

“Do you know what he meant by that?”  Mae inquired.

“No,” Julia answered.  “He never explained what he meant.”

“He was very secretive about it,” Deborah added.

“He could have been the one who pushed her in front of that bus,” Guthrie suggested.  “That would have handled the situation.”

“Do you think he was capable of that?”  Draper asked.

“We believe he killed Calvin so what’s another murder to him,” Chris responded.

“But with his time of death being early afternoon or evening, he was probably killed before she was,” Chris told them.

“So we are looking for two different killers,” Guthrie stated.

“Yes, it appears so,” Chris said.

“So, you have no idea where he was going when he left the office that afternoon?”  Matthew asked again.

Julia, Deborah and Draper all shook their heads ‘no’.

“We will still have to talk to Katherine since she is not here now,” Matthew said.

“She was in the dark just as much as we were,” Julia stated.

“I know, and I believe that,” Matthew told her.

“Wait a minute,” James said as he picked up his phone.

“What is it?”  Matthew asked.

“William Church could not have been killed that early,” James stated.

“Why do you say that?”  Matthew questioned him.

“Because I got a text message from him that night after midnight,” James informed them.  “He wasn’t answering my calls.  His said he had a sore throat, but he did have a plan on how to handle the Sabrina Shaw situation.  He was supposed to tell me about it in the morning.”

“And we got texts from him when we got out of the elevator as well,” Julia told them.

“And Bryan said he got a text message from him the morning that you’ll discovered the body,” Deborah mentioned.  “But his time of death was definitely long before all those messages were sent?”  Deborah asked Dr. Bauer.

“Yes,” Dr. Bauer answered as he exited James’s office after placing Bryan’s body on a gurney.

aaaimages (1)

Deborah, Chris, Matthew, Mae and Guthrie all looked at each other.

“What is it?”  April asked.  “What are you all thinking?”

“He could not have been the one to send those text messages,” Mae answered her.

“The killer probably sent them to make everyone believe that William Church was still alive,” Guthrie explained.

Chris looked at Dr. Bauer.  “Did you’ll find William Church’s cell phone on his body?”

“No, we did not,” Dr. Bauer replied.

Chris looked at Matthew and Mae.  “Get over to William Church’s house with a forensics team.  That place is now a crime scene.  And find his cell phone.”


Across town, a darkened figure was standing near the banks of the Monticello River.  They took a cell phone out of their pocket.  They looked to the right and left to see if anyone was looking.  Then they through it in the river.


Back at the law office, Dr. Bauer was wheeling out Bryan’s body on the gurney with a team from the morgue when Sky and Raven arrived.

“Oh my God, who is it?”  Raven exclaimed to the guards at the door.  “James!”

“It’s my mom,” James stated.  “We are alright,” James responded.

“What happened?”  Sky asked as he entered the office with Raven.

“It’s Bryan Church,” James announced to them.  “He has been the one who has been stalking and threatening Julia.”

“Are you sure?”  Raven inquired.

“Yes, he confessed,” Julia told them.

“Oh thank God, it’s finally over,” Raven stated.  “You can get rid of these bodyguards and…”  Deborah cut her off before she could finish what she was saying.

“Probably not just yet,” Deborah stated.  “Let the police finish the investigation first.”

“What?”  Raven asked.

“Yes,” Chris agreed.  “Just give us another day or two to officially close it, and make sure Bryan didn’t have any help.  Then we will relieve you of the police protection.”

James looked at Julia.  “I think I can live with another day or two of police protection.”

“We are used to it by now,” Julia added.  “Deborah has become like family.”

Raven was not happy with Julia’s comment but didn’t let it show.

“We will go through Bryan’s apartment first thing in the morning with a forensics team,” Chris said to Guthrie.

“I will be ready,” Guthrie replied as his phone started to ring.  He picked it up and looked at it, and then shut it off.  “I’m sorry my dad keeps calling.  I haven’t had a chance to call him back yet.”

“Your dad,” April repeated.  “I hope everything is okay.”  As she was speaking she tapped Deborah on the back.

Deborah knew April was bringing up Guthrie’s father since he was her ex-boyfriend but Deborah ignored her.

“It is,” Guthrie told her.  “He is coming for a visit.  We are just trying to finalize plans.”

“Oh, we would love to see him when he comes to town,” April told him.  “Wouldn’t we Draper?”

“Of course, I think we all…”  Draper started to say ‘we all would’ but then he saw the look on Deborah‘s face.  After seeing her expression, he decided to stop in mid-sentence.

“I will let him know,” Guthrie responded.

