Cries in the Night: Chapter 53

Outside William Church’s house, Chris, Mae, Matthew, and Guthrie were all shocked by Calvin’s revelation that William Church was dead.

“Calvin, what happened?” Matthew asked.

Calvin was shocked by the question. “I haven’t been here long,” he responded. “I found him like that. I think he died in his sleep or had a heart attack.”

“Call the coroner,” Chris ordered. “And what are you doing here?” Chris asked Calvin.

“He killed my father,” Calvin responded. “And what are you doing here?”

“You may be right,” Chris responded. “But we have an investigation to do now.”

“I told you…” Calvin started to say but Chris cut him off.

“We have an investigation to do now,” she repeated but that does not include you.   You are part of the investigation now.”

“But chief,” Calvin pleaded but Chris stopped him.

“Step aside,” Chris told him. “And when we are through here, go home. You are suspended. I will need your badge and gun.”

Guthrie, Matthew, and Mae were all shocked.

Chris didn’t let any of it phase her. “We have to notify next of kin,” she stated.

“That would be Bryan Church,” Mae said. “He is probably at the James’s law office.”

“We were going over there anyway,” Matthew reminded her. “We want to talk the maintenance man that was supposed to be on duty last night. It’s interesting that he went home sick the night they all got stuck in the elevator.”

“You and Mae can go,” Chris told him. “Guthrie and I can handle it here.”


At foundation, Charlotte was sitting in front of her computer, and Lyle was staring into space when Nikki arrived.

“I wasn’t sure if you were going to come in today,” Charlotte stated.

“Where else do I have to go,” Nikki lamented.

“Is something wrong?” Lyle asked.

Nikki gave him a dirty look.

“I mean besides…your illness,” Lyle said.

“I’m sorry,” Nikki told him. “Yes, things just keep getting worse.”

“How are you feeling?” Charlotte inquired.

“That’s not it,” Nikki answered.

“What’s wrong?” Charlotte questioned her. “It’s hard for me to focus on anything here.” She stated as she stood up from behind her computer. “I want to work on the fundraiser for Andrew’s mission. But it’s hard to plan anything until after the election and with everything else going on with Julia and James.” Charlotte was referring to her first husband, Andrew. “So tell us what is bothering you besides the obvious.”

“I had to turn down my acceptance to Julliard,” she informed them.

“I’m sorry,” Lyle stated. “Why?”

Nikki paused for a moment. “Because I don’t know when I will be getting a bone marrow transplant.”

“Why the hold up?” Charlotte asked.

“Because my mother is not a bone marrow match for me,” she explained. “We have to find my father. My birth father, Preacher Emerson.”

“Oh, I am so sorry,” Charlotte told her. “How are you going to locate him?”

“You are parents are trying to track him down,” Nikki answered them.

“Then, they will find him,” Charlotte stated.

“Yes,” Lyle agreed. “From what I hear they were top notch private investigators back in the day.”

“Anyway, Calvin gets what he wanted,” she said. “He never wanted me to go to Julliard.”

“Have you talked to him about it?” Charlotte inquired.

“No, I am still mad at him,” Nikki told her.

“Well, all of this worry, can’t be good for your health,” Charlotte stated.

“True, can we talk about something else?” Nikki asked.

“Charlotte can you tell you about her man troubles,” Lyle suggested with a laugh.

“Man troubles?” A shocked Nikki questioned. “I didn’t know you were seeing anyone new.”

“I’m not,” Charlotte replied. “We never got that far.”

“Why not?” Nikki asked.

Charlotte was silent.

“Because she thought he was married, and she poured a drink over her his head,” Lyle answered.

“Thought?” Nikki inquired.

“It was a misunderstanding,” Charlotte told her. “I saw him at lunch with a women. And I jumped to the wrong conclusion. I assumed it was his wife and it was his sister. She was at least 10 years older than him I should have known it was not his wife. But then again they really don’t look alike either.”

“So why don’t you call and apologize?’ Nikki questioned her.

“Well the other thing is that he does not know her real name,” Lyle informed her. “He thinks her name is Charlotte Smith.”

“Smith?” Nikki asked.

“Yes,” Charlotte replied. “I wanted someone to get to know me first. When they hear the Whitney name, so many thoughts and expectations come with it.”

“So why don’t you call him?” Nikki repeated.

Charlotte thought for a second.

“No,” she replied. “I should tell him in person. I can go Ryan’s Pub tomorrow night, and see if he is there.”


In a hotel room, Norman Garrison hung up the phone. “I think the sale of the building will go through any day now,” he said to his sister.

“Good, they we may actually be able to have an office, and not work out of the hotel room?” She asked.

