Cries in the Night: Chapter 31 & 32

Cries in the Night:  Chapter 31


At the law office, Guthrie was on the phone trying to reach Chris to inform her that James’s ex- girlfriend, Suzanne was back in town.  “If I can’t get a hold of her, I am going to call the hospital myself and tell them to be on the lookout for her.”

“Do you have an address for her?”  Deborah asked.

“All we have is the address where she used to live in Monticello,” Katherine replied looking at papers in a folder.

“It won’t hurt to check it out,” Deborah stated.

William and Bryan were standing off to the side.  “Did you schedule James’s interview on WMON yet?”  William questioned his son.

“Not yet,” Bryan responded.  “I see you are all business as usual.”

Julia just sat there thinking before she spoke aloud.  “Do you really think Suzanne could be the one behind all this?”


At Monticello General, Suzanne entered James’s hospital room to find him laying down with his eyes closed.  She picked up his medical chart at the end of the bed and looked at it.  “So you are getting better,” she whispered to herself.  She placed the chart back and then sat down next to his bed.  She placed her hand on his.

Her touch caused James to open his eyes.  He turned and was surprised to see her in his room.  “Suzanne?   What are you doing here?”

“To see you of course,” she responded.

“Why are you dressed like that?”  James inquired referring to the fact that she was in a nurse’s uniform.

“That’s not important,” she answered him.  “I need to talk to you.”

“Does it have to be right now?” James asked.  “What are you doing in town?”

“You missed me didn’t you,” Suzanne stated.  “I have been back a good while.”

“Suzanne, you really shouldn’t be here right now,” James told her.

“I won’t be long,” Suzanne said.

“You don’t understand,” James started to say as she he picked up the buzzer to call the nurse.

Suzanne pulled it out of his hand.  “There’s no need for that. Now would you just listen to me?”


At WMON, Jody sat at her desk going through her purse after her fight with Angela.  She was obviously trying to find something.

Jeremy walked over to her and asked, “What is going on with you and Angela?”

“It’s nothing,” she responded.  “Just ignore her.  Professional jealousy.”

“What are you looking for?”  He inquired.  “We need you on the set for the noon newscast.”

She pulled out her phone.  “I just want to text Adam and make sure we are still on for our lunch date,” Jody lied.

“Hurry up,” Jeremy told her as he went back to the set.

After he left, Jody through her cell phone back in her purse.  She found the bottle of pills that Dr. Samuel had prescribed for her.  She opened it to realize that she had forgotten that it was empty.

“Damn, damn, damn,” she said to herself.  She put her purse on her desk, and then joined Jeremy on the news set.


At Monticello General, Chris and Mae arrived after Calvin had informed them that he was bringing Didi there since she was experiencing the same symptoms as James.  Mae was not saying much since her performance on the shooting range.

As they walked to the ER, Chris received a phone call from Guthrie.  She stopped walking as she spoke to him.

Mae could tell it was something important, but she was only getting bits and pieces of the conversation.

“What is it?”  Mae asked breaking the silence between the two.

“We may have a suspect in the Julia Scott case,” Chris informed Mae as Chris ended her call with Guthrie.

“Who?”  Mae asked.

“Suzanne Ross, James’s ex-girlfriend,” Chris replied.  “Guthrie is sending the guard outside James’s room a picture.  We can go there after we talk with Mrs. Stoner.”

“Are you sure you want to be the one to do this?”  Mae asked referring to the fact that Didi blames Chris for the death of Calvin Sr.

“Calvin is too close to the case to handle this,” Chris stated.  “And Matthew isn’t responding to any of our calls.  He’d better have a good reason for that.  But you are right.  You should do the talking.”

“Thanks,” Mae responded.

They were greeted by the doctor outside Didi’s room in the ER.

