Cries in the Night: Chapter 38

In the law office, Guthrie held the letter on the yellow stationary out so that everyone could see it.

“Oh no,” Julia exclaimed.

“Stay away from James Swift or he is dead,” Deborah read aloud.   “This guy has really escalated.”


“Yes,” Calvin stated.  “This is the first time he had threatened physical harm.  And it is against James not Julia.”

“There can be no doubt, he is behind the poisoning,” Guthrie stated.

“Why is this happening?”  Julia asked as she ran into Draper’s arms crying.

“We are going to find this guy and catch him,” Calvin told her.

“I don’t know if you are aware of it, but James will continue to have police protection once he leaves the hospital,” Guthrie told Julia.  “I know you have a bodyguard but we can arrange police protection for you as well.”

“Thank you,” Julia said.  “But I have faith in Ms. Saxon.  I don’t think I need anyone else.”

“Thank you,” Deborah told Julia.

“My mom is really going to flip out when she hears this,” Gordon whispered to himself.

“Can we get back to work on the campaign?”  William asked from across the room.

Calvin and Guthrie were shocked by William question.

“All business as always,” Bryan said as stood up and went over to where his father was.

“I want to so see James,” Julia announced.  “I was going to wait until after work but I have to see him now to make sure he is alright.”

“You spoke to the doctor and didn’t he say that he was doing better?”  Deborah asked.

“Yes,” Julia replied but after that letter I need to see for myself.

“Good,” William stated.  “Tell him that he needs to get ready for an interview with WMON.  We need to get him on TV so the public can see that he is alright.  I would like for him to do it tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow!”  Julia exclaimed.  “I don’t think he will be released by then.  They still haven’t released Mrs. Stoner yet, and she wasn’t as bad off as James.”

“But she should be getting out this afternoon,” Calvin informed them.

“That’s good news,” Draper said.

“If you are going to the hospital I am going to have to go with you,” Gordon stated.  “Mom only allowed me out of the house if I stay with your and Charlotte’s bodyguards.”

“Great,” William said sarcastically.  “Does anyone care about this campaign?”  He took a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped his brow.

“You need to calm down, Dad,” Bryan told him.  “You are getting yourself too worked up over this.  James is way ahead in the polls.  And you will probably feel better if you take off you jacket.  It is hot in here.

William ignored what Bryan was saying.  “Excuse me,” William said as he went to leave.  “I need to go the rest room and freshen up.

“I guess, I can wait until after work,” Julia stated.  “This campaign is important to James, and we have come too far, and don’t want him to lose it now.”

Calvin and Guthrie stood off to the side as he left.

“What do you make of him?”  Guthrie asked Calvin.

“He is acting weird,” Calvin responded.  “Matthew is looking into his background, as well as Bryan and Katherine.  He will let us know if he finds out anything.”

“Do you suspect him?”  Guthrie questioned him.

“I suspect everyone,” Calvin replied.  “But the person I really want to talk to next is Nathan Gannon.”

William went into the bathroom in the hallway and looked the door.  He took off his jacket and looked into the mirror.  “Idiot son of mine,” he mumbled.

He lifted up his hand and looked at the tattoo on his wrist.  The squiggly letter G in the circle.  The same tattoo that Calvin Sr.’s killer had.  “I should have gotten rid of you years ago,” he said to himself.  “Who would have thought that you would come back to cause me problems after all these years later?”


At the Monticello PD, Chris was standing by Matthew who was seated at his desk.  They were both looking at the murder board on Curtis Reardon’s murder.

“We still haven’t been able to come up with anyone that would have had a reason to kill him,” Matthew informed Chris.

“I hate having to tell his wife that,” Chris stated.

“So do we all believe this is linked to what is happening to Julia Scott?”  Mae asked as she entered the office after leaving her appointment with Dr. Hughes.

“My gut tells me that it does,” Chris replied.  “But there is no real connection.  He was just her landlord.”

“Don’t forget what Mrs. Scott said,” Matthew stated.

“Who?”  Mae inquired.

