Cries in the Night: Chapter 46

Back at the hospital, Bryan was speaking to everyone in James’s room.  “My father is drafting a response to the allegations for the evening news,” he informed them.

“Isn’t that your job?”  Julia asked.

“Yes, but he wanted to write it personally,” Bryan answered.

“Without talking to me?”  James asked.

“He did try to reach you,” Bryan responded.  As he was speaking, they all took notice of someone shouting outside the room.

William had arrived at the same time as Sky and Raven.

“What do you mean I can’t go in there,” William yelled.  “Don’t you know who I am?”

“I’m sorry, but I think Mr. Swift has too many visitors right now,” the guard responded.

Charlotte opened the door to James’s room, as the guard was speaking.  “That’s alright, I can leave,” she announced.

“See that solves everything,” William told the guard.

“That still will be too many people in there,” the guard stated.

“We will be alright,” Raven said.

“I promise we all won’t be in there long,” Sky added.  “We do appreciate all you are doing.”

Charlotte told James goodbye as she left the room, and walked toward Lyle.

“I guess we can head back to the mansion,” she told him.

“Okay,” Lyle responded.  “But someone really needs to put that Mr. Church in his place.”

“I know,” Deborah agreed.


“Why didn’t you tell me about Sabrina Shaw?”  William shouted at James as he entered the hospital room.

“Now calm down,” Sky told William.

“Yes,” Julia agreed.

“There was nothing to tell,” James responded.  “I have never met the woman in my life.”

“Really?”  A shocked William asked.

“Yes,” James replied.

“So you never hired her or any other escorts from the Garden of Eden Service?”  William asked.

“Of course not,” Julia answered him.

“I wasn’t asking you,” William told her.

“No,” James replied.

“Good, that means my statement to the press denying her allegations is true,” William noted.

“You wrote a press release without talking to me?”  James inquired.  “You assumed she was telling the truth.”

“I always prepare for the worse case scenario,” William informed him.  “That’s one of the reasons that I have never lost an election.”

“We know she is lying,” Sky stated.  “We need to find out why.”

“Yes,” Raven agreed.  “Who could have put her up to this?”  As she was speaking she looked at Sky.  “Could it be Alicia?”

“Alicia who?”  Bryan asked.

“That’s not the important thing right now,” William stated.  “We need to prove she is lying.”

“I got the dates from WMON that she claimed she met with James,” Sky informed them.

“Give them to me,” William demanded.

“Nice manners,” Raven whispered

“Take a look at them,” William said to James as he handed him the piece of paper with the dates on them.  “Do you recall what you were doing on any of these dates.

James looked at the piece of paper.  It had about 10 different dates on them.  “Offhand, I can’t recall what I was doing on any of these dates.”

“She said nights not days,” William corrected him.

“I would need to check the calendar at the office,” James stated.

“The police took Katherine’s computer to try to trace the email,” Julia said.  She was referring to the email her stalker had sent that threatened to kill James.

“But the calendar is linked to everyone’s computers,” James informed.

“That’s true,” Julia agreed.

“Then we need to go back to the office tonight,” William stated.

“Of course,” Bryan muttered.

William turned to Bryan.  “You need to make sure all the news stations get my denial statement and read it on the evening news.”

“I can handle that,” Bryan replied.

“And James, we need you on the air tomorrow, so that voters can see you are alright, and you can issue your own denial,” William informed him.

“What if the doctors aren’t ready to release him?”  Raven asked.

“Then they can interview him here,” Julia suggested.

William was not happy listening to the exchange between Raven and Julia but Sky spoke before he could respond.

“We will see what we can find out about Sabrina Shaw,” Sky informed them.

“Good, now let’s head back to the law office, and check those dates,” William said to Julia and Bryan.


At the mansion, Gordon and Broomhilda were at the bar with Draper and April.

“I wish Julia would call me back,” April stated.  “She must have heard about the news story now, even if she didn’t see it.”

“Anyone who knows James, knows there is no way he is the kind of man that hires escorts,” Gordon stated.

April just shook her hand.

“Why don’t we go up upstairs and lie down,” Draper suggested to April.  “You can try to reach her again.”

“I’m not ready to go to bed,” April told him.

“Not sleep, just go upstairs and relax,” Draper told her.

April paused for a moment.  “Okay,” she finally responded.

“We will see you in the morning,” Draper said to Gordon and Broomhilda.