“Are we done here for the night?”  James asked changing the subject.  “I think we are all ready to go home.”

“Yes,” Julia agreed as April turned and looked into James’s office.  “It’s was just like my dream,” she whispered to Draper.

“I think we are done for now,” Chris answered James.   “I will let you all know what we find in Bryan’s apartment.

Everyone started moving to the elevator in the hallway.  James, Julia, Deborah, and James’s bodyguards all got into the elevator.

“We can wait for the next one,” Chris told them.

“If it’s alright, I want to ride down with Julia,” April said to Draper.  April entered the elevator and hugged Julia.   “I can’t believe it’s finally over,” she whispered as the doors closed.

“What was that about if I may ask?”  Chris inquired.

“I think she believes I haven’t been taking her dreams seriously,” Draper answered.

“Dreams?”  Guthrie asked.

“Yes,” Draper responded.  “But in the 1980’s my wife used to have psychic dreams and visions that came true.”

“Really?”  Guthrie questioned him.

“Yes,” Draper replied.  “Then she started having dreams recently about me dying.  And then we returned to Monticello she started having dreams about Julia.”

“What about Julia?”  Guthrie inquired.

“It was similar to what happened tonight,” Draper started to explain.  “Julia was held at gun point with James’s gun.  April didn’t know it was James’s gun when she first had the dream.  She just knew it was grey and had the word mustang on it.”

“That’s interesting,” Guthrie stated.

“She saw the gun go off in the dream,’ Draper continued.  “She saw Julia scream.  Though she never saw it, she thought Julia was going to get shot.  And she also saw Julia tied up at one point.”

“That’s not exactly how it happened,” Chris started to say.  “Julia was never tied up by him but Deborah was.  And the gun that was fired was Deborah’s gun not James’s.”

“I know,” Draper replied.

“And now we have both guns in evidence,” Guthrie informed him.  “But what do you think her dreams meant?  I mean things didn’t exactly happen the way she dreamed them.”

“I don’t know,” Draper answered him.

“And does she still believe you are going to die?”  Chris asked him.

“I’m not sure,” Draper responded.


Later that night, everyone at the mansion were drinking and celebrating that Julia’s ordeal was finished.

“So this means no more bodyguard,” Geri stated as she gave Robert a nasty look.

“Not just yet,” Raven answered her.

“What do you mean?”  An angry Geri asked her.

“The police haven’t officially closed the investigation yet,” Raven started to say.

“What?”  Charlotte questioned.

“They just want a day or two to tie up loose ends before they officially close the case,” Sky explained.

“Looks like you are stuck with me a little while longer,” Robert told Geri.

Geri just made an ugly face.

“You could use someone full time to keep you of trouble,” Robert whispered.

“Well, I think I am going to head up to bed,” April announced.

“I will join you,” Draper said.

“Hopefully now that this is over with, I will be able to sleep tonight without any dreams,” April said to him.

“I need to freshen my drink,” Geri mentioned.  “Would you like to join me?”  She asked Gordon.

“Sure,” Gordon responded.   He knew ‘no’ was not an option with Geri.  “Join us.”  He said to Broomhilda.

As he was speaking Sky’s cell phone rang.  He looked at it, and then started walking toward his study.  “I need to take this in my study.”

As the three of them walked toward the bar, Geri turned to look at Lyle.  “Why don’t you join us, Lyle?”

“Okay,” the reluctant Lyle answered as he followed them.

“Why is Lyle all of a sudden so chummy with Geri?”  Charlotte asked Robert.

“I don’t know but I am going to find out,” Robert answered her.

“It will be nice to finally get back to my own place,” Julia mentioned to Charlotte.

“I know,” Charlotte agreed.

“Yes, this place is big but it so crowded with everyone here,” James stated.  “I am missing my own place.”

“Where do you two plan on living once you are married?”  Charlotte asked them.

James and Julia looked at each other.  “We haven’t discussed that yet or thought about it,” Julia answered.

“That brings up a good point,” James started to say.  “Where do you want to live?”

“I’m not sure,” Julia answered.  “But it will be fine as long as I am with you.”

“Oh, that is so sweet,” Charlotte whispered to Deborah.

“They are such a cute couple,” Deborah stated.

“So Deborah, what will you be doing once you services are no longer needed to protect Julia?”  Raven asked her in a nasty tone.

Deborah paused for a second.  “I haven’t decided yet,” She answered finally with a voice of confidence.  She was not going to let Raven get to her.

“The second this case is officially closed get your things, and get hell out of my house,” Raven whispered to Deborah and then walked away from her.

