Cries in the Night: Chapter 21 & 22

Cries in the Night  Chapter 21

At the law office, everyone was still discussing how to handle Geri’s latest arrest.

“I can go handle this,” Didi repeated to James. “I may have a connection in Mayfield.”

“Okay, if you want to,” a tired James stated as he drank more water. “We’re lucky Mayfield is such a small town, William has been able to keep it out of the press this morning.”

“For how long?” Julia asked.

“Hopefully until we get her out of there,” James responded taking a deep breath. “My dad has been up there most of the night, but he hasn’t been able to use the Whitney name to any   advantage there.” James paused for a second realizing that he had referred to Sky as “dad” again.

“I should get going,” Didi told them.

“Why don’t you take my car?” Julia asked her. “I can take James to the courthouse in his car, and then to see the doctor.”

“If you are sure that is all right?” Didi questioned her.

“Its fine,” Julia answered her. “It would be a big help to us if you could help us with her today.”


At the D.A.’s office, Nathan had arrived to discover that Victor had not arrived yet as well.

“You are both late this morning,” Laurie informed him.

“Did he say why?” Nathan asked her.

“He just said that he had something to take care of,” Laurie stated.

Before Nathan could respond he was informed of a phone call that he had in his office.

Nathan was surprised to find Didi on the phone. “Do you miss me already?” Nathan asked sarcastically.

“I need a favor,” Didi told him.

“What can I do?” Nathan inquired.


At the Whitney mansion, Raven finally heard from Sky.

“What is taking so long?”  She asked him.

“It’s a small town, and she won’t be able to see the judge until noon,” Sky explained.

“Do you mean she have been behind bars all this time?”  Raven inquired.

“Yes,” Sky responded.  “There is nothing I could do.”

“You’re going to miss James’s interview,” Raven stated.

“I know,” Sky answered her, then added, “James is sending Didi Bannister over.”

“Let me know as soon as possible,” Raven told him as she hung up the phone.

As Raven got up to leave the living room, Lyle was coming down the stairs.

“Do you have any news for me about what we discussed yesterday?”  Raven asked.

“Yes,” Lyle responded.  “I will pick him up at the airport this afternoon.”

“Wonderful,” Raven replied.  “That’s one good thing at least.  I’ll need you to take me to WMON for James’s interview before you go to the airport.”


At the Whitney Foundation, Charlotte waited outside the bathroom for Nikki to come out.

The door opened slowly.

“What does it say?” Charlotte inquired.

“I don’t know yet,” Nikki answered.  “It takes three minutes.”

“You need to calm down,” Charlotte told her.

“That’s easier said than done,” Nikki replied.

“Relax!” Charlotte stated.  “Have you told Calvin yet?”

“Of course not,” “Nikki responded.  “Things are bad enough between us right now.  I don’t want to add any more worry onto him unnecessarily.”

“What are you worried about?”  Charlotte asked.  “He loves you, and you still love him.  Don’t you?”

“This moves things along fast, and I still don’t know about Juilliard,” Nikki answered her as she walked back into the bathroom.

“Would a baby change all that?”  Charlotte inquired.

Nikki intentionally ignored the question.  She picked up that stick that was lying on the sink.  She held it and didn’t say anything.

“Well, what is it?” Charlotte asked.

Nikki turned and held the stick up for her to see.  “It’s a plus sign,” she stated nervously.

Nikki turned around to see Calvin standing there.


Across town, Mae Madison was seated in Dr. Hughes’s office.

Mae had told the doctor about her past growing up in Miami before moving to Bay City and being the daughter of a cop.  She did not go into specific details.

This was not pleasing Dr. Hughes.  “You are here for a reason,” she reminded Mae.  “These sessions are assigned but I don’t have to clear you for duty at the end of them.  I could also recommend more of them.

“What do want me to do?”  Mae asked.

“Tell me about Laurence Hyde,” Dr. Hughes told her.

“Larry,” Mae responded.  “He was my partner.  He was the best partner that you could ask for on the force.  He took me under his wing.  And I learned a lot from him.”