“Julia’s mother,” Matthew replied.  “She has psychic visions.  Apparently, she had a vision that something was going to happen in Julia in her apartment but now she believes that she saw Mr. Reardon getting murdered there.  She said it at the hospital.”

“She is having dreams, not visions,” Chris corrected him.

“Do you believe that stuff?”  Mae inquired.

“Normally, I don’t,” Chris replied.  “But we know Curtis’s body was dumped in the alley.  He wasn’t killed there.”

“In our search of Julia’s apartment, we couldn’t find any evidence that he was killed there,” Matthew stated.

“A strangulation wouldn’t leave much evidence,” Chris noted.

Mae took notice of a file on Matthew’s computer with Bryan Church’s name on it.  “Have you been investigating Bryan Church?”

“Him, and everyone with access to the office,” Matthew answered.  “His record is clean.  Just like his father stated.  And I haven’t been able to find out anything useful on William or Katherine either.’

“If you want to find out more on William Church, you have to go back further than our computerized records,” Chris told him.

“I know,” Matthew replied.

“I have already pulled a lot of our boxed records from the last 30 years,” Chris informed them.  “They are in my office.  I have been looking for arrest records for any one associated with the street gang-the Galahads.”

“Really?”  Mae asked.

“Yes,” Chris responded.  “That was a great idea you had.  I just wish I had more time to go through all the old records looking for anyone affiliated with the Galahads.”  Mae had come up with going through old police records that were not on computer to find any former members of the Galahads named “Tommy.”  Tommy was the name of Calvin Sr.’s killer.  The police had searched for anyone linked to Louis Van Dine with that name but had come up empty.

“Thank you,” Mae responded.

“You can come get some of the records yourself, and start looking,” Chris said as she headed to her office followed by Mae.

Matthew stayed sitting at his desk.  “I will be there in a second,” he told them as he picked up his cell phone.  He typed a text to Nikki.  “Why isn’t she letting me know what is going on?”  He whispered to himself.


At the foundation, Charlotte and Lyle had arrived and Geri and Robert promptly left.

“What does Geri actually do here?”  Lyle asked.

“I keep asking myself that,” Geri responded with a laugh.

Lyle sat down and looked at the baby picture on his phone.  He face lit up when he got an idea.  He texted the picture to his father Gunther with the message- “Do you know who this is?”

Almost immediately, his phone rang.  He saw his dad’s name on the caller ID.

“Hi dad,” he said as he answered the phone.

“Where did you get that picture from?”  Gunther yelled.

Lyle looked at Charlotte and covered the receiver on the phone.  “I am going to go out in the hall and talk to my dad, if that is okay,” He said to her.

“That is fine,” Charlotte responded as Lyle went out the door into the hallway.

“I found it in the mansion,” Lyle finally answered Gunther’s question.

“What did you do with it?”  Gunther inquired.

“I gave it back to Mr. Whitney,” Lyle told him.

“Good,” Gunther stated.

“He said it was a picture of Charlotte,” Lyle informed his father.

“So why are you asking me?”  Gunther asked him.

“Because I know that is not her,” Lyle responded.

“Now, you listen to me,” Gunther started to say as he paused to take a breath.  “The Whitneys have done a lot for us.  And I want you to just forget about that picture.  Do I make myself clear?”

“But dad,” Lyle exclaimed.

“Do I make myself clear?”  Gunther repeated.

“Yes,” Lyle finally relented.

“Delete the picture now,” Gunther ordered him.  “And never mention it to Mr. Whitney again.”

“Fine,” Lyle said.

“And we never had this conversation,” Gunther added.

“Okay,” Lyle told him as he hung up the phone.  “He knows who this is,” Lyle whispered to himself.

Charlotte just stared at her computer screen, unable to focus on anything.

“You seem preoccupied,” Lye told her as he reentered the office.”

“Yes,” Charlotte responded.  “I really was trying to think of a theme for the fund raiser for Andrew’s mission.”  Charlotte said referring to her first husband. “I was thinking maybe a costume party.  Those are always fun.  But I really can’t stop thinking about Nikki.”