“She’s stable,” he informed them.  “She definitely showing the same signs of Tetrahydrolozine poisoning as Mr.  Swift.  Although, she is not as advanced.  And I won’t be able to confirm that for sure until I get the results of her tox screen.  But I almost certain that is what it is.”

“Thank you, doctor,” Chris told him.  “Can we see her?”

“Yes,” the doctor replied.  “Her son is with her now.”


As they entered the room, it was obvious that Didi was both shocked and not happy to see Chris.

“I’m detective Mae Madison,” Mae announced introducing herself to Didi.

“Nice to meet you,” Didi replied.

“I wish it would be under better circumstances,” Calvin stated.

“We talked with your doctor,” Chris informed them.

Mae turned to Chris since Chris was trying to lead the investigation.  Chris realized what Mae was thinking and gave her a nod to proceed.

“Though we don’t have the test results to confirm it yet, we believe you have Tetrahydrolozine poisoning just like Mr. Swift,” Mae explained.

Didi’s face lit up when she announced that.

“But the doctor assured us that she is going to be fine,” Calvin said.

“That is correct,” Mae replied.  “She hasn’t been infected as much as Mr. Swift.”

“But we still need to know who, why and how,” Calvin stated.

“That’s correct,” Mae agreed.  “We can assume the law office is the common denominator between the two cases.  But…”

“Why wasn’t everyone else in the office affected?”  Calvin asked finishing Mae’s question for her.

“We know that it had to be ingested or injected,” Mae mentioned.

“And I doubt you two would have received injections without noticing,” Chris said.

“So that leaves us with ingestion,” Mae surmised.  “What have you been eating or drinking the last couple days?  Anything out of the ordinary?”

Didi paused for a second and thought.  “Nothing that I can think of at the moment,” she replied.

“Have you or Mr. Swift ate or drank anything in common?”  Mae inquired.

“No,” Didi started to say but stopped herself.  “Water!”

“What?”  Calvin questioned her.

“Water,” she repeated.  “It’s been extra hot the last couple days so I have been drinking a lot of water from the cooler in James’s office.  It’s in his office because he is mainly the only person that drinks from it.”

“That’s true, he really only drinks water,” Calvin stated.

“We have to have that bottle analyzed,” Chris announced.

“Guthrie should still be at the office,” Calvin informed them.


Outside the room, Nathan had arrived at the ER and went to the desk.  “Has Didi Stoner been admitted?”  He asked.  “I need to see her.”

“I’m sorry the police are with her now,” the woman at the desk said.  “You will have to wait.”

“I need to see her now,” Nathan repeated.  “How is she?”

“Are you a relative?”  The woman asked.  “Are you her son?”

Nathan was offended by the question but was too worried about Didi to react.  “No.  Can you please tell me where she is?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t tell you that if you are not a family member,” the woman informed him.

“I need to know,” Nathan said getting louder.

Chris and Mae were exiting the room when they overheard the interaction.

“Is something wrong, counselor?”  Chris asked.

“Were you with Didi?”  He asked them.  “How is she?  Is she okay?”

Chris and Mae exchanged a shocked look.

“How do you know Mrs. Stoner?”  Mae inquired.

“We worked in Capitol City together,” Nathan informed them.  “We are friends.”

“I see,” Chris replied.  “She should be fine.  But she needs her rest.  She can’t receive any visitors.  But I will let know here know you were here.”

“Thank you,” Nathan responded as he started to leave.

“What do you make of that?”  Mae asked Chris.

“I’m not sure,” Chris replied.

“We do have him down as one of the potential suspects for sending the letters to Julia,” Mae reminded Chris.  “He went to law school with Julia and they did not get along at all.  And she believes he stole that job in Capitol City from her.”

“If he is the one who poisoned James, and he is friends with Didi like he stated, he could be upset that she got poisoned by mistake,” Chris noted.

“It seems we have more than one viable suspect besides James’s ex-girlfriend Suzanne,” Mae stated.  “Though the letters and poisoning could possibly be unrelated.”

