Cries in the Night: Chapter 47


Back at the Rhodes house, Nikki was still in shock from the revelation that Jeremy was not her biological father.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?”  She yelled.

“Nikki, please calm down,” Jody pleaded.

“It’s not like we planned to never to tell you,” Jeremy responded.

“That’s right,” Jody stated.  “When I found out that I was pregnant, we did try to find Preacher.  Charlotte’s parents, the Whitneys, tried to track him down.  But they didn’t have any luck.”

“They tried again after Del, Preacher’s father, died, but again they could not find any trace of him,” Jeremy added.

“The world was different back then,” Jody started to say.  “There was no internet, it was harder to find someone.”

“But your mother and I fell in love,” Jeremy told Nikki.  “And when you were born, I fell instantly in love with you too.  It didn’t matter if biologically I wasn’t your father.”

“But after all these years, you couldn’t find the right time to mention it to me?”  Nikki asked.

Jody started to speak but Nikki stopped her.

“I’m going to bed,” She told them.  “I don’t want to speak to you two anymore.”

“Nikki,” Jody began to day but Nikki cut her off again.

“I said I don’t want to talk to you,” Nikki repeated as she ran out of the room.

Jody started to cry as Jeremy took her into his arms.  “It’s going to be okay,” Jeremy said to Jody.  “She is just in shock right now.  She will get past it.”

“But we didn’t tell her everything,’ Jody said.  “We didn’t tell her if we can’t find Preacher that she is going to die.”


The next morning Mae walked into the police station as her cell phone began to ring.  She saw that it was Dr. Hughes’ office.  She ducked into the Ladies Room.

“This is Madison,” she said as she answered the phone.

“Mae, this is Dr. Hughes calling,” Dr. Hughes told her.

“Yes,” Mae responded.

“I received word that your canceled your appointment for this morning, and that you haven’t rescheduled it,” Dr. Hughes informed her.  “Is everything okay?”

Mae paused for a moment.  “Yes, “she finally responded.  “I’m just really busy right now.  But I will be back in touch with you soon.”   Mae hung up the phone before Dr. Hughes could respond.

“I hope that doesn’t have to do with your performance on the shooting range yesterday,” a voice from behind Mae said.

Mae turned around to see Chris standing there.

“Are you spying on me?”  Mae asked her.

“I just happened to hear the end of the conversation,” Chris replied.  “Don’t feel discouraged, you are making progress.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” Mae responded as she reached for the door to exit.

“Don’t forget I know what you are going through,” Chris reminded her.

As the women entered the squad room, they saw Calvin going through files on his desk, while Guthrie and Matthew were talking off to the side.

“Are you investigating your father’s murder?”  Chris asked Calvin.

Calvin didn’t answer as his head appeared from above the pages he was reading.

“Some where in these old files, we may have an arrest record for someone from that street gang, the Gallahads,” Calvin mentioned.  “That could lead us to my father’s murderer.

“I want that as much as you do,” Chris told him.  “But that is a cold case,” Chris reminded him.  “I’m sorry but we have other cases that are top priority.”

Calvin was not happy with the response.

“And you should have answered your page yesterday,” Chris also stated.

“Don’t forget I caught the guy behind all those muggings down town,” Calvin stated.

“And I talked to him this morning,” Guthrie said as he caught their conversation.  “I didn’t think he is the person behind Julia Scott’s mugging, He didn’t confess to it, like he did the others.  And her mugging was outside her apartment in a separate part of town.”

“I believe you are correct,” Chris stated.  “Julia’s mugging is most definitely related to her stalker.  And this guy is not him.”

“So what are the plans for today?”  Mathew asked.

“Did you hear on the news about the allegations that James Swift has been hiring an escort?”  Chris questioned them.

“You are going to have us investigate that instead of my father’s murder?”  Calvin inquired.

“He is running for D.A. so we have to look into it,” Chris responded.  “Otherwise, I would not worry about it.  But we will need to issue a statement saying we did look into it.”

“I don’t believe that woman’s allegations for a second,” Matthew stated.

“You don’t?”  Mae asked him.

