Cries in the Night: Chapter 50

Lindsay started to speak but Gordon could not hear her.  Gordon motioned for her to pick up the phone on her end of the booth as he picked up the one in his booth.

“Oh Gordy, I am so happy to see you,” Lindsay began.  “I was hoping you would come see me.”

Gordon was just silent.

“I wish we could do something about this glass,” she said.  “Maybe you could arrange a conjugal visit?”

“Enough,” Gordon finally said.  “I came here on business.”

“Business?”  A confused Lindsay asked.

“Yes, I need to you help me with a case,” Gordon informed her.

“Just like old times,” Lindsay stated.

“It’s about Sabrina Shaw,” Gordon told her.

A look of shock came across Lindsay’s face when Gordon speak that name.

“From that expression, I can tell you recognize the name,” Gordon said.

Lindsay was silent.

“You do know who she is?”  Gordon questioned her.

“Maybe?”  Lindsay replied.

“You both worked for the Gordon of Eden escorts, isn’t that right?”  Gordon inquired as his tone changed to serious.

“Why do you want to bring that up?”  Lindsay inquired.

“Like I said it is for a case,” Gordon repeated.  “I need to find her.  And I haven’t been able to contact her through the Garden of Eden Service.”

“And so you thought of me,” Lindsay stated.

“You did work with her, didn’t you?”  Gordon asked.

“Possibly,” Lindsay responded.

“I need to find her,” James stated.  “Can you help me or not?”

“Right to the point,” Lindsay said.  “Does this have anything to do with what she has been saying about your brother?”

“So you do know what this is about?”  Gordon questioned her.

“My Gordy would have cared less about what was going on with his brother,” Lindsay stated.

Gordon ignored the comment.  “Can you help me or not?”

“What is in it more for?”  Lindsay inquired.

“What?”  A shocked Gordon asked.

“If I help you find her, what can you do for me?”  Lindsay questioned him.

Gordon paused for a moment.  “I don’t know what I can do for you.  You are serving 50 years to life.”

“Then I guess I can’t help you,” Lindsay told him.

Gordon got up to leave.  He stopped himself and sat back down.  He picked up the phone.  “I guess I was hoping I actually meant something to you.  But I guess everyone was right.  You were just using me.  You never cared about me.  But I did care about you, if it matters.”

Lindsay was taken aback by the revelation.

“I did care about you,” she whispered.  “She may be staying at the Beacon Hotel.  The escorts use that place quite frequently.”

“Thanks,” James replied.  “But she is not there.  Can you think of anywhere else?”

Lindsay paused for a moment.  “Well, sometimes if the client didn’t have much money some of the girls would go to the Monticello Inn.  But I would never be caught dead there.   It is really low class there.”

“The Monticello Inn,” James repeated what she had said.  “Thanks, I appreciate it.”

“Does this mean you will come see me again?”  Lindsay asked.


At the Whitney mansion, Raven hung up her cell phone after trying to reach Sky.  “I hope you are making progress,” she whispered to himself.  “After that interview on the news James is going to need it.”

“Was it that bad?”  James asked as he entered through the front door followed by his bodyguards, Julia and Deborah.

“You didn’t look well,” Raven responded.  “I knew you should not have left the hospital.”

“I agree,” Julia stated as James sat down on the sofa.  “We will heading back to the office as soon as you are settled in here.”

Raven looked at Deborah but didn’t acknowledge her.

Deborah just shook her head.  “Between her and Mr. Church, I don’t know who is worse,” she whispered to herself.

“We went to your apartment and got some of your things,” Raven informed James.  “I had the maid put them in Julia’s room.”

A look of shock came across James and Julia’s faces.

“Is something wrong?”  Raven asked.

“Oh my God,” Geri said as she entered from the kitchen.  “Are you the only who doesn’t know that they are not…”

Robert cut her off before she could say that Julia and James were not sleeping together.  “Don’t you have anything better to do?”

“Yes, but I am not allowed to leave the mansion,” Geri whined.

