Cries in the Night: Chapters 25 & 26

Cries in the Night: Chapters 25


Outside of Julia’s apartment building, Draper, Mike and Deborah tried to make it to the front of the crowd.

Deborah saw Matthew behind the police barricade.  “Gantz!”  She yelled.

Matthew looked up and saw Deborah waving her hand.  “Let her through,” he shouted.

Deborah made her way through the crowd with Mike and Draper.  She crossed the crime scene tape but an officer stopped Draper and Mike from following her.

“It’s all right they are with me,” Deborah told him.

Draper looked over and saw detective Madison who was consoling a woman who was crying hysterically.  “Who is that?”  He asked.

“The victim’s wife,” Matthew informed them.  “She just identified the body.”

“Who is it?”  Mike questioned.

“The landlord of the building,-a Curtis Reardon,” Matthew announced.

“Julia’s landlord,” a shocked Draper stated.

“What happened?”  Deborah inquired.

“He was strangled,” Matthew replied.  “That is all we know right now.”

“Do you think this has anything to do with whoever is threatening Julia?”  Draper asked.

“I don’t know, but I am going to find out if it does” Deborah responded.


At Monticello General, Jeremy and Jody were leaving to go back to WMON.

“Please let us know when you learn anything new,” Jody said.

“We will,” Sky replied.

“And remember not to do any reporting on Alicia Van Dine,” Raven stated.

Everyone there was shocked by Raven’s statement.

“We can talk later,” Sky told Jeremy and Jody as they left.

“Why didn’t you back me up?”  Raven asked Sky as he sat down next to her.

“I told you that you don’t have to worry about her,” Sky said.

“How can you keep saying that?”  Raven asked him.  “How do you know that she didn’t have anything to do with this?”

“We don’t even know what this is yet,” Sky responded.


Across the room, Julia was resting with her head in April lap.  April was stroking her hair.  “It’s going to be okay,” April said to her.  “It just has to be.”

“Is there anything I can do?”  Adam questioned as he walked over to them.

“Nothing right now,” Julia answered him.  “But thanks for being here.”

“Of course I’d be here for you,” Adam replied.  “You are like a sister to me.”

“How are adjusting to life in Monticello?”  April asked.

“I’m managing,” Adam responded.  “I think my body finally adjusted to the time change.”

“I’ve been trying to reach Beth,” April told him.  “Have you spoken to her since she returned to London?”

“No,” Adam replied.  “I’ve been busy.”

“And what about your father?”  April inquired.

Adam could tell from her tone that she knew the answer to the question.  “I haven’t,” he    responded.

April started to say something but Adam cut her off.

“Please not now, Aunt April,” he stated as he left the room.


Geri looked at Adam as he left, and then looked at Gordon.  “I see an opening,” she said to Gordon as she got up to follow Adam.

“Adam,” she stated as she got closer to him.  “Are you okay?  Would you like to go somewhere and talk?”

“That’s okay, but thanks anyway,” he replied.  “I was just headed back to my office.”

As Geri turned to walk back into the waiting room, she noticed Charlotte staring at her with a smile on her face.

Adam walked a little bit further down the hall then stopped.  He turned back and watch April stroking Julia’s hair.

He flashed back to all those years ago when he was in the emergency room in London with April.  There were in the waiting room, and Adam had his head in her lap like Julia did now.

He pretended to be sleeping but he wasn’t.  April kept telling him that it was going to be alright.

But Adam could hear Miles talking with the doctor in the next room as could April.

  “I’m sorry Dr. Cavanaugh,” the emergency room doctor began to say.  “But she lost the baby there wasn’t anything we could do.”

   Miles was just silent.  He finally responded, “Does she know?”

“No,” the doctor replied.

“Please let me be the one to tell her,” Miles stated.

“Sure,” the doctor answered but that is not everything.

“What else is there?”  Miles inquired.

“There were other complications,” the doctor explained.

Adam could not make out much else of what the doctor was saying.  But he did hear clearly the final words that the doctor said.

“I’m sorry but she will not be able to have any more children,” the doctor informed Miles.



At the foundation, Nikki was on the phone with Julliard after receiving an email that she had been accepted to the program.

