Cries in the Night: Chapters 35 & 36

Cries in the Night:  Chapter 35

Chis returned to the Monticello PD to find Matthew sitting at his desk.

“What is going on?”  She asked her son.

“I’m waiting for Mae to show up, I don’t know where she went or what she is going,” Matthew informed her.

“Did she not question Suzanne Ross with you?”  Chris inquired.

“No, Calvin did,” Matthew answered.

“Really?”  A shocked Chris replied.

“Anyway, Suzanne signed a consent form to allow us to search her apartment, and I’m trying to find Mae before I leave,” Matthew stated.

“If she doesn’t show up in the next five minutes, I will go with you,” Chris said as she headed toward her office.

“Okay,” Matthew responded.  “I am texting her again.”

As Chris opened the door to her office, she saw Mae sitting at her desk.

A surprised Mae jumped up when she heard the door open.  Her cell phone which she was talking on fell to the floor.

“What is going on?”  Chris asked her.

“I can explain,” Mae responded as she picked up her cell phone.  “I need to go,” she informed the person on the other end of the call.  “But I promise we will talk about everything that today and everything that happened with Larry.”  She ended the call and looked over at Chris.

“I assume that was Dr. Hughes?”  Chris questioned her.”

“Yes,” Mae replied.  “I wanted some privacy to talk to her about everything that happened today.”

“I see,” Chris replied.  “That is good.”

“I’m going to see her again tomorrow morning,” Mae told Chris.

“You are doing the right thing,” Chris stated.  “Talk about Larry’s death with her, and you will be able to move pass it.”


At Monticello General, Nathan arrived at the ER intent on seeing Didi.

“I’m here to see Mrs. Stoner,” Nathan told the same doctor that he had spoken to earlier in the day.

“And I told you Mrs. Stoner isn’t being allowed visitors besides family,” the doctor reminded him.

“I’m here boyfriend,” Nathan informed the doctor.

“Ha,” the doctor replied with a chuckle.  “You should have said you were her son.  That I may have believed.”  The doctor was referring to the age difference between Didi and Nathan.

“I’m serious,” Nathan told the doctor.

“Listen,” the doctor started to say.  “I don’t know what type of game you are playing but you need to stop it before I call the police.  I know for a fact that Mrs. Stoner’s boyfriend is with her now.  He has been with her most of the day.”

“What?”  A confused Nathan asked.

“Is there a problem?”  The policeman who was stationed outside Didi’s room asked.


Inside one of the rooms, Didi was resting as Julius was seated at her side.

“I appreciate you being here,” Didi told him.  “But you really don’t need to stay.  I’m not as bad off as James.  In fact, the doctors may release me in the morning.”

“I promised your son that I would not leave you alone,” Nathan stated.  “And I intend to keep my promise.”

“You are really are too kind,” Didi told him.  “But I really need a favor.”

“What is it?”  Julius inquired.

“Can I borrow your phone?”  Didi responded.  “There is no phone in here.  And I don’t know where my purse and phone are.  I must have left them at the office.”

“Sure,” Julius replied as he handed her his phone.

“Thank you,” Didi stated.  “There is someone I need to call.  Could you…”

Julius cut her off before she could respond.  “Did you need some privacy?  I’ll wait just outside the door.”

Further down the hall, Nathan was arguing with the policeman.

“If you just talk to her, she will want to see me,” Nathan told the policeman.

“Now you listen,” the cop started to say as Nathan’s cell phone rang.

Nathan picked it up and saw that it was a number that he didn’t realize.

“You should not have that turned on down here,” the cop stated.

“Hello,” Nathan said as he answered the phone ignoring what the cop said.

“Sir,” the cop started to say but Nathan cut him off.

“Didi,” Nathan exclaimed.  “It’s Didi.  I am in the ER.  I have been trying to see you.”

“Sir,” the cop tried saying again.

“It’s Mrs. Stoner on the phone,” Nathan informed the policeman.  “If you just talk to her, she will tell you that she wants to see me.”  Nathan told him as he handed him his phone.


Back the reception desk in the ER, the doctor who was talking to Nathan before the policeman was on the phone.

“Detective Stoner,” the doctor stated.  “You wanted me to keep you informed if anything usual happened.  Well, that man for earlier is back, and causing problems.”


Back down the hall, after talking with Didi, the policeman was taking Nathan to Didi’s room when they ran into Julius.

The two men exchanged uncomfortable glances.

“Thank you for staying with her,” Nathan finally spoke ending the silence.

“It was not a problem,” Julius responded.

“You won’t be needed any more; I will be staying with her,” Nathan stated as he entered Didi room.

Didi’s face lit up when Nathan entered the room.

Nathan went to the bed and the two embraced.

Julius looked on from outside before closing  the door.

“I don’t know why you are so surprised,” he whispered to himself.  “You knew that they had to be involved.  It’s never been the right timing for you and Didi.”


At WMON, Jody sat at the news desk preparing for the evening news.

“Please make sure you read the statement about James Swift’s improving health,” and intern told her.  “That campaign manager has been calling every hour.  He’s getting on my nerves.”

“Don’t worry, it is already on the teleprompter,” Jody responded as Jeremy walked by her.  Jody got up from behind the desk and followed him into his office.

“Where have you been?”  Jody asked him.  “You have not been answering my calls or texts?  You had my worried.  Did you go see Sky?”

“Relax, we don’t need you to have another anxiety attack,” Jeremy responded.  “I went for a walk and calmed down.”

“Good, I’m glad you didn’t talk to him,” Jody told him.  “And I will be fine I am going see Dr. Samuel in the morning.”

“Oh, I’m still going to talk to him,” Jeremy informed her.  “Now that I am calm, I will do it first thing in the morning.”

“I wish you wouldn’t,” Jody begged.

“That woman threatened our family,” Jeremy started to say as he put his arms around Jody.   “We confided something in them, and then after all these years she wants to black mail us with it.  No, I am not going to be silent.”

“Just please don’t get them angry,” Jody pleaded.