“You don’t have to tell what is wrong, but I really hope she is alright,” Lyle stated.

“Thank you,” Charlotte replied as Lyle got a text on his phone.

Lyle looked at the phone and saw the message from Gunther.  “Did you delete the picture like I told you?” 

“My dad again,” he said to Charlotte as he typed his response.  Lyle lied and texted that he had deleted the picture.  He looked over and saw Charlotte looking at something on her desk.

Lyle walked over saw that she was staring at Norman Garrison’s business card.  “Is that someone else you can’t stop thinking about?”

Charlotte noticed that Lyle saw the business card.  “I know I have only met his once, but I really can’t stop thinking about him.  And he actually doesn’t know I am a Whitney.  That is a nice change.”

“Why don’t you call him?”  Lyle asked.

“It hasn’t been a day yet,” Charlotte replied.  “I don’t want to sound or look desperate.”

“Suit yourself,” Lyle stated as he walked away from her desk.

“Of course, we could stop at Ryan’s Pub again on the way home,” Charlotte mentioned.  “And he could just happen to be there again.”


Across town, Norman was in hotel room on his phone.  He seated at a table with the real estate section of the newspaper in his hand.

“Now that the Whitney Towers is not an option, are you still sure that you want me to find another building in Monticello?”  He asked and waited for an answer.

“Okay, I will do my best,” he answered as he hung up all the phone.  “After all these years, the Golden Eagle Corporation is finally going to have a headquarters.  But what is this obsession with Monticello?  First you buy WMON, and now our headquarters are going to be here.  Why do you want us to be here so bad?”


In another part of town, Angela and her crew had arrived outside the Beacon Motel.

“It took you long enough to get here,” Angela said to the driver as she exited the news van.  “Hurry up and get set up,” she yelled to the camera crew.

“She’s as friendly as ever,” the cameraman said to one of the other guys.

“Now where is my source?”  Angela asked as she walked toward the entrance.  She looked around at the people coming out of the motel.

A voluptuous blond woman in her early 20’s caught Angela’s eyes, as started walking toward her.

“Are you from WMON?”  The woman asked Angela.  “Is Mr. Martin Wilson with you?”

“Yes, we are” Angela replied.  “Mr. Wilson couldn’t be here today, but I’m here for the story on James Swift.”

“I’m Sabrina Shaw,” the woman informed her as she introduced herself.  “I have been dying to tell my story.  I was beginning to think that you were not interested.  You can interview me in my room in the motel if you like.”

“That would be fine,” Angela told her.

Angela got the crew together and they followed Sabrina to her room.  After setting up, Angela and Sabrina sat down to do the interview.

“Before we start filming, you called us, Ms. Shaw. Can you tell us why we are here?”  Angela asked her.

“Well, I will start out by saying, I am no saint,” Sabrina began.  “It’s no secret I worked for the Garden of Eden.”

“The escort service in Springfield?”  Angela inquired.

“Yes,” Sabrina replied.  “We made headlines when one of the girls turned out to be a triple murderer.”  Sabrina was referring to Gordon’s ex-girlfriend Lindsay Pace.

“Please continue,” Angela told her.

“Well, that’s how I met him,” Sabrina informed her.

“Who?”  Angela questioned him.

“James Swift,” Sabrina replied.  “In working to clear his sister of the murders, I guess that’s how he found out about Lindsay’s past working for the Garden of Eden.”

“And?”  Angela asked.

“He became curious, I assume,” Sabrina answered with laugh.  “That is when he first contacted me.”

“Contacted you?”  Angela inquired.

“Well, hired is a better word,” Sabrina told her.  “I guess he liked what he saw because I am only girl who ever hires.”

Angela’s face lit up with a smile as Sabrina’s response.

“Let me get this straight,” Angela started to say.  “Are you telling me that James Swift, our candidate for District Attorney in Monticello, regularly hires an escort from Springfield?”

“Yes,” Sabrina responded.  “It has been going on since the trial.  I can give even give you dates.”