“I am really thrilled to having been accepted to the program,” Nikki told the woman on the phone.  “But I have a couple questions I’d like to ask.”

“By all mean, please ask,” the woman responded.

“I was curious about the students in the program,” Nikki stated.  “Is everyone mostly single?  Is anyone married or have children.”

“Well, honestly, I think mostly everyone is single,” the woman replied.  “There may be a few married individuals.  I really don’t think I know anyone in the program that ever had a family.  The program is extremely time consuming.”

“I am aware of that,” Nikki said.

“Does this change your mind about coming to Julliard?”  The woman asked.

Nikki hesitated to respond.  “I’m not sure,” she finally answered.

“Well, we cannot hold this spot for you long,” the woman on the phone informed her.  “If I don’t hear from you in two days, I will have to assume you have changed your mind.”


At the District Attorney’s office, Victor went to talk to Nathan.

“So do you want to tell me what business you had in Mayfield this morning?”  Victor asked.

“They stopped someone last night who is on probation in Monticello,” Nathan explained.  ‘It’s one of Judge Newcombe’s cases.  He extended her community service in Monticello for the offense.”

“So why go through all that trouble?”  Victor asked.

“I was asked to do a favor for a friend,” Nathan replied.

“Does this friend have a name?”  Victor inquired.

“It’s not important.  No one you know,” Victor replied shortly.

“So who got arrested?”  Victor questioned him.

Nathan hesitated to answer.

“I’m going to find out eventually,” Victor told him.

“Well, it was Geraldine Whitney,” Nathan started to say.  “But let me explain…”

“No need to explain,” Victor responded angrily.  “Next time you let me know ahead of time.”

Victor left Nathan and went back into his office and slammed the door.

“Whose side is he on in this election?”  He asked himself.

There’s was a knock at the door.

“Not now!” He yelled.

The door opened and Laurie entered his office.

“Is everything all right?”  She asked her son.

“Please not now, mom,” he replied.

“Okay,” she responded.  “But are you sure there isn’t anything I can do for you?”

Victor paused for a minute.  “Actually you can,” he responded.  “Can you get me the file we have on Geraldine Whitney?  The young one not her namesake.”


At Monticello General everyone was surprised to see Calvin and Guthrie enter the waiting room.

“Is this a police matter now?”  Sky asked.

“No,” Calvin replied.  “At least not yet.”

“We came to see Julia,” Guthrie explained.

Julia lifted her head up from April’s lap when she heard her name.

“What is it?”  She questioned them.

Calvin and Guthrie moved closer to her as Calvin sat down beside her.

“We received a call from your assistant Katherine earlier,” Calvin started to say.

“Oh my God, did something happen to her too?”  Julia exclaimed.

Across the room Geri’s face lit up with a smile when she heard Julia ask that.

“No, she’s fine,” Guthrie replied.

Geri’s face went from a smile to an expression of disappointment.

“But you did receive another letter,” Calvin informed her as he took a plastic bag out of his coat pocket.

Julia took it from his hand and read it.  “I am watching you. Oh God!” she shouted.  “Who is he?  Why is he doing this to me?”

“What are you doing to protect her?”  April asked.

“Everyone just calm down, and let me talk,” Calvin stated.

Everyone was silent.

“This changes things,” Calvin said.  “Before it was like he was teasing you.  This is the first time he has ever sounded threatening.”

“So what do we do?”  April questioned them.

On the other side of the room, Gordon entered and walked up to Sky.

“I got some good news,” he told him.

“What is that?”  Sky asked him.

“I just got off the phone with the Monticello News,” Gordon informed him.  “The headline in the real estate section tomorrow will say the Whitney Towers are for sale.”

“What?”  Charlotte questioned him.

“What are you doing?”  Raven exclaimed.  “Your brother could be in there dying, and this is what you are worried about?”  Raven walked out of the room, and Charlotte followed him.

“Dad, this will certainly make that lawyer Norman Garrison contact us,” Gordon stated.

“Not now,” Sky told him as he went after Raven.

“Can’t I get just one little acknowledgement?  Gordon asked.

“Join the club,” Geri stated as she came and stood beside him.


