Cries in the Night: Chapter 49

Across town at a restaurant, Beth sat at a table by the window with her sister-in-law, April Scott.

“Thank you for inviting me to join you,” April told her.

“You are welcome,” Beth responded.  “I was hoping with you being here, Adam would be more likely to show up.”

“You really don’t think he would stand you up for lunch?”  April asked.

“He didn’t want to come,” Beth responded.  “He lied to me and tried to tell me he had plans.  But I know he was doing it because he knew I wanted to talk about Miles.”

“Things are not better between the two of them?”  April questioned her.

“Adam hasn’t spoken to Miles since he arrived in Monticello,” Beth informed her.  “And Miles hasn’t been the best at reaching out to Adam either.  I hope all this will be settled when Miles arrives.”

“When will that be?”  April inquired.

“It should be in a couple days,” Beth answered her.  “He had a patient that had an emergency he had to deal with before he could leave.”

“It is about time they get past all this,” April stated.  “I was surprised Adam started using the last name Drake.”

“Me too,” Beth responded.  “And I know Miles was hurt by it more than he is letting on.”

“I can’t imagine how that is making him feel,” April stated.  “Miles is the only father Adam has ever known.”

Beth paused for a second.  “I know you have been trying to reach me,” Beth said changing the subject.  “I have just been so busy.  And I haven’t stopped since arrived I in Monitcello with everything going on with Nikki.   And then Didi was having a personal crisis.”

“I understand,” April responded.

“But you look really tired,” Beth told her.  “I assume still aren’t getting much sleep.”

“I don’t want to go sleep,” April said.  “When I go to sleep, I dream.  And they are horrible dreams.”

“Tell me about them again,” Beth told her.

“At first they were about Draper,” April answered her.  “He is going to die.  I didn’t know that at first.  The first dream was in a dark room, and I heard people saying ‘he is dead.’  But I didn’t know if was him until I dreamed I was at the funeral with my daughters.  People are coming up to me and telling me how sorry they are.  And then when I went to visit my mothers’ grave, I realized that cemetery was here in Monitcello.  That means Draper is going to die here.”
“They are a lot reasons why we have dreams,” Beth stated.  “That doesn’t mean they are going to come true.”

“But you didn’t know me before,” April said to Beth.  “I used to have dreams and premonitions.  And they came true.  Logan prosecuted me.  Draper’s car went over the cliff.   Anyway, it doesn’t matter anymore, because I haven’t had dreams about Draper in a while.”

“That’s good news,” Beth told her.

“No,” April replied.  “Now I have been dreaming about Julia.  She gets shot.”

“What?”  Beth asked her.

“Yes,” April responded.  “I see the gun being held on her.  I see her screaming.  I see the gun go off.”

“That doesn’t mean it is really going to happen,” Beth stated.

“But the gun in my dreams, its James’s gun,” April informed her.  “I had never seen it before I saw it in my dream. But the day after I dreamt about it, I saw the gun the next day in James’s office.”

“Do you know where the dream takes place?”  Beth asked her.

“No,” April responded.  “I haven’t been able to make that out yet.  As April was speaking, a brand new sports car pulled up in front of the window.  Adam got out of the driver’s seat, and handed the valet his keys.

“He must have just bought it,” April mentioned.  “He didn’t have it when I had lunch with him and Katherine the other day.”

“I guess he wasn’t going to ask or expect Miles and me to buy him another one,” Beth mentioned.  Beth was referring to the fact that Adam has totaled the new car Miles and Beth had bought him as a present for him finishing medical school.  He had gotten into an accident after getting upset over something Miles had said.

“He was so lucky no one was seriously injured,” April mentioned.

“Yes, and I hope he realizes that,” Beth replied.  “You met Katherine.  How is she?”

“She is a sweet girl,” April replied.  “She makes Adam happy.  But something was not quite right.”

“What do you mean?”  Beth asked.

“I was glad Adam wanted me to meet her,” April started to say.  “But I don’t think she was too happy to meet me.”

“What do you mean?”  Beth inquired.