“Oh, Mrs. Whitney you are going to regret ignoring me,” Angela whispered.

“What?” a confused Sabrina asked.

“Nothing,” Angela responded.  “Crew are you ready to start filming?  And you are willing to go on record?”

“Yes,” Sabrina told her.  “I have been dying to tell my story.”


Jeremy arrived at Dr. Samuel’s office to find Jody in there alone and on the phone.

“We will see you’ll when you’ll get here,” Jody said.  “I need to go Jeremy just arrived.”

“Who was that?”  Jeremy asked as Jody hung up the phone.

“Beth,” Jody answered him.  “She and Miles are coming to Monticello to see Adam.”

“That’s probably a good idea,” Jeremy stated.  “Hopefully, he and Miles can bury the hatchet.”

“It’s about time they did,” Jody agreed.  “I told her that they could stay with us.”

“That is not a problem,” Jeremy responded.  “By the way, where is Nikki?”

“I sent her home,” Jody informed him.  “She needs her rest.  Dr. Samuel said this disease is advancing quickly.”

As Jody was speaking, Dr. Samuel entered the office.  “That is not exactly, what I told you,” he corrected Jody.  “We can cure this with a bone marrow transplant.  Don’t forget that is why you are here.”

“And what if there is no match?”  Jody inquired.

“You are her parents, one or both of you will be a match,” Dr. Samuel stated.  “We already swabbed your cheek we now just have to do your husband.”

Jody tried to say something but the words would not come out.

Jeremy finally spoke.  “Dr. Samuel, you see, I am not Nikki’s biological father.”

“Oh!”  Dr. Samuel exclaimed.  “I’m sorry I did not know.”

“So I need to know,” Jody started to say as she fought back tears.  “If I am not a match to her, what is the worst thing that can happen?  Is she going to die?”

Dr. Samuel was silent.

“She can die!” Jody yelled.  “That is what you are not telling me.”

“Calm down, and let him speak,” Jeremy told her.

“In rare cases, the abnormal cells may decrease over time,” Dr. Samuel stated.  “But yes, if we can’t cure it, then it will probably be fatal.”

“How long does she have?”  Jody asked.

“Most people survive 10 years after diagnosis, but Nikki’s case is not typical,” he said.

“That was what I was trying to say when you came into the office, this disease is moving swiftly with her,” Jody lamented.

“Her case is not typical,” Dr. Samuel said.  “We can look at ways beyond the bone marrow transplant that could change that.”

“But that is not a cure,” Jeremy stated.

“So if I am not bone marrow match, she is going to die?”  Jody cried.

“Not necessarily,” Dr. Samuel responded.  “Can you get in touch with her biological father?”

Jody broke down in Jeremy’s arms.

“You need to calm down,” Jeremy told her.  “This is not helping things.”

Jody stopped crying and looked up at Jeremy.  “We are going to have to try to find Preacher again.”  Jody was referring to Preacher Emerson.  Her boyfriend before Jeremy.



At the law office, mostly everyone was getting ready to leave for the day.

“Deborah is going with me to see James,” Julia told Draper.  “You are welcome to come along if you want.”

“That okay,” Draper responded.  “You two can use some alone time.”

As Draper was speaking Geri and Robert arrived at the office.’

“We here to take you home big brother,” Geri announced as they entered.  Robert was not amused.

“Okay, I am ready,” Gordon replied.

“We can walk out with you,” Bryan told them.

“I am going to finish typing this letter up before I leave,” Katherine stated.

“We will see you tomorrow,” Bryan said.

“And try to enjoy your dinner with Dr. Drake at Delmonico’s,” William stated as he left.  “It really is one of the best restaurants in town.”

“That’s the nicest thing Mr. Church has said all day,” Draper noted after they had left the office.

“That is true,” Julia said.  “He is an interesting character.”

“He has had a long history in Monticello,” Draper mentioned.

“I need an enjoyable dinner tonight, after all the surprises today with the letter and gun,” Katherine stated as she got up from her desk.