Back at the D.A.’s office, Victor was looking at the file on Geri and smiling. He picked up the phone on his desk, and punched a button.

“This is Laurie,” Laurie stated as she answered the phone on her desk.

“Do you remember that reporter that was here from WMON?”  He questioned her.  “Angela Rhomer, I think her name was.”

“Yes,” Laurie replied.

“Can you get her on the phone for me?”  Victor asked her.

“Why would you want to talk to her again?”  Laurie inquired.

“Can you just do it, please?”  Victor replied.

“All right, I will look up her number,” Laurie responded.


At WMON, Angela and Martin were at the news desk and were surprised when Jody and Jeremy returned from the hospital.

“We didn’t expect you back so soon,” Martin stated.

“I didn’t think you would be going back on tonight,” Angela mentioned.

“It’s all right, I will be okay,” Jody responded.

Under the news desk, Angela clinched her fist and hit Martin on the side.

“Are you sure you want to do it?”  Martin inquired.  “I think the viewers will understand after what you went through earlier.”

“She’ll be fine,” Jeremy told them as he and Jody walked past them.

“Damn it, now more than ever I need to find out what Raven Whitney has on her,” Angela stated.

“Don’t worry, you were awesome on the air today,” Martin said.  “The public took a shine to you.  I know they did.  We just have to keep you in the spotlight.  So you have to go interview our source in Springfield before we lose her.  The Whitneys will be in for a shock.”

“All right,” Angela replied.  “Let’s go see her first thing tomorrow.”

“Ms. Rhomer there is a call for you,” an intern yelled from across the set.

“Who is it?”  Angela asked seeming like the intern was bothering her.

“It’s the District Attorney, Victor Dallas,” the intern shouted.

Both Angela and Martin’s faces lit up when they heard his name.

“I wonder what he wants?”  Angela pondered as she went to the phone.


In James’s hospital room, Raven sat on side his bed holding his hand.

“I can’t see you!” James shouted.

“It’s mom,” Raven answered as she started to cry.  “Jamey it’s your mother.”

“I’m here too,” Charlotte told him as she walked closer to the bed.  She could see the IV that he was hooked up to him.

James started to shake and gasping for air.

“Oh my God,” Raven screamed as nurses entered the room.  She and Charlotte moved away from the bed.

“I need you to leave to please leave the room,” the doctor told them as he entered the room.

When Charlotte and Raven left the room Sky was waiting for them.

“Are you still worried about your towers?”  Raven yelled.  Shouldn’t we be worried about Alicia Van Dine?”  Raven hitting Sky all over.

He grabbed her hands to stop her.

“Alicia Van Dine?” A confused Charlotte repeated.

“Listen to me,” Sky stated as he looked Raven in the face.  “We are going to get through this.  James is going to be fine, and we are going to make it through this.”

“How can you promise that?”  Raven asked.  “We don’t even know what is wrong!”  Raven then collapsed in Sky’s arms.

“What about Alicia Van Dine?”  Charlotte questioned them.

“Could you give your mother and I some privacy right now?”  Sky asked her.

Charlotte just stared silently at them.  “All right,” she said as she walked away.


Back in the waiting room, Katherine had arrived.

“How is Mr. Swift?”  She asked Julia.

“We are still waiting for news,” Julia answered her.

“And I’m so sorry, I didn’t tell you about the letter when you called,” Katherine stated.

“No, we asked her to do that,” Calvin said.

“It’s all right, you did the right thing,” Julia told her.

“I hope you don’t mind me coming by?”  Katherine asked.  “Ms. Stoner said she could handle things at the office and close up there.”

“Oh no,” Julia replied.  “I really appreciate it, and I’m sure James will as well.  This is my mother, April.”

“Nice to meet you,” Katherine stated.

Behind them, Geri was making faces every time Katherine talked.  Gordon was the only one that could see and he shook his head at her.

“You could do me a favor?”  Julia asked Katherine.

“Sure, what is it?”  Katherine inquired.

“Would you mind checking up on my cousin Adam for me?”  Julia responded.  “He seemed upset earlier.  Could you just make sure he is okay?  I know you two have gotten close.”

“You have?”  April questioned with a smile.