“And I still want to have a talk with Martin as well,” Jeremy told her.  “I know he is in cahoots with Angela.  And he needs to stop all these antics.  I know they are responsible for deleting all traces of Monitcello Most Wanted from the server.  Did you I tell you all the segments are gone?  Not just the one on Calvin’s murder?”

“I know she is jealous of me, but that is going too far,” Jody said.

“If I can prove they did it, then they are out of here, I don’t care who hired them,” Jeremy told her.


Outside, Angela knocked on Martin’s office door and entered.

“You said that you wanted to see me,” Angela asked.

“It’s about tomorrow,” Martin answered.

“Oh no, don’t tell me your source cancelled on us,” Angela whined.  “Did we wait too long?”

“No,” Martin responded.  “She is more anxious than ever to speak to you.”

“Than what is it?”  Angela questioned him.

“Something has come up so I won’t be able to go with you tomorrow,” Martin answered her.

“Why?”  Angela inquired.

“I need to see me doctor in the morning,” Martin told her.  “It’s nothing major.  A small procedure that I have been putting off but I can’t put it off any more.  But thanks for your concern.”

“It wasn’t concern,” Angela replied.  “So I have to go all the way to Springfield by myself for this.”

“No,” Martin responded.  “She’s coming to Monticello.  She’s going to a motel at the end of town.  You can meet her there.  You will do fine.”

“Why won’t you tell me what she is going to say?”  Angela asked him.

“I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you,” Martin said.  “But I may be persuaded to tell you if you come pay me a visit tonight at my place.”

From the expression on Angela’s face you could tell she was happy.  “Not tonight,” she finally responded.  “I’ll guess I will have to wait until tomorrow to find out.”
At the Whitney mansion, Draper and April arrived to find that Sky and Raven were the only ones there.

“All my kids are out,” Raven stated.  “Here I am trying to keep them all safe, and they are running around like always.”

“Well, I spoke to Julia,” April started to say.  “She is getting ready to leave the office in any minute.  She will be coming straight here.”

“That’s great,” Raven said.  “I have her and James staying in the room right next door to Draper and you.”

“James?”  A confused Draper asked.

“When he comes home from the hospital,” Sky explained.

“He is doing so much better, so I know that will be soon,” Raven stated.

“That’s wonderful news,” Draper replied.  “If you can show me where our room is, I can bring our stuff upstairs.”

“I can do that,” Sky responded.  “Our household staff are with the kids.”

“That’s not a problem,” Draper said as he headed up the stairs with Sky.

“Now they just have to find out who is behind all of this,” Raven told April.  “But I did want to talk to you about Julia’s bodyguard.”

“I thought you might,” April replied.

“You did?”  A confused Raven asked not knowing why Raven April would think that.  “I was able to hire bodyguards for my daughters, but I haven’t been able to hire anyone for my boys yet.”

“The police are protecting James aren’t they?”  April asked.

“Yes,” Raven answered.  “But I am talking about when James is released from the hospital.  I’m not sure if he will continue to have police protection.  Since James and Julia are together most of the time anyway, would you have a problem with them sharing Julia’s bodyguard/”

“Julia’s bodyguard?”  April questioned realizing that Raven definitely did not know who Julia’s bodyguard was.”

“I have a room for right next to Julia’s room, all ready for him,” Raven informed her.

“Well, it’s actually a her,” April told her.

“A women bodyguard?”  Raven asked.  “How so modern.”

“Yes,” April responded.

“So who is this woman?”  Raven asked as April’s phone began to ring.

April saw that it was Beth.  “I’m sorry I need to take this,” April told her.

“Go ahead,” Raven told her.  “You can go in Sky’s study if you want.”

“Thank you,” April responded as she headed into the study.

“Oh, Beth, I have dying to talk to you,” April informed her.

“I know we keep missing each other but that is going to change,” Beth stated.

“The dreams aren’t stopping,” April told her.  “I’m not just dreaming about Draper any more but about Julia as well now.”

“Oh my,” Beth said.  “But remember what I told you.  You can’t assume all these dreams are premonitions.  There can be so many different interpretations.”

“I know what you said,” April told her.  “But you don’t know all about my past.  And these last dream really has my frightened.”

“What is it?”  Beth inquired.

“I keep dreaming of images of Julia and a gun,” April answered her.

“Anything else happen?”  Beth questioned her.

“No that is as far as it has gone so far,” April responded.

“I know this is easier said than done, but try not to think about the worse case scenario, and we can talk about it when I get there,” Beth stated.

“When you get here?”  April asked.

“Yes,” Beth replied.  “Miles and I are coming to Monticello.  There is really is nothing holding us here right now, so I convinced him to go there.”

“That’s great,” April told her.

“Yes, and it’s about time Adam and him settle their differences,” Beth stated.  “And I intend to make sure they do.  They have hardly spoken since the car accident.”

“Thank God, everyone was okay,” April said.

“Yes, the only real loss was a car that can be replaced,” Beth said.

“That is so true,” April agreed.

“Just please don’t say anything to Adam if you see him?”  Beth asked her.

“I won’t,” April told her.  “It’s enough trying to get the image of this gun out of my head.  I see it so clearly.  It is a grey pistol.  And it has the word ‘mustang’ on it.”


At the law office, Julia and Deborah were the only two people left in the office.

“I’m sorry, I think I am almost ready to leave,” Julia told Deborah.

“That’s okay,” Deborah responded.

“Raven has a room ready for you at mansion next to mine apparently,” Julia informed her.

“She does?”  A shocked Deborah inquired.

“Yes,” Julia answered.  “She knows I have a bodyguard.”

“Oh, but she doesn’t know it is me?” Deborah asked.

“I don’t think so,” Julia answered her.  “Is there a problem?”

“I sort of have a pass with Raven, and we didn’t end on good terms,” Deborah stated.

“What do you mean?”  Julia questioned her.

“Did you parents ever tell you about a woman named Molly Sherwood?”  Deborah asked her.

“Yes,” Julia responded.  “The crazy housekeeper who turned out to be a killer.”