“Gun?” A shocked Draper questioned.

“I can explain,” Deborah told him.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Scott,” Katherine said.

“That’s okay,” Julia stated.  “You can run along now.”

“James has a gun in the office,” Deborah informed Draper after Katherine had left. “He has had it for protection.  He wanted me to train Julia on how to use it.”

“And I don’t want to,” Julia told him.

“Let me see it,” Draper told Deborah as the three of them went into James’s office.

Deborah unlocked the drawer and pulled out the gun.

“Let me see it,” Draper repeated.

“Okay,” Deborah responded.  She made sure the safety was on and then handed the gun to Draper.

As Draper took hold of it, he discovered it was gray.  He turned it over and saw the word ‘mustang’ on it.

“It can’t be,” Draper stated.  “It just can’t be.”

“What?”  Deborah questioned.

“This looks like the gun April described from her dream,” he informed them.

“Let me see it,” a voice from behind them asked.

The three of them turned around to see April standing there. Draper just held onto the gun as April walked toward him.

“I thought you were with Nancy?”  Draper asked her.

“I was, but I wanted to see Julia after I found out about the new letter,” she responded.  April stopped walking when she was in front of Draper.  She looked down at the gun.  Then she looked up at Draper.

“Well?”  Draper asked.

“Yes, that is the gun from my dream,” she informed him.


Outside, an angry Geri climbed into the limousine.

“Delmonico’s?”  Geri questioned as they were in the limo.  “And just when were you going to tell me that she is having dinner with Adam there tonight?”

“This is the first chance I have gotten to tell you,” Gordon told her.

“I don’t know if I believe you,” Geri responded.  “But luckily I found out for myself.

“How did find out?”  Gordon inquired.

“I have my sources,” she responded.

“She called the morgue and tricked the secretary into giving her Adam schedule,” Robert shouted from the front seat.

“That’s not important,” Geri said.  “The important thing is Adam is going to meet Katherine’s father tonight.  And see her for the liar that she is.”

“How did you arrange that?”  Gordon asked.

“I have my ways,” Geri replied.

“Oh please, she called the restaurant and changed Adam’s reservation from two to three people,” Robert told him.

“Robert, I’m not talking to you,” Geri stated.

“Then she had me go to her father, Damon Corey’s apartment, and we slipped a note under his door inviting him to dinner at Delmonico’s tonight,” Robert informed Gordon.

“Enough,” Geri said.  “And we are going to go hang out at the bar at Delmonico’s tonight and see all the fireworks first hand.”

“Why didn’t you get us a table?”  Gordon asked.

“I really didn’t like having dinner there,” Geri responded.  “But don’t worry you will still be able to console Katherine after Adam dumps her.”

“She tried to get a reservation, but she couldn’t get one,” Robert said.  “She even tried to use the don’t you know who I am card, and the name Geraldine Whitney didn’t work.”

“Stop it, I told you!” Geri yelled.

“She got a dose of reality,” Robert stated.  “Some people in this town don’t care for Geri Whitney and her antics.”

“Enough,” Geri shouted as she raised the window between the front and the back of the limo.

“Spoiled brat,” Robert laughed after the window was up all the way.


At Didi’s apartment, she was laying in her bed as Nathan was sitting beside the bed.

“I don’t have to stay in bed any longer,” Didi proclaimed.  “I have been laying down too much.  I am better.”

“But the doctor said you still need to take it easy,” Nathan reminded her.

“I know,” Didi stated.  “And I appreciate everything you have done, but you really looked tired.”

“I didn’t sleep much last night worrying about you,” Nathan informed her.  “And I’m sure I will have hell to pay with Victor at the office tomorrow.”

Didi got up out of the bed and went sit down next to Nathan.  “We could just go cuddle in front of the television?”

“I used to love nights like that,” Nathan told her.

“And you need a shave,” Didi said to him as she felt the stubble on his face.”

“You never did like me with a beard,” Nathan mentioned.

“I never liked the way it looked on you,” Didi told him.