“But you’ll be seeing him again when you’ll visit the D.A. office,” Chris told her.  “See what you find out there, you may need to bring him in for further questioning.”


At the law office, Guthrie had gotten off the phone with Chris and informed everyone that they believed the water bottle was the source of the Tetrahydrolozine.

“Just like Nola Madison,” Deborah whispered.

“Who?” everyone asked.

“This crazy movie actress who poisoned Dr. Miles Cavanaugh through his water cooler,” she explained.  “It’s when I was first on the force.  She actually murdered your grandmother, Margo.”  Deborah said to Julia.

“I haven’t heard that name in years,” Julia stated.  “That was a bad time for my parents.

Guthrie walked into James’s office to the water cooler.  “Is James the person who drinks from this most of the time?”

“Yes, Mr. Swift is,” Katherine replied.  “That’s why it is in his office.  He rarely drinks anything besides water.”

Bryan sat off to side looking at his father.

“What is it?  William whispered to him as he went over to him.

“You have drunken from that cooler before,” Bryan mentioned.

“And?”  William asked.

“How come you are not sick?”  Bryan asked him.

“Keep your voice down,” William told him.  “Do you want the police to hear you?”

“Why?”  Bryan questioned him.

“I don’t want to waste more time talking to them,” William responded.  “I didn’t drink that much from it.  Besides remember I did get a little sick the other night.”

“I’m going to have to call a forensics team to come get the water cooler,” Guthrie informed them.  “Which means we will have to treat the office as a crime scene.”

“Great,” William exclaimed.  “Just as long as you understand I still have a campaign to run.”

Deborah, Guthrie and Katherine were shocked by the comment.

“He really doesn’t mean to sound uncaring,” Bryan stated.  “It’s just his normal temperament.”

“Bryan, have you got that interview set up for James yet?”  William asked changing the subject.

Katherine started putting stuff back in the box labeled “Suzanne”.  “Do you still need this box?” she asked.

“We should probably take it into evidence,” Guthrie informed her.

“I will get everything I can find on Suzanne and put it in the box,” Katherine said.

“Thank you,” Guthrie told her.

Deborah called Guthrie off to the side.

“I know I am retired and not on this case but…” she started to say but Guthrie cut her off.

“If the water cooler is the source of the Tetrahydrolozine, then whoever put it in there has access to this office,” Guthrie stated.

“Correct,” Deborah said.  “So who does that leave for suspects?”

Deborah and Guthrie looked around the office at Katherine, William, Bryan and Julia.


At the foundation, Matthew and Nikki were taken by surprise at Geri being there.

“What are you doing here?”  Niki asked.

“I work here, don’t I?”  Geri responded.

“I don’t know if I would call it working,” Nikki stated.

Matthew let out a chuckle.

“I could ask you the same thing,” Geri mentioned.  “Why are you here?”

“None of your business,” Nikki said.

“I was just seeing her to work; we met for lunch,” Matthew lied.

“How interesting,” Geri stated.  “How’s Calvin?”

“You’re making something out of nothing,” Matthew responded.

Robert sat off to the side bored at the whole scene.

“I really need to get to work,” Matthew told Nikki.

“I’ll see you out,” Nikki told them as they walked outside the office.

“You can’t let her get to you,” Matthew said.

“I’m not,” Nikki replied.  “I think I have more important things to worry about than what Geri Whitney says.”

“I know it’s hard, but try not to worry,” Matthew told her.  “I’m here for you.  And you are going to make it through this.”

“Thank you,” Nikki stated as she hugged him goodbye.

“All this is so interesting,” Geri said to Robert as she stared at the door waiting for Nikki to come back in the office.

Robert just yawned.

Nikki came back into the office and walked right past Geri ignoring her.

“Where is Charlotte at?” she asked Geri.

“She went dress shopping for a fund raiser, and then she was going to see James at the hospital.”