“I don’t know if she wasn’t ready to meet Adam’s family, or if she was just nervous,” April stated.  “But I just got the impression she didn’t want me there.  It was nothing she said or did.  It was just how I felt.”

“Interesting,” Beth noted as Adam arrived at the table.

“I’m sorry I am late,” Adam told them.  “My new car was finally ready, and I wanted to pick it up first.”

“We saw it,” Beth informed him.

“It’s nice,” April said to him.  “You are not too late.  We haven’t even ordered yet.”

As April was speaking, Beth’s cell phone began to ring.  Beth picked it up and looked at it, and then turned off the ringer.  She put it in her purse.  “I can talk to them later,” she announced.

“It was Miles wasn’t it?”  Adam asked

“You mean your father,” Beth corrected him.  “Yes, it was.  He should be here in a couple days.”

“Great,” Adam muttered.

“Adam, please,” April started to say.  “Why do you have to act like this?”

“Do you have to ask?”  Adam responded.  “You know he hates me.”

“That’s not true,” Beth stated.

“I know he still blames me for you losing the baby,” Adam said.  Adam was referring the fact that a pregnant Beth had fallen down a flight of stairs after tripping over Adam’s toy air plane.”

“No, he doesn’t,” Beth told him.  “If you would just talk to him.

“I know he thinks I am a screw up,” Adam responded.

“Adam please calm down?”  April asked him.

“I’m sorry,” Adam replied.

“I would like for us all to get together, we he gets to Monitcello,” Beth told him.

“I don’t think that is a good idea,” Adam stated.  “Does he really want to see me?”

“Adam please stop talking like that,” April pleaded.

“Like it or not, we are family,” Beth said.  “You should be able to get along with each other.”

Adam let a quiet laugh.  “Like you and your sister,” he said to Beth.  “Do you know that I have never even met your sister?”  Adam was referring to Beth’s sister Liz.

“That’s a different story,” Beth told him.

“That’s okay, I think I am going to head back to the hospital,” Adam said as he stood up to leave.

“Adam please stop,” Beth begged.  “Can we just have a nice lunch?”

“We didn’t even get a chance to tell you what is going on with your cousin Nikki,” April informed him.  “I assume you don’t know what is going on with her?”

Adam sat back down in his chair.  “No, what is it?  Is it her anemia?  I thought she was managing it well.”

“I just found out myself,” April stated.  “Why don’t you tell him Beth?”

Beth paused for a second.  “Nikki is going to need all the support we can give her right now.  She has Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria.”

“What is that?”  Adam asked.

“It’s a rare blood disease,” Beth informed him.  “It is causing the breakdown of her red blood cells.”

“Oh my God,” Adam exclaimed.

“We are hopeful a bone marrow transplant will help her, but it is no guarantee,” Beth told him.  Beth was being cryptic because she did not want to reveal to Adam that Jeremy was not Nikki’s biological father.

“I had no idea,” Adam stated.  “I will try to go see her tonight.”

“We never know when something like this can happen” April said.  “That’s why we need to cherish all the time we have with family.”

Adam knew April was trying to get him want to spend time with Miles but he ignored what she said.  “Are you guys ready to order now?”


At WMON, an aggravated Angela Rhomer sat at a desk and hung up a phone.

“What’s wrong?”  Martin asked as he walked over to her.

‘That dam Norman Garrison,” Angela replied.  “I have been trying to reach him to see what he has against the Whitneys.  But he is impossible to reach.  I think he may be hiding something.”

“I can try to reach him,” Martin offered.

“Thank you,” Angela replied.

“You can show me your appreciation again tonight,” Martin told her.

As Martin was speaking, Chris Egan entered the studio and walked over to them.

“Ms. Rhomer, I am chief of police Chris Egan,” Chris stated.

“Yes, I know who you are,” Angela replied.

“I was hoping you could help me,” Chris told her.

“Sure,” Angela responded.

“It’s about your interview last night with Sabrina Shaw,” Chris informed her.

“Yes,” Angela said.

Martin just smiled.  “You even have the chief of police noticing you.”