“Really?”  James inquired.

“Yes,” Raven replied.  “After what the press has her quoted as saying in today’s paper, she is not allowed out of our sight until after the election.”

“I need a drink,” Geri announced as she headed to the bar.

“Mom, I will have the maid put my things in another room,” James told her.  “I need a lot of rest, and I don’t want to bother Julia.”

“Okay,” Raven responded.

Robert followed Geri into the bar.  He stopped at the door when he noticed that she was on the phone.

“If you can get it for me, I will pick up from you tonight,” she said to someone on the phone.

Robert took her by surprise and grabbed the phone out of her hand.  “I don’t think you are going anywhere.”

“Give that back to me,” Geri demanded.

“Don’t forget I am here to protect you, and you are not going anywhere until after the election,” Robert reminded her.

“I have to get out here,” Geri stated.  “It is driving me crazy staying inside here.”

“It’s only been half a day,” Robert stated.  “Spoiled brat.”

“I don’t have to take that from you,” Geri said.

“As long as your parents are paying me to watch you, you have to do what I say,” Robert stated.

“The hell I do,” Geri shouted.

“What don’t you ask your parents about that,” Robert suggested.

Geri kicked the sofa.  “You don’t understand I have to get out of her tonight.  I have to meet someone.”

“You can go one night without a date,” Robert said.

“It’s not that,” Geri told him.  “I need to meet someone that is going to help me win this bet with Charlotte.”  Geri was referring to the bet she had with Charlotte that she can land Adam.

“Well, that is not going to happen tonight,” Robert stated.  “You are not leaving here.”

Geri turned to the bar and poured herself a drink.  “We will see about that,” she whispered.


At the foundation, Charlotte was looking at her calendar.  “I’m trying to decide on a good date for the fundraiser for Andrew’s mission,” she announced referring to Andrew her first husband.  “Once the election is over…” she stopped herself when she realized Lyle and Nikki were not paying attention.

Lyle was looking at the baby picture he had found in Sky’s study on his phone.  “Could this little girl by the daughter and of Sky and Alicia Van Dine,” he thought to himself.  “And what do I do with that information.”  Sky had lied to Lyle before and said that it was a picture of Charlotte.  He had also overheard Sky and Raven discussing that Alicia had tricked Sky into sleeping with her in return for helping Raven not be sent to prison.  Alicia did not keep her end of the promise.

Nikki was seated at her desk.  She was staring into space.  It was obvious that she was preoccupied.

“You really don’t have to be here if you are not feeling okay,” Charlotte stated.  “I was actually surprised you came into the office today.”

“It’s not that,” Nikki said as she started to cry.

“Nikki what is it?”  Charlotte asked.

Nikki got up and then got mad.

“My God, Nikki what is it?”  Charlotte inquired.

“It’s obvious something has been bothering you since you arrived this morning,” Lyle said.

Nikki just shook her head.

“I can leave if you want,” Lyle offered.

“No, it doesn’t matter anymore,” Nikki replied as she sat back down.

“Do you know when you are having your bone marrow transplant yet?”  Charlotte asked.

Nikki shook her head and let out a faint laugh.

“I guess if I didn’t need the bone marrow transplant then they would not have told me the truth,” Nikki stated.

A confused Charlotte and Lyle stared at each other.

“Nikki, you are not making sense,” Charlotte told her.

Nikki paused for a moment.  “Last night, I found out that my father isn’t my father,” she finally stated.

“What?”  Charlotte and Lyle inquired.

“Yes, Jeremy Rhodes is not my biological father,” Nikki informed them.

“Oh my,” Charlotte exclaimed.  “Nikki I am so sorry.”

“They had my whole left to tell me, and they didn’t tell me until last night,” Nikki said.

“Did they explain why they waited so long?”  Lyle questioned her.

“That doesn’t matter,” Nikki answered loudly.  Nikki paused for a second.  “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to take that out on you.”  Charlotte went over and hugged her.

“I can’t imagine what you are going through,” Charlotte told her.  “But I am here for you.”