“Now, that you are here, I need to be going,” Geri told her.  “I need to plan.  I am going to be the DJ tonight at the Unicorn.”

“I didn’t see that on your twitter feed,” Robert mentioned.

“You follow me on twitter?” an excited Geri stated.

“It’s part of my job,” Robert informed her.  “I need to know where you are at all times.”

“Great,” Geri stated.

“Maybe you should stop focusing on yourself and go visit James,” Nikki suggested.

“He is doing better today,” Geri stated.

“But there is one thing you could do for me before I leave,” Geri told her.

“And what is that?”  Nikki inquired.

“Put in a good word for me with your cousin Adam,” Geri responded.

Nikki laughed.  “Are you serious?  Can you just give up on him?  Besides why would I want to do that?”

Geri was not pleased by her statement.  She leaned under the desk to take the pregnancy test out the trash.

“Oh I think you will, if you know what is good for you” Geri stated.

“Can you just leave now?”  Nikki begged her as she realized Geri was holding the pregnancy stick.

Robert stood up to leave as Nikki said that.

Geri paused for a second.  She dropped the pregnancy test back in the trash which Robert and Nikki noticed.

“I’ll be going now,” she informed Nikki as she grabbed her purse.  “I am going to call Adam later.  Please put in a kind word for me.  And then maybe I won’t mention it to Calvin about your ‘lunch’ with Matthew when I see him or anything else.”

Geri want to the door and paused.  She looked at Robert and motioned for him to open it for her.  Robert just stared at her but finally opened the door for her.

As the two left, Nikki sat down at her desk and banged her hands on it.


Cries in the Night:  Chapter 32

At the Karr house, April was packing her and Draper’s suitcases.

“I hope you are not upset that we are leaving?”  April asked Nancy.  “But Raven feels everyone will be safe at the mansion until this over with.  And I want to be close to Julia.”

“Of course, I understand,” Nancy replied.

“I was worried enough when I was dreaming of Draper, but now that I started dreaming of Julia too, I really don’t want to leave her out of my sight,” April stated.

“Besides the cemetery, do you recognize any other places in your dreams?”  Nancy asked her.

“No,” April replied.  “But if the cemetery is in Monticello, then the rest of the dreams must take place here too.  I dreamed about the funeral and the room where it happens.  Everyone exclaims ‘he’s dead’.  It’s a big room but that’s all I can make out in the dream.”

“And what about Julia?”  Nancy inquired.

“In my dreams, I get a sense that something is going to happen to her,” April informed Nancy.  “That’s how it started with Draper.  I had the sense first, then I dreamed of his death.”

“And do you think this relates to what is going on with Julia right now?”  Nancy questioned.

“I don’t know,” April responded.  “But there has to be a way that I can make sure that they don’t come true.”

“I understand you are worried about them, but I am worried about you,” Nancy told April.  “You are hardly sleeping at all.”

“I know,” April replied.  “Draper thinks I should talk to Beth.”

“Would you have a problem with that?”  Nancy inquired.

“No, I have tried to call her already, I guess I should again,” April told her.

“I think that is a good idea,” Nancy stated.  “She really helped Laurie and Victor for that matter.”

The front door opened and Draper entered the house.  He went to the bedroom where Nancy and April were.

“You are here by yourself?”  April asked.  “Where is Julia?  I can’t believe you let her out of your sight.”

“Relax,” Draper told her.  “Deborah Saxon is with her.  I hired her to be Julia’s bodyguard.”

“You did?”  April asked.

“Yes,” Draper replied.

“That’s great,” April said.  “Now we have to find someone to watch over you.”

Draper wasn’t too pleased with the comment.

“I told you that you don’t have to worry about me,” Draper said.  “We will make it through this like we always have.”

Draper hugged April.  April had a look of worry in her eyes during the hug.

“I’m going to try to call Beth again,” April informed Draper.

