Cries in the Night: Chapter 59

“Oh no, Julia,” April screamed as she and Draper had just heard a gunshot and scream come from James’s office.

“Julia!”  Draper yelled as he ran toward James’s office.

“Daddy?”  Julia shouted from inside James’s office.

Draper ran to the door to James’s office and opened the door.  “Oh, my God,” Draper exclaimed.  He stood there and froze.

“What is it?”  April asked as she walked passed him fighting back tears.  As April peered into the room, she saw a body laying down on the floor face down.  She then looked at the side wall.  Julia sat there shaking next to Katherine.

“I’m okay,” Julia finally responded.

Katherine sat there frozen.  She was holding a gun and not moving.

“Untie me,” Deborah told them.

“Is he dead?”  April asked referring to Bryan was the person lying face down.

“We need to make sure,” Deborah stated.

Draper went over to his body.

“Be careful,” April said.

Draper pushed the gun away from Bryan’s body.  “I don’t feel a pulse,” he informed them as he grabbed his wrist.

“Could it finally be over?”  Julia asked as she untied Deborah.

“What happened?”  April questioned him.

Katherine just sat there frozen.

“Katherine, put the gun down,” Deborah said to her.  “It’s okay.”

“What happened?”  April repeated.

“He was my stalker,” Julia informed them.  “Bryan Church.  After all this time, he was working right her in the office with me.”

After she was untied, Deborah took the gun from Katherine.  “It’s going to be okay,” Deborah said to her.  “We need to call the police.”

“The police?”  A shocked Katherine asked.

“It’s okay, you didn’t nothing wrong,” Deborah told her.

“Yes,” Julia agreed.  “You saved us.”

“Could someone please tell us what happened here?”  Draper inquired.

“I suspected that Bryan Church was the one stalking Julia after we were stuck in the elevator,” Deborah informed them.  “He was trying to distance me from Julia that night.  And he wanted to be stuck alone in the elevator with Julia.”

“Really?”  April inquired.

“I knew someone in the maintenance department had to have helped him,” Deborah continued.  “Barry, who works downstairs in maintenance, helped him with the elevator.   And Barry called here to tell me that Bryan was the one.  But unfortunately, Bryan was here at the time.”

“And that is when he knocked you out,” Julia stated.

“Correct,” Deborah told her.

“He planned it all,” Julia added.  “He sent James out of town for a phony client meeting.  And then he forced Katherine and me in here at gun point.  He took James’s gun out of his desk.”

Katherine sat there frozen at the mention of her name.

“I called the police,” Draper informed them.  “They are on their way.”

“They are,” Katherine said.

“It’s going to be okay,” Deborah said to her.

“Yes,” Julia agreed.  “Things are finally going to be okay again.”

“You are a hero,” Deborah said to Katherine.  “You saved me.”

‘What happened?”  April asked her.

“He was losing it,” Julia stated.

“He was yelling at me,” Deborah explained.  “He said that I had interfered and messed things up for him and Julia.  He took aim and was going to shoot me.”

“Oh my,” April said.

“My purse was on the floor,” Deborah informed him.  “It must have fallen there when Bryan knocked me out.  But it had my gun in it.  And Bryan didn’t know that.”

“Yes, I felt it when my hand passed over your purse,” Katherine stated as she stood up from the floor.  “And he had the gun up, and he was ready to shoot.  And I don’t know what came over me.  I took the gun out of the purse.  I don’t know how he didn’t notice?”

“It’s alright,” Julia said to her.

“And it’s like it just went off,” Katherine told them as she paced around the room.  “I never meant to kill anybody.”

“You did nothing wrong,” Deborah stated.  “You saved my life.”

“You saved all of us,” Julia added.

“Yes, you did,” Draper agreed.

“Oh, thank you, Mr. Scott,” Katherine said as she hugged Draper.

“Why did he do all this?”  April questioned.

“Because, he said he loved me,” Julia answered her.

“He loved you,” a voice said from outside the office.  “He had a funny way of showing it.”  James stated as he entered his office.