“I’m sorry, too,” Lyle stated.

“Not to change the subject, but does this mean your mother is going to be your bone marrow donor?”  Charlotte asked.

“You know, I never thought about that,” Nikki responded.  “I guess it has to be her.”


At the law office, William was throwing a fit.  “He’s going blow this election at the last minute.  He should be here.”

“I’m sure he would be here if he was well enough,” Draper stated.

“It doesn’t matter, you don’t know how bad that interview went on WMON,” William stated.  “It should have coasted us over the finish line, and he blew it.”

“I’m sure it wasn’t that bad,” Katherine said.

William turned and looked at her.  “What exactly is your job here?”

“I’m the assistant to Mr. Swift and Ms. Scott,” an uncomfortable Katherine replied.

“Well, you stick to that, I am the campaign expert, and I am telling you he stunk,” William shouted.

“There is no need for that tone,” Draper told him.

William walked across the office to get away from them.

“Thank you, Mr. Scott, you were so kind to take up for me,” Katherine said to him.

“You’re welcome,” Draper stated.  “There was no need for him to take that tone with you.”

“James should be here,” William repeated.  “The election is tomorrow.”

“We have been doing fine while he was in the hospital,” Bryan said.  “Julia, you and me have been able to handle it.”

“That was before this prostitute started her smear campaign,” William yelled.  “I have never lost a campaign, and I don’t intend to start now.”  William started pacing up and down the office.

“Dad, would you calm down?”  Bryan asked him.  “He is still leading in the polls.”

“But I don’t think he will tomorrow, when the effects of my Shaw’s allegations start to show,” William responded.  He paused for a second.  Then a smile came over his face.  “I know what I have to do.”

“What?”  Bryan inquired.

“Give me the car keys?”  William told Bryan.  “I am going to solve the problem.”

A confused Bryan handed him the keys.  “You are going to drive yourself?”

“Yes,” William responded as he headed to the door.

“Are you coming back later?”  Bryan inquired.

“I’m not sure,” William replied.

“Then how am I supposed to get home?”  Bryan questioned him.

“I’m sure you can find a way,” William shouted as he exited the office passing Julia and Deborah in the hall.

“Going somewhere?”  Deborah asked.

“I’m going to solve all of our problems,” William responded as he entered the elevator with the doors closing behind him.”

“What was that all about?”  Julia inquired as the entered the office.

“I’m not sure,” Draper replied.

“None of us are,” Bryan added.  “I don’t know what he is up to because he didn’t tell us.”


Outside the Monticello Inn, Guthrie and Calvin were looking for room 16.

“The chief said Ms. Shaw is expecting Angela Rhomer from WMON to go straight to the room to talk to her,” Guthrie stated.

“I know,” Calvin replied.  “I think the even numbered rooms are this way.”  Calvin told him pointing to the left.

“I’ve been thinking,” Guthrie started to say.

“And?”  Calvin asked.

“Ms. Shaw doesn’t need to now that we can’t prove that she is lying,” Guthrie said.

“That’s right,” Calvin agreed.

“But we can let her think we can prove she is lying,” Guthrie added.

Calvin paused for a moment. ”And she how she reacts.”

“Exactly,” Guthrie said.

“It’s worth a shot to see how she responds,” Calvin told him as they arrived at room number 16.

Guthrie took a sheet of paper out of his pocket, and a pen from his shirt pocket.

“What are you doing?”  Calvin asked as he knocked at the door.

“You will see,” Guthrie responded.

“You are late,” Sabrina said as she answered the door.  When she opened the door, she was surprised to see Calvin and Guthrie standing there.

“Ms. Shaw, I’m detective Guthrie and this is detective Stoner,” Guthrie said as he introduced themselves.

“You are one hard lady to locate,” Calvin stated.

“We would like to speak to you about the allegations you have been making against Mr. Swift,” Guthrie informed her.

“May we come in?”  Calvin asked.