“Oh, and I took the house phone off the hook,” Gordon informed them.  “It was ringing non-stop with the press wanting a statement.”

“I’m sure your parents would want you to do that,” Draper told him as he walked away.

After they left the room, Gordon looked at Broomhilda and changed the subject.  “I can’t believe she just disappeared like that,” Gordon said to Broomhilda about Katherine.

“What are you talking about?”  Geri said as she entered the room followed by Robert.

“Katherine,” Gordon answered.

“Good, you found out something about her,” Geri responded.  From her tone you could tell that she was not in a good mood.

“Not exactly,” Gordon replied.  “We followed her to Mayfield.”

“So she went there again,” Geri noted.  “What is she hiding?”

“I don’t know,” Gordon replied.

“What do you mean?”  The agitated Geri asked.  “Can you fix me a drink?”  She asked Robert.

“Get it yourself,” Robert replied as he poured himself a drink.

Geri was not amused.  “So what happened?”  She repeated her question to Gordon.

“We followed her to the Mayfield Medical Complex,” Gordon informed her.

“Is she a patient there-that would explain a lot?” Geri laughed.  “Or do she meet her boyfriend there?”

“I don’t know,” Gordon responded.

“What?”  Geri asked.

“She disappeared after we got there,” Broomhilda informed her.

“How could that be?”  Geri inquired.

“We entered the facility only a few minutes after she did, and there was no trace of her,” Gordon explained.  “The guard at the door hadn’t even seen her.”

“That’s just great,” Geri lamented.  “That’s the icing on the cake to a horrible night.”

“What happened?”  Gordon asked.

“I don’t want to talk about it?”  Geri responded.

“That bad?”  Gordon inquired.

“I said I don’t want to talk about it,” Geri repeated.

“Whatever,” Gordon stated as he finished his drink.

“Her latest seduction of Adam failed big time,” Robert informed him.

“Shut up,” Geri told Robert.

“No, I want details,” Gordon stated.

“Let’s just say, she tried to feign illness thinking Adam would be her knight in shining armor but instead of wanting to bring her to his bed, he wanted to bring her to the ER,” Robert informed him.

Gordon just started laughing.  Broomhilda just seemed confused by what Robert had said.

“Stop it,” Geri yelled.

“Not so loud,” Robert said to her.  “You don’t want to wake the whole house.”

“She won’t,” Gordon replied.  “Julia’s parents are the only ones here.”

“Really, where is everyone tonight?”  Geri asked changing the subject.

“I don’t know,” Gordon responded.  “But they are probably dealing with this James thing.”

“What James thing?”  Geri asked.  “Do you know he is actually trending on twitter right now?”

“You don’t know?”  Gordon asked.

“Know what?”  Geri inquired.

Gordon informed her about Sabrina Shaw’s claim that James had hired her as an escort.

Geri laughed at the allegation.  “He’s the last Whitney that I would expect to see caught up in a sex scandal.”

“The phone has been ringing off the hook,” James informed her.  “I had to take house phone off the hook.  And turn off my cell because the press would not leave me alone.”

“That’s funny no one has tried to reach me,” Geri mentioned.

“No one cares what you think,” Robert muttered.

“Stop it,” Geri told him.

“Not even Adam,” Robert added.

“I said stop it,” Geri repeated.

“But you should just give up on this Adam thing.” Gordon told her changing the subject.

“Never,” Geri responded.  “I am not losing this bet to Charlotte.  She is not getting Aunt Geraldine’s pearls from me.”

“The man is obviously not interested in you,” Gordon stated.

“He is apparently getting serious with that girl Katherine,” Robert added.

Gordon sighed when he heard Katherine’s name.

“You don’t have much time left for this bet do you?”  Robert asked.

“I know, but all that doesn’t matter,” Geri stated.  “I have a new plan.”

“Oh brother,” Robert mumbled.

“I really don’t have to land Adam,” Geri started to say.  “Charlotte and Adam just need to think I landed Adam.”

“What?”  Gordon, Robert and Broomhilda all questioned as they looked confused.

“Don’t worry about it,” Geri replied.  “I know what I am doing.  You just keep following Katherine.”

“I will,” Gordon replied.  “She has a secret, and I want to know what it is.”

“And try not to botch this up like you did, when you found out about her stepfather,” Geri added.


Across town, a cab was pulling up in front of Katherine’s building.