“And?”  Dr. Hughes asked her.

Mae paused for a second.  “Do you know that I keep a picture of him in my apartment?  I look at it every day.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him.”

“And?” Dr. Hughes persisted.

Mae paused some more and appeared to get angry.  “And I killed him,” she finally stated.  “Is that what you want me to say?”


At D.A.’s office, Victor arrived to find that Nathan was not there.  “Can I see you in my office?”  He said to Laurie as he walked passed her.

“Yes,” Laurie replied as she followed him into his office.  “What is it?”

“Where is Nathan?”  He asked her.

“He’s gone to the courthouse in Mayfield,” Laurie informed him.

“Mayfield?”  Victor questioned.  “Don’t they have their own D.A.’s office?”

“I’m sure they do,” Laurie responded.

“There’s one more thing,” Victor said as his tone changed.

“Yes,” Laurie replied.

“Why did you tell the police about the yellow stationary paper in the office?”  Victor inquired.

“What?” A shocked Laurie asked.

“I know it was you,” Victor answered.  “I still have sources on the police force.”

“Let me explain,” Laurie started to say before Victor cut her off.

“Do you actually think I would be harassing Julia with those letters?”  Victor questioned her angrily.

“Of course not!” Laurie shouted.

“They why tell the police about the stationary behind my back?”  Victor asked.

“It wasn’t like that,” Laurie replied getting upset.

“I don’t want to have this conversation right now,” Victor stated.  “Please leave me alone right now.”

Laurie tried to say something but Victor would not let her.  “Please leave,” he repeated.


At the Monticello P.D., Matthew was explaining to Chris that he had found Martin “I.Q.” Wilson, one of the former member of the Gallahads that Darcy Decker had mentioned.

“Where is he?”  Chris asked.

“Dead, unfortunately,” Matthew informed her.  “He drowned in that big flood in Henderson in 1986.”

“Are you sure it is him?”  Chris inquired.

Matthew looked upset that she had questioned him but responded,   “Yes.  His obituary, mentions that he was known as “I.Q.”, and I sent it over to Darcy Decker.  She confirmed it was him.  Another dead end.”

“Not necessarily,” Chris stated.  “What about the other former members of the Gallahads?”

“We are still trying track down Gina Daniels,” Matthew told her.  “And doing the best we can looking for the other guy, but we don’t ever know his first name.  We just know he was called “Lucky.”

“A lead is a lead,” Chris said.

“Do you really think this street gang from all those years ago in Springfield could be related to a gang in Monticello?”  Matthew asked her.

“We won’t know until you find Gina and Lucky,” Chris told him.  “And I believe that is the best we have to go on right now.  By the way, do you know where Stoner is this morning?”


Back at the Whitney Foundation, Nikki was surprised to see Calvin at the door.

“What are you doing here?”  She asked as she put her hand behind her back that had the pregnancy test in it.

“I’m tired of you avoiding me,” he told her.

“I don’t have time for this right now,” Nikki responded as she sat down at her desk.  “We have a very busy day here today.”

“You used to make time for me,” Calvin stated.

“We really do,” Charlotte interjected.

“Not now Charlotte,” Calvin said to her.

As they were talking Nikki dropped the pregnancy test in the wastepaper basket under her desk.

“What do you want me to say?”  Nikki questioned.

“Do you want to be with me or go to Julliard?” He asked her.

“Why can’t I have both?”  She replied.  “I know we could make it work.”

“How?”  Calvin inquired.  “It would be one hell of a commute.  And I couldn’t give up being up a cop to follow you there.”

“So you can have your dream but I can’t have mine,” Nikki argued.

“I thought you wanted to be with me?”  Calvin questioned her.

“And I thought you wanted to be with me!” Nikki yelled back at him.

“Would you two just stop it?”  Charlotte broke in saying.  “Nothing is going to be settled right now.  Shouldn’t you be at work right now?”  She asked Calvin.

“Yeah, I need to be going,” he replied.

“Then could you please leave us in peace?”  Charlotte asked.

“I’m going,” Calvin stated.  “But can you think about things from my side?”