“Yes,” Norman replied.

“Did you tell her yet?” His sister inquired.

“No, Janet, I did not,” he replied.

“Well, she called earlier,” his sister Janet informed him. “She was upset that you haven’t been able to find any major Whitney International Stock holders that want to sell their shares.”

“I know, and I tried the best I can,” Norman replied.

“So I think the buying the building will put her in a better mood,” Janet told him.

“No, buying the Whitney Towers is what she really wanted,” Norman stated. “What is going to put her in a better mood is when we evict The Whitney Foundation,” Norman explained.

“I also told her about that reporter that was calling,” Janet said.

“She’s a nobody,” Norman mumbled.

“Well, she wants you to meet with that Angela Rhomer, and feel her out,” Janet stated. “She thinks she may be of use to us soon.”

“Alright, whatever she says,” Norman told her.

“You don’t sound too enthused,” Janet mentioned.

“I have a lot things on my mind,” Norman told her.

“You mean her,” Janet said to him. “That Charlotte Smith.”

“And what if I do?” Norman asked.

“I don’t how you managed get hung up on her so quick,” Janet stated. “You haven’t even been on a date yet. And for some stupid reason she assumed I was your wife.”

“There is just something about her,” Norman said. “Like a kindred spirit.”

“Well, you can try to track her down,” Janet suggested. “But how common is the name Smith in Monitcello.”

“Or I can go to Ryan’s Pub and hope she shows up again,” Norman stated. “That is kind of our place.”

“Then there is the other problem,” Janet mentioned.

“What?” Norman asked.

“If do you get serious with her, how is she going to react when she finds out that you have been lying to her?” Janet questioned him.

Norman was silent and didn’t answer.

“I will deal with that when the time comes,” Norman told her. “If and when we get to that point.”

“Considering the scene she caused at the Pub, I think you have something to hold over her head when she finds out Norman Garrison isn’t your real name.”


Across town, Mae and Matthew arrived at the Towers.

“Do you want to inform them about Mr. Church first or talk to the maintenance men first?” Mae asked.

“Let’s talk to the maintenance manager first,” Matthew answered. “Let’s make sure the Chief is done at Mr. Church’s house before we inform them.”

“Alright,” Mae agreed as they headed to the basement.   “What was his name again?”

“Mr. Coleman,” Matthew answered.

Then ran into Mr. Coleman almost immediately as they entered the basement.

“How are you today officers?” Mr. Coleman asked. “

“Fine,” Matthew answered.

“Do you have anything new to tell us?” Mae inquired.

“No,” Mr. Coleman replied. “I went through the controls and everything again this morning.   I can’t find anything wrong with the elevator. I don’t know why it lost power last night.”

Matthew and Mae just thought for a moment.

“And you said you wanted to talk the man who supposed to be on duty last night,” Mr. Coleman mentioned.

“That is correct,” Matthew stated.

“Well, he is here now,” Mr. Coleman informed them.

“Can you get him?” Mae asked.

“Sure,” Mr. Coleman replied. “Barry,” Mr. Coleman called out.

A tall dark haired man approached them.

“Yes,” Barry replied.

“Barry, these officers are from the Monitcello PD would like to ask you a few questions,” Mr. Coleman informed him

“That’s not a problem,” Barry responded. “What can I do for you?”

“I will leave you alone,” Mr. Coleman responded. “If you need men again, I will be in my office.” He told them as he left.

“I understand you were supposed to be on duty last night,” Matthew mentioned to Barry.

“That’s right,” Barry responded. “I work the night shift Sunday through Thursday, normally.”

“But you were not here last night,” Mae stated.

“Yes,” Barry replied. “I got a bad migraine headache. I asked to leave, and my boss said it was alight.”

“And the night you were not here, people got stuck in the elevator,” Matthew said.

“I know, and I feel terrible about that,” Barry told them.

“We just think that is a strange coincidence,” Mae stated.

“What?” Barry questioned him. “You can’t think I had anything to do with that. I wasn’t even here. I asked if I could leave, and my boss said it was okay. He said it would be okay since no one is normally in the building at night.”

Matthew and Mae just shook their heads.

“I really feel bad about that,” Barry repeated. “But at least no one was hurt. I had a major migraine last night. Do you know what that is like?”

Matthew and Mae just looked at him.

“Well, thank you for your time,” Mae responded.

“We have to check a couple more things, and we will be in touch,” Matthew told him as they walked away from him.

“What’s your feel on him?” Mae asked.

“Hard to tell,” Matthew replied. “But if someone did deliberately trap them in the elevator then one of those two men were probably involved.

Barry walked over to side by himself and picked up his phone. “That is the last time I do a favor for you,” he stated. “The police were just here asking questions about last night.”