“Oh James,” Julia said as she ran into his arms.

“Bryan was behind all this?”  James asked her.

“Yes,” Julia answered.  “It’s finally over.  We can move on, and get married.”


At the District Attorney’s office, Nathan returned from Didi’s apartment smiling.

“You seem in a good mood,” Laurie said to him.

“Yes,” Nathan stated.  “Things are getting back on track with Didi and me.”

“That’s wonderful news,” Laurie told him as she was speaking Victor slammed something down on his desk.

“You think he would be a better mood considering his just won re-election,” Nathan said.

“It probably has to do with James and Julia’s engagement,” Suzanne mumbled.

“What?”  Nathan asked.

“Nothing,” Suzanne replied.

Laurie sat down at her desk.  She looked at the calendar and then looked at Victor.  “That could be it,” she whispered to herself.  “Today’s the day, Johnny married your stepmother all those years ago.”

“What could be it?”  Nathan asked her.

“Nothing,” Laurie responded.  She didn’t want to tell Nathan about Victor’s abusive stepmother, Melissa.  “I think he is just having a lot of bad memories about something that happened today.”

“About his stepmother?”  Suzanne inquired.

Laurie was shocked that Suzanne knew about it.

“He is mentioned her in passing,” Suzanne informed her.  “I know she was mean to him.  I guess I was lucky my adopted parents are wonderful.”

Laurie didn’t say anything.  She just stared at Victor in his office.

“I can talk to him,” Suzanne said as she got up from her desk.

“I don’t know if that is a good idea,” Laurie told her.

“It will be okay,” Suzanne said as she walked toward Victor’s office.

Laurie and Nathan just watched as she entered his office.

“Do you want to talk about it?”  Suzanne inquired as she closed the door to the office.

“Don’t you knock?”  Victor asked her sarcastically.

“You don’t sound like a man that just won re-election,” Suzanne stated.

“I’m surprised you are sound so positive now that James and Julia are engaged?”  Victor questioned her.

“So that is what this attitude is about?”  Suzanne whispered.

“What?”  Victor questioned.

“Nothing,” Suzanne responded.  “Of course, I am upset, but I am not giving up on James.  And I am not letting it affect the job I have to do here.”

“So what are we going to do about it?”  Victor asked her.

“I’m not sure,” Suzanne replied.

“We need to come up with a plan to win them back and/or break them up,” Victor stated.

“Yes, we do,” Suzanne agreed.

Laurie was staring at the interaction between the two from her desk.  She noticed how Victor’s tone changed.  “I don’t like it when you get like this,” she said to herself.  “It is obvious you are up to something.  And it is not good.”


Across town, Beth Correll walked into the Art Building at Monticello University.  She looked at the directory.  “Correll, 10 B,” she whispered to herself.

Beth started to walk down the hall.  “Maybe I should have called first,” she thought.    “But then, she might not have agreed to see me.”

Beth stopped at Room 10, and knocked on the door.  She was surprised when a light grey haired man in his early 50s answered the door.

“Can I help you?”  The man asked.

“I’m sorry, I am looking for Professor Liz Correll,” Beth told him.  “I thought this was her office.”

“It is,” the man responded.  “We share the room.  I’m professor Burton Lossi.  Both of our offices are in here.  I’m sorry but she is not here right now.”

“I’m Dr. Beth Cavenaugh,” Beth stated introducing herself.  “I’m Liz’s sister.”

“Sister?”  A shocked Burton questioned.

“Yes, sister,” a voice from behind Beth repeated.

Beth recognized it immediately.  She hadn’t heard it in years, but she knew it was her sister, Liz.

“And I’m,” Burton stated to say but Liz cut him off.

“I see you met my colleague, Burton Lossi,” Liz finished his sentence for him.

“Yes,” Beth stated.

“What brings you here?”  Liz asked getting right to the point.

“I need to speak to you,” Beth informed her.

“Obviously,” Liz replied sarcastically.