“I have known James most of my life,” Matthew responded.  “The rest of his siblings may run afoul of the law, but James is not like that.”

“I talked to Sky and Raven last night,” Chris informed them.  “They say Sabrina Shaw is lying and I believe them, but we still have to look into this.”

“So what do we do?”  Mae asked.

“I’m started to try to contact Sabrina Shaw this morning, but I am having no luck,” Chris told them.  “I am going to have to try to go through that reporter at WMON.

“And what are we supposed to do?”  Calvin questioned her.

“Calvin, you and Guthrie will have to go interview James about it,” Chris responded.  “We will have to issue a statement to the press that we did so.”

“And what about us?”  Mae asked.

“If someone put Sabrina Shaw up to this, we need to find out who and fast,” Chris replied.  “While I am trying track down Sabrina Shaw, you and Matthew can go to the D.A.’s office.  You still need to talk to Nathan about Julia’s case, though we don’t think he is a suspect any longer.”

“Do you really think someone at the D.A.’s office is behind this?”  Mae inquired.  “Would they stoop to that level to win an election?”

“I really don’t think so,” Chris replied.  “But again, they would have the most to gain, and the press will want to know if we talked to them.  It reminds me of what happened to Victor’s grandfather in 1983.  Similar allegations were made against Mike Karr when he was running for re-election.  They were proven false.”

“That’s interesting,” Mae stated.

“Let me know what you find out,” Chris told them as she headed into her office.  As she entered her office, there were two big file boxes on her desk.

She sat down behind her desk, and picked up a folder.  “No, Calvin, I haven’t given up on your father’s murder,” she whispered to herself.  “But I can’t let it consume you like it has me.”

Chris put the folder in one of the boxes, and then took the boxes off of her desk.  ‘But now, I need to see if WMON, can put me in contact with Sabrina Shaw,” she said to herself.

As she was speaking, there was knock at the door.  “Come in,” she said.

As the door opened, the grey haired clerk with the pointed ears emerged.

“Can I help you?”  Chris asked.

“I was looking for Detective Stoner,” the clerk responded.

“You must have just missed him,” Chris replied.  “He is out on police business.  Is there something I can help you with?”

“No,” the clerk responded.  “I just wanted to thank him from catching my mugger yesterday.”

“That was you?”  Chris questioned him.  “Are you alright?”

“Yes,” the clerk responded.  “I guess I can thank him tomorrow.”  As the clerk was leaving, there was a noticeable manila envelope under his shoulder.


At the morgue, Adam had just opened his office door to hear his phone ringing.  “Give me a second,” he said as he made his way to the desk.  As he sat down, he picked up the phone and answered.  “This is Dr. Drake.”

There was a pause on the other end of the phone.  “And this is Beth,” Beth informed him.  She was obviously upset that he was still using the name Drake.

“Ah, Beth, what can I do for you?”  Adam asked.

“I arrived in town yesterday,” Beth told him.

“I was aware of that,” Adam said.  “Are you here by yourself?”

“Yes,” Beth replied.  “Your father was going to come with me, but he had a medical emergency.”

“I see,” Adam replied though he didn’t sound too enthused.

“He should arrive in the next day or two, though,” Beth told him.

“I see,” Adam repeated.

“I was wondering if you could have lunch or dinner with me today?”  Beth inquired

Adam paused for a moment.  “I am going to be busy today,” He responded.   “I will probably work through lunch, and I have dinner plans with Katherine tonight.”

“You have been seeing a lot her?”  Beth asked.

“Yes,” Adam responded.

“Well, how about tomorrow?”  Beth questioned him.

“I will have to get back to you, it’s real busy here,” Adam replied as he hung up the phone.

Adam just sat there for a moment.  “I don’t mean to mean, but I am really not in the mood to talk about Miles with you,” he whispered to himself.  He then picked up his phone again and dialed another number.

“Swift and Associates,” Katherine said as she answered the phone on the other end of the line.

“I always love hearing your voice answer the phone,” Adam told her.

Katherine blushed when she realized who it was.  “Thank God it is you.  The phone has been ringing non-stop with the press this morning.  But anyway how are you this morning?”