In the law office, things were extremely busy. James was in his office with Julia and Bryan.

“Where in the hell is your father at?” James asked.

“Calm down,” Julia said to him. “You still need to take it easy.”

“I have no idea,” Bryan responded. “But thanks to your secretary he may be stuck talking to the police all day.” Bryan was referring to the fact that Katherine had informed everyone that William had the tattoo for the street gang the Gallahads.

“Well, we need to issue a statement to the press on Sabrina Shaw’s death and we can’t wait for your father anymore,” James stated.

“I can write something up,” Bryan told him.

“And I will call Jody and Jeremy and let them know so that WMON can read it on the air,” Julia informed him.

“Thanks,” James replied. “But that still doesn’t solve my problems. We don’t know who put her up to telling those lies. And hopefully Mr. Church will be here soon?”


Katherine, April, Deborah, Didi, and Draper were in the outer office.

“Would you like for me to get you some coffee, Mr. Scott?” Katherine asked.

“Yes, that would be nice,” Draper responded.

“I will go make a fresh pot,” she told him as she got up from her desk.

“Thank you,” Draper repeated.

“Can you answer the phone while I am gone?” She asked Didi.

“That won’t be a problem,” Didi replied.

“I won’t be gone long,” Katherine responded.

“I would like some too,” April told there.

“I am making a whole pot,” Katherine informed her. “There will be enough for everyone.”

Didi and Draper were sitting at Julia’s desk looking at folders. “I know Julia appreciates all you are doing here,” Didi said to him.

“It is nice to do something law related again,” Draper responded.

“I know,” Didi agreed.

“Julia says the police are supposed to come by to talk to the maintenance crew again,” April mentioned to Deborah.

“Yes, they are,” Deborah replied.

“Do you think ‘he’ is responsible for you all getting stuck in the elevator last night?” April inquired.

“I’m not sure,” Deborah answered her. “But don’t worry yourself, I know we are going to get this guy. I know we are close, I can feel it.”

“I hope you are right,” April agreed.

“Try not to focus on it,” Deborah told her. “There is not enough stuff going on today with the election.”

“Well, if the police come by do you think one of them will be that officer Guthrie?” April asked.

Deborah ignored the question.

“I understand that he Steve’s son,” April mentioned.

“Yes, he is,” Deborah answered her. Guthrie’s father, Steve Sr. was Deborah’s ex-boyfriend.

“And Draper tells me that Steve is divorced,” April said.

Draper hid behind a folder at the mention of his name.

Didi took notice that she was not in the know about what was going on in the room. “Can someone fill me in?”

“The detective’s s father is Steve Guthrie Sr,” April informed her.

“He used to work with Calvin,” Didi stated.

“Oh yes,” Didi stated. “I met him at Calvin’s funeral.”

April, Draper, and Deborah were silent for a moment at the mention of Calvin’s funeral.

“So, Steve is available,” April said to Deborah.

Deborah ignored her.

“Have you been in touch with him?” April asked.

“No,” Deborah replied.

“Aren’t you the least but curious at what he is up to?” April inquired.

“No,” Deborah responded though she didn’t sound too sure. “Do you remember when he took that job in Arizona and then broke up with me via a letter because he found someone else?”

“And apparently that was a mistake because that marriage didn’t last,” April stated.

“I don’t want to have this discussion anymore,” Deborah told her.

As Deborah was speaking Matthew and Mae entered the office.

“Oh good,” Deborah stated. “Did you find out anything more about the elevator or Mr. Church?”

“We hit a dead end with the elevator,” Matthew informed them. “We are pretty sure it was not tampered with, and we will take a closer look at the maintenance crew.”

“But I don’t think they have anything to do with who has been stalking Julia,” Mae stated.

“Did you asked them about the first time Julia was stuck in the elevator?” Deborah asked them.

“The first time she got stuck in the elevator?” Mae asked.

“We were not aware there was another time,” Matthew stated.

“That’s right, she didn’t inform the police,” Draper stated. “She didn’t think anything of it at the time.”

“What about Mr. Church?” Didi asked.

“You didn’t tell her?” Matthew inquired.

“Tell me what?” Didi questioned.

Matthew and Mae looked at each other and were silent.

“Tell me what?” Didi repeated.

“Didi, why don’t you take a seat?” Draper told her.

Didi sat down and then looked at Matthew and Mae. “So what is going on?”

“We found out that Mr. Church was a member of the street gang the Gallahads at about the time Calvin was murdered,” Deborah finally informed her.

Didi was shocked. “So you think he can help you find out who killed Calvin?”

“Well, there is something else we also discovered,” Mae stated.