“The clown puppet killer actually,” Deborah stated.

“I know about her trying to kill my mom and Raven,” Julia informed her.  “All because she thought another crazy woman could have my dad.”

“Yes, that would have been Emily Michaels,” Deborah told her.

“What about it?”  Julia inquired.

“I believed Raven was the killer,” Deborah informed Julia.  “I was so sure she had killed Eliot Dorn.  I couldn’t be convinced otherwise.  When it turned out that Raven wasn’t the killer, I resigned from the police force.”

“Oh my,” Julia exclaimed.  “But you did return to the force eventually.  You were even police chief.”

“Yes,” Deborah said.  “But Raven and I never crossed paths since then.”

“I should probably have my mom talk to her first before we arrive,” Julia told her.

“Yes,” Deborah agreed.

“I will do that now,” Julia told her.  “I think I am ready to leave now.”

“There is one more thing I need to talk to you about before we leave,” Deborah informed her.

“What is that?”  Julia asked her.

“I spoke to James earlier, and he said that you had a key to his desk,” Deborah told her.

“That is correct,” Julia said as he took her keys from her purse.  “It is this one.”  Julia handed her the desk key.  “Did he need something from his desk?”

Deborah walked into to James’s office and put the key in the side desk drawer.  She opened the drawer and pulled out a case.

“What is that?”  Julia inquired.

“James told me that he never got a chance to tell you that he had it,” Deborah stated.

“Had what?”  Julia asked.

Deborah opened the case and pulled out a grey pistol.  It had the word mustang on it.



Charlotte and Nikki were riding in the Whitney limo while Lyle was driving.

“I guess one of the perks of having Lyle as your bodyguard is that we can use him as our personal chauffer,” Nikki stated with a laugh.

“Good, you need to calm down and relax,” Charlotte told Nikki.  “That is the first time I have heard you laugh in a long time.

“That’s easy for you to say,” Nikki responded.

“You can stop here,” Charlotte said to Lyle as she punched a button next to her seat.

“What are you doing?”  Nikki asked her.  “I thought you were taking me home.”

“I am,” Charlotte responded.  “We are just making a stop first.  Why don’t you join me for drink in here?”

“ Are you taking me out drinking?”  Nikki asked her.

“No, this is just a little cocktail bar that I discovered,” Charlotte told her.  “It’s not like I am taking you to the Unicorn to hear Geri DJ.”

“I really don’t want to go,” Nikki told her.

“Just come in for one drink,” Charlotte said.  “You need to relax.  You can go home after it.”

“Alright,” a reluctant Nikki agreed.

As the women exited the limo, Nikki could see the sign about the door.  It read, “Ryan’s Bar.”

“Ryan’s Bar?”  Nikki questioned.  “Why is that name so familiar?”

“It used to be located across town, this is their new location,” Charlotte answered.

“No, that’s not it,” Nikki told her.  “Wait a minute, isn’t that where you meant Andrew?”

“Andrew?”  Lyle asked as he joined the women.

“Charlotte’s first husband,” Nikki responded.

“That’s was a coincidence,” Charlotte told her.  “One of his relatives owns the place.”

“Yeah who would have thought,” Nikki began to say.  “We went check the place out, and the owners talked us into doing a fundraiser for Andrew’s mission.”

“Her first husband, the missionary,” Lyle stated.

“That’s correct,” Nikki said.  “We went back there to meet him to plan the fundraiser.  I think is the only time he had ever been in a bar.   And his family owned the place.”

Lyle and Nikki laughed.

“I’m glad you are having a laugh at my expense,” Charlotte stated.

“Oh, don’t tell me you are here hoping to see him, or to pick up a man,” Nikki said.

“No,” Charlotte exclaimed.  “We are here for you to relax.”

“Alright,” Nikki stated.

“Lyle…” Charlotte started to say but Lyle cut her off.

“I will sit off to the side to give you some privacy,” he said.

“Thank you,” Charlotte stated.

Nikki took a look around the place as she and Charlotte sat there at the bar.  There wasn’t many people there.  He purse began to vibrate.  She opened it and took out her phone.  She had a text message from Matthew asking how she was.  She looked at it, and then put it back in her purse.

“Who is it?”  Charlotte asked.

“It’s just my mom,” Nikki lied.

“What will you ladies have?”  The bar tender asked as he turned to face them.

“I’ll have a stinger,” Charlotte answered swiftly.

“You know you are the only person that comes in here and orders that drink,” the bar tender noted.  “That is until today.”

“Really?” Charlotte asked intrigued.

“Yes, I had a gentleman order it earlier,” the bar tender informed her.

Nikki’s purse vibrated again.  She took her phone out again, and it was Matthew again.  She just sighed heavily.

“What is it?”  Charlotte asked.  “Your mom again/?”

“Yes,” Nikki lied again.  “I think maybe I should just head home.”

Off to the side, Lyle watched the exchange between the two as he looked at the baby picture that he had on his phone.

“I know you are not one of the Whitney children,” he whispered to himself. “But I am going to find who you are, and why Mr. Whitney is lying about you.  I just need to find a way to get into that locker drawer in his study.”

Nikki got up to leave.  “I really want to go home,” she stated.

“Hold on,” Charlotte said.  “Lyle and I will drive you home.”

“More like I will,” Lyle mumbled to himself.

“No, that’s okay, I will take a cab,” Nikki said as she headed to the door.

“Nikki, would you just wait,” Charlotte pleaded but Nikki did not stop.

Lyle got up and walked to Nikki.  “I will make sure she gets in a cab safely.”

“Thanks,” Charlotte told him as Lyle followed Nikki out the door.

“What a day,” Charlotte exclaimed as she took a sip of her stinger.

“Most people I know don’t care for crème de menthe, but I love it that’s why I love stingers,” a brown haired gentlemen with glasses stated as he sat down beside her.  It was Norman Garrision, the man who represents the Golden Eagle Corporation.

“Me too,” Charlotte agreed.

“I hope this seat isn’t taken,” the man asked.