“I will,” Nikki replied.  “But you have to think about things from my perspective.”

“Agreed,” Calvin responded softly as he left.

Nikki breathed a sigh of relief.  “Thanks,” she told Charlotte.

“You may bought yourself some time, but you can’t keep avoiding things,” Charlotte stated.  “You need to tell him.”


At the Karr house, everyone was trying to calm down April who still upset about her dream about Julia.

“She’s fine,” Draper stated.  “She’s at work right now.”

“And what about after that?”  April asked.  “You told me not to worry about my dreams, and now we know that she has been receiving these letters.  What else do you think is going on that we don’t know about?”

“The police are investigating the letters?”  Nancy reminded her.

“And what about her being followed?”  April questioned.

“Followed?”  Mike asked.

“Someone has been following her,” April stated.

“We don’t know that for sure,” Draper said.

“Are you telling me that you are not worried about Julia?”  April asked angrily.

“Of course I am,” Draper shouted.

“Now, anger is not going to do Julia or you two any good,” Nancy told them trying to defuse the situation.

“I feel so helpless to be able to do anything for her,” April stated.

“And so do I,” Draper agreed.  “Why don’t you call and talk to Beth?”

April was not happy with the suggestion.  “It won’t change Julia’s situation.”

“No, it won’t,” Draper responded.  “But it may help you to calm down at least that is something.”

“Now that doesn’t seem like a bad idea,” Nancy said to April.

“I will give her a call later,” April stated.

“Good,” Draper replied.  “And I’m going to go back to Julia’s apartment to have a look for myself.”

“I’m sure the police have been there,” Mike told them.

“I’m sure they have,” Draper responded.  “But I won’t to have a look for myself.”

“Are you sure that is good idea?”  April asked him.  “You need to be careful yourself.”

Mike and Nancy looked at each other not sure what to make of April’s statement.

Draper paused before he responded.  He walked over to April and hugged her.  “We are going to make it through this.  And I am and will be careful.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I could go with him,” Mike suggested.

“That would be great,” April told him.

“Then it’s settled,” April stated.

“We won’t be long, and I am going to call Julia and let her know,” Draper said as he left the room.

“We can take my car,” Mike told him as he went toward the kitchen.

April and Nancy just sat there looking at each other.

“I know you must think I’m crazy by saying all this,” April said.

“No, not at all,” Nancy responded.  “I can’t imagine what you must be going through your mind with all this going on around you.”

“It’s not what I’m thinking but what I’m dreaming,” April stated.  “First I kept dreaming that I was going to lose Draper.  And now I dream that Julia is in trouble.  And you remember my visions and dreams from so long ago-about my trial, my mother, Draper’s car-they all came true.”

“You and Draper made it through all that, and I know you will make it through this,” Nancy stated. “Is there anything I could do to take your mind off all of this?”

April thought for a second.  “Do you know why Julia and Victor broke up?”


At WMON, William and Bryan were waiting with Jeremy and Jody for James to arrive.

“Why is he so late?”  Jeremy asked.

“He hasn’t been feeling well,” Bryan told him.  “But they are on their way.”

“At this point, we won’t have time to tape the interview, we will have to it live,” Jody informed them.  “We will be able to re-air it for the evening news cast as well.”

“We don’t have a problem with that,” William stated.

“It’s not like that there will be any surprises,” Raven mentioned walking into the studio.

“Of course, not,” Jeremy replied.

Angela was across the studio but walked closer to the crowd when she noticed Raven’s appearance.

“We have something to ask you,” Jeremy informed Raven.

“What is that?”  Raven asked.

Jeremy motioned for Jody to tell Raven.

“We are doing another segment on Monticello’s Most Wanted,” a reluctant Jody informed her.

“This time we want to focus on Alicia Van Dine,” Jeremy stated.

“After everything she had done to you and your family, I know you really want to see her behind bars,” Jody said.  “Hopefully, the segment will achieve that.”

“No!” Raven exclaimed.

“What?” A shocked Jody and Jeremy asked.

