Cries in the Night: Chapter 48


Back the at law office, Katherine exited James office shaking after she saw James with the gun.

“What is it?”  Julia asked her.

“It’s…” Katherine started to say but had trouble finding her words.

“Are you okay?”  Draper questioned her as he walked over to her.

“I will be fine,” Katherine responded.  “You are so kind for caring Mr. Scott.”  Katherine then turned to Julia.  “Ms. Saxon was giving something back to Mr. Swift.”

“Giving something back,” Julia mumbled as she walked into James’s office and closed the door.

Deborah and James looked up at her as she entered.

“She gave you the gun back, didn’t she?”  Julia asked James.

“Yes,” James replied.  “I want to be able to protect you from this guy.”

“I don’t like the idea of you carrying a gun,” Julia told him.

“I know how to use it,” James reminded her as William entered the office.

“I hate to interrupt but we really need to get ready for your interview with WMON,” William told him.

“I know,” James replied.

“I just wish we could have come up with evidence to show where you were all those nights Sabrina Shaw claims to have been with you,” William stated.

“I need to check my calendar,” James told him.

“We checked the office calendar last night,” Julia reminded him.

“Not that one, my personal calendar,” James explained as he took a notebook out of his desk drawer.

“What is that?”  William inquired.

“My personal calendar,” James answered.  “I can be kind of old school and write stuff down.  Can I see those dates again?”

William handed him a piece of paper as James opened the notebook.  James flipped through the pages.

“Do you see anything that can help us?”  William inquired.

“Just a lot of these dates, Julia and I had dates on those nights,” James answered.

“So she spent the night with you, she can be your alibi?”  William suggested.

“No, I brought her home at the end of each date,” James informed him.

“So we are stuck trying to prove James was at his place alone all those nights,” Julia stated.

William paused for a second.  “No one knows that she never spent the night with you those nights.”

“I will not have her lie,” James told him.

Deborah just shook her head back and forth.

“It probably wouldn’t do us any good anyway,” William said.  “She is your girlfriend so no one would believe her.”

As William was speaking, James’s cell phone began to ring.

“I see you finally charged it again,” William stated.

“It’s probably the press,” Julia said.

“I doubt it, because I don’t know how they would have gotten this number,” James informed them as he looked at the caller ID.

“Who is it?”  Julia asked.

James didn’t respond to her as he answered the phone.  “Hello Suzanne.”

“Suzanne?”  Julia questioned.  “What the hell does she want?”

“She’s got nerve,” Deborah mumbled to herself.

“Oh James,” Suzanne started to say.  “I was so worried about you.  I called the hospital and they said you were gone.”

“Yes, I was released,” James lied to her.  “I really need to get back to work.”

“I just wanted to let you know, I didn’t believe anything that women said about you on the news,” Suzanne stated.

“Thank you,” James responded being polite.

“I don’t know how anyone who knows you could believe any of that,” Suzanne stated.

“Thank you,” James repeated.  “We are trying to find out who could have put her up to that right now.”

“So you think someone is behind her trying to ruin your chances of becoming DA,” Suzanne stated.

“Yes, and I have to get back to work,” James repeated.

“Do you think Victor could be behind this?”  Suzanne suggested.

“I don’t know,” James replied.

“Well, you don’t overdo it today, and I will see what I can find out from Victor,” Suzanne told him.

Before James could say anything else Suzanne hung up the phone.

Julia was not happy.

“Enough of this,” William stated.  “Can you get Bryan in here?”  He asked Deborah.  “We need to get James ready for his interview with WMON.”

“I don’t work for you,” Deborah told William.

“It’s alright I will get him,” Julia said as she exited the office.

Julia walked into the other room followed by Deborah.  She saw Draper consoling Katherine.

When Katherine saw Julia, she got up and walked by her desk.  “You are really so kind Mr. Scott,” Katherine stated.  “Julia is so lucky to have you.”

“Bryan your father wants you in the office with them,” Julia informed Bryan.

“Of course, business as usual,” Bryan uttered as he left the room.

“I know the gun upset you,” Julia told Katherine.  “But Mr. Swift is trained on how to use it.”