“I think that is a good idea,” he replied.


At the foundation, Charlotte and Lyle arrived to find Nikki deep in thought at her desk.

“Are you all right?”  Charlotte asked her.

Charlotte didn’t respond but just made a notion toward Lyle.

“Lyle, could you wait outside?”  Charlotte asked him.  “We need to discuss some female stuff.”

“By all means, go ahead,” he responded as he swiftly went outside the office.

“It’s amazing how easy that subject can get rid of a man,” Charlotte chuckled.

Nikki didn’t respond.

Charlotte’s tone turned serious.  “What did Dr. Samuel say?  How far along are you?”

“I’m not pregnant,” Nikki announced.

“Well that’s great,” Charlotte responded.  “Well it is, isn’t it?”

“But there is something wrong with me,” Nikki informed her.

“What?”  Charlotte inquired.  “Is it your anemia?”

“He’s not sure,” Nikki answered.  “I have more test results to wait for.”

“You can’t let yourself focus on this,” Charlotte said.  “You need to think of something else.  Why don’t you come to the hospital with us to see James?”

“You haven’t seen him yet today?”  Nikki asked.

“No, I came back here to pick up my phone charger because my phone was dying,” Charlotte explained.  “I can get Geri back to answer the phones.  I don’t know why she isn’t still here.”

“No, let her stay away,” Nikki said.

Charlotte could tell Geri had done something.  “What did she do this time?”  Charlotte asked.

“She is still determined to get together with Adam,” Nikki informed her.  “She wants me to put in a good word for her with him.”

“And why does she think that you would do that?”  Charlotte questioned.

“If I don’t, she’s going to tell Calvin that I was with Matthew among other things,” Nikki informed her.

“What?” a shocked Charlotte asked.

“It’s not what you think,” Nikki told her.  “He happened to be waiting for me when I got out of Dr. Samuel’s office.”

“What was he doing there?”  Charlotte inquired.

“He still cares about me,” Nikki stated.  “He was being a good friend.”

Charlotte just paused and looked at Nikki.  “I hope you know what you are doing with him.  You are asking for trouble.”

“There is nothing going on between us,” Charlotte stated.

Charlotte looked doubtful.

“There really isn’t nothing going on between us,” Nikki repeated.



At WMON, Angela walked into Martin’s office holding a post it note in her hand.

“What is that?”  Martin asked her.

“I got it from the one of the interns,” Angela informed him.  “Bryan Church keeps calling.  They want Jody to do another interview with James Swift to show he is in better health.”

“Maybe I should go to the hospital and do the interview?”  Angela suggested.

“I don’t think they would want to see you after the last time you interviewed him,” Martin mentioned.

“I was just following your instructions,” Angela stated.  “And I can’t sit here and do nothing while Jody Travis is all over the airwaves.”

“In time,” Martin told her.

“I’m tired of waiting,” Angela said.  “James is getting better.  Let’s go interview this source of yours that you have been talking about.  What do you know about it?”

“It is from a call on our tip line,” Martin reminded her.  “Apparently Mr. Swift hasn’t been following the law when he is out of the office.”

“Really!” An excited Angela exclaimed as her eyes opened wide.  “And your source is willing to go on the record?”

“She was practically begging to,” Martin told her.

“Well, we can’t disappoint her,” Angela said.

“We won’t,” Martin responded.  “I’ll set up the interview and then we will wait to air it until after the public sees that James is well again.”

“Let’s go,” Angela stated as she opened the door to Martin’s office to leave.  “I didn’t want to see any more of Jody’s broadcast today.  I had to cut my story down so they could re-air her Monticello’s Most Wanted segment again on Detective Stoner’s murder.”

“You won’t have to worry about them doing that to you anymore,” Martin noted.

“What do you mean?” Angela asked him as they exited his office crossing the news set.

As they exited the office, Jody was doing the noon broadcast.  When Jody caught site of Angela in the corner of her eye as she walked across the studio, she became a little nervous.