Katherine blushed when they said that.   “Of course, it’s no problem at all.  I will go see him in his office right now.”

Across from them Gordon looked at Geri.  “Why don’t you just give it up?”

“No way,” Geri responded as she left to follow Katherine.


Cries in the Night:  Chapter 26


Back at WMON, Angela hung up the phone with Victor.

“So Geri Whitney was arrested last night in Mayfield,” she said to Martin.  “She violated her probation, and she is still a free woman.  It looks like someone pulled some strings for her.”

“What are you going to do?”  Martin asked her.

“Victor wants it on the news tonight,” Angela informed him.  “It should be.  Jody might not like it but she will have to report it.  But let me see if I can use it to my advantage first.”

“What does that mean?”  Martin questioned her.

“I need to talk to Raven Whitney first,” Angela told him.

“Would you just give up on trying to find out what Raven Whitney knows about Jody?”  Martin pleaded.


At the Monticello P.D. Chris was going through folders on Matthew’s desk when he and Mae returned to the station.

“What did you find out about the Curtis Reardon murder?”  Chris asked.

“He was strangled and then placed in the dumpster,” Matthew told him.

“We haven’t been able to find any witnesses or any video camera footage,” Mae informed her.  “And his wallet was on him, so I don’t think robbery was a motive.”

“And who ever heard of a robber that strangles people?”  Matthew added.  “We haven’t been able to determine where he was killed yet either.”

“His wife can’t think of anyone with a motive to kill him,” Mae informed her.  “And there’s appeared to be a happy marriage.  So we don’t think she is a suspect.”

“We might find out more when the autopsy is completed,” Matthew stated.

“So do you think this could be related to Julia?”  Chris inquired.

“It could be,” Matthew replied.

“I wouldn’t rule out anything right now,” Mae added.  “But his wife did say the last time she saw him was when he left to go work in Julia’s apartment.”

“Let Stoner and Guthrie know,” Chris instructed them.  “They are at Monticello General talking to Julia.”

“Monticello General?”  Matthew asked.  “Why?”

“You haven’t heard?”  Chris questioned him.  “James Swift collapsed during his interview on WMON today.”


At Monticello General, Sky and Raven were walking back to the waiting room when Raven’s cell phone rang.

“Now what?” Raven stated as she answered the phone.

“This is Angela Rhomer from WMON,” the voice on the other end announced.

“What the hell do you want?”  Raven asked.  “I don’t have time for this right now.”

“I am here to help you,” Angela told her.

“How?”  Raven inquired.

“We just found out that your daughter Geri was arrested in Mayfield last night,” Angela informed her.

“And,” an impatient Raven started to say.

“Like I said, I am here to help you,” Angela repeated.  “As a sign of good faith, I am going to bury this story to make sure that it isn’t mentioned on WMON.”

“Really?”  Raven asked.

“Yes,” Angela replied.  “I am going to do this for you with no strings attached, and all I ask is that you consider telling me what you have on Jody Travis.”

“I don’t have time for this right now,” Raven stated.  “And I…”

Angela cut Raven off before she could finish what she was saying.  “Just consider it,” she said as she hung up the phone.

“Are you sure you played that right?”  Martin questioned Angela.

“Yes,” she replied.  “I think Mrs. Whitney is going to start seeing things my way.”


Back at the hospital Sky wanted to know who Raven was talking to on the phone.

“It was that reporter from WMON, Angela Rhomer,” she told him.

“What did she want?”  Sky asked.

“They found out about Geri’s arrest last night,” Raven replied.

“Just great,” Sky stated.

“I’m not worried about that right now,” Raven said.  “We need to talk about Alicia Van Dine.  What if she is behind this?  We need to protect our family.”

“Why would you think she is behind this?”  Guthrie inquired as they walked into the waiting room.


Back at the District Attorney’s office, Nathan was on the phone with Didi when Victor was approaching his office.  Nathan closed the door before Victor got there.

“So are we on for tonight?”  Nathan asked her.

“Yes,” Didi replied.  “It’s been a long day here.  I was thinking of going to the hospital to check on James but I figure there may be too many people there already.”

“I’m sure they will let you know if anything changes,” Nathan stated.