“I’m sorry,” Katherine said.  “I think just all the body guards, police, guns, and threats are taking their toll on me.”

“It’s been stressful for all of us,” Julia told her.

Deborah went stand off to the side of the office by herself as she got a phone call.

Julia walked over to her after her conversation with Katherine.

“What is it?”  Julia asked her.

“It was the chief,” Deborah answered her.

“Any news?”  Draper questioned her.

“The cyber forensics team were not able to trace the origins of the email,” Deborah informed them.  “It was routed all over the world.  It made it impossible to trace where the IP address originated.”

“Dam,” Draper stated.  “Can’t we get a break?”

“This guy is going to mess up soon,” Deborah stated.  “I can feel it, and then we will catch him.”


At the D.A.’s office, Suzanne walked into the office and sat down at her desk after her conversation with James.  “Good morning,” she said to Laurie who was seated at the desk next to her.

“Good morning,” Laurie responded.

Suzanne looked over into Victor’s office.  He was smiling.  “He’s in a good mood today for a change,” she stated.

“Has been ever since that story broke about James Swift and the prostitute,” Nathan said as he walked passed them.

“You’ll don’t believe her do you?”  Suzanne asked.

“I don’t know him that well,” Nathan answered her as he walked out of the office.

“What’s bothering him?”  Suzanne inquired.

“He’s having woman problems,” Laurie replied.

“Anyway, I know that woman is lying,” Suzanne stated.  “That is not the James I know.  He is a kind, generous man.”

“You would know you used to date him,” Laurie stated.

“But that’s not how I first met him,” Suzanne told her.

“What do you mean?”  Laurie questioned her.

“I was actually a client of his,” Suzanne answered her.  “I was adopted, and he was helping me find my birth parents.  He so sensitive and sweet.  I fell for him almost immediately.”

“I didn’t know that,” Laurie told her.

“Did you’ll find them?”  Laurie asked.

“No,” Suzanne responded as he tone changed to serious.  “He did his best but my adoption records are sealed.  But I did register on an adoption database.  If birth parents ever come looking for me, they should be able to find me.”

“I hope you do find them,” Laurie said.

“Thank you,” Suzanne replied.  “So I know this woman is lying about James.  Someone had to put her up to this.”

Laurie paused for a second.  “You’re not suggesting Victor is behind this?”

“I didn’t say that,” Suzanne told her.  “But someone has it out for James.  But do you think Victor is behind this?”

“Of course not,” Laurie replied with some hesitation.  “Especially after he knows the story about how his grandfather’s campaign almost got derailed by similar allegations by Holly Meech in 1983.”

“So he could have gotten the idea from that,” a voice from behind them said.

Laurie and Suzanne turned to see Matthew Gantz followed by Mae.

“That’s not what I said,” Laurie told them.

“That’s okay,” Mae told her.  “That’s not exactly why we are here.  Is Mr. Gannon around?”

“He was here a second ago,” Laurie told them.

“I’m right here,” Nathan announced as he re-entered the office from behind them.

“Can we speak with you for a moment in private?”  Mae asked him.

“We can go in my office,” Nathan told them as he pointed to his office across the room.

Laurie and Suzanne were silent as Matthew and Mae followed Nathan into his office.

After they closed the door, Nathan looked at them.  “Is this about Julia?  You can’t still think I had anything to do with this.”

“Relax, Mr. Gannon,” Matthew told him.  “We are tying up some loose ends.  We have a few dates we would look for you to try and provide your whereabouts to us.”

“And then we are confident, we can officially take you off our suspect list,” Mae added.

“Great,” Nathan replied.  “I don’t know what she told you, but I am different person now from when I knew her back in law school.  Yes, I may have done some underhanded stuff but that was school and I was younger then.”

“She also claims you stole a job in Capitol City from her by cancelling her interview for it,” Matthew informed him.

“I know,” Nathan responded.  “And I had nothing to do with that.  I got that job in Capitol City on my own.”

“We are not here to talk about that,” Matthew told him.

Mae noticed the picture on his desk of Didi and Nathan.  Nathan caught her looking at it.

“I’m a different person since I met her,” Nathan told them as he picked up the picture.  “She brings up the best in me.  I wish her son could see that.”