“I can leave you two alone,” Burton told them as he grabbed his brief case and left the office.

“Thank you,” Beth told him.

“It’s not a problem,” Burton stated.  Liz did not acknowledge him leaving.

“Have a seat,” Liz said as she sat down at her desk and pointed to a chair in the office.

Beth came into the office and sat down at the chair.

“So what do you want?”  Liz inquired directly.

“What makes you think I want something?”  Beth asked her.

“Why else would you be here?”  Liz questioned her.

“I want to say how proud I am of you,” Beth started to say.  “You are teaching Art now.  That is wonderful.”

Liz was not affected by the flattery.  ”I have to teach a class in an hour, so could you get to the point?”

“Liz, it doesn’t have to be like this,” Beth told her.

“I haven’t heard from you in years,” Liz reminded her.  “The only time I hear from you is when you need something.”

“I haven’t heard from you either,” Beth countered.  “It works both ways.”

Liz just shook her head.  “So what brings you here?”  Liz asked.  “Is everything okay with you and Miles?”

“Yes,” Beth answered.  “He’s still in London, but he should be arriving in a day or two.”

‘That’s wonderful, I haven’t seen him in forever,” Liz stated with a smile.

Beth knew Liz was trying to intimidate her, but she wasn’t going to let it affect her.

“I need your help to find Preacher,” Beth informed her.

“Him, again,” Liz stated.  “The only time I ever hear from you is when you are trying to locate him.  First, after Jody found out that she was pregnant.  Then years later after his father, Del died.”

“I know,” Beth said.  “But it is really important, we need to find him.”

“Nothing’s changed,” Liz told her.  “We found our way to Chicago after we left Monitcello.  And a couple weeks later.  It was over.  It was obvious that he wasn’t completely over Jody yet.  I know you like hearing that.”

“That’s not true,” Beth stated.

“And I wasn’t going to be his rebound girl, so I left him and returned to Monticello,” Liz reminded her.

“And that was the last time you ever saw him?”  Liz questioned.

“Yes,” Liz responded.  “Every time you have asked me that question that is what I have told you, and the answer is still the same.  I never saw him again after I left him in Chicago.”

“And you have no idea where he might have gone?”  Beth inquired.

“And again the answer is the same,” Liz started to say.  “I don’t know.  We never made plans when we left Monticello.  We never discussed where we might go.”

“And you have never heard from him since then?”  Beth asked.

You could tell Liz was getting aggravated with Beth.

Before Liz could answer, Burton returned to the office.  “I’m sorry, I left something in my desk,” he informed them.  “I won’t disturb you long.”

“It’s not a problem,” Liz told him.  “Dr. Correll was just leaving.”

“Cavenaugh, not Correll,” Beth corrected.

“Of course,” Liz stated.

“So you never heard from Preacher again?”  Beth questioned her as headed to the door.

“No, I never heard from him again once I left him in Chicago,” Liz answered.

“If you can think of anything that might help us find him, please let me know,” Beth said to her.  “It’s important that we find him.  I’m staying with Jody and Jeremy.”

Liz let a smug laugh.  “Of course, you are.”

“It was nice meeting you,” Beth said to Burton as she left the office.

“It was nice meting you too,” Burton told her.

Beth left the office and closed the door.

Burton turned to Liz after she left the office.  “You were kind of rude to her.”

“Stay out if it,” Liz said to him.

“Well, she is my sister in law,” Burton told her.  “I don’t know why you didn’t want to tell her that we are married.”


At Ryan’s pub, Norman Garrison sat at a table with his sister Janet.  He had just hung up his cell phone.

“The deal has been finalized,” Norman informed her.  “The building is ours.  The Golden Eagle Corporation has a new headquarters.”

“Great,” Janet stated.  “So no more doing business in hotel rooms or this place.  We will actually have offices.”

“Well, once we kick the Whitney Foundation out of the building,” Norman reminded her.  “And I plan to do that first thing in the morning.”

“She must be so happy,” Janet said.