“You can’t do that,” Raven said.  “I will not allow you to do that.  I will sue you if I have to.”

“Wait a minute,” Jeremy started to say.  “There’s no need for that.  She’s a wanted criminal, and I thought you would want to see her pay for what she has done.”

Raven paused for a second before thinking how to respond without mentioning the threat she believed Alicia was to her family.  “You are bringing up a very painful time in my past,” she stated.  “I’d like for it to stay there.  You can understand that, can’t you?”  She asked looking at Jody.

“Of course,” An uncomfortable Jody responded.

Martin walked over to Angela who was observing everything.

“We need to head to Springfield to interview my source for tonight’s news,” Martin told her.

“Not just yet,” Angela stated.

“What?”  Martin asked her.  “We can’t sit on this forever if you don’t want to get scooped.”

“We’re not,” Angela told him.  “Things are getting interesting here.  Let’s see how this plays out, then we can leave after the Noon broadcast.”

“Okay,” a reluctant Martin agreed.


Cries in the Night:  Chapter 22


In Mayfield, Sky and Geri were leaving the courthouse with Didi and Nathan.

“I must admit you had me worried when I saw you show up with him,” Sky told Didi referring to Nathan who had prosecuted Charlotte for murder.  “But I should know by now to trust your instincts.”

“I still have a few tricks up my sleeve,” Didi noted.

“We really don’t know how to thank you for all this,” Sky stated.

“It’s not all behind us yet,” Nathan said.

“What?”  Geri asked walking up from behind them.

“It means you still need to face Judge Newcombe in Monticello,” Nathan reminded her.  “You have been released into my custody to bring you to his chambers.  The D.A. here has graciously agreed to drop those charges here if he increases your community service in Monticello and you complete it without any more problems.”

“I’ll see to that,” Sky declared.

“I just need to make one phone call, and Judge Newcombe should agree to everything,” Didi informed them.

“I wouldn’t worry about it,” Geri stated.  “I think Judge Newcombe likes me.”

“One phone call?”  Nathan asked.

“Yes,” Didi replied.

“To who?”  Nathan questioned.

“Who do you think?”  Didi responded knowing that Nathan knew who she was going to call.   She was referring to her ex Julius Newcombe who is the Judge’s father.  “Is that going to be a problem?”

“Should it?”  Nathan answered back.

Didi stopped walking and turned to look at Nathan.  “Really?” She asked him.

“No, I’m okay with it,” Nathan replied as he calmed down.

Sky and Geri kept looking back and forth between the two watching the exchange.

“Do you two need a room?”  Geri interjected.

“Geri!”  Sky exclaimed.  “Watch it.  Don’t forget everything they have just done for you.”

“Sorry,” Geri said with a fake smile.

“I hope I don’t lose a whole’s day work with this,” Sky said to Geri.  “Your brother has been working on a case for me.  And I need to get back to him.”

“Gordon?”  Geri asked.  “I was on the phone with him when all this started.”

The three turned and looked at Geri.

“Never mind,” she stated.  “Of course none of this would have happened if I hadn’t been stopped by a woman cop,” she mumbled to herself.

“And we’re probably going to miss James’s interview on WMON as well,” Sky mentioned.


At Julia’s apartment Sky and Mike were greeted by Jackie Reardon who was exiting her own apartment.

“Can I help you?”  She asked.

“I’m Draper Scott, Julia’s father,” Draper stated.  “And this a good friend of mine, Mike Karr.”

“I don’t think Julia’s here,” Jackie stated.

“She’s at work now,” Draper told her.  “I just came to pick up a few things for her.”

“My husband may be working on her thermostat in her apartment,” Jackie informed them.  “If he is still there, could ask him to call me?  I have been trying to reach him all morning.”

“Sure thing,” Draper said as they walked past her to Julia’s apartment.

Draper started to get Julia’s key out of his pocket but turned the door, and it was open.

Mike and Draper looked at each other.

“Maybe her landlord is in there,” Draper told Mike.

They knocked on door and entered.  “Anybody here?”  Draper asked.

There was no response, and they looked around the apartment no one was there.

