Cries in the Night: Chapter 37



In Dr. Samuel’s office, Nikki was partly shocked and partly relieved when Dr. Samuel told her that her condition could be cured.

“I can still go to Julliard,” she whispered.

“Now is not the time to think about that,” Charlotte told her.

“I’m sorry what do I do now?”  Nikki asked Dr. Samuel.

“Like I said, we need to get both your parents in here as soon possible to see which one is a match for you,” he reminded her.

“I can call them now,” Nikki stated.

“Well, your mother is actually outside,” Dr. Samuel informed her.  “She is actually my next patient.  If it is alright with you, I will call her in now.”

“By all means, go ahead,” Nikki answered.

As Dr. Samuel told his nurse to send in Jody, Charlotte got up to leave.

“I think I should leave you and your mom alone,” Charlotte said to Nikki.  “Unless you want me to stay.”

“No, that is fine,” Nikki answered as the door opened and Jody entered.

Jody was shocked to see the two women in the office.

“I was just leaving,” Charlotte told Jody.  “I need to get to the foundation.  Call me later.”  She said to Nikki.

Jody didn’t respond.  She was still in shock seeing the two women in the office.

“Ms. Travis, can you please take a seat?”  Dr. Samuel asked her as Charlotte left.

Jody sat down still not responding.  “Oh my God, what is wrong?”  Jody finally blurted out.

“Ms. Travis, you need to calm down,” Dr. Samuel said to her.  “We don’t want you having an anxiety attack.”

“At least not another one,” Jody whispered to herself.

“What?”  Nikki asked since she didn’t understand what Jody had said.

“Nothing, please continue,” Jody told Dr. Samuel.

Dr. Samuel proceeded to tell Jody the same thing he had just told Nikki.  “She has Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria,” Dr. Samuel stated.  “It’s rare disease.  It is similar to aplastic anemia but it is curable.”

“Similar to Aplastic Anemia?”  A scared Jody questioned him.  “That almost killed my sister.”

“Yes, but it can be cured,” Dr. Samuel repeated.

“I’m going to be okay,” Nikki told her as the two hugged.

“What does she need?”  Jody inquired.

“She needs a bone marrow transplant” Dr. Samuel responded.

“A bone marrow transplant,” Jody repeated.  She looked at Nikki.  “I was a bone marrow donor to your aunt Nicole.  It was how she was healed of her aplastic anemia.”

“So you are aware of what I am talking about?”  Dr. Samuel questioned her.

“Yes,” Jody replied.

“Good,” he stated.  “I need to get you and your husband tested as soon as possible.  The test is simple.  I just need to get a cheek swab.  When can you get your husband here?”

“My husband?”  A confused Jody asked.

“Yes,” Dr. Samuel responded.  “We need to see which one of you is a match to Nikki.  In rare instances both of you may be able to be a match, but we know one of you will definitely be a match.”

“Your father?”  Jody just sat there in a daze.

“I just tried calling him,” Nikki informed Jody. Nikki had her phone in her hand. “He must have his phone off because it goes straight to voice mail.  Do you know where he is?”



At the Whitney mansion, Sky stood there in shock in his study.  Jeremy had just informed him that Raven had been blackmailing Jody.  She had threatened to tell Nikki that Jeremy was not her father.

Sky finally turned to face Raven.  “You didn’t?”  He asked.  Sky didn’t wait for an answer from the expression on her face he could tell that the answer was yes.  “How could you?”

“Yes, how could you?”  Jeremy shouted.

“Let me explain,” Raven stated.

“There is nothing to explain,” Sky said.  He turned to face Jeremy.  “I give you my word.  Nikki will never find out that you are not her father from us.”  He then turned to face Raven.  “Isn’t that true, Raven?”

“I was never going to actually tell her,” Raven told them.

“Jody never believed that,” Jeremy informed her.

“I was never going to tell her,” Raven repeated.

“I assure you that she will never find out from us,” Sky repeated.

“I appreciate that,” Jeremy said to Sky ignoring Raven.

“Now if there isn’t anything else I can do for you, could you please leave me alone with my wife?”  Sky asked.