“Do you like the way it looks on Julius?” Nathan blurted out.

“What?”  A shocked Didi asked as she stood up and moved away from him.  “Are you jealous of him still? I told you…”

“I’m sorry,” Nathan stated stopping Didi from finishing from what she was saying.  “I’m just tired.  But it’s not easy knowing that Julius lives across the hall from you.  But I may feel better about it if you tell your son about us.”

“I will,” Didi told him.

“I’m going to go take a shower,” Nathan said as he headed to the bath room.

“I will go find something for us to watch on TV in the other room,” Didi stated.

Didi walked into the other room and sat down on the sofa.  She picked up her remote control and turned on the television set.  As she started changing the channels, there was a knock on the door.

“Who could that be?”  She wondered as she got up to answer the door.

Didi opened the door, and was shocked to find Calvin standing there.

“What are you doing here?”  She asked him.

“I have been trying to call you but you haven’t answering,” Calvin informed her.

“I am doing much better, you don’t have to worry,” Didi told him.  “I didn’t get any calls from you.”  Didi thought for a moment, and then looked around the room.  She saw her purse on the end table by the sofa.

“I have been calling all afternoon, I wanted to make sure you arrived home safely,” Calvin told her.

Didi walked over to the end table and picked up her purse.  “I’m sorry, I forgot I left my phone in my purse in here while I was laying down in the bedroom.”  Didi took the phone out of her purse.  She looked through the messages.  “I’m sorry,” she repeated.  “And Beth called too, I wonder what she wanted.  But I told you that you didn’t need to worry, I had a friend bringing me home.”

“We are actually here on police business,” Guthrie informed her appearing from behind Calvin.

“Police business?”  Didi questioned.

“Yes,” Guthrie responded.

“We need to find out who did this to you,” Calvin stated.  “And we have a suspect we need to ask you about.”

“A suspect?”  Didi inquired as she sat down on the sofa.  “Who?”

“Nathan Gannon,” Calvin informed her.

“Nathan?” A shocked Didi asked.  “Why would he?”

“So you do know him?”  Guthrie inquired.

“Yes, we know each other from Capitol City,” Didi told them.

“Well, he didn’t lie about that,” Guthrie stated.

“Why would you think he did this?”  Didi asked.

“He went to law school with Julia,” Calvin informed her.  “And they always butted heads there.”

“I am aware of that,” Didi told them.

“And Julia believes he stole that job in Capitol City from her,” Calvin stated.

“I refuse to believe that he would do something like that,” Didi said.

“Well, being a cop we need to be suspicious,’ Guthrie told her.

“And he caused two huge scenes at the hospital trying to see you,” Calvin informed her.

“He did what?”  Didi asked.

“Yes, he really caused a couple scenes at the hospital,” Calvin repeated.

“He was really determined to see you,” Calvin stated.

“He was,” Didi whispered to herself.

“My theory is that he does consider you a friend like you said,” Calvin started to say.

“And he meant to poison James but was shocked that you got poisoned by mistake,” Guthrie continued.

“And he felt guilty and went to the hospital to make sure you were okay,” Calvin said.

“There is no way he could be behind this,” Didi told them.

“Mom, we have to treat him as a suspect,” Calvin stated as the sound of shower could be heard from Didi’s bathroom.

Calvin and Guthrie looked at Didi.

“Is someone else here?”  Calvin asked her.

Didi sat there in shock not sure how to respond.

“Is someone else here?”  Calvin repeated.

“Yes, a friend is here,” Didi finally told him.

“A friend?”  Calvin questioned.

“Yes, a special friend,” Didi stated.  “I really didn’t want you to find out this way.”

“Oh,” Calvin exclaimed realizing that Didi was talking about a man.

“You see…” Didi started to say but Calvin cut her off.

“It’s okay mom,” Calvin stated.  “I am happy for you.  I have kind of suspected if for a while now.”

“Would let you me explain?”  Didi asked as there was another knock at the door.

“That’s okay, I can get the door,” Guthrie told them as he went to the door.