Katherine was seated in the back seat.  “This has been a long day,” she mumbled to herself.

“We’re here,” the driver announced.

“Thank you,” Katherine said to the driver as she got out of the cab and paid the driver.

Katherine turned to face the building as the driver drove away.

“Home, sweet home,” she whispered as her cell phone rang.  She took it out of her pocket and saw Adam’s name on the caller ID.  “How are you?”  She asked as she answered.

“Fine, just tired,” Adam replied.

“Me too,” Katherine said as she entered the building.

“What have you been doing?”  Adam asked.

“I have been just sitting on my sofa flipping the channels on my television,” Katherine lied as the door to the building closed behind her.

A man was walking down the street.  He stopped in front of the building.  He looked to the right, and then to the left.  He then entered behind Katherine.  It was her former stepfather, Damon Corey.


Later on William, Julia, Deborah, and Bryan arrived at the law office.

“Just let me turn on my computer, and I can access the joint calendar,” Julia informed them.

“When may see where James actually was on those dates, then can issue a more sternly denial,” William stated.  “And if we hurry, you can see that the re-write makes the evening news,” he said to Bryan.

“Of course,” Bryan replied though he didn’t sound too enthused about it.

“And I should have spoken to his doctor before I left,” William noted.  “He has to release James.  He needs to do another interview.  It is more important now that ever.”

“I am sure the doctor just wants to make sure James is well recovered before he is released,” Deborah said.

“We don’t have time for that,” William told her.  “We have an election the day after tomorrow.”

“Business as usual,” Deborah mumbled to herself.

“Okay, I have the calendar up,” Julia informed everyone.  “Let me see those dates.”

William handed her the sheet of paper with the dates that Sabrina claimed she had met with James at the Beacon hotel.

Julia looked at the paper, and then clicked through the calendar.  She started shaking her head.  “No, no, no,” she said getting louder and louder.

“What is it?”  Deborah ask her.

“All these dates, James has nothing on the calendar on those nights,” Julia answered.

“Damn,” William shouted.

Julia paused for moment.  “But just because, he had didn’t have anything scheduled those nights, doesn’t mean he was with her.”  She looked the paper again.  “This date here is familiar.  It was the Friday before he announced he was running for D.A., we were supposed to go to dinner that night, but we were both too tired so we just went home.”

“Together?”  William inquired.

“No,” Julia answered.

“That makes it more difficult,” William told her.

“He’s right,” Bryan agreed.  “We will have to find people that saw him at home, and proved that he stayed there all night.”

“You have got to be joking me,” Julia said.  “How are we supposed to do that before the election?”

“That’s going to be hard as hell,” William said as he pounded on the desk.  “And whoever did this knows that?  They deliberately did this so close to the election so we couldn’t straighten it out before the election?”

“But who would do that?”  Bryan asked.

“Your ex-boyfriend, the DA,” William suggested as he looked at Julia.

“I don’t think Victor would resort to something that underhanded,” Julia responded.  “And he has been nicer to me.”

“It could be an act,” Bryan mentioned.

“I don’t think so,” Julia said.

“It is now more important than ever, that we get James on camera so he can deny all this,” William stated.

Deborah went sit off to the side by herself.  Julia took notice and went sit next to her as William was talking to Bryan.

“What are you thinking?”  Julia asked her.

“Well, isn’t it interesting that all the dates that Sabrina claimed to be with James,” Deborah started to say.  “On all those dates, James doesn’t have anything on the office calendar for those nights.”

“What are you suggesting?”  Julia inquired.

“Could it be that whoever is behind the allegations, had access to James’s calendar?”  Deborah replied.  “So they knew he wouldn’t have an easy alibi to refute them.”

“But that would mean someone in the office,” Julia replied.  “Unless we were hacked.”

“Or worse,” Deborah stated.

“What do you mean?”  Julia questioned.

“Hacked by the same person who sent the threatening email,” Deborah replied.

“Could he be behind this too?”  Julia asked.

“Well, the cyber forensics team should be able to tell if you were hacked,” Deborah informed her.


Back at the Rhodes house, Nikki was seated on the sofa next to Jody.

“So what is it that is so important?”  Nikki finally asked.  “Did you find out which one of you are a bone marrow match to me?”

Jeremy walked into the room holding a picture.

“What is that?”  Nikki asked.