“No, that is it,” Jeremy replied.  “Thanks, and I will be leaving.”  Jeremy walked by Raven and ignored her as he left.

After Jeremy had exited the room, Sky looked at Raven.  “What on earth were you thinking?”

“Would you let me explain?”  Raven pleaded.

“Go ahead,” Sky told her.

“I would have never told Nikki anything,” Raven stated.

“Then why do all this?”  Sky inquired.

“I felt helpless,” Raven answered him. “Do you not remember how things were when Charlotte got arrested?”  Raven asked him.  “It looked like she would be going to jail.  The things they were saying about her in the press.  I felt helpless, and you weren’t doing anything about it.”

“What?”  Sky responded angrily.  “Don’t try to pin this on me!”

“And then look at the way they blindsided James in that interview,” Raven stated.  “They could cost him the election.”  Raven was referring to Angela asking James about his relationship with Julia during their interview.

“Enough,” Sky shouted.  “I can’t believe you would even think of threatening them.  They were clients of ours.  They confided in us to find Nikki’s father.  You are supposed to keep their confidence.”

“Stop treating me like a child!” Raven yelled at him.

“We couldn’t locate her father, but then at the very least we could have kept the secret all these years,” Sky stated.

“We did,” Raven responded.  “We have.”

“And we will continue to do so,” Sky said.  “Am I clear?”


At the law office, Katherine had frozen in place as she had opened the door to James’s office to find that Julia was holding a gun.

“I…,” Katherine tried to say but the words did not come out of her mouth.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Julia told her as she placed the gun back in the door.  “I can explain.”

Katherine just stood there shaking.

“It’s Mr. Swift’s gun, he has it for protection,” Deborah explained.  “I was just showing it to Julia.”

“I see,” Katherine stated as she was finally catching her breath.

“Is there something you wanted?”  Julia asker her.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” Katherine started to say but paused.

“And?”  Deborah asked.

“I’m sorry to be the one to tell you but you received another letter in the mail,” Katherine informed Julia.

“Oh no,” Julia stated.

“Bryan was calling the police, and we haven’t touched it or tried to open in,” Katherine told them.

“Good work,” Deborah said to her.  “But this guy has been too careful.  I don’t think we will be lucky enough to get any prints now.”


At the D.A.’s office, Victor and Suzanne were still in Victor’s office when Calvin got the call that Julia had received another letter.

“So you are offering me a job?”  Suzanne asked him.

“Yes, I could use the help in the office,” Victor answered.  “My mom is trying to help out in the office, and work on my campaign, and she can really use the help.”

“Well, I have worked in a law office, so I am more than qualified,” Suzanne stated.

“But there is more to it than that,” Victor told her.

“What do you mean?”  Suzanne inquired.

“Like I said, I think we can help each other out,” Victor reminded her.

“Are you coming on to me?”  Suzanne accused him.

“No, oh, no,” Victor responded.  “I assume since you snuck into James’s hospital room, that you still have feelings for him.”

“What business is that of yours?”  Suzanne questioned him.

“Because I am still in love with Julia,” he informed her.  “And given the chance I know she would come back to me.”

“Really?”  Suzanne asked.

“Yes,” Victor replied.  “Now we just have to come up with a way to break them up.”

“Well, Mr. Dallas, I had no idea that you could be so conniving,” Suzanne stated with a smile.  “So do you have any ideas?”

“Not yet,” Victor responded.  “But are you willing to help?”

Before Suzanne could answer Victor noticed Calvin and Guthrie leaving the office in a hurry.

“What is going on?”  Victor shouted to them as he rushed out of his office.

They had exited the office before they could hear him.

“What is going on?”  He asked his mother Laurie.

“They got an emergency call, and had to leave to go to James’s law office,” Laurie answered.

“Oh my God, is Julia all right?”  Victor inquired.

“Yes,” Laurie replied.  “But apparently she received another threatening letter today.”

“If there are headed there that means that they are not going to be available to question Nathan,” Victor stated.

“They could do it later I assume,” Laurie said.