“She would have been happier if we could have bought the Towers,” Norman told her.  “But she is coming around now.  I need to set up an interview for her with Angela Rhomer from WMON.”

“Are you smitten with her, Angela Rhomer?”  Janet asked.

“No, it’s strictly business,” Norman told her.

“Because, she isn’t Charlotte,” Janet mentioned.  Janet noticed Norman’s reaction when she mentioned her name.  “I don’t understand what women has over you.”

“I can’t explain it,” Norman said to her.  “It is like instant chemistry.  And there is just something about her.”

“So why don’t you ask her out?”  Janet inquired.

“I can’t,” Norman responded.  “I can’t find her.  Do you have any idea how many Charlotte Smiths there are in Monticello?”  Charlotte had lied to Norman and given her a fake name.

“So you have tried to locate her?”  Janet asked with a smile.

“Yes,” Norman responded.  “The ball is her court.  She has my card.  She has to call me.  She just has to call me.”


Charlotte was riding in her car with Lyle after having left the foundation for the day.

“Did something seem wrong with Nikki today?”  She asked him.

“What do you mean?”  Lyle asked her.

“I mean health wise?”  Charlotte clarified.

“She did seem weak,” Lyle responded.  “But that is to be expected with her illness.  Isn’t it?”

“Until she gets her bone marrow transplant,” Charlotte informed him.  “But they are supposed to be able to treat her symptoms for now.  And she is supposed to have plenty of time before she needs the bone marrow.  And…”  Charlotte stopped what she was saying when she realized Lyle was not taking her back to mansion.  “Where are we headed?”

“Well, you see Nikki and I were talking,” Lyle started to say but Charlotte cut him off when she saw the sign for Ryan’s Pub.

“Ryan’s Pub,” she mumbled.  Then she looked out the window.  “Is that Nikki outside the pub?”

“Yes, if you would let me finish,” Lyle told her.   “It is obvious you have feelings for this Norman Garrison.  You are hardly focusing on anything else.  And if you won’t call him, well this the only place where we know you may see him.”

Charlotte was silent.

Nikki opened up the car door, as Lyle stopped in front of the Pub.

“How mad is she?”  Nikki asked.

Charlotte was still silent.

“If he is in there, you can apologize for throwing that drink on him,” Nikki mentioned.

“Did you not forget that he was out to lunch today with Angela Rhomer from WMON?”  Charlotte reminded her.

“So you can ask him about it,” Lyle stated.  “You don’t think he is dating her do you?”

Charlotte got upset at the notion.  “Of course, he would not being going out with someone like that.”

The three of them didn’t say anything else as they entered the Pub.  Charlotte immediately caught site of Norman and Janet sitting at a table.  She didn’t say anything but went straight to the bar.  “Can I have a stinger?”  She said to the bar tender.

“Well, he is here,” Lyle said to her.

“I saw,” Charlotte responded.

“So why don’t you go over there and talk to him?”  Nikki suggested.

“He can come over here and talk to me,” Charlotte told her.

“But you are the one that owes him an apology,” Nikki reminded her.

Charlotte just stood there.

“Well, if you don’t I will go over there,” Nikki said as she started to walk over to Norman’s table.

“Alright,” Charlotte responded as she started to walk toward Norman’s table.

“She sure can be stubborn,” Lyle noted.

“She sure can,” Nikki agreed.

When Norman caught sight of Charlotte walking toward his table, his face noticeably lit up with a smile he tried to hide.

“What is it?”  Janet asked.

Norman didn’t respond.

“Oh,” Janet said as she caught sight of Charlotte.  “I could leave you two alone.”  Janet started to get up to leave.

“No, please stay for a second,” Charlotte told her.

Janet sat back down.

“I don’t believe we have officially met,” Charlotte started to say.  “I believe you are Norman’s sister.  I’m Charlotte Wh…Charlotte Smith.”  Charlotte caught herself before she said the name Whitney.

“Nice to finally met you,” Janet replied.  “I’m Norman’s sister Janet.”