“I know Julia would not have left this apartment unlocked this morning,” Draper told Mike.

“Maybe her landlord was here or is coming back,” Mike suggested.

“Well if he left the door open with all this going on, then I am going to give him a piece of my mind,” Draper stated.

“What do you hope to find here?”  Mike asked him.

“I don’t know if anything,” Draper responded.  “Maybe some clue to find out who is doing this to her.  Maybe after I look around I may feel that she is safe here.”

“Nothing seems out of the ordinary,” Mike said.

“Besides the door being unlocked,” Draper responded as he walked into Julia’s bedroom and looked around the room.  He opened her closet door and shut them.  “The thermostat appears to working today.  Her living room is much cooler today.”

“Then I guess her landlord was here,” Mike stated.

Draper then walked to her bathroom.  “Probably,” he said as he opened the shower curtain.

The bath tub was empty.  Curtis. Reardon’s body was gone.

Draper then walked back into the living room and reached up to feel the vent.

“There’s another reason I am here,” Draper informed Mike as he looked for a stool.

“What’s that?”  Mike asked.

“I wanted to talk to someone about what is going on,” Draper told Mike.  “And I didn’t want April to be there.

“So you are worried about her dreams?”  Mike questioned him.

“Of course,” Draper answered him.  “But I’m more concerned about Julia’s safety now.”

“So who are you expecting?”  Mike asked.

Draper stood on the stool and felt the air coming out the vent.  “This is a big difference from last night.”  Draper raised up and the vent and looked inside.  The camera that had been there was gone.


On the way to Monticello, Sky called Gordon.

“Dad,” Gordon said as she answered the phone.  “I’ve been waiting to hear from you.  Have you spoken to Geri today?”

“Spoken to, bailed out.  What’s the difference?”  Sky responded.

“That bad?” Gordon asked.

“As far as your sister is concerned, it wasn’t bad at all for her,” Sky told him.  “But don’t repeat that to her.”

“Where are you?”  Gordon inquired.

“We are on our way back to Monticello to see Judge Newcombe,” Sky informed him.  “Geri is with Did Stoner and Nathan Gannon.  They are handling this.”

“Those two together?” A shocked Gordon asked.

“Yes,” Sky replied.  “And it has worked out.  Do you have any news for me?”

“Kinda,” Gordon replied.  “Golden Eagle Incorporated is not like any company I have seen before.”

“What do you mean?”  Sky asked.

“Like I told you before, they have no carbon foot print,” Gordon replied.  “They are determined to keep who they are hidden from the public.”

“And Norman Garrison seems to want to be elusive as well, but I have a plan,” Gordon told Sky.

“What is that?” Sky inquired.

“If he wants to buy the Towers, then let’s sell it to him,” Gordon announced.

“What?” A confused Sky asked.


At WMON, Jody was in the bathroom checking herself out in the mirror before the newscast.

“Why did she have to be here?” She asked into the mirror referring to Raven as she looked though her purse for her prescription from Dr. Samuel.  She picked it up and saw the warning label on the side.  She put it back in her purse and stood up and walked to the door.

As she got to the door, she stopped and took the bottle out of her purse.

Outside, James and Julia had finally arrived.

“It’s about time,” William told him.

“I’m sorry,” James told him.  “I’m still not feeling well, so I didn’t want to rush.”

William basically ignored what he said.  “Can we have make up over here?  He needs to be touched up-a lot!”

“Make up?”  Julia asked.

“Just let them do what he wants,” Bryan stated.  “He knows what he is doing.  Besides you would lose the argument with him anyway.”

“That’s I believe,” Julia agreed.

“I need you to look over some of the things I wrote that my dad wants to make sure you mention during the interview,” Bryan informed him.

“Sure, let me take a look,” James said.

Jeremy seemed to appear out of nowhere.  “Jody, I need you on the set, now!” He yelled.

“I’m right here,” Jody shouted as she went to sit down at the news desk.

“Now James, as soon as you are finished with make-up, I need you to sit on that set over there,” Jeremy stated as he pointed to a set across from the news desk with two chairs.  “We will be conducting the interview there.”