“No, please sit down,” Charlotte told him.

“I’m Norman, Norman Garrison,” the man stated.

“Nice to meet you,” Charlotte told him.  “I’m Charlotte…”  She stopped herself before she said her last name.  “Do you know who I am?”

“No.”  Norman responded.  “Should I?”

“Not necessarily,” Charlotte replied.  “I’m Charlotte Smith.”


Outside Nikki was not pleased to see Lyle following her.

“You are being paid to watch Charlotte, not me,” Nikki stated.

“I just want to see that you get in a cab safely,” Lyle told him.

“That’s not necessary,” Nikki said.

“It’s not a problem,” Lyle started to say as a car pulled up with Matthew driving.

Nikki and Matthew both looked at Lyle.

“Don’t worry, I won’t say anything,” Lyle told them.


Back at the mansion, Julia and Deborah arrived.

“I’m glad you left that thing at the office,” Julia said to Deborah referring to the gun.

“James knows how to use it,” Deborah stated.  “Like he said, he wants me to take you the firing range, and teach you how to shoot it.  He wants you to carry it to protect yourself.”

“And I told you that I am not comfortable with that,” Julia reminded her.  “Besides I thought that is why you are here.”  Julia was walking but stopped at the front door.

“What is it now?”  Deborah asked her.

“Nothing,” Julia replied.  “I just realized this is the first time I am entering the mansion without knocking.”  Julia opened the door and Deborah followed her into the mansion.

Sky and Draper were sitting on the sofa in the living room.  They did not see anyone else.

“How was your day?”  Draper asked his daughter as he went over to hug her.

“Too long,” Julia responded.

“Sky, have you met Deborah…” Draper started to introduce Sky to Deborah but Raven finished his sentence for him.

“Deborah Saxon,” Raven exclaimed.  “What the hell are you doing in my house?”

“I’m here to protect Julia,” Deborah answered her.

“She’s Julia’s bodyguard,” Draper explained.

“What?”  Raven shouted.

“Yes, she is,” April stated entering the room from the study.

“You have got to be kidding me,” Raven said.

“No,” April replied in a serious tone.

“She is not staying in my house,” Raven proclaimed.  “Sky I want her out of here.”

“Well, we could stay at my apartment, I guess,” Julia stated.  “I just want to call James first.  I promised I would call him when we arrived.”

“No,” Raven stated.  “You can stay here.”  Raven was not too pleased and evidently shocked Julia was not on her side.

“Just stay out of my way,” Raven said to Deborah.

“I’m just here to do my job and protect Julia,” Deborah told her.

“They are showing James on the television,” Sky stated as he grabbed the remote and turned on the volume.

There was a picture of James on the screen.

Jody was reading from the press release that William had Bryan had write.  She was reporting on how his condition had improved.

Somewhere Julia’s stalker was also looking at news cast.  He was not happy.  He was kicking stuff around the apartment, and throwing sofa cushions.

He picked up a marker, and went to the television screen.  He wrote ‘Die’ with the red marker across James’s face on the screen.”


Cries in the Night:  Chapter 36


The next morning at the mansion, Sky entered his bedroom to find Raven still in bed.

“Are you ever getting up?”  Sky asked her.

“I have been awake,” Raven answered him.  “I have just been laying her thinking about James and everything.  I need to find him his own bodyguard.  And Gordon needs one as well.  I really don’t want that women in the house.”  Rave was referring to Deborah Saxon who was Julia’s bodyguard.

“Can you just make the best of it?”  Sky questioned her.  “I will call the police and see if they will continue to protect James once he is out of the hospital.  Besides, hopefully soon all of this will be over, and we won’t have to worry anymore.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” Raven told him.  “That women was determined to see me go to jail for Eliot Dorn’s murder.”

“Just hold on for a little while longer,” Sky pleaded with her.

“You were up early this morning,” Raven mentioned.

“Yes,” Sky responded.  “Jeremy Rhodes called me bright and early.  “He said he wants to see me as soon as possible.  He said it was important.  He didn’t seem happy either.”

“Did he tell you why?”  Raven inquired.

“No,” Sky responded.  “Do you have any idea?”

“No, of course not,” Raven told him.

“He is on his way here,” Sky informed Raven.  “I hope it doesn’t take long.  I have to meet with Norman Garrison today about selling the Whitney Towers.  I am determined to find out what he is hiding.”


At the Monticello PD, Chris was calling her detectives into her office, for a meeting.

“Stoner, Guthrie, Gantz, in my office please,” she summoned them.

“I don’t know where Madison is,” Matthew told her referring to Mae.

“She had an appointment this morning,” Chris informed him.  “She will be here later this morning.”

“And I’m not sure where Guthrie is,” Calvin told Chris.  “He was here a second ago.  I’m not sure where he went.”

“I’m right here,” Guthrie yelled from across the squad room as he followed them into Chris’s office.”

“I was meeting with Cyber,” Guthrie told them.  “They were looking at the surveillance video that I got from outside James’s law office.”

“Did they discover anything?”  Chris inquired.

“Yes,” Matthew stated as he held up a print outs of a photos.  “This is from the video.”  It showed someone dressed in all black walking down the hallway.  He stopped by the water bottle outside James’s office.  Then he walked away.”

“It’s hard to see, but he does something to the water bottle,” Guthrie stated.  “I think it is safe to assume, he was injecting it with the Tetrahydrolozine.”

“He’s smart,” Chris said as looked at one of the pictures.  “His face is covered, and he never looks at the cameras.  He must know where they are.”

“And this just increased our suspect pool,” Guthrie noted.  “We are still going to check out everyone from the law office, but anyone could have access to the hallway to inject the Tetrahydrolozine into the water bottle.  And the Tetrahydrolozine is in eye drops and nasal spray.  Anyone can have access to it.”

“And I think we can officially take Suzanne Ross off of our list of suspects,” Matthew suggested.  “We didn’t find anything in her apartment last night to link her to any of this.  And she let us search it without a warrant.  Plus, the guy in these is way too tall to be the petite Ms. Ross.”