“I’m sure Calvin will come around,” Mae told him.  Matthew didn’t care about the exchange between the two of them.

“I’m sure you all heard what happened when Calvin found out about Didi and me?” Nathan asked them.

“We are not here to talk about that,” Mae answered.  Matthew was secretly smiling as Nathan said that.

“He’s causing problems for Didi and me,” Nathan informed them.

“Like I said, I am sure he will eventually come around,” Mae repeated.

“If you need to know, I am headed over to Didi’s for lunch to try and get back on her good side,” Nathan told them.

“No, we don’t need to know that,” Matthew said.  “Just have a look at these dates, and tell us where you were if you can.”


Back at the law office, Sky showed up with Gordon and Broomhilda to bring James a suit to wear for his interview on WMON.

“How are you today?”  Gordon asked Katherine who was seated at Julia’s desk.

“Ah, fine, thank you,” she responded.  “I will let them know you are here.  Mr. Church is preparing James for his interview.”

“Isn’t Mrs. Swift with you?”  Julia asked.

“No, she stayed at her to keep an eye on Geri,” Sky responded.

Deborah didn’t say anything but you could tell she was relieved that Raven was not there.

“Good,” William stated as he exited James’s office.  “You need to keep that girl muzzled until after the election.”

“Muzzled?”  A confused Broomhilda whispered to herself.

“Thanks,” James said as he took the suit from Sky.  “I will ready in just a second.”  James headed back into his office and closed the door.

“Raven is not thrilled that James left the hospital against doctor’s orders,” Sky informed them.  “And from seeing him, I can tell he is not better yet.”

“I know,” Julia responded.  “He believes he needs to be here to assure he will not lose the election.  But I will try to get him to go home after his interview on WMON.”

“We will see about that,” William muttered to himself.  “We are in crisis mode in this campaign.   Are James and me the only people here that understand this?  These allegations Sabrina Shaw are making can cost James the election.”

“That’s why we are investigating Sabrina Shaw ourselves,” Sky told him.

“Excellent, what have you found out?”  William asked.

“Nothing yet, we haven’t be able to make contact with her,” Sky answered.

“We believe she has gone into hiding,” Gordon explained.

“Just great,” William uttered.

“But I have a plan to find out where she is,” Sky informed them.

“It’s all in a days’s work of a professional private detective,” Gordon whispered to Katherine.

Katherine just shook her head because she was not sure why Gordon was telling her that.

“We have a big trip to take today,” Gordon mentioned.  “I travel a lot on my job.  I have been around a lot lately.  Springfield, Mayfair.”

Katherine just stood there showing no response.

Julia walked in between Katherine and Gordon.   “She what is your plan?”  She inquired.

“No time to explain right now,” Sky answered.  “We need to get going.  But we will let you know as soon as we find out something.”

“Have a good day,” Gordon said to Katherine as he left with Sky and Broomhilda.

“She can’t fool me,” Gordon whispered to Broomhilda as the three entered the elevator.

“I didn’t see any reaction from her when you mentioned Mayfair,” Broomhilda replied.

“I know,” Gordon responded.  “But if we get back in time, we are going to follow her again tonight.  I want to know what she is hiding.”

Back in the law office, James emerged wearing the suit that Sky had brought him.

“As handsome as ever,” Julia stated.

“He sure is,” Deborah agreed.

“We need to get going,” William told them.

“We probably will need to take two vehicles,” Bryan stated.  “With all those bodyguards, we won’t be able to fit in one car.”

“That’s okay, I can take my car with Deborah,” Julia said.

“Then, my bodyguards can ride with William, Bryan, and me” James added.

“We are going to be kind of crowded,” Bryan mentioned.  “I guess I could ride with Julia and Deborah.”

“No, I need you with me,” William told him.

Julia turned to Katherine.  “I hate leaving you to run office by yourself with all this going on today.”

“I will be alright,” Kathrine responded.  “Mr. Scott is staying here isn’t he?”

Yes, I can,” Draper replied.

“I’m sure we will be able to handle everything,” Katherine told her.  “You have been such a great help to us here.  And Julia is so lucky to have.”