“I really like Mr. Newcombe,” Calvin told her.

“Julius?” a shocked Didi questioned.

“Yes,” Calvin responded.  “He seems really nice, and his son is a great judge.”

Guthrie opened the door to find Julius standing on the other side.

Calvin was shocked to see him standing there.

“I was checking up to see how you were doing,” Julius told her.

“If you are here, then who is in there?”  Calvin asked as he turned to look toward Didi’s bedroom.


Across town, Charlotte was with Lyle seated at the bar at Ryan’s pub.

“Another stinger,” she told the bartender from the tone of her voice you could tell she was not happy.

“You could just call him,” Lyle said to her referring to Norman Garrison.  Charlotte was obviously disappointed that he was not there tonight.

“Calling him would make me look to desperate,” Charlotte stated.  “I need to wait at least one more day before I call him.”

“And showing up here hoping that he will be here-isn’t that desperate?”  Lyle asked.

Charlotte thought about what Lyle said.  She took a deep breath before finally responding.  “You don’t understand, you are not a woman.”

“And he still doesn’t know who you are,” Lyle noted.

“I wonder if that is it,” Charlotte thought aloud.  “I wonder if he found out, and he is not interested.”

“Found out what?” a voice from in back of them questioned.

Charlotte and Lyle turned around to see Norman standing there.


At Delmonico’s a bored Robert and Gordon sat at the bar next to Geri who was staring at Adam and Katherine.

“I can’t believe you dragged me out her for this,” Robert told her.

“Me too,” Gordon agreed.

“Well you could have stayed home and told dad how you ruined his meeting with Norman Garrison,” Geri told him.

Gordon ignored her and turned to the bar tender.  “Another one,” he told the bar tender as he held up his empty glass.”

“You really need to get a life and stop being so concerned about other people’s,” Robert said as he turned to look at Geri and Adam who were seated not too far from them.

“Quiet, and don’t move,” Geri told him.  “I don’t want them to see us.”

“But they do make a cute couple, don’t they?”  Robert asked intent on getting on Geri’s nerves.

“I have had about as much of you as I can take today,” Geri said to him.

“And I have had about as much as I take of you today as well,” Robert stated.

“Do you two want to get a room?”  Gordon asked trying to defuse the situation.

“Funny,” Geri replied sarcastically.

“Well, it looks like all of your shenanigans were for nothing today,” Robert said.  “It doesn’t like her father is going to show.”

Geri didn’t respond.  She just gave Robert an unhappy look.

“She does look happy with him,” Gordon stated.

“Oh brother, now don’t you start too,” Geri told him.  As Geri was talking, she noticed the waiter going toward Adam and Katherine’s table with someone following him.  She recognized the older grey haired man from the coffee shop as he got closer.  “He’s here.”

Robert and Gordon turned away from the bar to see him.

“Yep, that’s him,” Robert stated.  “But that doesn’t mean anything.”

“We’ll see in a second,” Katherine told him.

The waiter and Damon Corey walked to the table from behind Katherine so she could not see him.

Adam was shocked when they stopped at the table.  “Can I help you?”  Adam asked.

“My daughter did not tell you that I was coming?”  Damon Corey responded.

“Daughter?”  A confused Adam asked.

Katherine’s face showed fear as she recognized the voice.  She turned to face him.

“Oh my God, do you every give up!”  She exclaimed.  “What are you doing here?”

“This is it,” Geri whispered to Gordon.

“What are you talking about?”  Damon asked.  “You invited me.”

“There is no way I would have every invited you here,” Katherine stated upset but trying not to cause a scene.

“Now is that any way to talk to your father?”  Damon inquired.

“Father?” a shocked Adam questioned.

“Finally, he is seeing her for who she really is,” Geri said softly as she smiled.

“Stop saying that,” Katherine told Damon.  “You are not my father.  You never were.  You were for my stepfather for like two years of life.  There’s a big difference.”

“Stepfather?”  A shocked Geri questioned.

“It looks like someone didn’t do her homework,” Robert said to her with a laugh.



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