Sabrina was silent for a second since she was still in shock by finding them at the door.  “Yes,” she finally responded.  “I have nothing to hide.  But can you make this fast, I am expecting company.”

“You mean that the reporter from WMON?”  Guthrie inquired.

“Maybe,” a puzzled Sabrina answered.

“I don’t think you need to worry about her,” Calvin stated.  “She won’t be coming.”

“I see,” Sabrina said realizing that they had used Angela to flush out her whereabouts.  “Please have a seat.”

“I have here a list of all the dates and times you say you were with James Swift,” Guthrie informed her getting right to the point.

Guthrie handed her the sheet of paper.

“That is correct,” Sabrina stated.

“You see all those red ‘X’s’ next to half the entries?”  Guthrie questioned her.

Sabrina looked at the paper and then looked at the two of them.  “Okay,” the confused Sabrina replied.

“Alibis, Ms. Shaw,” Guthrie lied.  “Air tight for all of those dates.”

“Yes,” Calvin stated as he realized what Guthrie was saying.  “We have security footage of James entering his apartment building on the nights you claimed to have been with him.  And security footage of him not leaving until the next morning.”

“He snuck out,” Sabrina stated.

“We have a sworn statement from Julia Scott stating that she was with him those nights,” Calvin continued to lie.  “The whole night.”

“We also have sworn statements form his landlord and his neighbors also swearing to have seen him at his apartment those nights,” Guthrie told her.

“Do you want us to go on?”  Calvin inquired.

“Would you like to go on record like they have?”  Guthrie asked.

“Of course, then we would have to arrest you,” Calvin stated.  “And you are no stranger to the inside of a jail cell.  Now prostitution and solicitation are one thing but perjury.  That could put you away for a lot longer.”

Sabrina started to shake.

“Is there something you want tell us?”  Guthrie questioned her.

“Alright, it is a lie,” Sabrina confessed.

Guthrie and Calvin exchanged smirks to each other that Sabrina could not see.

“Now would you come down to the station with us and make an official statement of that?”  Calvin asked her.

“Then we can all put this nasty matter behind us,” Guthrie said.

“Sure,” Sabrina agreed reluctantly.

“Great, then let’s go,” Calvin said as he and Guthrie got up to leave.

Sabrina didn’t move.

Guthrie turned and looked at Sabrina.

“Is something wrong, Ms. Shaw?”  He asked her.

“No,” Sabrina replied.  “I’d like to call a lawyer first and have them there with me, if that is alright?”

“Yes, that is your right,” Calvin told her.

“Good, then I will meet you are the station within the hour,” Sabrina said.

“Then we will expecting you,” Guthrie stated as he and Calvin exited the room.

“We better hang out here, and make sure she does not flee,” Calvin said to Guthrie.

“Agreed,” Guthrie replied.    “But should should call James and let him know the good news.”


Back at the law office, everyone was sitting around waiting to hear something from William Church.

“I’m surprised we have not heard from him since he left,” Julia said.  “Especially with the election being tomorrow.”

“I know,” Deborah agreed.

“Well, I will say this is the least crowded and the quietest this office has been since I have been here,” Draper stated.

“There is not an influx of bodyguards, and no police,” Bryan said.  “A nice change.”

“And no Mr. Church,” Deborah added.  “That man could use a Valium.”

Katherine twitched when Deborah said Mr. Church and Deborah noticed.

“And he hasn’t done anything today,” Julia mentioned.  By ‘he’ she meant her stalker.

“He will slip up soon, and we will catch him,” Deborah told her.

“I want to believe you,” Julia said.  “I don’t want to have to constantly worry if I am being followed, or being on the lookout for letters in the mail, or email.  Or get trapped in the elevator again.”

“Trapped in the elevator again?”  Draper questioned her.

“I almost forget about that,” Julia informed him.  “It seems so long ago now.  I must not have mentioned it to you.”

“What happened?”  Katherine asked.

“I was leaving her one night, and the elevator took me straight to the basement, and then it lost power,” Julia explained.  “And to make matters worse I couldn’t get any cell reception down there.”