“What was that about?”  James asked.

“It’s a long story,” Deborah responded.  “You know the story of the clown puppet killer, Molly Sherwood?”

“Yes,” James responded.

“We were just talking about it the other day,” Julia reminded her.

“I was a young cop then, and I believed your mother was the killer,” Deborah told him.

“What?”  Charlotte exclaimed.

“Yes,” Deborah answered.  “And she hasn’t forgiven me for that.”

“Wow,” Charlotte stated.

“But your mother actually saved my mother’s life in the end when Molly tried to kill her,” Julia said to Charlotte.

“That was a crazy time back then,” Deborah told them.  “Draper was presumed dead and had amnesia.  And crazy Emily Michaels thought Draper was her long lost husband.”

“Who was she?”  Charlotte asked.

“A women who Molly worked for as a housekeeper,” Deborah answered.

“It’s a complicated story,” Julia stated.  “I can tell you about it another time but I think I am going to head to bed right now.”

“It has been another long day,” James said as he walked with Julia to the stairs.

Before you started to walk up the stairs, Julia turned to Charlotte.  “And I can’t wait to find out how your date goes tomorrow night.”

“Date?”  James questioned.

“How did you find out about that?”  A shocked Charlotte asked.

“Word gets around,” Julia chuckled as she walked up the stairs.

After Julia went up the stairs, Charlotte looked at herself in the mirror.  She her hand by her neck.

“This bet with Geri just about up,” she thought to herself.  “Aunt Geraldine’s pearls are going to be mine.”

At the bar, Geri was speaking to everyone like it was a business meeting.

“I have to win this best with Charlotte by tomorrow night,” she informed everyone.

“You are running out of time,” Lyle said to her.

“No, I am not,” Geri responded.  “You just need to get Charlotte there so she can see me landing Adam tomorrow night.  And then she can forget about ever getting her hands on Aunt Geraldine’s pearls.”

“Tomorrow night?”  Lyle asked.  “That will be hard to do.  She has a date tomorrow night.”

“A date?’  Geri questioned.  “Who with?  When did this happen?”

“She is overdue,” Gordon stated.  “She hasn’t had a wedding in a while.”

Broomhilda was confused by the comment.

“I will explain the humor later,” Gordon told her.

Lyle started to respond but Geri cut him off.

“Never mind,” Geri said.  “Do you know where this date is at?”

“Yes, she is meeting him at Delmonico’s,” Lyle answered.

“She is meeting him there?”  Geri asked.  “He is not even picking her up?  What kind of guy is this?”

Again Lyle started to respond but Geri cut him off.  “Never mind,” Geri repeated.  “We will do it at Delmonico since Charlotte will already be there.”

“Do what?”  Broomhilda inquired.

“Yes, do what?’  Gordon repeated.

“That’s where we are going to put my plan into motion,” Geri answered.

“And what is the plan?”  Gordon questioned her.

“We are going to tell Adam he is going to a surprise engagement party for James and Julia,” Geri responded.  “And then when Charlotte arrives she will see me landing Adam.”

Gordon, Broomhilda, and Lyle just stared at her.  “And how is that going to happen?”  Gordon asked.

“Thanks to something Lyle picked up for me,” Geri responded.  Geri recalled Lyle giving her the vial he had gotten from the man at the Unicorn.

Lyle turned his head away from everyone in shame at the mention of his name.

“And what was that?”  Gordon asked.

“Don’t worry about it,” Geri answered him.

“What about Adam’s girlfriend, Katherine?”  Broomhilda inquired.

“Good question,” Gordon said.  “What do you plan to do with her?”

“We are going to tell about the surprise engagement party, and use her to get James and Julia there,” Geri replied.  “We will tell her that Adam will meet her there.  I will come up with another ruse to get James and Julia there.  Maybe a party for Adam. And then we will tell Adam an earlier time.  And I will have won the bet before they even arrive.’

“And what will you do when the three of them arrive?”  Gordon inquired.

“It doesn’t matter, the bet will be over by then, and I may call and cancel the party before they even arrive,” Geri responded.

Lyle, Gordon and Broomhilda started at her in disbelief.

“It’s going to work,” Geri stated.

“I need to get back to Charlotte,” Lyle told them as he left the bar. “That Geri Whitney is a crazy lunatic,” he whispered to himself.

“I know,” Robert who was outside the door told him.  “Do you want to tell me what she has on you?  Maybe I can help?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Lyle responded.

“Have it your way,” Robert responded.  “But it is my job to protect her, and I did see you give her the vial the other night.”

Lyle looked at him in shook.