“I think you are right,” Chris agreed.  “Where does that leave us for suspects?”

“It’s time to question Nathan Gannon,” Calvin stated.  “He went to the hospital to try to see my mom again last night and caused a scene.”

“Again?”  Chris questioned.  “Have you asked your mother about it?”

“She needed her rest last night,” Calvin said.  “But I will ask her today.  Hopefully, she will be released today.  I was hoping this morning.  But the doctor wanted to wait and see how she was this afternoon.”

“Have you spoken to Victor about it?”  Chris questioned him.

“Yes,” Nathan answered.  “He says Nathan has been acting suspicious, and they know that is hiding something.”

“Then it is time to question him,” Chris told him.

“We will,” Calvin stated.  “And I will find out what he is hiding.”


Lyle was driving Charlotte in the limo to pick up Nikki for her doctor appointment before going to the foundation.  Charlotte was smiling.

“I assume you are thinking about the guy from last night?”  Lyle asked her.

“Yes,” Charlotte responded.  “He was such a gentleman.”

“I wish you would be more careful,” Lyle told her.  “I am supposed to be protecting you.”

“You don’t need to worry about it,” Charlotte said.  “You were only gone a second any way.  I can sense it.  This guy is going to be different.”

“The fourth time is the charm,” Lyle chuckled referring to the fact that Charlotte had been married three times already.”

Charlotte was not amused.  “He actually does not know who I am,” Charlotte informed.  “That is a nice change.”

“I heard you tell that your name was Charlotte Smith,” Lyle noted.  “I expect Geri would be the one to give a guy false name.”

“It’s not like that,” Charlotte told him.  “I want him to get to know me.  There are so many expectations and rumors that go around when you hear the Whitney name.  If he searches for information on Charlotte Smith, he isn’t going to find out anything.  If he looked for information on Charlotte Whitney, he would find out about the trial and so much more.  I want to him to get know me first, then I can tell him about all that.”

“How long do you think you are going to be able to keep this secret?”  Lyle asked her.

“As long as I can,” Charlotte told him.  “He doesn’t even have my number.  I have his business card.”  Charlotte held it up for Lyle to see.  “I hold all the cards right now.  He’s a corporate attorney.  I think daddy would like that.”

“I hope it works out,” Lyle said.  “I really do.  I just hope you know what you are doing.”

“Thanks,” Charlotte told him.  “There’s just one more thing.”

“Give Nikki and you some privacy at the doctor’s office?”   Lyle asked.  “I’m getting used to giving you your privacy.”

“Thanks,” Charlotte stated again.


Across town, Mae was seated in Dr. Hughes’s office.

“I was pleased you called,” Dr. Hughes told her.  “That shows progress.”

“I really want to deal with all this, and put it behind me,” Mae told her.

“I’m glad to hear that,” Dr. Hughes said.

“If yesterday taught me anything, it’s time to make peace with Larry’s death,” Mae stated.  Mae was referring to her performance on the shooting range the day before, and her inability to draw her gun to enter James’s hospital room.”

“Tell me about the day your partner Larry died,” Dr. Hughes told her.

Mae began to recall the events of that day.  She and Larry had answered a domestic violence call.  When they arrived at the house, no one was answering the door.  The wife who had made the call was not answering the phone.  Larry went around to enter the house from the rear.  Mae waited for him to get back there before she knocked on the door again.  “There was still no answer,” Mae explained.  “I called for backup, before I knocked the door in.”

“Then what happened?”  Dr. Hughes inquired.

“I identified myself but there was no answer,” Mae answered.  “The house was surprisingly quiet.  I called for Larry but there was no answer.”  Mae then paused.

“And then what?”  Dr. Hughes questioned her.

“When I entered the living room, that is when I saw it,” Mae told her.  Mae took a deep breath.  “It was across the room, but I knew what it was before I got there.  It was a dead body.”

“Then what did you?”  Dr. Hushes asked.

“I walked across the room,” Mae answered.  “She was dead, and covered in blood.  It looked like she had been bludgeoned to death.  I did not know it at the time, but it was the wife who called the police for help.  We hadn’t got there in time.  He had killed her.  I radioed it but there still no sign of Larry.”

“What did you do next?”  Dr. Hughes inquired.

“I called out for Larry, but there was no answer,” Mae responded.  “I walked to the back of the house, toward the entrance where Larry was supposed to have entered.  There was no sign of him.  I walked to the kitchen, and there was a side door open.  It lead to the garage.  I went through that door, and that is where I found him.”


Back at the mansion, Geri was seated at the breakfast table playing with her phone when Robert entered the room.

“You are running late for work at the foundation,” he told her.

Geri yawned before responding.  “You are really starting to get on my nerves,” she said to him.  “The foundation is not going anywhere, besides hopefully I won’t have to go there much longer.”  Geri was referring to her bet with Charlotte about Adam.  If Geri won the bet, she would not have to work at the Foundation any longer.

“What are you talking about?”  Robert asked her.

“She’s just joking,” Gordon said as he entered the kitchen.

“Where have you been this morning?”  Geri questioned him.

“I’ve been moving around the mansion to avoid dad,” Gordon answered her.  “I still haven’t told him about what happened with Norman Garrison.”

“I told you how to handle it,” Geri reminded him.

Robert who was in the corner of the room laughed at them.

“I need you to work on my case today,” Geri told Gordon.

“Your case?”  Gordon questioned.

“Yes,” Geri responded.  “I need you to find out where I can locate Katherine’s father.  Then I can fix it so that Adam runs into him.   And  when that happens,  Adam will find out that Katherine was lying to him about her father abandoning her mother when he found out that she was pregnant.  Who knows what else she is lying about?  I expect you to find out.”

Robert just stood there shaking his head as he listened to her.

“I know where to find him,” Gordon informed Geri.

“Really?”  Geri asked.

“Yes, apartment 4B in Fletcher Building,” Gordon answered.  “We followed him to the building last night.  So it was safe to assume he lives there.  Anyway, I called this morning, Damon Corey lives in apartment 4B.  He’s the only Corey in the building.  It has to be him.”