“I’m much better now,” Adam replied.  “I was wondering if you were free for lunch or dinner today?”

Katherine hesitated for a moment.  “I would love to,” she finally responded.  “But I don’t think I will have the time this close to the election.  We are really busy here.”

“I understand,” Adam replied.  “The election is tomorrow.”

“Yes,” Kathrine stated.  “But things should be back to normal after that.”

“Then we will have a date then,” Adam said.

“That sounds wonderful,” Katherine told him as she hung up the phone.

“Then that means you are free to meet with me,” a women’s voice at the door stated.

Adam looked up to see Beth standing there.


At the law office, Katherine hung up the phone, and stared at her empty desk where her computer used to be.

“You can use the computer on Mr. Swift’s desk,” Julia told her.  “Though I don’t think we will get much work done today.”  As she was speaking the office phone rang.  “Don’t answer it, if you don’t recognize the number.  It is probably the press.”

“I can’t believe people would think those allegations against Mr. Swift are true,” Katherine stated.

“Unfortunately, most of the press doesn’t care,” Julia told her.  “I don’t think the statement they read on the news last night is going to be any help.”

“Speaking of which, where is Mr. Church?”  Deborah asked.  “I have never known the man to be late.”

“That’s true,” Katherine agreed though from her tone you can tell something was bothering her.

Is everything okay with you?”  Deborah inquired.  “Has you stepfather tried to contact you again?”

“No, he hasn’t,” Katherine responded.  Katherine was actually thinking about William Church and the tattoo that she had seen on his wrist.  The squiggly letter ‘G’ in the circle.  It was the symbol for the street gang the Gallahads.  The police were looking for former members of the Gallahads in connection with the murder of Calvin Stoner Sr.

Katherine paused for a moment.  “I think I am just tired,” she finally responded.  “There is just so much going on in this office.”

“Hopefully, things will calm down after the election,” Deborah stated.

As Deborah was speaking, Draper walked through the door.

“Mr. Scott, Julia didn’t mention you were going to be here today,” Katherine stated changing the subject.

“I figure I can do more good here than sitting at the mansion doing nothing,” Draper stated.

“Julia is so lucky to have you here,” Katherine said.  “Would you like me to take your coat?”

“Thank you,” Draper responded.

“How’s mom?”  Julia asked.  “I didn’t see her this morning.”

“She had another restless night,” Draper replied.  “She is really worried about you since she had the dream about the gun.”

“Dream?”  Katherine inquired.

“It’s nothing to worry yourself about,” Julia replied.  “Let’s get you set up on Mr. Swift’s computer.”

As Katherine took Draper’s coat, everyone could tell he was holding a newspaper.

“What does it say?”  Julia asked.

“It’s not important,” Draper stated.

“Let me see it,” Julia told him as she grabbed the paper.

“Oh my,” Julia said as she looked at the headline, and then slammed the paper on a desk.

“What is it?”  Deborah asked.


Julia handed her the paper.  “Escort claims DA candidate Swift is a client,” Deborah said as she read the headline.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Scott,” Katherine told Julia.  “I’m sure no one believes that about Mr. Swift.

“She’s right,” Draper agreed.

“We don’t know that for sure,” Julia stated as she sat down at her desk.

“Mr. Scott, would you like for me to get you a cup a coffee?”  Katherine asked changing the subject.

“That would be nice, Thank you,” Draper responded,

“Two sugars and a little cream?” Katherine asked.

“Just the way I like it,” Draper told her.

“I know,” Katherine responded as she headed for the door where she ran into William who was entering.  Katherine froze when she saw him.

“Good morning,” William finally said.

Kathrine just shook her head.

After William entered he was followed by Bryan, and then two other men.

“What is going on?”  Deborah asked.

“They are police officers assigned to protect me,” James announced as he walked into the office behind them.

“James, you have been released?”  A shocked Julia asked.

“No exactly,” he responded.  “Can you gentlemen stay in the hallway?”  James asked the police.  “The office is crowded as it is.  And I think I will be safe in here.”