“We have trying to locate her so that we can interview her about the allegations she had made against Mr. Swift,” Chris explained.  “But we have been unable to find her.  She seems to be keeping a low profile since the news cast.”

“I imagined she’d want to,” Martin stated.

Angela gave Martin a tap on the wrist to be quiet.  “How can I help you?”  She asked Chris.

“I assume you have a way to contact her?”  Chris inquired.

“Yes,” Angela responded.

“Good,” Chris replied.  “Could you find out where she is and set up another interview with her?”

“Of course, but why?”  Angela asked.

“Because she may be expecting you to show up, but this time it will be the Monticello PD doing the interview,” Chris explained.

“Okay, I will be right on it,” Angela responded.


In another part of the studio, Jody sat in the corner by herself in deep thought.

“Oh, Nikki, you just have to understand,” Jody whispered to herself.  She took a deep breath and stood up from the chair from where she was sitting.  “I guess I need to get back to work.”

“Yes, you do,” Jeremy said from behind her.  “I’ve been looking all over from you.  Julia just called.  James has just arrived outside the studio.  We need to get ready for his interview.”

“Okay,” Jody responded.  “I don’t know how you can be so calm.”

“I am concerned about Nikki,” Jeremy responded.  “But I am trying to keep myself busy, so I don’t let it get to me.  And I know we are going to get through this.”

As Jeremy was speaking James walked up to him with his entourage consisting of Julia, Deborah, William, Bryan, and James’s bodyguard from the Monticello PD.

“We are all ready to interview you,” Jeremy informed James.

Jody stared at James for a moment.  “Are you feeling okay?  You look awfully tired.”

“That’s why he is going straight home after the interview,” Julia announced.

“It’s nothing a little make up won’t fix,” William stated.  “Where are you make up people?   Get over here and touch him up.”

“He really doesn’t mean to sound that rude,” Bryan told Jody and Jeremy trying to apologize.

“I don’t believe that,” Deborah whispered to Julia as she noticed Chris across the studio talking to Angela and Martin.

Angela handed Chris a piece of paper.  “She is in room 16 at the Monticello Inn,” Angela told Chris.

“She just moved across the street from the Beacon,” Martin said.

“I set up an interview for 5:00,” Angela informed Chris. “She’s expecting me to come straight to the room.”

“Thank you,” Chris responded as she stuck the piece of paper in her pocket as Deborah walked up to the group.

“We are always willing to help the Monticello PD,” Angela stated.

“Anything I can help you with?”  Deborah asked.

“No,” Chris responded.  “I will be on my way.”

“I will talk to you later then,” Deborah said to her as Julia walked over to them.

“Chief Egan, I just want you to know we appreciate all you are doing on this case,” Julia said to her.

“I’m just doing my job,” Chris responded.  “I will check up on you later.  I need to get going.”

As Chris left, Julia turned to Deborah.  “Unfortunately some people are wasting the Monticello PD’s time.”

Angela can tell Julia was referring to her.  “What is that supposed to mean?”  Angela inquired.

“It means the police have to waste their time investigating the lies Sabrina Shaw has been telling thanks to you,” Julia replied.

“She wasn’t lying,” Angela stated.

“She is and we can prove it,” Julia told her.

Angela paused for a second because not sure how to respond.  But before she could say anything Jeremy caught wind of the conversation.

“And since you didn’t bother to check her story, you will be out of here,” Jeremy stated.

Angela didn’t say a word.  She walked away from the group and walked over to Martin.

“What are they talking about?”  She asked him.

“They must be bluffing,” Martin said.  “You did verify her story didn’t you?”

“Verify?  Angela questioned him.  “Why should I have to do that?  You were so gung ho over it?”

An angry Angela walked away from Martin.

“So you can prove Sabrina Shaw is lying?”  Jeremy asked Julia.

“No, at least not yet anyway,” Julia answered him.  “But we will eventually.”

“Dam,” Jeremy responded.  “That would have given me a reason to get rid of Angela once and for all.”