“Who is Nathan?”  Suzanne asked as she walked out of Victor’s office.

“He’s an assistant D.A.,” Victor informed her.  “You will be meeting him later.”

Laurie took notice of Victor’s response.  “She will?”

“Oh, mom this is Suzanne Ross,” Victor said.  “I just hired her to work in the office.”

“I see,” Laurie replied.  “Can I speak to you in private?”

Victor was surprised by Laurie’s request.  “Sure,” he replied as he headed back to his office followed by his Laurie.

Laurie closed the door, and then turned to face Victor.  “Isn’t she one of the police’s suspects in this?”

“The police have cleared her,” Victor reminded her.

“And isn’t she James’s ex-girlfriend?”  Laurie inquired.

“And what if she is?”  Victor asked.

Laurie just shook her head.  “I hope you are not up to something,” she stated as she left his office.


Across town, Mae was still in Dr. Hughes’s office.  She was recalling the events that followed when she and her partner Larry responded to a domestic violence call.

“Please continue,” Dr. Hughes told her.

“Like I said after I found the wife’s body, I walked to the back of the house, toward the entrance where Larry was supposed to have entered,” Mae repeated.    “There was no sign of him.”

“You already said that,” Dr. Hughes stated.  “You saw the door open on the side of the kitchen that lead to the garage and then…”

Mae jumped out of her chair, and she walked around the office.

“Please calm down,” Dr. Hughes asked.  “You have made tremendous progress today.  Don’t stop now.”

Mae stared at her for a second, and then finally sat back down in the chair.

“So you entered the garage and then,” Dr. Hughes repeated.

“That’s where I found him,” Mae said.  “I can’t get the image of my head.  I see it constantly.”

“Tell me about it,” Dr. Hughes told her.

“When I entered the garage through the kitchen door, Larry was in the back of the garage by the folding door.  He was facing me.  The husband was behind him.  He had one hand around Larry’s neck and in the other hand he was holding a gun.”  Mae then paused.

“Please go on,” Dr. Hughes pleaded.

“I see that image of Larry every day,” Mae told her.  “He looked so unlike him so helpless.  I told the husband to freeze.  And I tried to talk to him.  I did everything I was supposed to do, at least what I thought I was supposed to do.”

“Like what?”  Dr. Hughes inquired.

“He told me to leave,” Mae answered.  “I told him that I could not do that.  And that there was no reason for anyone else to get hurt.  But he did not want to listen.  He wanted me to let him leave, and if I didn’t he threatened to kill Larry.”

“And what did you do next?”  Dr. Hughes asked.

“I told him that I couldn’t do that,” Mae responded.  “I informed him that back up would be there soon.  And he got angry.  Again, I told him that we were there to help him, and that no one else had to get hurt.  But he wouldn’t listen.  That’s when he fired the first shot.”

“Where?”  Dr. Hughes inquired.

“Into the ceiling,” Mae answered.  “He told that he was letting me know that he meant business.  He was going to open the garage door, and then he and Larry were going to get into the car and leave.”  Mae paused again.

“What are you thinking?”  Dr. Hughes questioned her.

“Maybe I should have let him,” Mae answered.   “Then Larry will still be alive.”

“You don’t know if that would have been the case,” Dr. Hughes told her.

“But Larry is still dead,” Mae stated as she looked at her watch.  “Time is up.  I need to get to work.”

“Are you sure that you want to stop there today?”  Dr. Hughes asked.

“Yes,” Mae replied.  “But I will be back tomorrow.”

“Good,” Dr. Hughes responded.  “You are making progress.”

“Thank you,” Mae replied.  “Until tomorrow.  And then I think I will be ready to talk about Larry’s death.”


At WMON, Angela was with an intern as she packed to go to across town to interview her source for the story on James.

“Will Mr. Wilson be joining us?”  The intern asked referring Martin.

“No,” Angela replied.  “He said that he had something else to do today.  But we can handle it on our own.”  As Angela stood up to leave, she noticed an angry Jeremy enter the studio and walked toward her.

“Oh great,” Angela uttered.