“And I am in here,” Deborah told the officers as they went outside the door.

“Yes, Ms. Saxon is my body guard and used to be on the Monticello Police force,” Julia added.

“James knows he needs to step into action before we lose this election,” William announced changing the subject

“I will get you your coffee, Mr. Scott,” Katherine announced as she left the office.

“What did the doctors say?”  Julia asked.

“I will be fine,” James replied.  “I am not about to lose this election now by staying in the hospital.”

‘That’s the spirit,” William stated.

“I tried to talk my dad out of getting James from the hospital,” Bryan whispered to Julia.  “But it was no use.  I’m sorry.”

“He needs to get ready for his interview on the Noon news,” William informed them.  “The public needs to see how he has recovered, and he needs to deny those allegations for himself.”

“Are you sure you are ready for that?”  Julia inquired.

“He doesn’t have a choice,” William told her.  “And we need you the loving girl friend at his side.”

“All business as usual,” Deborah muttered to herself.

“Yeah,” Bryan muttered.

“We have been trying to reach your friends the Rhodes to do the interview,” William informed them.  “But they are not answering.”

“We definitely don’t want to have that Angela Rhomer do the interview,” Bryan told them.

“I can try to call Nikki and see if she can get a hold of her parents,” Julia stated as the office phone rang.

“Don’t answer it unless you recognize the number,” James said as Julia walked to the phone on Katherine’s desk.

“If it is the press, I will handle them,” William announced.

Julia looked at the caller ID, and then looked at everyone.  “It’s the Monticello PD,” she informed everyone as she answered it.

“They probably want to talk about my protection,” James stated.

“Or maybe forensics found out something on Katherine’s computer,” Deborah mentioned.

“Anyway, we need to get your ready for your interview,” William told James. “I spoke to your parents, they are brining you a suit and tie.”

“And I drafting responses for questions they will probably ask you,” Bryan informed him.

“Normally I would want you just to issue a statement,” William started to say.  “But this close to the election, you should answer questions.  I don’t want the public to think you are hiding something.”

“I am fine with that,” James responded as she sat down at a desk and noticed the paper Draper had brought with him.  He picked it up and read the headline.  He skimmed the article and then dropped the paper on the desk.  “I’m still leading in the polls,” James announced.

“I know,” William told him.  “But these allegations probably haven’t affected your polling numbers yet.”

“That’s just great,” Julia stated as she hung up the phone.

“What is it?”  James asked.

“The police need to talk to you,” Julia informed him.

“That’s not a problem,” James replied.

“They want to talk to you about the allegations Sabrina Shaw has made,” Julia explained.

“That’s just great,” William mumbled.

“I can’t believe they are taking that woman seriously,” Draper stated.

“They have to look into it,” Deborah said.  “It’s their job.”

“I spoke to Calvin,” Julia informed them.  “I told him they can interview you at WMON before the newscast.”

“That should be fine,” James responded.

“Absolutely not,” William shouted.

“What do you mean?”  James asked.

“We don’t want the press seeing you with the police,” William responded.  “Call them back and tell them they can talk to him here.”

“Alright,” Julia responded.

William got a text on his phone.  “Now what?”  He questioned as he looked at it.

“What is it?”  Bryan asked.

“Someone says I need to look in the gossip column in the Monitcello News,” William answered him as he picked up the newspaper on the desk and flipped through the pages.

“I’m going to try to call Nikki,” Julia announced as William hurried through the newspaper.

“Dam, Dam, Dam,.:” William yelled.

“What is it?”  James asked.

“We need to muzzle your sister,” William replied.

“Geri, I assume you are talking about?”  James inquired.

“That would be my guess,” Deborah mumbled to herself.

“What did she do this time?”  James inquired.

William turned the paper around and showed James a picture of Geri at the Unicorn standing next to Gordon.

“So she went out last night,” James stated.

“Let me read the caption under the picture,” William said to him.

“Oh brother what did she say?”  James asked.

“When asked about the allegations that her brother was hiring escorts, this what Geraldine Whitney responded,” William began to say.

“Well, that got that wrong it’s only one escort,” Bryan stated.