“Dam is right,” William stated.  “Those two have been nothing but a thorn in our side since this campaign began.  They should have been taken care of a long time ago.”

“But there is nothing I could do,” Jeremy told him.

“Yeah, they are just doing their job,” Bryan stated.  “What could anyone do about them?”

“We’ll see about that,” William muttered to himself as he looked at Martin and Angela.

Later James was seated on the same set that Jody had interviewed him on previously when he had collapsed on the air.

Jody then came sit in the chair next to him.  “We will be begin after the commercial break,” Jody informed him.  “Are you sure you are up to this?  You still tired.”

“I am,” James responded.  “But I need to do this.  I am not going to let Victor steal this election from me.”

“Do you think he is the one behind Sabrina Shaw’s allegations?”  Jody asked him.

“I’m not sure,” James responded.  “So you can’t quote me on that.  But someone is putting her up to this, and I am worried we won’t find out who until after the election.”  As he was speaking James was having problems breathing.

“I knew he left the hospital too soon,” Julia stated.

“He will be fine, just get him some water,” William ordered.

Deborah just stood to the side shaking her head at William.

“We are back from break in five seconds,” the director announced.

“Are you sure you are okay to go on?”  Jody asked James.

“Of course he is,” William answered her.

James just nodded to Jody to say he was ready for the interview.

After getting her cue from the director, Jody read from the monitor announcing her interview with James to answer the allegations that Sabrina Shaw had made.

James replied with the prepared statement that William and Bryan had written that he had memorized.  He then paused for a second to catch his breath.

“Should I continue with some questions?”  Jody asked.

William clinched his fists when Jody asked that and walked over to Jeremy.  “Of course she is continuing.”

“She just wants to make sure he is alright,” Jeremy responded.

William was not happy with the response.

James nodded again for Jody to continue.

Jody then preceded to ask James questions.

James took his time answering the questions.

“He’s moving too slow,” William mumbled.  “That doesn’t make him look good.”

“He is doing the best he can,” Julia told him.  “You can’t put too much pressure on him.”

William just made an ugly face at Julia.

“Don’t let him get to you,” Bryan told Julia.

“I don’t,” Julia replied.

Back on the set, James was answering Jody’s questions.

“Excuse me a second,” James said to Jody as he picked up a glass on water that was on the end table next to him.  The tired James dropped the glass as he picked it up and spilt water all over himself.

“Just great,” William stated.  “Get that camera away from him.  I don’t want the public to see that.”

Deborah just shook her head at William again.

“I’m sorry,” James said as he pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket.  “Please continue.”

“So why should the public believe you that this woman’s allegations are false?”  Jody asked.

“I’m glad you asked that,” James responded but then paused to take a breath.

“I knew this interview would be too much for him,” Julia stated.

“Sh…Sh…Sh…,” William uttered.

“Well, first off why should the public take the word of a known escort,” James started to say but hesitated.

“Dam it, he is going off script,” William shouted.

James paused to think for a second.  “Why would this allegation suddenly come out when I start to run for district attorney?”  James then rubbed his head with the handkerchief.

“He sounds horrible,” William stated.

James then dropped the handkerchief as he tried to put it back in his shirt pocket.

“Just great,” William said as he walked over to Jeremy.  “End this now.  He is ruining all my hard work.”

Jeremy ignored him and looked over at Julia.

Julia shook her head.

“Don’t look at her, I am charge here,” William told Jeremy.

Jeremy then motioned to Jody to end the interview.

“Well, I would like to thank Mr. Swift for coming in today…” she started to say.

“He really doesn’t mean to sound that mean,” Bryan said to Julia.

“I doubt that,” Deborah whispered to herself.

After the director had called cut, Julia walked over to James on the set.

“I didn’t sound too good did I?”  James asked her.

“You were fine, but we need to get you home so you can get some rest now,” Julia said.

“You were horrible,” William said to him.  “We need to come up with another press release to explain your appearance and behavior.”

“I thought I could handle it,” James said.

“You were fine,” Julia stated.

“Sugar coating it will not change the facts,” William told them.