“Good work,” Geri told him.

“Now what are you going to do?”  Gordon asked her.

“Change for work,” Geri replied ignoring the question as Sky entered the kitchen.

“Here you are,” he said to Gordon.  “What is going on?  You haven’t answered my calls, and I have been looking for you all morning.”

Gordon froze for a second, “Well, things didn’t go like I had hoped when I called to cancel our meeting with Norman Garrison yesterday.”  Gordon started to say.

‘What happened?”  Sky inquired.

Gordon was silent.

“Oh, you haven’t told dad yet?” Geri asked sounding fake.  “The man told Gordon that they were no longer interested in the Towers.”

“That’s right,” Gordon lied.  “I think he suspected we were up to something.”

“I was afraid of that,” Sky stated.

‘But Gordon has a plan,” Geri continued.  “Gordon is going to lure him out of hiding, and then follow him to find out his secrets.”

“And how are you going to do that?”  Sky asked.  “If you wouldn’t come out of hiding for the sale of the Towers, what else can we do?”

“I haven’t figured that out yet,” Gordon responded.

“Well, we are then going to work out of the house today,” Sky told Gordon.  “You mother still wants you with me until we can find someone to protect you.  And I don’t want to argue with her with all that has been happening.”

“Well, Gordon wanted to know if he could go to James’s law office,” Geri mentioned.  “Since James is still in the hospital, Gordon figured they could use the help on his campaign.”

Gordon stood there puzzled by what Geri was saying.

“Robert and I can drop him off on the way to the foundation, and Julia’s bodyguard will be there, so he should be safe,” Geri stated.

“That’s a great idea,” Sky said.  “I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks,” a confused James responded.

“Check in with me later,” Sky told him.  “I am meeting with Jeremy Rhodes shortly.”

“What was that all about?”  Gordon asked Geri after Sky had left the room.

“You owe me,” Geri responded.  “I need you to go there and keep tabs on Katherine.  I need to know when she is going to be with Adam so I can make sure her they run into her father.”

Gordon just kept shaking his head.

“You are going to do it,” Geri stated.  “Besides since you are so sweet on her, you can make your move on her.”

“You are always up to something,” Robert said to Geri.


At the D.A.’s office, Laurie was at her desk looking at Victor’s campaign literature when the phone rang.

“Hello,” she said as answered.

“Laurie, is that you?” The voice on the other end asked.

“Yes,” Laurie responded.

“This is Nathan,” the voice on the phone informed her.

“Oh, Nathan,” Laurie stated.

When Victor heard Nathan’s name, he immediately over to Laurie’s desk.

“Oh I see,” Laurie stated.  “I will tell him.”

“What is it?”  Victor inquired as Laurie hung up the phone.

“Nathan is taking a sick day,” Laurie informed him.

Victor made a fist and slammed it against Laurie’s desk.

“Victor,” Laurie exclaimed.

“I’m sorry,” Victor told her.  “I know he is hiding something.”

“Who is?”  Calvin asked as he entered the office with Guthrie.

“Who do you think?”  Victor responded.

“Nathan?”  Guthrie asked.  “That is who we are here to talk to today.”

“It’s about time,” Victor stated.

“Where is he?”  Calvin inquired.

“He called in sick today,” Laurie informed them.

Calvin and Guthrie just looked at each other.

“Do you walk to go to his place and speak to him there?”  Guthrie asked Calvin.

“I’m not sure,” Calvin responded.  “Since he is so interested in how my mom is doing, I want to see what she has to say about him first.”

“But we could look at his desk while we are here,” Guthrie suggested.

“By all means go ahead,” Victor told them.  “But we didn’t find anything in it.”

“We?”  Calvin asked.

“My mom and I looked through it the other day,” Victor informed them.

“We were really just looking for change for the drink machine,” Laurie told them.

“But I did not see anything that seemed significant in it,” Victor stated as Suzanne Ross walked into the office.

“Long time no see,” she said to Calvin and Guthrie.

“What are you doing here?”  Calvin asked her.

“She’s here to see me,” Victor informed them.

“Oh,” a shocked Laurie stated.

“We can meet in my office,” Victor told her as he led her to his office.

“What is he up to with her?”  Calvin inquired.

“He knows we cleared her as a suspect,” Guthrie mentioned.  “So who knows.”

“Please have a seat,” Victor stated as he closed the door behind them.

“So what did you want to see me about?”  Suzanne asked him.

“Well, I am short staffed in the office,” Victor started to say.  “And you do you law office experience.”

“That is true,” Suzanne stated.  “So you are offering me a job?”

“There’s more to it than that,” Victor told her.

“How so?”  Suzanne questioned him.

“I think we can help each other out,” Victor responded.

Laurie just stared at the two of them from her desk.  “So you don’t think we have anything to worry about with her?”  She asked Calvin and Guthrie.

“No,” Guthrie responded.  “We are pretty sure she didn’t have anything to do with any of this.”

“What about Nathan?”  She inquired.

“I’ll holding off judgment until I talk to him,” Calvin responded.

At Nathan’s desk, Guthrie held up a small tablet of stationary.  “Just like the kind used to send the letters to Julia,” he noted.

Calvin walked over to him.  “We know the whole office has the same stationary.”

“True,” Guthrie responded.  “But what about this?”  Guthrie held up a bottle of eye drops.  “They said they could have been used to poison James.”

“But what are the chances, that we can prove that that was the bottle used?”  Calvin asked.  “And would he be stupid enough to keep it in his desk.”

“You never know,” Guthrie replied.

“Well, bag it,” Calvin told him.  “We can always let Forensics look at it, but I think it is a dead end.”

“Alright,” Guthrie stated as he put it in a zip lock bag.

‘But I can’t wait to talk to Mr. Gannon, and see what he has to say for himself,” Calvin stated.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go to his place now?”  Guthrie inquired.