“Nice to meet you too,” Charlotte told her.  “But I need to apologize for the other day.”  She said as she looked at Norman.  “There was a misunderstanding.  And it was totally my fault.  And I should not have poured that drink on you.”

Norman was silent.

Janet smirked.

“Charlotte is really swallowing her pride,” Lyle whispered to Nikki.

“Yes, she must really like this guy,” Nikki told him.

Back at the table, Janet looked at Norman and then looked at Charlotte.  “He forgives you,” Janet finally said.

“Janet,” Norman started to say but Janet cut him off.

“What are big sisters for?”  Janet asked rhetorically.  “I will see you back at the hotel.”  Janet then got up to leave.

“Thank you,” Charlotte said to her as she left.

“Now, would you two finally go on a date,” Janet told them as she left the pub.

“I am sorry about last time,” Charlotte repeated after Janet was gone.

“I accept your apology,” Norman followed told her.  “What would make you think I was married?”

Off to the side, Lyle looked at Nikki.  “Probably because she is no stranger to dating married men,” he uttered.

“You are being bad,” Nikki whispered.

“I jumped to the wrong conclusion, and I am sorry,” Charlotte told him.

“Well, then how about you let me take you out on a date?”  Norman asked.

Charlotte smiled.  “I thought you would never ask.”

“What are you doing tomorrow?”  Norman inquired.

“Do you actually think I have no plans already?”  Charlotte teased.

Norman was not amused.

“Tomorrow would be fine,” Charlotte finally answered.

“I have some big business I have to take care of in the morning,” Norman informed her.  “But I’d be free for lunch or would you prefer diner?”

“Diner,” Charlotte responded.  “That would give us the whole night.”

“So tomorrow night at Delmonico’s, let’s say 7’o’clock?”  Norman proposed.

“Do you think you can score a last minute reservation for dinner there?”  Charlotte asked.

“Oh, I will be able to get it,” Norman replied.  “Would you like me to pick you at your place?”

Charlotte thought for a moment.  She didn’t want Norman to pick her up at mansion, because he would know who she was.  “First date.  I will meet you there.”

“Okay,” A confused Norman responded.

“She is really taken by him,” Nikki noted.  “She didn’t ring him over the coals about his lunch with Angela Rhomer.”

“Yes,” Lyle agreed.  “I have never seen her act like this about anyone before.”

“I have,” Nikki told him.  “Her first 3 husbands.  And none of those marriages ended well.”


Sky walked into the Whitney mansion to find Raven alone on the sofa looking at bridal magazines.

“You mean you are actually here by yourself?”  Sky asked her.

“I know besides the guards outside, there is no one else here,” Raven answered.

“We could use some peace and quiet for a change,” Sky stated.  “What are you doing?”

“We have a wedding to plan now,” Raven reminded him.

“Should you be doing this by yourself?”  Sky questioned her.

“I know, I called April but she hasn’t called me back,” Raven told him.

“What about James and Julia?”  Sky inquired.  “It is going to be their wedding.”  As Sky was speaking he opened the door to his study and entered.

“What are you doing?”  Raven asked him.

“I need to get something,” Sky answered her as he pulled the book off the shelf with the baby picture.  “It’s time I tell her everything.”

“What did you need to get?”  Raven inquired as Sky came back into the living room and sat down on the sofa next to Raven.

“We need to talk,” Sky said to her ignoring the question.

As soon as Sky said that, Raven closed the bridal magazine she was looking at and gave him all her attention.  “Is this about Alicia Van Dine?”  Raven questioned him.

Sky paused for a moment.  “Yes,” he finally responded as his cell phone began to ring.  Sky looked at the caller ID.

“Let it ring,” Raven told him.

“It’s James,” Sky informed her.

“I don’t care,” Raven stated.  “Tell what is the deal with Alicia Van Dine.”

Sky put his cell phone back in his pocket.

“I told you the story about the day she surprised me in the limo after Calvin’s funeral,” Sky started to say.

“Yes, I remember,” Raven said.  “She had kidnapped Gunther and took his place in the driver’s seat.”