“Then it’s settled, let’s go,” William said.

As he was speaking, James’s got a text on his phone.  He picked it up and looked at it.

“What is it?”  Julia asked.

“It’s from Suzanne,” James answered.

“What does she want this time?”  An annoyed Julia questioned him.


Back at the District Attorney’s office, Matthew and Mae had exited Nathan’s office but then turned to Victor.

“Can we talk to you for a moment before we leave?”  Matthew asked him.

“Sure,” Victor responded.  “Can I ask what this is about?”

Matthew and Mae looked at each other.  “The allegations that Sabrina Shaw has made against Mr. Swift.”

Victor was taken by surprise by the answer.  “We can go in my office.”

Suzanne and Laurie stared at the three as they went into Victor’s office.  Suzanne picked up her phone and sent James a text without Laurie noticing.  “The police are questioning Victor to see if he had put Sabrina up to it.”  She typed.

“Why are you talking to me about this?”  Victor asked Mae and Matthew after he closed the door to his office.  “Are you speaking to James?  He is the one that is hiring prostitutes.”

“We are speaking to him,” Matthew responded.

“We are just trying to see if Ms. Shaw was put up by someone to make these allegations about Mr. Swift,” Mae informed him.  “We are trying to cover all out bases.”

“And you think I had something to do with this?”  Victor asked angrily.

Mae and Matthew looked at other before Mae responded.  “We are just doing our job.  We have to ask.”

“Absolutely not,” Victor replied loudly.

Suzanne sat at her desk.  She had a folder in her hand.  She tried to pretend she was reading it, but she kept her eye on the interaction in Victor’s office.

Laurie did not try to pretend.  She was obviously watching everything that was going on in Victor’s office as well.

A few moments later, Mae and Matthew emerged from Victor’s office.

“Thanks,” Mae stated.

“We will be leaving now,” Matthew said to Victor.

“Good day,” Mae said to Laurie and Suzanne as they walked by them.

After they left, Suzanne put the folder down on her desk, and headed into Victor’s office.

“Now what are you two up to?”  Laurie muttered to herself.

Suzanne walked into Victor’s office and closed the door.

“Can I help you?” An annoyed Victor asked who was seated behind his desk.

“Just curious if the police suspect anything,” Suzanne answered him.

“Suspect anything about what?”  Victor questioned her.

Suzanne moved closer to Victor and sat on top of his desk.

“You don’t have to play dumb with me,” Suzanne said as she tried to sound flirty.  “You know what I am talking about.”

“No, I don’t,” Victor replied.

“Oh come on,” Suzanne persisted as she got in closer to him.  “I know you are the one behind that call girl saying James hired her.  Everyone knows she is lying.  I mean anyone who knows James.  They know James would never do something like that.”

“I don’t like what you are implying,” Victor responded angrily.

“Oh come on,” Suzanne repeated as she got closer to him and put her hand on his shoulder.  “You can trust me.  We are in this together.”

Victor froze for a second and stared at her.  He was not happy.  He grabbed her hand off his shoulder.

“Ow, you are hurting me,” Suzanne told him.

“Now, you listen to me,” Victor started to say.  “I don’t know what kind of game you are playing.  But you better watch it.  I had nothing to do what that women is saying about James.  I will help you get back together with James like I promised.  But if I ever find out you betrayed me…”

Suzanne was finally able to pull her hand away from James’s grasp.  “You were hurting me.”

“I mean it,” James stated.  “I better not find you out you betrayed me or you will be sorry.  Do I make myself clear?”

“Alright,” Suzanne responded as she turned to leave.  From the look on her face, you could tell that she was surprised by Victor’s reaction.  Suzanne recalled in her mind calling William Church to inform him of Victor’s new ad campaign.  She also remembered throwing away the phone list of constituents.  “Thank God,” he doesn’t know about all that,” she whispered to herself.


Back at the law office, everyone was stopped when they tried to leave for WMON when Calvin and Guthrie arrived.

“I forget you guys were coming here,” James stated.

“We really need to talk to you about the stuff Ms. Shaw has been saying,” Calvin told him.

“I know,” James responded.