“Where is Martin?”  Jeremy asked her.

“Why is everyone so concerned about Martin today?”  Angela asked rhetorically.  “He’s not here today.”

“Well, I have a message for the two of you, and you can share it with him,” Jeremy informed him.

“And what is that?”  Angela asked trying not to seem interested.

“Both of you stay out of my way, and stay the hell away from my wife,” He stated.  “Do I make myself clear?”

“Whatever,” Angela replied. “Let’s go,” she said to the intern.

“Oh, Mr. Rhodes, you wife has been calling,” the intern informed him as Angela took notice.

“She has?”  Jeremy asked.

“Yes, she said that she has been trying to get a hold of you but you phone must be off,” the intern answered.

Jeremy picked up his cell phone out of his pocket and looked at it.  “Oh, I forget to turn it back on.  Thanks,” Jeremy told the intern as he headed to his office.

The intern turned to look at Angela.  “Are we ready to leave?”

“In a second,” Angela responded.  “I need to do something real quick.  But you go ahead.  I will meet you in the truck.”  As soon as the intern was out of her sight, Angela ran to the door outside Jeremy’s office.

“Five missed calls,” Jeremy was saying to himself as he called Jody back.

“Jeremy why haven’t you been answering?”  Jody asked as she answered the phone.

“I’m sorry but I forgot to turn my phone back on after my meeting with Sky,” Jeremy informed her.

“Well, listen this is important,” Jody started to say but Jeremy cut her off.

“Let me say this first,” Jeremy started to say.  “I had a great conversation with Sky Whitney.  He assured Nikki would not find out that I am not her father from them.  He promised me so you don’t have to worry.”

Outside the office, Angela’s eyes opened wide when she heard Jeremy’s words.

“So that’s it,” she whispered to herself.  “Ms. High and Mighty is a little tramp.  Martin does not know what he is missing today.”  Angela turned to look at the news set.  “Your days in that anchor chair are numbered Jody Travis.  Unless you want your daughter to find out Jeremy is not her father.”


At James’s law office, Calvin stood outside the building as he called his mom.  “I will be there in a second,” he told Guthrie.

“Hello,” Didi said as she answered her phone.

“Mom, I’m sorry I won’t be able to get there this afternoon,” Calvin told her.  “Something has come up here.  Are they releasing you?”

“Yes, they will be,” Didi informed.  “But don’t worry about me, I am doing much better.  And it will be no trouble to have a friend take me home from the hospital.

Nathan was seated on side of her bed, and he did not look too happy when he heard Didi say the word “friend”.

Calvin himself chuckled when he heard her say the word.  “Tell, Mr. Newcomb thank you for me,” he told his mother assuming that she was referring to her neighbor and ex-boyfriend, Julius Newcomb.

Didi did not correct him.  “I will talk to you later,” Didi stated.

“Okay,” Calvin replied.  “I do need to talk to you about the case.  We may have another suspect.  Someone you know.”

“Really?”  Didn’t asked.

“I can’t talk about it right now, but I talk to you later,” Calvin said as he hung up the phone.


Inside the law office, Guthrie had put on gloves, and was opening the latest letter that Julia had received.  As he opened it, he could see it was on the same yellow stationary as the others.  It had writing on it made up of letters cut out from newspapers and magazines.”

“He is following the same pattern,” Guthrie stated as Calvin entered the office followed by Draper.

“Daddy what are you doing here?”  Julia asked.

“I didn’t have any plans today so I figured maybe I could help you all on James’s campaign,” Draper informed them.

“That’s wonderful,” William stated.  “Finally, you are all starting to take this campaign seriously.  We have a little less than a week to go, and we can’t afford to coast to the finish line.”

“Like I said, all business,” Bryan whispered to Gordon.

Guthrie opened the letter and looked at it.  “Oh, my,” he exclaimed.

“What does it say this time?”  Julia asked.


****Note*** Starting this week, I will only be posting one chapter a week.  I began posting two chapters a week so that every character would be mentioned every week.  But the posts were getting too long so  I have cut back to a chapter a week.


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