“I know they will,” Didi replied as she took a sip of her cup of water.  “You wouldn’t believe how hot it is in this office today.”

“So I will come pick you up in a little while,” Nathan told her.

“That sounds great,” Didi said as she hung up the phone.

“It really is extra hot in here today,” she said to herself and put some more water in her cup from the water cooler in James’s office.


At the D.A.’s office, Nathan opened the door to his office to find Victor waiting on the other side.

“I’m sorry for the way I acted earlier,” Victor stated.

“No, I should have told you,” Nathan responded.

“Well, why don’t you go out with my tonight to the Unicorn, and we can forget all about it,” Victor suggested.

“You seem to go to that place a lot,” Nathan mentioned.

“I have my reasons,” Victor replied as remembered seeing the petite red hear there.

“Thanks, but that’s okay,” Nathan replied.  “I have plans for tonight.”

“With anyone I know?”  Victor inquired.

“I don’t think that is any of your business,” Nathan replied as he left the office.

“What was that about?”  Laurie asked as she walked up to Victor.

“He’s hiding something,” Victor responded.  “And I’m going to find out what it is.”

Victor started opening the doors of Nathan’s desk and looking through them.

“What are you doing?”  Laurie questioned.

“Just make sure he isn’t coming back,” Victor told her.

“Why?”  Laurie inquired.

“You said it yourself,” Victor stated.  “The person sending those letters to Julia could be someone in this office.”

“And you think that could be Nathan?”  Laurie asked.

“He’s hiding something,” Victor repeated.  “And he never got along with Julia when they were in law school.”  Victor started taking stuff out of Nathan’s desk drawer.  “Stationery, pens, eye drops, paper clips, nothing of interest.”

“What are you going to do?”  Laurie questioned him.

“We are going to start keeping a close eye on him,” Victor informed her.


At Monticello General, Katherine had just arrived at Adam’s office while Geri tried to overhear from outside.

“Why this is a nice surprise,” Adam stated.

“I came to see if you were okay considering everything going on today,” Katherine informed him.  “Julia asked me to check up on you.”

“I hope that is not the only reason you came by,” Adam told her.

“She was worried about how all this was affecting you,” Kathrine explained.

“Julia so sweet,” Adam replied.  “With everything going on in her life, and she is worried about me.  Did she tell you why?”

“No,” Katherine responded.

“All of this this is bringing back a lot of memories for me,” Adam told her.  “Particularly how my mom died.”

“You never told me how that happened,” Katherine noted.

“She was the news anchor for WMON,” Adam informed her.  “Someone poisoned her, and she died on air during the newscast.”

“Oh my,” Katherine exclaimed.  “Did they get guy?”

“Yes,” Adam answered.  “I never saw the newscast but I have played that image over and over in my head.”

“You can’t do that to yourself,” Katherine stated.  “I know what it is like to lose a parent.”

“I remember you telling me about your mom dying of cancer,” Adam said.  “You were fortunate to be able to grow up having her in your life.  I’m actually envious of you there.   My mom died when I was so young and my dad died before I was even born.”

“I wish you could have met my mother,” Katherine told him.  “I know she would have liked you.  And from what I hear your father was a great man.  Unlike my father who chose not to be in my life.”

“I pity him,” Matthew stated.  “How could he abandon your mom while she was pregnant?  He never got to see the fine daughter he had grow up.”

“You’re so kind,” Katherine said.

Outside the office Geri had her ear pressed to the door.  “I think she is going to make me sick,” Geri whispered.  “No one is that sweet.”

“I know it’s late notice, but you would mind going to dinner with me tonight?”  Adam asked Katherine.  “Nothing fancy.  I just really don’t want to be alone tonight.”

“Sure,” Katherine responded.  “I’m just going to go freshen up, and I will be right back.”

When Geri heard that, she bolted from the door and fled down the hall.

Katherine exited the office and walked down the hall to the Ladies room.  After she entered she checked to see if anyone was in the stalls.  She then picked up her phone and dialed a number.

“I’m sorry, I know I promised,” she started to say.  “But I am not going to be able to come over tonight.  Something has come up all of a sudden.”

In one of the stalls, with her feet on the toilet so she could not be seen, Geri was listening to the conversation.