“And down there all by yourself, how frightening,” Bryan stated.

“How long were you down there?” Katherine inquired.

“A few hours,” Julia answered.  “James showed up and got me out of there.”

“Your own knight in shining armor,” Katherine said.

“He was,” Julia agreed.

“I wish you would have told me about this sooner,” Draper told her.

“They never could did find anything wrong with the elevator,” Julia responded to him.   And back then I did not have reason to believe that someone was stalking me.”

“And I am here to protect her now,” Deborah stated.

“We all here for you,” Bryan added.

“And it never happened since,” Julia noted.  “Any way, it is after five o’clock, you all don’t have to wait here with us to hear from Mr. Church.”

“I don’t mind waiting a little longer,” Katherine said.  “I don’t have any other plans tonight.”

“No plans with Adam?”  Julia asked.

“No, I told him it was probably best to wait until after the election,” Kathrine informed her.

“And I waiting for my dad because he is my ride,” Bryan reminded them.

“Well, think I will get going,” Draper stated.

“Okay,” Julia said.  “But if you want to wait a little longer you can ride back the mansion with us.”

“That’s not a problem, I got a rental,” Draper informed her.  “I figured it was about time.”

“I assume we will see you again in the morning,” Katherine said with a smile.

“Yes, and I will have my wife with me tomorrow,” Draper stated.

Katherine’s smile left her face at the mention of April’s name but no one noticed.

“Mother is coming with you?”  Julia asked.

“Yes, Draper replied.  “With the election tomorrow, she figures you’ll could use the extra help.”

‘It will nice to spend the day with her,” Deborah stated.  “I haven’t had a chance to talk to her much since I got here.”

“I know she has been wanting to talk to you about Steve Guthrie,” Draper mentioned to her.

Deborah was surprised by the statement.

“The detective?”  Katherine inquired.

“No, his father,” Deborah answered.

As Draper left the office, Julia’s cell phone rang.  She picked it up and looked at the caller ID.  “It’s Calvin,” she announced to everyone.”

“I wonder if the cyber forensics team were able to find something after all,” Deborah mentioned.

“Or it could be about James and Ms. Shaw,” Bryan stated.

Deborah and Julia were not pleased with Bryan for mentioning Sabrina.

Deborah, Katherine and Bryan were trying to figure out why Calvin called.  But it was hard to determine why because Julia wasn’t saying much.

Then Julia’s tone changed.  “That’s great news,” she exclaimed.  “He is probably sleeping that is probably why could not reach him, but I will make sure he knows.”

“What is it?”  Deborah asked.

“And let me know the second you have her statement,” Julia said.  “I know Mr. Church is going to want to make sure this gets reported on the Evening News.  We still have time.”

“What happened?”  Bryan inquired as Julia hung up the phone.”

“Sabrina Shaw has admitted she is lying,” Julia informed them.

“Why that is wonderful, Ms. Scott,” Katherine stated.

“She is going to give a sworn statement to that effect to the police,” Julia continued.

“Just in the nick of time,” Deborah said.

“We need to reach your father to let him know,” Julia said to Bryan.

“I will try him again, but he is not answering,” Bryan told them.  “And that is really not like him.”

“Well, with that good news, I think I will leave now, if that is alright with you?”  Katherine asked.

“Of course,” Julia replied.

“I will see you in the morning,” Kathrine said as she headed to the door..

“I will walk you down,” Bryan said to her.  “You shouldn’t wait for a cab by yourself.”

“Ah, thank you,” Kathrine responded.

“I will keep trying to reach my dad,” Bryan stated.

“I will keep trying as well,” Julia told him.

After Katherine and Bryan and left, Deborah turned to Julia.

“What is it?”  Julia asked.

“A couple things,” Deborah responded.

“What are they?”  Julia inquired.

“Mr. Church is definitely up to something,” Deborah answered.  “And if he is not responding to calls and texts then it cannot be good.”

“And what else?”  Julia questioned her.