“That’s fine,” James responded.

Angela and Martin sat off to the side by themselves.

“Can we leave now?” He asked her.

“Not yet,” Angela told him.  “Let see how much Raven Whitney likes what happens.”

“What do you mean?”  Martin asked her.

“Would you just be patient,” Angela said.

“Now you are starting to sound like you do when we are in bed,” Martin stated.

Angela slapped him on the shoulder in response.


The broadcast began on schedule with Jody reporting the days’ headlines.  “When we come back from commercial I will be interviewing District Attorney Candidate, James Swift,” she announced.

“And we are on commercial,” Jeremy yelled.

Jody got up from behind the news desk, and walked over to the other set where James was seated rubbing his temples.  As she got closer to James, her face started to look concerned.

“Are you okay?” She asked him.  “Are you sure you want to do this right now?

“I’ll be fine,” James replied.  “I will be taking it easy and going see the doctor when we are done here.”  He started to shake a little.

Jody noticed.  But James spoke before she said anything.  “I am feeling nauseous and the head is pounding, but I will be fine.  I can do this.”


At the morgue, Adam was debating whether or not to call Katherine.

“Should I or shouldn’t I?” He said to himself.  “Am I moving too fast?’  He picked up the phone on his desk then paused.

“I say go for it,” A voice from his office door said.

Adam looked up to see Dr. Bauer there.  “Sorry I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

“That’s okay,” Adam replied.  “What can I do for you?”

“I just wanted to introduce to my sister before we left for lunch,” Dr. Bauer informed him.

“Sure,” Adam responded.

Dr. Bauer moved to the side, and a young blond woman emerged from behind.

“I’m his younger sister,” she told him with a laugh.

“Obviously,” Adam stated as he stood up to shake her hand.

They exchanged introductions and then Dr. Bauer and his sister left.

“You really are a great big brother,” she said to Dr. Bauer as they left down the hall.

Adam watched them walked away together.

He the recalled the night that Miles had told him to pick up his toys.

He lay in his bed but he could still over hear Miles and Beth.

“Adam is going to a great big brother,” Beth said.  “I can’t get an answer out of him if he wants a little brother or sister.”

Adam closed his bedroom door and laid down on the bed.  He tried to sleep but he had difficulty.  He keep telling himself that Miles was replacing him.

Adam had barely fell asleep when Beth’s alarm went off the next morning causing him to wake up.  He looked on the clock on side of his bed.  It was 5:30 AM.  He then pulled his covers over his head and tried to go back to sleep.

Across the hall, Adam could hear Beth exiting her bedroom.  She closed her bedroom door and then walked to the stairs.  The next thing Adam heard sounded like a crash.  Then Beth’s screams which awoke Miles as well.

Adam ran out of his room to see Beth lying at the foot of the stairs.  By her feet lay Adam’s toy plane that he had left at the top of the stairs.


At WMON, James’s interview seemed to be going smoothly with Raven, Julia, William and Bryan watching from one end of the studio and Angela and Martin from the opposite end.

As the interview progressed James’ breathing became heavy.  He paused and then talked about his background and how he would be tough on repeat offenders.

“He’s repeating what I told him to say word by word,” William gloated.

“He still doesn’t like right to me,” Bryan responded.

William turned to his son with an upset look on his face.

“I meant physically,” Bryan clarified.

“He doesn’t,” Julia agreed.  “He’s going to the doctor’s office straight from here.”

Jody noticed James was breathing heavy so she didn’t move on to the next question.  She started talking about James’s background.

But James stopped her by saying, “Next question.”

Jody still looked concerned as she asked “So why should voters choose you over the incumbent, Victor Dallas?”

James froze for a second and started to shake.  “I’m glad you asked that.”  But James could not finish speaking before he was gasping for air and started to shake uncontrollably.

“Something is wrong with him!” Raven shouted.

James tried to start talking again,” I..I..I.. m..”   But he collapsed in his chair.

“Oh my God,” Jody jumped up screaming.  “Not again.”



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