“That is correct,” Sky told her.

“Then she demanded that you help her escape, and continue to pay her money or she would have a hit man kill all of us,” Raven related.

“Not all off that is true,” Sky informed her.

“What do you mean?”  A shocked Raven asked.

“She did want to me to help her escape and to continue to send her money, but she didn’t threaten to kill anybody,” Sky revealed.

“What?”  A shocked Raven exclaimed as she jumped off the sofa.  “Then why on earth would you ever help her?”

Before Sky could respond, the guards entered from the front door.

“Mr. Whitney, your son James has been trying to reach you,” he informed them.

“What is it?”  Sky asked.

“He said that you need to get down to the law office as soon as possible,” the guard answered.

“Why?”  Sky inquired.

“He was hard to understand because it was a bad connection,” The guard answered.  “But I believe they caught Julia’s stalker.”

“We need to go,” Sky told Raven.

“Let’s go,” Raven stated.  “But don’t think this conversation is finished.


At law office, things had actually settled down.  Matthew and Mae had arrived and gotten everyone statements.

Julia was standing by James and they were holding hands.  “I can’t believe it is finally over,” Julia stated.

“Yes, thank God,” James responded.  “I just wish I knew why my parents didn’t answer.”

“I am sure they are fine,” April said to him.  “Your mother called me earlier because she wanted to talk about wedding plans.”

“She doesn’t waste any time,” Draper stated.

As Draper was speaking Chris and Guthrie entered the office followed by Adam and Dr. Bauer.

“Chief, I thought you were meeting with Calvin?”  Mae asked.  Matthew was not happy that she mentioned Calvin.

“I was at the morgue when I got the call about Bryan,” Chris informed everyone.  “Calvin will have to wait.”

“Oh Adam,” Katherine said.  She had been holding on to Draper but she now ran to Adam and hugged him.

“Are you okay?”  Adam asked her.

“I think I am still in shock,” Katherine told him.  “I can’t believe Bryan was behind everything.  And I can’t believe I killed him.”  Katherine started to cry.

“It was not your fault,” Deborah told her.  “You did the right thing.”

“Yes, you did,” Draper agreed.  “You are a hero.”

Katherine smiled.  “Thank you, Mr. Scott.”

“Yes, you did,” Mae agreed.  “We have everyone statements, and the shooting was justified.”

“He was going to kill Deborah if she hadn’t fired,” Matthew added.

“Well, I will be the coroner on this,” Dr. Bauer informed them.

Adam started to say something but Dr. Bauer gave Adam a nod and then he looked at Katherine.

“You are right,” Adam stated.  “It will be you.”  Adam realized that since Katherine shot Bryan that he should not be the one to do the autopsy.

“Are you sure Bryan was the one that was harassing Julia?”  Chris inquired.

“Yes, he confessed,” Deborah informed her.

“If you are done here, could I please take Katherine home?”  Adam asked.

Matthew and Mae looked at each other.  “I think we have everything we need from her,” Matthew stated.  “If we need to talk to her again, then we will be in touch.”

“Actually, we will have to talk to you again about Mr. William Church’s murder,” Guthrie revealed.  “But I think she has been through enough today.”

“Mr. Church was murdered?”  A shocked Katherine questioned.

“Yes, he was strangled,” Guthrie responded.

“Do you have any idea who did it?”  Draper inquired.

“We are just starting the investigation,” Chris answered.

“Well, I am going to take Katherine home now,” Adam stated.

“That is fine for now,” Chris stated.

Julia walked over to Katherine as she and Adam headed to the door.

“You really did save all of us,” Julia said.  “You did nothing wrong.”

“Thank you,” Katherine replied as she and Adam left.

“Well, if you think you have all the information you need about what happened here today,” Chris started to say.  “Then I would like to talk about William Church’s murder.””

“I think we are okay for that,” James responded.

Julia went stand back next to James.  She looked through the door into James’s office.  She saw Dr. Bauer kneeling over Bryan’s body.