William turned to him and was not amused.  He finished reading the caption in the paper.  “My brother has no need to hire escorts, he has a girlfriend.  Well, she is frigid.”  Geri was referring to the fact that Julia was a virgin.

“What?” James exclaimed.

“Oh my God,” Julia yelled.

“She must have been drinking,” James stated.

“That doesn’t matter, she just gave you a reason to hire Sabrina Shaw is how the press will look at it,” William replied.

“I can’t believe her,” Julia stated as Draper went to hug her.

“What did the Rhodes girl have to say?”  William asked Julia changing the subject.

“She didn’t answer, so I left a message,” Julia answered.

“We need to get in touch with them, I will not have that Rhomer woman messing up another interview with James,” William told them.

“Can I see you in my office?”  James asked Deborah.

“Sure,” Deborah responded.

“Do you want to see me to?”  Julia, who was still hugging Draper asked.

“No, we will just be a moment,” James replied.

“Well, I am going to call your parents,” William informed him.  “I do not want them letting your sister out of their sight until after the election.”

“I’m sure Geri will just love that,” Julia mumbled.

As James and Deborah entered his office, he shut the door.

“What is it?”  Deborah asked.

“I know you have been carrying my gun,” James stated.

“That is correct,” Deborah told him.  “Julia was not comfortable with it in the office.”

“Well, I would like it back,” James told her.

“Are you sure?”  Deborah asked.  “All this considering, you really don’t look so well.”

“I am just a little tires, and I have been trained on how to use it,” James reminded her.  “Someone has already tried to poison me, and he keeps threatening Julia.  I want to be able to defend myself.  Plus you have your own gun.”

Deborah opened up her purse.  “If you are sure,” she started to say as she took out his gun.  As she was doing so, the door to the office opened up.

“Ms. Scott said I could use your computer since the police have mine,” Katherine started to say.  “Oh my,” the shocked Katherine said as she saw the gun.


At the Rhondes house, Nikki was exiting her bedroom.  She put her cell phone in her pocket.  “I’m sorry Julia but I am not ready to talk to anyone right now,” she whispered to herself.

As she walked down the hall, she could hear Jody and Jeremy talking in the living room.

“I’m not finished with you too yet,” she said angrily as she stopped in the doorway of the living room.

Jody and Jeremy were seated on the couch flipping through a photo album.

“That’s Nikki’s first birthday,” Jody said to Jeremy.

“I remember it well,” Jeremy responded.  “It was when you finally agreed to marry me.  I knew I loved the two of you, and you finally believed me.”

“It’s not that I didn’t believe you,” Jody reminded him.  “I was worried we were moving too fast.  And marrying me came with Nikki.”

“I knew that,” Jeremy responded.  “And I wanted to be her father from the day I laid eyes on her.  It didn’t matter to me if she wasn’t my own flesh and blood.”

“And we didn’t know if Preacher would come back and cause problems,” Jody mentioned.  “He had already broken up with Liz, when she returned to Monitcello.”

“And I was prepared to handle that,” Jeremy replied.  “It was never my intention to cut him out of his daughter’s life if he returned.”

“I know that,” Jody replied.

“Even that would not have changed the way I felt about Nikki,” Jeremy stated as he started to cry.

Nikki turned around and walked to the front door of the house.  “No, you are not getting off that easy,” she whispered to herself as she walked out the front door.

Though she tried to be quiet, Jody heard the door close after Nikki.

“What was that?”  Jody asked.

“It could be Beth?”  Jeremy suggested.

“No, she already left,” Jody informed him as she jumped off the sofa.  She ran down the hallway to Nikki’s room.  Nikki’s bedroom door was open, and Jody could see that she was not there. “Dam.”

“What is it?”  Jeremy inquired.

Jody ran and looked out the front door.  “Nikki’s gone,” she finally answered him.

Jeremy went to the front door and hugged Jody.  “She will be back,” he said to her as he wiped tears from his eyes.  “She’s still in shock.  We need to give her some time.”

“The problem is we don’t have much time,” Jody told him.  “She doesn’t know that I am not a bone marrow match for her.”