“We are now to going to re-run a segment on Monticello’s Most Wanted,” Jody began to say.

In the background, one of the technicians was saying, “No we can’t.”

“What are you talking about?” Jeremy asked.

“I can’t find the story anywhere,” the technician replied.  “It like all trace of it has been wiped off the server.”

Angela took notice of the story as they walked by the control room.

“I told you that it wouldn’t happen to you again,” Martin said to Angela.


At the District Attorney’s office, Laurie was mailing out fliers for Victor’s campaign.  Victor walked by to check Nathan’s office.

“He is still not back, is he?”  Victor asked.

“No, he’s not,” Laurie responded.

“I need to find out what he us up to,” Victor told her.

“You also need to focus on this election,” Laurie stated.  “Are you sure you don’t want to hire someone to manage it?”

“There’s hardly any time left,” Victor said.  “And James already hired William Church, the best man for the job.  But I’m not going down without a fight.”

“You may want to ask your grandfather for advice,” Laurie mentioned.  “I’m sure he would love to give you his input.”

“I may do that,” Victor replied.

Laurie picked up her wallet and started going through it.  “Do you have any change?”  She asked him.  “I’m apparently out, and I want to get a coke out of the machine.”

“Look at in my desk drawer,” Victor told her.  “I need to go to the court house.  Let me know when Nathan comes back.”

As Victor left, Laurie went into his office and opened his top desk drawer looking for change.  She surprised to see a picture of Victor and Julia in there.  She picked it up and looked at it.

“Oh Victor, you really need to let her go,” she whispered to herself.


In London, Beth arrived home to find a note from Miles telling her that he left to go pick up dinner.

“Well that’s a nice surprise,” she said as she sat down in the living room and turned on the television set.

There was a television newsman on the screen reporting from the scene of a bad traffic accident.

Beth turned off the volume.  She looked at the pictures of the cars piled up and the ambulances.  “That’s horrible.”

She then flashbacked to Adam before he left for Monticello.  Then had given Adam a new car as a graduation present.  But Adam was upset by something that he heard Miles say, and took his keys and fled the house. Then she tried to reach him on his phone but Adam would not answer.

  “He shouldn’t be behind the wheel like that,” Miles exclaimed.  “He shouldn’t be driving when he is upset.”

  “I’m sure he will be fine,” April told him.  “Do you want us to go look for him?”

  “I want him to start acting responsibly,” Miles said.

   As the three of them stood in the drive way, as a police car pulled up to the house.

   The three of them were silent as the officer exited the car.

   “Is this the Cavanaugh residence?”  He asked them.

   “Yes,” Miles responded.  “What is it?”

  “I’m sorry there has been an accident,” the office informed them.


At Monticello General Sky arrived to run into Raven who was leaving the cafeteria.

“I’m surprised you left his side,” Sky said to Raven.

“It was hard but the guard is at the door,” Raven informed him.  “And he does seem to be getting better.”

“Now we just have to found out who is behind this,” Sky told her.

“I spoke to April this morning,” Raven stated.  “She and Draper will be staying with Julia at the mansion until all of this is over with.”

“That’s fine,” Sky replied.

“Are you sure Alicia is not behind all of this?”  Raven asked as they entered the elevator.

“I really don’t think so,” Sky said.

“But look at what she had done to Damian when I try to locate her,” Raven reminded him.  Raven was referring to the fact that Damian had been beaten up by a couple thugs.

Sky tried to think of what to say.  He didn’t want to have to tell Raven that he was behind the men attacking Damian.

“Poisoning does not seem like something she would do,” Sky stated.  “This seems to involve Julia somehow.”

“By the way, where is Gordon?”  Raven asked him.  “You were not supposed to leave him alone.”

“Relax,” Sky responded.  “He is at the mansion, and he is staying there.”