“And what is that?” Didi asked.

“Mr. Church’s middle name is Thomas,” Matthew told her.

“Like the Tommy who killed Calvin?” Didi inquired. “Do you think he killed Calvin?”

As Didi was speaking Katherine entered carrying the coffee pot and just froze.

“Do you think he killed Calvin?” Draper repeated what Didi had asked.

“We are not sure,” Matthew told them.

“Well, have you talked to him about it?” Didi demanded.

“We tried,” Mae told them.

“What do you mean you tried?” Didi yelled.

“Didi, you should calm down, you are not doing yourself any good,” April said to her.

“We can’t talk to him,” Matthew informed them.

“Why not?” Draper questioned them.

“Because Mr. Church is dead,” Matthew explained.

“Dead?” Everyone in the room repeated.

“Does Calvin know about all this?” Didi asked.

Matthew and Mae looked at each other but were silent.

“Does he know?” Didi repeated.

“He was the one who found the body,” Mae told her.

“And how is handling it?” Didi inquired.

Matthew and Maw were silent again.

“What are you not telling me?” She questioned them. “Is he alright?”

“He’s been suspended,” Matthew informed her.

Suspended?” Didi asked.

Mae hit Matthew on the shoulder to let him know what she was not pleased with the way he informed Didi of Calvin’s suspension.

“That sounds like something Chief Egan would do,” Didi muttered. “She doesn’t know what she is doing. She is responsible for Calvin’s death after all.”

Matthew got angry when Didi started talking about Chris. He looked like he was about to yell but Mae spoke before he could.

“Calvin found out about Mr. Church’s name and involvement with the Gallahads on his own,” Mae informed her. “Then he didn’t’ tell anyone, and he went to confront Mr. Church on his own.”

“Completely not following police procedures,” Matthew added.

“I need to go see him,” Didi stated. “Tell James and Julia I am sorry but I need to leave.”

“You shouldn’t be by yourself,” Deborah said.

“I will be fine,” Didi replied.

“No, I will go with you,” April stated.

“You don’t have to,” Didi responded.

“No, I want to,” April told her. “Calvin was my friend too.”

“Thank you,” Didi said as the two women left the office.

As they left, Deborah looked at Mae and Matthew. “So how did Mr. Church die?”

“Die?” A shocked Bryan asked as he stood in the door way between the two offices.

“I’m sorry you had to find out this way,” Mae told him. “But your father was found dead this morning.”

Bryan stood there in shock. “Oh my God,” he finally exclaimed as he started to cry.

“I’m so sorry,” Julia said to him as she gave him a hug.

“It can’t be,” Bryan kept repeating.

“How did it happen?” James asked.

“He was found dead this morning, when we went to question him,” Mae informed him.

“We believe he passed in his sleep,” Matthew explained.

Bryan didn’t say anything but just kept hugging Julia.

“I’m really sorry,” Draper said to him.

James left the room, and went sit back down in his office. Draper followed him.

“What is it?” Draper asked him.

“I don’t mean to sound insensitive,” James started to say. “But I can’t catch a break lately in this campaign.”

“You are not out of this race yet,” Draper told him. “You are still leading in the polls.

Deborah stood off to the side with Mae and Matthew.

“So do you believe William Church killed Calvin?” Deborah asked.

“It does look like he may have,” Matthew stated. “But we don’t want to say for sure.”

“The only person now that could possibly gave us any answers is Bryan,” Mae told her. “But we should wait before we approach the subject with him. At least until after the funeral.”

Despite it being election day, they did not get much accomplished at the law office the rest of the day. Deborah and Julia eventually brought Bryan home to his apartment.

“I wish you would come to the mansion and watch the election results with us,” Julia said to him.

“I’m sorry, I just don’t think I would be of much good to you all tonight,” Bryan told them.

“They wouldn’t expect you do anything,” Deborah stated. “You shouldn’t alone tonight.”

“Thank you,” Bryan responded. “But that’s really how I want to be. I have a lot to think about right now.”

“Please let us help you with the arrangements?” Julia asked.

“That would be nice of you,” Bryan said to her. “You have been so kind to me today already. I hope James knows how lucky he is to have you?”

“I never let him forget it,” Julia responded as Bryan got out of the car.

“Would you like for us to see you in?” Julia inquired.

“No, I will be fine,” Bryan responded.

“Well, I will check up on you tomorrow,” Julia told him as they started to leave.

“Thank you,” Bryan responded as he entered his place.

Bryan stood there for a second silent. But then he started picking up things and throwing them. “Dam it,” he yelled. “We were so close.” He finally sat down on the sofa. “And he had to ruin it.” He said as he shook his head back and forth.



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