“Just calm down,” Jeremy stated.  “Let’s give her the day to process what we have told her already.  Let’s go the station, and then we can talk to her again tonight.”

Jody was silent.

“What is it?”  Jeremy questioned her.

“What if she doesn’t forgive us?”  Jody replied.  “What if we can’t find Preacher?  What if he doesn’t want to help her?”

“You can’t think like that,” Jeremy told her.  “Everything is going to be alright.  We are going to get through this.”


At the Whitney mansion, Sky and Gordon were on their cell phones talking in his study while Raven was in the living room with Robert and Broomhilda.

“How are things with Gordon?”  Raven asked Broomhilda.

“They are fine Fräulein Whitney,” Broomhilda responded.  “He hasn’t been in any danger.”

“And you have been doing a good job of keeping him out of trouble,” Raven said to her.  “Unlike some people,” she stated looking at Robert as she threw the newspaper at him.

“You can’t blame me for that,” Robert responded.

“For what?” Geri asked as she walked down the stairs.

“Nice of you to finally join us,” Robert mumbled.

“Funny,” Geri responded.  “But I do have work to do.”

“You are not going anywhere,” Raven informed her.

“Why?”  Geri demanded.

“After what you did, you are not going anywhere until after the election,” Raven told her.

“What did I do?”  Geri inquired.

Robert handed her the paper.

Geri took a look at it.  “I can’t believe that,” she said.

“You see,” Raven said.

“How could they print that,” Geri continued.

“I know,” Raven stated.

“That is the most unflattering picture of me,” Geri said.

Robert laughed.

“Did you not read what it said?”  Raven asked her.

Geri looked at the paper again. “My brother has no need to hire escorts since he has a girlfriend.  Well, she is frigid.”   Geri laughed as she read it.

“I’m glad you think this is so funny,” Raven told her.  “How could you talk to the press like that?”

“I didn’t,” Geri replied.  “Someone must have overheard us talking last night.”

As Geri was speaking Sky entered the living room, and he was not happy.

“What is it?”  Raven asked.

“Richman Broadcasting,” he responded.  “They are the company that bought WMON.”

“What about them?”  Raven inquired.

“I won’t be able to buy WMON back from them,” Sky answered.

“Why?”  Raven questioned him.

“Because I forgot that Richman Broadcasting is owned by the Golden Eagle Corporation,” Sky informed her.

“Golden Eagle?”  Robert asked.

“Yes,” Sky responded.  “The same company that wanted to buy the Towers.  The same company that has been trying to buy Whitney International Stock.”

“It seems like they have it out for you,” Robert stated.

“I believe they do,” Sky replied.  “And I don’t know why.  I only know one person from the company, a lawyer named Norman Garrison, and I can’t get him to meet with me.”

In the study, Lyle heard Sky mention Norman’s name.  “At least you haven’t found out that I messed up your meeting with Norman Garrison,” he mumbled to himself.  “I am running out of people to call,” he said as he looked at his cell phone.

In other room, Geri was getting aggravated.  “Where is Charlotte at?”  She asked.

“She is at the Foundation with Lyle,” Raven answered.

“Why does she get to leave the mansion and I can’t?”  Geri asked.

“Because she knows how to keep her mouth shut and hasn’t been arrested,” Sky replied.

“At least not recently,” Robert whispered to himself as Gordon entered the room.

“What is it?”  Sky asked him.

“I’m sorry I am hitting dead ends in trying to find this Sabrina Shaw,” Gordon replied.  “She is obviously using a fake name.  But I still can’t get in touch with her.  The escort service hasn’t heard from her.  She is apparently not staying at the Beacon anymore.”

“Dam,” Sky replied.

“The only person that could possibly help us get in touch with her is that reporter, Angela Rhomer,” Gordon stated.

“There is no way in hell she would help us,” Raven said.  “She is part of the problem.  We need to destroy her career.”

“Calm down,” Sky said to Raven.  “There may be another way.”

“How?”  Raven inquired.

“Gordon may be able to locater her,” Sky answered.

“What else can I do that I haven’t already tried?”  Gordon asked.


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