At the Whitney Towers, Gordon entered the detective agency.  He was dressed in a suit and tie-very uncharacteristic of him.  He looked around the office.  It was a mess.  He opened a closet door and grabbed a box.  He went to his desk and pushed everything on it into the box.  He put the box back into the closet.  He closed the file cabinet doors that were open.  He picked newspapers off the ground and put them in the trash can.

As he was doing that, the door to the office opened.  A brown haired man with glasses entered carrying a black brief case.

“Norman Garrison, I presume,” Gordon said extending his hand to the man.

Norman held out his hand as he looked around the office.  From the expression on his face, you could tell he was not pleased with the way the office looked.  “Interesting place you have here,” Norman stated.

“Thank you,” Gordon replied unaware that it wasn’t a compliment.

“Where is your father at?”  Norman inquired.

“Something came up so he won’t be able to join us,” Gordon informed him.  “But he is giving me the authority to handle this.”

“Really?” A shocked Norman asked.

“I thought we’d start by taking a tour of the Towers,” Gordon told him.

“I don’t need a tour,” Norman stated.  “My client knows all they need to know about the Towers and is ready to make an offer.”

“I see,” Gordon said.  “And who is your client?”

“The Golden Eagle Corporation,” Norman replied.  “I assume you would have known that.”

“I know that,” Gordon responded.  “But who is the man behind the Golden Eagle?”

“That’s not important,” Norman said.  “I am here to make a very generous offer on the Towers.”

“Well, I really can’t talk any more business until I know who the buyer is,” Gordon told him.

“Really,” Norman started to say.  “Do you know what is the current market value of the Towers?”

“No, but I can look that up for you,” Gordon replied.

“So you came into this meeting without that knowledge,” Norman told him.

“Well, you see…” Gordon started to say but Norman cut him off.

“I don’t know what kind of game your father and you are playing, but I am withdrawing Golden Eagles’ offer for the Towers.  Good day.”

Norman got up to leave the office.

“Now just wait,” Gordon pleaded.

“Young man, you have a lot to learn about business,” Norman told him as he left.  “And detective work for that matter.”

Gordon hit his fist against the desk.   “My dad is going to kill me.”



Back at the hospital. Sky and Raven were surprised to see Chris and Mae exiting the elevator next to theirs.

“Do you have any news about who might have done this?”  Sky asked.

“Then you haven’t heard?”  Mae responded.

“Heard what?”  Raven inquired.

“We have been informed that James’s ex-girlfriend Suzanne Ross is back in town,” Chris told them.

“Do you think she could be behind this?”  Sky questioned them.

“We are trying to track her down now,” Mae stated.

They all arrived at the door to find the guard standing outside.

“The nurse is in with him now,” the guard told them.

“We can wait,” Raven said.

“Do you hear about our new suspect?”  Chris asked the guard.

“Yes chief,” he replied.

“They were supposed to send me a picture on my phone but I have yet to receive it,” he informed them.

“I have one on mine,” Chris stated.  “Here look at it.”

The guard took Chris’s phone and a look of shock came across his face as her picture came into view.

“Oh no,” he exclaimed.  “That’s the nurse that is in there with him now.”

“Oh my God, Jamey,” Raven screamed as she tried to enter the room but Mae held her back.

“You need to stay back and let us handle this,” Mae told her.

Sky grabbed Raven and they stood to the side.

Chris looked at Mae and the guard as they all reached for their guns.

Mae froze and didn’t pull her gun out of her holster.  She saw the image of her ex-partner Larry in her mind.

“Madison,” Chris repeated.

Mae grabbed her gun but was trembling.

“Stand back Madison,” Chris commanded.  “The guard and I will handle this.”

“But Chief,” Mae began to say before Chris cut her off.

“Stand back,” Chris repeated.

Mae reluctantly moved away from the door.

“On the count of 3,” Chris said to the guard.  “One, two, three…”




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