“Something is going on with Katherine,” Deborah replied.  “The last couple days she has been acting weird about Mr. Church.  Every time when his name is mentioned.”

“Really?”  Julia asked.  “I haven’t noticed.

“I am trained to notice things like that,” Deborah reminded here.  “And tomorrow I am going to make Katherine tell me why.”


In another part of town, Lyle was driving Charlotte to the mansion.

“Do you want to go straight home?”  Lyle asked her.

“Why?”  Charlotte asked.

“I was wondering if you could use a drink,” Lyle responded.

Charlotte looked up as he spoke and saw Ryan’s Pub up ahead.  “I could use one,” she responded.  “I can’t believe someone would believe that James would hire an escort.  And I am worried about Nikki.  But I don’t know if I want to go there.”

“You said they have the best stingers in town,” Lyle stated.

“If he is there, we are not staying,” Charlotte told him referring to Norman Garrison.

“Okay,” Lyle replied.

Inside, Norman was seated at the door with the dark haired woman that Charlotte had seem him with at the restaurant.  His eyes were focused on the door.

“You are looking at everyone that enters,” the woman said to him.  “Are you expecting someone?”

“I’m not sure,” Norman replied.

“I thought you would be in a better mood considering it looks like the sale of that building in going through quick,” the woman stated.

“Yeah,” Norman told her.  “And after that it looks like I will be evicting the Whitney Foundation soon.”

“Well, I am about ready to leave here,” the woman said as Charlotte and Lyle walked through the door.

Noman’s face lit up when he saw Charlotte.

Charlotte and Lyle walked straight to the bar without seeing him.  Charlotte sat on a bar stool, and then took a look around the place.  She saw Norman with the women.

“Oh great, he’s here, and with her,” Charlotte whispered to Lyle.  “And look at her, she is at least 10 years older than him.  What did I ever see in him?”

“Do you want to leave?”  Lyle asked her.

Charlotte paused for a second.  “No,” she responded.  As she walked toward Norman’s table.

The dark haired woman was leaving.

“I will see you back at the hotel,” the woman said as she passed by Charlotte.

“The Garrisons always such a polite couple,” Charlotte stated repeating what the waiter had said about them at the restaurant.

“Why thank you,” A confused Norman responded.

“That’s what the maitre d’ said about you two the other day at Del Monico’s,” Charlotte informed him.

“You were there?”  Norman asked her.

“Yes, Charlotte answered.

“Why didn’t you come over?”  Norman inquired.

“Why?”  Charlotte asked as she looked around the bar.  She took the drink on the table that the woman hadn’t finished.  She picked it up and through in Norman’s face.

“What the hell?”  Norman exclaimed.

“I don’t fool around with married men,” Charlotte told him.

Norman was shocked by Charlotte’s actions.  He stood up and took a handkerchief out of his pocket.  He stood there silent as he wiped his face with it.  “She’s not my wife, she’s my sister,” he finally said.  “Why would you assume otherwise?  What kind of person do you think I am?”

“Sister?”  A surprised Charlotte repeated.

Norman proceeded to leave the bar.

“Norman…” Charlotte started to say but Norman cut her off.

“Leave me alone,” he yelled back at her as he left.

“Sister,” Charlotte exclaimed.  “How could I be so stupid?”


Back at the law office, a frustrated Julia throw a folder she was looking at on her desk.  “No word back from the police, and not a word from your father either,” Julia stated.

“We could be here all night waiting to hear from them,” Bryan stated.  “We are probably the only people left in the building.”

“He’s right,” Deborah said.  “I wonder if she changed her mind.”  Deborah was referring to Sabrina Shaw.

“She better not have,” Julia said.

“Well, we don’t have to wait here, would you like to go out for a late supper,” Bryan suggested.

“You know that is not a bad idea,” Julia said.

“Great, then let’s get out of here,” Deborah stated as she headed to the door.

“But we need to bring all these campaign signs down with us,” Bryan mentioned pointing to the signs around the office.

“I am supposed to put them out early tomorrow before the polls open” Bryan informed.