“Can you hurry this up?”  William asked.  “We have an interview at WMON.”

“We are aware of that,” Guthrie replied.  “We will try to get through this as quickly as possible.”

“We can go into my office,” James said.   James went to his office with Calvin, Guthrie and William following him.

James stopped and looked at William.

“I should be in on this,” William told him.

“I think I will be alright,” James responded.  “You can stay out here.”

William was not happy with James telling him that.

Off to the side, Deborah was smiling.  “Looks like you are not getting your way this time, Mr. Church,” she whispered to herself.

“But it might help if you have legal counsel sit in on it with you,” Draper suggested.

“Are you offering?”  James asked.

“I can,” Draper replied.

“Or I can,” Julia responded.

“Why don’t you let your dad do it?”  James told Julia.

“Okay,” A reluctant Julia responded.

Draper followed the men into James’s office.

“That is so kind of your father,” Katherine said to Julia.

“Yes,” Julia said softly.

“I think it is not better you are not in there,” Bryan told Julia.  “It will probably be unpleasant some of things they are going to have to ask him.”

“I am aware of that,” Julia told him.  “And I also know that nothing that woman has been saying it true.”

“Of course, we all believe that,” Bryan said to her.  “But proving it is the problem.”

“I know,” Julia uttered.

Deborah sat off to the side by herself.  She stared at the empty spot on Katherine’s desk where her computer was.  Then looked at everyone in the room.  “If someone with access to his office is doing all this, then it could by any of you,” she whispered to herself.

In his office, James was being questioned by Calvin and Guthrie with Draper acting as his attorney.

“I kept telling you that woman is lying,” James told them.

“I know James,” Calvin responded.  “And I do believe you.  But I have to do my job and ask these questions.”

“You just need to prove that you never hired her as an escort,” Guthrie stated.  “If you wouldn’t be running for district attorney, we probably wouldn’t be concerned with any of this.”

“And I believe that why is she is saying all this,” James told them as he stood up and got louder. “Someone is trying to sabotage my campaign.  And I won’t have the enough time to prove she is lying before the election tomorrow.”  James paused for a second and started breathing heavy.  He then sat down.

“You need to take it easy,” Draper told him.  “We don’t want you to end up back in the hospital.”

“I know,” James said as he rubbed his forehead.

“Let me get you some water,” Draper told him as he got up and then stopped himself.

“We don’t have a water cooler,” James reminded him.  “Don’t forget it was poisoned.”

“I’m sorry,” Draper said to him.

“We are going to question Ms. Shaw as well,” Guthrie informed them.  “And we will try to find out if anyone put her up to this.”

“That’s finally some good news,” James stated.

“The only problem is we can’t find her,” Calvin told him.  “We believe she may have gone into hiding since she gave the interview.”

“That wouldn’t surprise me,” James replied.

“Well we need to get going,” Calvin said.  “We will be in touch.”

Calvin and Guthrie got up and left the office.

As they left James’s office, William took notice.  “It’s about time,” he uttered.  “You are going to make us late for James’s interview on WMON.”

Deborah just shook her head.

“I tried calling Nikki this morning, but she hasn’t called me back yet,” Julia said to Calvin as he was leaving the office.

“I see she is not taking your calls either,” Calvin muttered.

“What?”  A confused Julia asked.

“You don’t know what is going on with her?”  Calvin questioned her.

“No,” Julia replied as she walked closer to him.  “With everything going on with James and the campaign I have not been able to stay in contact with her.  Is something wrong?”

Julia followed Calvin out into the hallway as they continued the conversation.

Calvin looked at Guthrie and the two guards outside the door that were there to protect James.

“Can you gives a moment?”  He inquired.

They all shook their heads as Julia and Calvin walked a few feet down the hall away from them.  As they stood there, Deborah poked her head out of the office door to see what Julia was doing.

“I’m fine,” Julia told Deborah.  She then looked at Calvin.  “What is going on?”

Calvin paused for a second.  “Nikki is sick, and it is more than her anemia,” he finally informed her.  “She has Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria.  And she is pushing me away.  She needs a bone marrow transplant, and she won’t let me be there for her.”

Julia stood there in shock by the revelation.


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