“I took this the day you were born,” Jeremy told Nikki as he handed her the picture.  “It was a picture of Jody in a hospital bed holding Nikki right after she was born.”

Jodybaby2images (1)

“I know it’s one of my favorite baby pictures,” Nikki told him.  “You were a great photographer.  Do you miss it?”

“Sometimes, but I still have opportunities to do photography,” Jeremy said.  “But that is not what we want to talk to you about.”

“So what?”  Nikki inquired.

“You know that your father and I just started seeing each other when I found out I was pregnant,” Jody told her.

“I know you told me that before,” Nikki mentioned.  “And you didn’t want to rush into marriage, that’s why you didn’t get married until after I was born.”

“That’s not actually true,” Jeremy stated.

“What isn’t?”  Nikki questioned them.

“Let me explain,” Jody started to say but froze.

“It’s going to be okay,” Jeremy said to Jody.

“You’ll are confusing me,” Nikki told them.

“Let me start again,” Jody told stated.

“Alright,” Nikki replied.

“The first time I met your father was in 1984,” Jody began.  “I was dating someone else at the time.”

“We both were,” Jeremy added.

“So,” A confused Nikki said.

“His name was Johnny Emerson, but everyone called him Preacher,” Jody continued.

“And who were you seeing?”  Nikki who seemed amused by the revelations asked.

“An actress named Shelly Franklyn, but that’s not important,” Jeremy stated.  “Let your mother continue.”

“Preacher was my first love,” Jody informed her.

“Emerson, why is that name familiar?”  Nikki inquired.

“You may remember his father from when you were little, Del Emerson,” Jeremy answered her.  “He was married to Charlotte’s aunt Geraldine.”

“They were the couple who died in that car crash,” Nikki stated.

“That’s correct,” Jeremy told her.

“Del was Preacher’s father,” Jody explained to Nikki.  “Preacher was my first love.  But then I met your father.  And Preacher met Liz Correll.”

“Liz Correll?”  Nikki questioned.  “Any relation to Aunt Beth?”

“Yes,” Jeremy replied.  “Liz is her sister.”

“Really, I didn’t know Aunt Beth had a sister,” Nikki stated.

“Well, they are not really that close,” Jody told her.  “Please let me finish.”

“Okay,” Nikki replied.

“When I met your father, it was a confusing time for me, I was dating Preacher but I started having feelings for your father,” Jody explained to her.

“And I felt the same way,” Jeremy added.  “And Preacher started having feeling for Liz as well.”

“Well, Preacher and I broke up right about the time your Uncle Miles and Aunt Beth got married,” Jody said.

“And,” Nikki stated.  She was obviously confused why they were telling her all of this.

“Preacher and Liz left town tighter the night of your Uncle Miles and Aunt Beth’s wedding,” Jody stated.

“And that is when you and daddy started dating?” Nikki asked.

“No, we didn’t start dating right away,” Jody answered her.  As she was speaking Jody’s tone began to change.  She spoke more softly and serious.

“What is it?”  Nikki inquired.

“New Year’s Eve that year was going to be your father and I’s first real date, but I found out that I was pregnant that day,” Jody informed her.

Nikki stood there shocked by the revelation.  “I don’t understand,” Nikki told them.  “You were pregnant before?”

Jody was silent as she started to cry.

“No,” Jeremy responded softly.  “You were that baby.”

“What?”  Nikki exclaimed.

“Please let me finish,” Jody begged her.

“So you are telling me that you are not my father?”  Nikki asked as she looked at Jeremy.


Back at the mansion, Lyle and Charlotte returned from the mansion to discover no one in the living room.

“This could be the quietest this house has been in a long time,” Charlotte noted.

“I’ll take it considering everything that happened today,” Lyle responded as he got a text on his phone.  “Robert says he is on the way to the Unicorn with Geri and Gordon,” he informed Charlotte as he read it.  “Apparently Geri is upset that more people are tweeting about James than her tonight.”

Charlotte laughed.  “Only Geri can make everything about her.  I assume Broomhilda is with them as well.”

“I assume so,” Lyle responded as walked toward the bar.  “I’m going to have a night cap, would you like one?”

“No,” Charlotte responded.  “I will see you in the morning.”

“Good night,” Lyle told her as he left the living room.

Charlotte started to move toward the stairs but stopped herself.  She was thinking about Norman.  “Why did he have to be married?”