“Do you want to tell me what was it?”  Robert asked.  “I can help.”

“I don’t know,” Lyle answered him.

“Then tell me what you do know,” Robert stated.


At the Rhodes house, Beth arrived to find Nikki at the door with Calvin.

“Is something wrong?”  Nikki asked her.

“We can talk about it later,” Beth responded.  “It’s nothing to worry yourself about right now.”  Beth didn’t want to tell her that she had reached a dead end with her sister Liz in her quest to help locate Preacher.

“I am just telling Calvin goodbye,” Nikki informed her.  “I will be in in a second.”

“It was nice seeing you again, Dr. Cavanaugh,” Calvin said to her.

“You too,” Beth replied as she went into the house.

“I am so glad we made up,” Calvin said to Nikki.

“Me too,” Nikki responded.  “I am just sorry you are still suspended from the police force.”

“I think that will end tomorrow,” Calvin informed her.  “I think that is what the Chief wanted to talk to me about today before she got called away from the office.”

“I know,” Nikki responded.  “I’m so happy for Julia.  Hopefully she and James can put all this behind them and move on with their life.”

“They are engaged,” Calvin mentioned.

“I know,” Nikki responded with hesitation.  “Are you trying to propose to me again?”

“Would it be such a bad thing?”  Calvin asked.

“We just got back together,” Nikki started to say.  “Why do you want to ruin it?”

“Ruin it?”  A shocked Calvin responded.


In the living room, Beth sat on the sofa and grabbed her cell phone.  She looked at the several text messages she had received from Jody asking her how her meeting with Liz went.  “I guess I should let you know now,” Beth whispered to herself.


At WMON Jody was on her way to Jeremy’s office when she was stopped by intern Cynthia Crovo.

“Ms.  Travis, I almost finished trying to re-splice together the Monticello’s Most Wanted segment on Detective Calvin Stoner’s murder,” Cynthia informed Jody.

“Thank you,” Jody responded.  “I still can’t believe it got wiped off the server.”

“It was no trouble,” Cynthia responded as Martin and Angela were walking by them.  “I enjoy doing it.”

“Oh Cynthia, I believe Ms. Rhomer needs you to go with her on her interview tonight,” Martin told her as he nudged Angela.

“I almost…” Cynthia started to say but Angela cut her off.

“Cynthia I need you with me, if you can’t handle the responsibilities of this internship we may have to find someone who can,” Angela stated.

“No, I am ready,” Cynthia responded.

“There was no need for that,” Jody said to Angela as she went into Jeremy’s office.

“You enjoyed that too much,” Martin told Angela.

“I love getting under Ms. Travis’s skin,” Angela replied.

“And I don’t know why you are so gung ho on this interview with the CEO of Golden Eagle,” Martin started to say.  “It’s just a fluff piece.”

“I know,” Angela responded.  “But it is a show of good faith.  They want to take down our mutual enemies-the Whitneys.  And when is the last time you got me a decent story.”

“Probably the last time you came visit me at my place,” Martin reminded her.  “When are you coming to visit again?”

Angela walked away from him ignoring the comment.  “If things work out with Norman, I may never have to stoop to ‘visiting’ you again,” she whispered to herself.

An obviously upset Jody entered Jeremy’s office.

“What is it?”  He asked her.

“It’s just Angela trying to get on my nerves,” Jody responded.  “I don’t want to talk about it.  Did you find out anything more about Bryan Church?”

“No,” Jeremy responded.  “All we have is what the police have released.  But we can look more into his background later.  We are going to still lead the newscast with him. Then follow with the fact that his father William Church was murdered.”

“I can believe they are both gone, “Jody mentioned.  “They were both just in the studio the other day.  “But I am so happy for Julia that it is all over now.”

“Me too,” Jeremy stated.  As he was speaking Jody’s cell phone rang.

“Where is my purse?”  Jody asked as she walked around the office.

“Here it is,” Jeremy responded as he picked it off a chair and handed it to her.

“It’s Beth,” Jody informed him as she looked at the caller ID on the phone.  “Maybe Liz told her how to find Preacher.”

“That would be wonderful news,” Jeremy said to her.

“Hello Beth,” Jody answered.

“Hi Jody, are you busy?”  Beth asked.

“No,” Jody responded.  “I am just waiting for the newscast to start.

“I wanted to tell you how my meeting with Liz went,” Beth explained.

“Yes,” Jody responded.  “What did she say?”

Beth was silent for a second as an obviously upset Nikki entered the house.

“I will talk to you later, Aunt Beth,” Nikki said to her.  “I not really in the mood to talk right now.”