“No, I really do want to talk to my mom first,” Calvin answered.  “I am curious if she is friends with him as he claims.


At Monticello General, Didi was out of her hospital bed and looking out the window.  “You really don’t need to be here,” she stated.  “The doctors are probably going to release me this afternoon.”
“And I want to be here for that,” Nathan told her.  “I want to be the one to take you home.  To my home.”


At the Whitney mansion, April came down the stairs to find Raven sitting on the sofa.

“You don’t look like you slept at all last night,” Raven said to her.

“I really didn’t,” April responded.  “I have been having problems for a while now.”

“It’s understandable with all this going on with James and Julia,” Raven stated.  “I can’t stop worrying about them myself.”

“I need to get going I have a cab waiting for me,” April informed her.

“Where are you going?”  Draper asked as he entered the room.

“I’m getting together with Nancy,” April answered.  “She wants me to look at the new chapter she wrote before her publisher sees it.  The man has been pressuring her to make changes.”

“Changes in Geraldine’s book?”  Raven inquired.  “What kind of changes?  And remind Nancy Geraldine was a Whitney.  If that publisher gives her too much trouble she has the full use of all of our attorneys at her disposal.”

“I’ll let her know,” April replied intentionally not answering Raven’s comments about the changes.  April did not want to tell her that the changes involved Raven and the current Whitneys.

“I’ll share the cab with you,” Draper told April.  “I think I am going to go to the law office.  Maybe I can help on James’s campaign.  And I can keep an eye on her myself.”

“Please keep us updated on James,” April said to Raven as she and Draper left the mansion.

“So how did you sleep?”  Draper asked April as they were outside the mansion.

“Or do you mean what did I dream?”  April responded.

Draper was silent for a second.  “Well what did you dream last night?”

“It wasn’t much different,” April replied.  “I saw Julia’s face again.  And I saw the gun.  The only thing different was I saw the gun being fired.  And I heard Julia scream.”

“Who fired it?”  Draper questioned her.

“I didn’t see,” April answered.  “And I can’t figure out how all these dreams are connected.  Is this related to my dream of the big dark room with everyone screaming he’s dead.  Or your funeral.


At the law office, Katherine, William and Bryan were surprised when Gordon arrived accompanied by Robert and Geri.

“What are you all doing here?”  Katherine asked him.

“I figured you guys could use some help on James’s campaign since he is in the hospital,” Gordon stated though he didn’t seem too enthused about it.  “The only way I was allowed out of the mansion was if I was with Robert and he left in Deborah’s care.  Where is she?  Where is Deborah?”  Gordon asked when he realized that he did not see her in the room.”

“She is in James’s office with Julia,” Katherine answered him.  “They wanted some privacy.”

“But we sure can use your help with the campaign,” William told him.

“We should be leaving,” Robert said to Geri.  “You need to get to the foundation.”

“Alright,” Geri replied.  “I was DJ at the Unicorn last night,” she said to Katherine.   “You and Adam should have come and checked me out.  I will be the again soon.  Please do.  Unless you have other plans.”

“We need to get going,” Robert told Geri.  He opened the door to the office, and Geri finally took the hint to leave.

“Okay,” a confused Katherine replied to Geri as she walked out.  Katherine was obviously unsure what to make of the whole conversation.

“So what can I do?”  Gordon asked William changing the subject.

“Come over here,” William replied.  “You can help Bryan put all these yard signs together.  You can help him deliver them, and put them out this afternoon.”

Gordon walked over to where Bryan was but you could tell he was not too happy.

“This isn’t what you had in mind,” Bryan chuckled.

“How is your brother doing today?”  William inquired.

“I haven’t heard any news today,” Gordon told him.  “But he has been getting better.”

“Bryan is setting up another interview with WMON for him,” William informed Gordon.  “We need the public to see that is better.  We are coming into the home stretch of the campaign.  And that should put him over the top.”

“He is all business,” Gordon whispered to Bryan.

“Yes, he is,” Bryan replied as he looked at William.    “He always is.  It is kind of hot in here, Dad.  Aren’t you hot wearing that jacket?  Are you sure you don’t want to take it off?”

“I’m fine,” William responded.

“Or are you wearing short sleeves?”  Bryan whispered into William ears as he pointed at his own wrist.  Bryan was taunting William about the gang tattoo that he had on his wrist.

William was up for any of it.  “I said I am fine,” William repeated.  “Now get to work.”

The phone in the office rang and Katherine answered it.  “Swift and Associates. This is Katherine.  Oh, hi, Adam”

The expression on Gordon face changed when he saw that she was talking to Adam.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get together last night, but I was just too tired,” Katherine stated.

Gordon remembered watching Katherine as she ran into her father outside the coffee shop.

“Dinner tonight?”  Katherine questioned him.  “I would love to.  Do you want me to meet you at the restaurant?”

“She sounds like she is getting serious with him,” Gordon mentioned to Bryan.

“I think so,” Bryan commented.  “Are you interested in her?”

Gordon did not respond.

“Well, if you want to pick me up in your cab, that is fine,” Katherine told Adam.

“You think a doctor would have his own car,” Gordon said to Bryan.  They were unaware of that Bryan had totaled his new car before he arrived in Monitcello.

Kathrine finished the call and hung up the phone.

“Now can we get back to work?” William asked her.

“I told you he is always business,” Bryan told Gordon.

Katherine who was smiling when she was on the phone changed to serious after William told her that.

“I’m sorry,” she stated.

“That’s okay,” Gordon said.  “So where is he taking you tonight?”

“Some place I have never heard of,” Katherine replied.  “Delmonico’s.  Reservations are supposed to be hard to be come by.  And he was excited that he got one.”

“Hard to come by,” William mumbled.  “It just depends on who you know.”

Gordon thought for a second.  He remembered what Geri told him earlier about finding out Katherine’s plans with Adam.  “Should I tell her?”  He whispered to himself.

There was a swoosh sound before the door of the office as the mail came through the slot.