Julia looked over to the guards who were assigned to protect him.  “We are taking him home to the Whitney mansion now.”

“I am not finished with him,” William said.  “The election is tomorrow.”

“It is obvious that he needs rest,” Julia responded.  “We will have to make do without him for the rest of the day.”

“I really need to lie down,” James stated.  “I will touch base with you later.  I may be better this afternoon.”

“Just great,” William yelled as he walked away from them.


At her apartment, Didi clicked on the remote to turn off the television set.

“Poor James,” she whispered to herself.  “He did not look good at all in that interview.  I should go to the office tomorrow and try to help them out the best I can.”  As she was speaking there was a knock at the door.

“Come in, it’s open,” she yelled.

As the door opened, Julius appeared.

“Are you sure it is a good thing to leave your door unlocked?”  He asked her.  “We still don’t know who poisoned you.”

“I knew you were coming,” Didi responded.  “I called and invited you over.  Plus, James was the intended target, not me.”

“You still can’t be too careful,” Julius stated.  “But I was glad you called.”

Didi paused for a second.  She recalled the conversion she had had earlier with Beth regarding Nathan and Julius.

“Is something wrong?”  Julius inquired.

“Please have a seat,” Didi said to him.  “We need to talk.”

Julius sat on the sofa.  From his demeanor you could tell he was expecting an unpleasant conversation.

“You have been such a good friend to me since I returned to Monticello,” Didi began to say.

“And I have been glad to be there for you,” Julius stated.

“And I appreciate that,” Didi said.  “But I don’t want to give you mixed signals.  We are just friends.  I am back together with Nathan now.”

“And I am aware of that,” Julius told her.

“And I don’t think I am being fair to him,” Didi started to say.  “I need to consider his feelings so I don’t think we should spend so much time together.”

From his expression, it was obvious he was not surprised by what Didi said.  “I can respect your wishes.  Are you sure that is what you want?”

Didi paused for a second.  She remembered when Beth had asked her if she had feelings for Julius.

“It is for the best,” Didi responded.  “You will always be special to me.”

“Then I guess I should be going,” Julius said as he stood up to leave.

“I’m sorry,” Didi told him as he headed to the door and opened it.

I do appreciate everything you have done for me,” Didi told him.  Didi walked over to him and gave him hug.  Julius turned his head to kiss her.

As Julius was doing so, in the door way Nathan appeared.

“What the hell is going on?”  He yelled.

“I can explain,” Didi told him.

“Don’t bother,” Nathan shouted as he left.

“Nathan,” Didi called out.

“I’m sorry,” Julius said.

“It’s not your fault,” Didi stated.

“I’ll be leaving now,” Julius told her as he walked out the door.

Didi walked to the door.  She watched as Julius walked across the hall to his apartment.  She then turned to the right and looked in the direction that Nathan had ran.


Gordon sat in his parked car.

“Are you ready?”  Broomhilda asked him.

“You need to do this,” Sky told him.  “We are running out of time.”

“I can handle it,” Gordon said as he exited the vehicle.  He looked up as he exited the car.  He saw the sign for Warmdale Prison for Women.

women's Prison - 0153

“I spoke to the warden, and they are expecting us,” Sky informed them.

Gordon was silent as they entered the prison, and were escorted to the visiting area.

“The prisoners are only allowed one visitor at a time,” a guard informed that.

“That is okay, we are going to wait out here as he goes in,” Sky told the guard.

Gordon paused at the entrance to the visitor area.

“You will be fine,” Broomhilda said.

“Thanks,” James replied as walked through the door.

“Do you think this is going to work?”  Broomhilda questioned Sky.

“It has to,” Sky responded.  “We are running out of time.”

Gordon walked into the visitor area and sat down in the booth where he had been directed.  He was sitting in front of a plexiglass window.  He sat there for second then heard a buzzer.

“Let the prisoner in,” he heard someone yell.  Then in a second, a petite blond appeared on the other side of the glass.  It was his ex-girlfriend Lindsay Pace.  Lindsay had been convicted three murders including Charlotte’s husband.




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