As she stood there, Sky and Raven walked in through the front door.

“Any news?”  Charlotte asked.

“No, we haven’t heard back from William or Julia if they found out anything at the law office,” Raven answered her.

“But we are going to investigate Sabrina Shaw ourselves,” Sky informed her.

“We are going to watch WMON to see them read James’s statement denying all the allegations,” Sky stated as he and Raven sat down on the couch.  “Would you like to join us?”

“No, that’s okay,” Charlotte replied.  “I am going to get to bed, it’s been a long night.  I will see you in the morning.”

“Good night,” Sky and Raven both told her as Charlotte walked up the stairs.

Sky picked up the remote control and turned on the television.

“I don’t know if I want to see any more news,” Raven said to him.

“Don’t worry, that is the other thing I am going to do tomorrow, I am going to look into to buying back WMON,” Sky stated.

“And fire Angela Rhomer,”Raven added.


Across town, Angela Rhomer climbed out of a bed and turned on a light.

Martin was sitting on side of the bed, and buttoning up his shirt.  “It’s been too long,” Martin said to her.  “I’m glad you changed your mind and decided to come over tonight.  You need to come over more often.”

“I’m only here because you promised you would help me,’” Angela said to him.

“Right now, when people think of news in Monticello, your name is first on their list,” Martin said to her.

“And I want to keep it that way,” Angela told him.  “If Jody was telling the truth about her daughter, and she won’t be around as much, I should be in that anchor chair.”

“And you will be,” Martin stated.

“How?”  Angela asked.  “And I am worrired about the Whitneys?  Though I wish I could have seen the look on their faces during the earlier newscast.”

“I wouldn’t worry about them,” Martin answered her.  “They will have enough problems with the election.”

“And what about Sky saying that he was going to buy the station back?”  Angela inquired.

“Trust me, you have no worries there,” Martin replied.  “He won’t be able to do that.  The station isn’t for sale.”

“How can you be so sure?”  Angela asked.

“Because of my interview with Richman Broadcasting-the company that bought WMON,” Martin informed her.  “I never had a job interview like that before.  The representative from the company kept asking me about my feelings about the Whitneys.  I hardly knew anything about them back then.  But it was clear that Richman Broadcasting did not like them or anyone who liked them.

“Really?”  Angela questioned him.  “Do you know why?”

“No,” Martin answered her.

“Interesting, I wonder why,” Angela said.  “I may have to find out myself why they dislike the Whitneys.  Who do you know at Richman Broadcasting?”

“The only person I every really dealt with is a man named Norman Garrison,” Martin replied.

“Then I am going to have to pay Mr. Norman Garrison a visit,” Angela told Martin.


Back at the mansion, Sky and Raven were seated on the couch as they watched the news on WMON.  Newsman Nevins had read the denial that William had wrote.

“I don’t know how much good that statement is going to do James,” Sky stated.

“I believe you are right,” Raven agreed.  “We need to find out who is behind this.”

“It could be Victor Dallas or someone working for him,” Sky suggested.

“I can’t see Mike’s grandson being behind this,” Raven told him.  “It reminds me of the Holly Meech situation and Louis Van Dine.”  Raven was referring to Mike Karr’s run for re-election in 1983.  Louise Van Dine had hired Holly Meech to make false allegations that she was involved with Mike.  It was part of Louis Van Dine’s plan to take over Monticello.

Sky did not look happy when Raven mentioned the name Van Dine.

“And Louis was behind that, then maybe his sister Alicia is behind this?”  Raven stated.

Sky just shook his head.  “I don’t believe Alicia is behind this.”

“How do you know?”  Raven asked.  “You said you didn’t tell me everything about her.  What else is there?”

“It’s been a long day, I don’t want to talk about her right now,” Sky replied.

“What else is there?”  Raven persisted.  “She committed perjury and almost sent me to prison for murder.  The woman is a wanted criminal.”

“I said I don’t want to talk about her tonight,” Sky repeated.

“And don’t forget she blackmailed you into bed,” Raven stated.  “I can never forget that.”

“Why do you want to bring that up now?”  Sky inquired.  “It was one night, and I did it because she was supposed to save you from going to prison.”

In the bar, Lyle stood by the door.  He had heard the conversation between Sky and Raven.  He picked up his phone, and looked at the baby picture, he had found in Sky’s study.

“Could that be what his secret is?”  Lyle asked himself.



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