“Okay,” Beth responded.  “Good night then.”

“Good night,” Nikki said to her.

“Is that Nikki?”  Jody asked.  “How is she?”

Beth paused again.  “She doesn’t seem happy.  I hate to say it but I think she had another fight with Calvin.”

“Oh those two,” Jody mumbled.  “I don’t know what to do about them.  So how did it go with Liz?”  Jody asked changing the subject.

“Not well,” Beth finally responded.  “She’s the same old Liz.  She has a grudge against me.  She wasn’t pleasant.  She still blames my parents and me for all her problems.”

“I am sorry,” Jody told her.

“I didn’t expect anything else from her,” Beth responded.

“Did she say anything about Preacher?”  Jeremy asked.

“Yes, did she say if she knew anything about how to find Preacher?”  Jody questioned.

“No,” Beth responded.  “Her story hasn’t changed.  She says that she never heard from him again after they broke up in Chicago.  He hasn’t ever tried to contact her since then.”

“Do you believe her?”  Jody questioned her.

Beth was silent for a second.  “Yes, I do,” she finally responded.

“Dam it,” Jody exclaimed.  “We are never going to find him.  And how are we going to help Nikki.

“Calm down,” Jeremy said to her as he put his arms around her.  “We still have time.  You know what Dr. Samuel said.  We have time, and he can treat her symptoms right now until we find Preacher to give her the bone marrow transplant.”


In her bedroom, Nikki laid down on her bed.  “Why am I feeling so weak and tired?”  She asked herself.  “I may have over done it today.”  She then put her hand on her belly.  ‘I’m starting to feel pain down there more often.  I wish you would stop it.”

Nikki then grabbed a pillow and rolled onto her side.  As she did so, she caught sight of her hand.  “She had a pale yellowish spot on it.”  She jumped out of bed and grabbed the pamphlet she had on Paraoxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria and opened it up to read it.

“Pale or yellowish skin,” she mumbled.  “You shouldn’t be happening.  I should have more time.”


In his study, Sky was on the phone and he was not happy.

“Why are you calling me when I have a house full of people right now?”  He angrily asked.

“Where is my money?”  The woman’s voice on the other end of the line answered. “You haven’t made a deposit this month.

Sky paused for a moment.  “So you noticed that Alicia,” he noted.  The woman on the other end of the phone was Alicia Van Dine.

“Of course, I noticed,” Alicia responded.

Sky secretly smiled.  “Well get used to it,” he responded.  “Because I am not sending you any more money.”

“What?”  A shocked Alicia exclaimed.

“You heard me,” Sky said.  “You are not receiving any more money from me.”

“You better think about what you are saying,” Alicia told him.

“I am,” Sky replied.

“Then I guess I will have to get in touch with Raven and let her know our secret,” Alicia stated.

“It won’t matter,” Sky said.

“Like hell it won’t matter,” Alicia screamed.  “I can’t wait to tell her.”

“You don’t have to tell her,” Sky responded.

“We will just see about that,” Alicia said.

“I mean it, it won’t matter,” Sky repeated.

“Why wouldn’t it matter?”  Alicia questioned him.

“Because I am telling Raven the truth,” Sky informed her.

“You are bluffing,” Alicia stated.  “You wouldn’t do that.”

“No, I am not,” Sky told her.  “I am finally telling Raven the truth.  I should have done it a long time ago.  I am finally going to tell Raven that we have a child together.  I am finally going to tell her about our daughter.”  As Sky was speaking, he took the book off the shelf that he had hidden the baby picture in and took it out.”

“She will never forgive you,” Alicia said to him.

“Yes, she will,” Sky told her.

“This doesn’t change the other part of our agreement,” Alicia informed.  “You are still never going to ever meet our daughter.”

“We will see what she has to say about that when everything is out in the open,” Sky told Alicia.

“She won’t care,” Alicia responded.  “She doesn’t want to have anything to do with you.”

“I am her father and I know she will want to see me,” Sky stated.  As he was speaking, he turned around to see Raven standing there.  In his haste to answer the phone Sky recalled forgetting to lock the door.

Sky and Raven just started at each other.  “I need to go,” Sky said as he hung up the phone.  He turned again to look at Raven who was silent.  “What did you hear?”  He finally asked.

Raven remained silent.  She walked closer to him.  Her demeanor changed.  She started banging her hands on Sky’s chest.  “You had a child with her.  You bastard.”

Sky grabbed her hands to stop her from hitting him.  “Let me explain.”

Raven just shook her head at him back and forth.  “Get away from me.”


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