Back in the waiting room, Guthrie repeated his question to the Whitneys asking why they thought Alicia Van Dine may be behind James’s sickness.

“She’s threatened our family,” Raven exclaimed.

“Recently?”  Guthrie inquired.

Before Raven could answer Sky started talking.  “You are aware that she is was never caught.  One of the reasons that she is on the run is that she perjured herself to trying to send Raven to prison.  So she does have it out for us.  But we have never heard from her.”

“Sky,” Raven started.

But Sky pulled her out of the room before she could say anything else.

“What are you doing?”  Raven asked.  “Are you not thinking about the safety of our children?”

“I am,” Sky responded.  “I don’t think she is behind this.”

As Sky finished speaking Lyle appeared with his brother Robert.

“Well, at least I am doing something about protecting our family,” Raven stated.

“What does that mean?”  Sky asked.

“You remember Lyle’s brother Robert don’t you?”  Raven inquired.

“Of course,” Sky replied.

“You may recall that they are both black belts,” Raven said.   “They are going to be our body guards.”


Back at the Monticello P.D., Chris was leaving her office for the day when she ran into Mae.

“Did Matthew leave yet?”  She asked Mae.

“Yes,” Mae responded.  “He went to the hospital to check on James.”

“Have you heard anything new?”  Chris inquired.

“No,” Mae responded.  “But that could be good news.”

“You never mentioned how your session went with Dr. Hughes?”  Chris questioned her.

Mae’s facial expression showed that she was not pleased with the question.

“It went fine,” Mae finally answered.

“It doesn’t sound like that,” Chris told her.

“What do you want from me?”  Mae asked.  “I’m required to go to see her and I am.  I am a good cop.  You don’t have to worry about me.”

“I know what it is like to lose a partner,” Chris stated.

“Yes, the Stoner case,” Mae said.

“And that was a great idea you had about going through the arrest records,” Chris told her.  “I was scouring through them while you were gone but I couldn’t find anything related to the Gallahads.”

“Thank you,” Mae replied as she started to leave.

“So you don’t think I need to worry about you?”  Chris asked her.

Mae turned around to face her.  “Yes.”

“We’ll see,” Chris responded.  “Tomorrow morning I am taking you somewhere with me.”


Back in the waiting room, William walked over to Bryan.

“Did you write that press release for me to look over yet?”  William asked his son.

“Press release?”  Julia asked.  “You can’t be worried about that right now.”

“I’m sorry Ms. Scott but we are in the middle of a campaign,” William told her. “There are no time outs.”

“We are trying to help him in our way,” Bryan explained.  “Don’t worry about it.  Just leave it to us.”

Julia still wasn’t too pleased with his response.

Bryan sat down and opened up his lap top.  “This is what I have written,” he told William.

William looked it over.  “It sounds good,” he stated.  “Send it out.  I want it to make the 5 o’clock news.”


At WMON, Jody was reviewing the news stories before the 5 o’clock broadcast.

“Are you sure you can do this?”  Jeremy asker her.

“Yes,” she replied.  “It won’t be a problem.

In the control, Martin was fooling with the monitor.

“What are you doing?”  Angela asked him.

“Just wait,” Martin responded.


At Monticello General, Draper has just arrived.

“You’re finally here,” Julia stated as she stood up and hugged him.  “What took you so long?”

“It took us awhile to leave your apartment building with all the commotion going on and then I had to drop Mike back off home so I could take his car here,” Draper explained.

“What commotion?”  Julia asked.

“We haven’t told her yet,” Calvin stated.

“Told me what,” Julia questioned.

“I’m sorry to have to tell you this right now,” Calvin started to say.

“But what?”  Julia asked.

“Your landlord, Curtis Reardon was found murdered,” Calvin informed her.

“What?”  Julia exclaimed.

“Oh my God, what happened?’  April asked.

“He was strangled,” Guthrie informed them.

April’s face lit up when she heard that.  “From behind, in Julia’s apartment, just like in my dream.”

“What!”  Everyone questioned her at once.

Before April could respond, the doctor walked into the waiting room.

“What is it?”  Raven asked.  “How you found anything out?”

“Yes,” he replied.




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