“And James was going to ask Gordon and Broomhilda to do the same,” Julia told him.

“Then let’s get started,” Deborah told them as she grabbed some signs.  “It is going to take us a few trips.”

They all grabbed signs and headed to the elevator.  After they were down stairs, Julia moved her car to the front of the building.  They placed the signs in the truck.

“We are definitely going to have the trunk and the back seat filled up with signs,” Julia told them.

“But I think we can get them all in one more trip,” Bryan said.  “Do you think someone should stay by the car?”

“I think it will be alright,” Deborah responded.

“I can get the rest of the signs with Julia and you can wait down here,” Bryan said to Deborah as followed Julia into the elevator.

“No, I am not going to leaver side,” Deborah replied.

“She will be fine, I will be with her,” Bryan told Deborah as the doors to the elevator began to close.

Before the doors closed all the way, Deborah stuck her hand between the doors.  “No,” she repeated.  “She is not going anywhere without me.”

“It is here job,” Julia said to Bryan.

“Whatever,” Bryan responded just shucking off the exchange.

The doors to the elevator closed and Julia hit the button for the 5th floor.

“Do you know where you two would like to eat?”  Julia asked.

“Anything is fine with me,” Deborah responded.

All of a sudden the elevator stopped moving up, and paused.

“What is going on?”  Bryan asked.

Then the elevator starting moving again, but instead of going up, it started going down.

“Oh no, not again,” Julia exclaimed as she tried hitting all the buttons but the elevator would not stop.

“What is it?”  Deborah questioned.

“It is doing it again,” Julia replied as the elevator went to the basement and stopped.


Back at the Monticello Inn, Calvin and Guthrie sat in their unmarked patrol car.

“She hasn’t let the room,” Calvin stated.  “I bet she changed her mind.”

“I think you may be right,” Guthrie agreed.

“Should we go talk to her again?”  Calvin asked as a fancy sports car pulled into the parking lot.

“Look over there,” Guthrie told him pointing it out.  “Is that who I think it is? What are they doing here?”

It was Sky, Gordon, and Broomhilda pulling up in Gordon’s car.

“If she is staying here, then how are you going to find her?”  Gordon asked.

“Are we going to have to go to every room?”  Broomhilda inquired.

“We don’t have to do that yet,” Sky responded.  “I am going to have a chat with the desk clerk first.”  As Sky was speaking, he took a wad of bills out of his pocket.

“I have never known a desk clerk to turn down a cash incentive,” Gordon stated.

“Now what are you all doing here?”  Calvin asked as he and Guthrie approached the driver’s window.

“We are doing your job,” Gordon responded sarcastically.

Calvin and Guthrie were not happy with his tone.

“What my son meant to say is that we have reason to believe that Sabrina Shaw is hiding out at that hotel,” Sky explained.

“And how did you find that out?”  Guthrie inquired.

“I have my sources,” Gordon replied.

Calvin and Guthrie then began to tell them about their earlier conversation with Sabrina where she admitted she had lied.

They were all so involved in the conversation that no one noticed the door to Sabrina’s room opening.

Sabrina was talking on her cell phone as she exited.

“I thought you were supposed to meet me in my room,” she stated.  “I am not going to jail over this, and you haven’t even payed me yet.”

Broomhilda caught sight of her as Sabrina turned the corner.

“Herr Whitney, it’s her,” she exclaimed.

“What?” They all asked.

“The woman you are looking for she just left that room, and went around the corner,” Broomhilda replied.

Sabrina had turned the corner and paused.  A city busy was coming down the street.  She was still talking on her cell phone.  “Where are you?”  She asked.  “I don’t know why don’t you want to come to my room.”

As the bus got closer, a dark figure emerged from behind Sabrina.  Two gloved hands pushed Sabrina in front of the passing bus.

As everyone left Gordon’s car and moved toward the corner, they heard the screech of the bus’s brakes and Sabrina’s scream.

As they turned the corner they saw Sabrina’s lifeless body lying on the street in front of them.



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