“Oh my,” she exclaimed.  “Do you think Bryan could have killed him?”

‘That’s a possibility,” Deborah.  “Despite the way he acted as his father died, they did not have the best relationship.  And he has killed before.  He killed Julia’s landlord.”

“He did?”  Chris questioned her.

“Yes,” Deborah answered.  “He just about confessed to it before he got shot.”

“Then, I can finally call and tell Curtis Reardon’s wife that,” Chris stated.

“Bryan could have strangled him before he came into work yesterday morning,” James suggested.

“No, he couldn’t have,” Dr. Bauer shouted from the other room.

“What do you mean he couldn’t have?”  Deborah inquired.

“Because William Church was killed the day before,” Dr. Bauer informed them.  “Precisely the late afternoon or the early evening the day before.”

“What?”  Everyone in the room exclaimed.

“Yes, he could not have been killed any later than that,” Dr. Bauer told them.  “This is the time of death we got from his autopsy.”

“Then, Bryan could not have done it,” Julia stated.

“That’s right,” Deborah said.  “He was with us the whole time.  That was the night we got stuck in the elevator.”

“If he didn’t kill William Church, then who did and why?”  James asked.


Outside the law office, Geri sat in her car with Robert.

“You made us follow Adam here,” Robert started to say.  “I don’t know why because you know, he has to be coming to pick up his girlfriend, Katherine.”

“Shut up,” Geri told him.  “I need to get him alone.  My bet with Charlotte ends tomorrow.  I need to land him by then.”

“I think you are running out of time,” Robert laughed.

Geri was not amused.  As she was turned away from Robert she saw Gordon and Broomhilda pull up outside the building.

“Pull the car over to them,” Geri demanded.

“You could be more polite,” Robert told her as he started the car.

As they drove next to Gordon’s car, Geri motioned for him to roll down the window.

“What are you doing here?”  Geri asked them.

“We are working on your case Fraulein Whitney,” Broomhilda answered.

“Yes,” Gordon said.  “Katherine is hiding something, and I want to find out what it is.  And she pulled a disappearing act on us at the Mayfield Medical Complex.  I am getting to the bottom of this.”

“It looks like you finally got over the crush you have on her,” Geri stated.

Gordon didn’t respond.  “So why are you here/?”

“I only have one more day to win this bet with Charlotte,” Geri told him.  “I have to land Adam.  Well, actually I just need Charlotte and Adam to think I did.”

“What?”  A confused Gordon questioned her.

Before Geri could answer, Katherine exited the Towers with her head leaning against Adam’s shoulder.

“Get down before they see us all,” Geri ordered everyone.

“Well, it looks like you’ll are both out of luck tonight,” Robert whispered to Geri.  “I would say Adam is taking her home tonight.”

Geri hit the dashboard in disgust.  “I need to get her away from him.”  Geri sat there silent for a second.  She then smiled.

“What is it?”  Robert asked.

“I got it,” Geri responded.  “We are going to have an engagement party for James and Julia tomorrow.”

Across the parking lot, Adam opened the passenger door to his new sports car so Katherine could get into it.

“Thank you,’ she said to him.  “The perfect gentlemen as always.  You were raised right.”

Adam was taken off guard by the comment.  He thought of his step parents Miles and Beth.  He was going to say something but instead just shook his head.

“Are you alright?”  Katherine.

“I’m the one that should be asking you that,” Adam responded.  “I was just thinking of my stepfather.  He should be arriving in Monitcello soon.”

“Oh that’s right,” Katherine stated.

“But that’s not important right now,” Adam started to say.  “I am taking you home, and I am going to take care of you tonight.  I am not taking no for an answer tonight.”

Katherine remembered the other night when Adam took her home.  He wanted to come into her apartment but she would not let him.  She then recalled walking into her apartment and surprised to find someone there.  She then turned to look at Adam.

“What is it?”  Adam inquired.

“I don’t want to go home tonight,” Katherine answered him.  “Take me to your place tonight.”


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