Katherine walked over to the door and put her hand out to pick up the mail.  She stopped herself before she picked it up.  She noticed the familiar yellow envelope in the slot.  The envelope that had contained all of Julia’s stalker’s letters.


In James’s office, Julia was talking to Deborah.  James’s desk drawer was open and they were looking at the gun in it.

“I didn’t know James had this,” Julia told Deborah.

“He apparently has had it for a few years,” Deborah informed her.  “It was apparently Sky’s idea for him to carry it with him for protection.”

“I don’t know if I could do that,” Julia said to Deborah.  “I really don’t like guns.”

“I could teach you how to shoot it,” Deborah informed Julia.  “James just wants to make sure you can protect yourself in case anything happens.”

“And I keep tell you that you are here to protect me,” Julia reminded Deborah.

“I am,” Deborah replied.

Julia picked up the gun out of the drawer and held it in her hand.  “No, I don’t think I can do this.”

As she was holding the gun, the door flung open and Katherine entered.  “Ms. Scott you received another letter in the…”  Katherine stopped what she was saying when saw that Julia was holding a gun.  “Oh my!”


Across town after having parked the limousine, Lyle took a seat in Dr. Samuel’s office.  He picked up his phone and looked at the baby picture again.  He recalled going into Sky’s study the night before when everyone was asleep.  He picked the lock to the drawer where Sky had kept the lock box with the picture.  But when he opened the drawer, the box was empty.

“That’s a beautiful baby,” a woman noted who sat down close to him.  “Who is it?”

Lyle looked up to see that the women was Jody Travis.  “It is my niece,” Lyle lied to her.

“You are the Whitneys’ chauffer aren’t you?”  Jody asked.  “I’m Jody Travis.

“Yes I am,” Lyle replied.  “And I recognize you from the news.”

“Are you here with Mrs. Whitney?”  Jody asked.

Lyle was obviously bothered by the question.  “No, I am waiting for someone else.”

“Oh I see,” Jody responded relieved to find out that Raven was not there.


Inside the office, a nervous Nikki was seated next to Charlotte who was holding her hand.

“It’s going to be okay,” Charlotte kept telling her as the door to the office opened.

Dr. Samuel entered with a file folder.  As he passed by the desk, Nikki and Charlotte stood there silent and motionless.

“Do you know what is wrong?”  Nikki finally asked.

“I think so,” Dr. Samuel responded.  “I had them run it twice to be sure.”

“What is it?”  Nikki questioned him.

“With the pregnancy like symptoms you were having-the high level of hcG, the vomiting, and your anemia, I expected you had some type of gestational trophoblastic disease.”

“Oh my God,” Nikki exclaimed.  “What is that?”

“Now calm down and let me explain,” Dr. Samuel told her.  “They are normally forms of cancer.”

“Oh no,” Nikki cried as Charlotte grabbed her hand.

“Please let me finish,” Dr. Samuel stated.

“But you don’t have all the symptoms of a typical gestational trophoblastic disease,” Dr. Samuel stated.  “You don’t have any tumors.  So I had do a little more research.”

“And?”  A nervous Nikki inquired.

“You do have a Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria,” Dr. Samuel stated.  “It is similar to aplastic anemia.  It’s rare.  Which is why it was hard to diagnose.”

“Tell me about,” Nikki told him.

“Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria is something to be taken serious,” Dr. Samuel answered.  “You are missing a gene called PIG-A. This gene allows a substance called glycosyl-phosphatidylinositol (GPI) to help certain proteins stick to cells.  As a result, red blood cells break down too early. The red cells leak hemoglobin into the blood.”

“What does this mean?”  Charlotte asked.

“What can treat the symptoms, but that will not cure the Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria,” Dr. Samuel informed them.

“Can you cure it?”  A nervous Nikki asked.  “What if you can’t?”

“It can be deadly, but we can treat it,” Dr. Samuel answered her,

“Really treatable?”  Nikki questioned him.

“Yes,” Dr. Samuel said.  “It is serious, don’t get me wrong.  Most people survive only 10 years after diagnosis.  But it has spread rapidly in you.  But it is treatable.  With a bone marrow transplant, there is no reason to believe that you won’t make a full recovery.”

“Bone marrow transplant?”  Nikki asked.

“Yes,” Dr. Samuel repeated.  “One or both of your parents should be a match to you.  After the transplant you will need to take it easy for a few months but then you will be back to normal.”

“See, you are going to get through this,” Charlotte told Nikki.

“I wonder if Julliard will hold my spot,” Nikki said.

“It’s not time to think about that,” Charlotte told her.

“Right now, we need to get your parents in here as soon as possible and get them tested to see which one is a match for you,” Dr. Samuel told Nikki.


Back at the mansion, Sky and Raven were the only two people left there when the doorbell rang.

“That must be Jeremy,” Sky stated as he headed to the door to answer it.

“I will leave you two alone,” Raven told him.  “I’m going to be going to the hospital to see James.”

Sky answered the door to find Jeremy standing there.  He could tell he was not happy.

“Come in,” Sky told him.  “We can meet in my study.”  Sky stated walking in that direction.

“I will leave you two alone,” Raven told Jeremy.  “I’m going to the hospital to see James.”

“I will like for you to be in on this,” Jeremy told Raven.

“Really?”  A confused Raven asked as she followed the two men into the study and closed the door.

“What is all this about?”  Sky inquired.

“You wife has been making threats and blackmailing my wife,” Jeremy blurted out.

“What?”  A shocked Sky asked.

Raven just there with her eyes wide open.  She tried to speak but Jeremy cut her off.

“You have her so worried that she had anxiety attack yesterday,” Jeremy informed them.

“I can’t be responsible for that,” Raven stated.

Jeremy was getting angry.

“What could she possibly be holding over Jody’s head?”  Sky asked.

“We trusted you two all those years ago,” Jeremy began to say.  “And this is how you repaid us.”

“What are you talking about?”  Sky inquired.

“Your wife threatened to tell Nikki that I am not her biological father,” Jeremy stated.


*****Note***** This will be the last posting until January 5th.  I will be taking a break for the holidays.






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