Cries in the Night: Chapters 19 & 20

Chapter 19

As they were wrapping things up at the law office, James started to look worse.

“I think you really should have should stayed home or gone to the doctor today,” Julia stated.

“I probably should have,” James agreed.

“You are in the middle of a campaign,” William said as he hung up the phone.  “There is no time to get sick.  You need to get yourself well, pronto.  But I have some good news.”

“What is that?”  James asked.

“WMON has said yes to doing an interview with you tomorrow,” William informed them.  “Jody Travis is going to interview you on the Noon broadcast tomorrow.

“That’s wonderful news,” Katherine said.  “Would you like for me to get you some more water, Mr. Swift?”

“That would be great,” James responded.  “We also have a law office to run,” James stated as he was looking through a folder on his desk.

“I talked to Didi Stoner, and she said she would come in tomorrow to help with that,” Julia told him.

“See nothing to worry about,” William said.

“Any news from the police since this morning?”  Bryn inquired.

William shook his head at Bryan obviously not pleased that he asked the question.

“No,” Julia replied.  “Nothing new on the flowers or the candy.  But also no new notes either.  So that’s a good sign I guess.”

“Well, I hope you can relax easier tonight,” James stated.

“Why?”  Katherine asked as she handed James a cup of water.  “Did something happen last night?

“No,” Julia responded before giving James a chance to respond about her incident in the parking lot.  “Just the surprise of my parents being at the restaurant last night.  And you need to relax and rest as well.”

“Oh, and your mom called again,” Katherine informed her.

“I’m sure she did,” Julia stated.  “She coming over tonight.  She has something to tell me.”

“What?”  James asked.

“I’m not sure,” Julia responded.


At the Whitney Foundation, Nikki and Charlotte were seated at their desks folding a lot of letters and putting them into envelops.

“It looks like it’s going to be a long night for us, I should have guessed Geri would not show up again,” Charlotte stated.

“Are you surprised?”  Nikki asked.

Before Charlotte could respond, Jody entered the office.

A shocked Nikki looked up at her.  “I told you mom that I was sorry I couldn’t meet with you today because we have so much work to do.”

“And I told you that we need to talk,” Jody reminded her.  “And I am not taking no for an answer.”

Charlotte stood up and moved toward the door.  “I will leave you two alone.  I need to go down the hall, um, I mean downstairs for something.”

“Did you not think I would find out?”  Jody asked Nikki after Charlotte had left the office.

“What are you talking about?”  Nikki inquired.

“You used to come to me with everything,” Jody stated.  “Don’t you trust me anymore?  How could you keep this from me?  This is going to affect everyone not just you.”

“How did you find out?”  Nikki questioned her.

“I accidently opened this letter for you,” Jody informed her as she pulled the letter for Julliard out of her purse.   “I swear I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“Oh, that,” Nikki replied.

“What did you think I was talking about?” a confused Jody asked.

“That’s it,” Nikki replied.  “I knew you would worry about me, so I didn’t want to tell you unless I knew I was definitely going.”

“You still could have told me,” Jody said.  “So are you going?”

“I don’t know yet,” Nikki informed her.  “I am still waiting to hear.  But mom, calm down.  You don’t have to worry about me.”

As Nikki finished speaking, the door to the foundation opened up and Geri entered.

“I’m here!” she yelled.

Geri’s arrival at the foundation had caught Jody and Nikki by surprise.

“Where Charlotte?”  Geri asked.

“She should be back in a second,” Nikki responded.

“I need to get back to the studio,” Jody told her.  “And I should let you get back to work.”

“Okay,” Nikki stated.  “And try not to worry.”

“I won’t,” Jody replied as she hugged her daughter and left the office.

“Did I interrupt something?” Geri asked.

“That’s none of your business,” Nikki answered.

In the hallway, Jody took the bottle of pills out of her purse and looked at it.

“Just one more,” she said to herself as she started to open the bottle.

As she was doing that Charlotte exited the elevator.  “Are you all finished?”

Charlotte’s appearance caught Jody by surprise as she dropped the bottle on the ground.

“I’m so sorry,” Charlotte stated as she bent down to help Jody pick up the pills.

“That’s all right,” Jody replied as she tried to quickly put the pills back in the bottle.  “Just hormone supplements,” she said as she put the pills in the bottle and stood up.

“I should get back to the office,” Charlotte told her as she walked to the office.

“Okay,” Jody responded as she took a deep breath and went to the elevator.

When Charlotte entered the foundation, she heard Geri and Nikki exchanging barbs.  “And you are late again as usual,” she said to Geri.

“I had to help Gordon at the detective agency today,’ Geri replied.  “Who are you’ll meeting today?”

“No one of interest to you,” Nikki exclaimed.

“What’s that’s supposed to mean?” Geri inquired.

“It means leave my cousin Adam alone,” Nikki retorted.  “He’s obviously not interested in you.”

“We’ll see,” Geri replied.

“Let me show you what you were supposed to do today,” Charlotte told Geri trying to stop the conversation between the two of them.  Charlotte motioned for Geri to follow her to her desk.

Geri followed behind her not too thrilled to be there.

“I wanted all this mailings to go out today,” Charlotte told Geri.  “Now do you think you can stuff them, seal them, and drop them off at the post office on your way home?”

“Of course,” Geri answered sarcastically.  Geri sat down at the desk as Charlotte and Nikki left.

As Charlotte and Nikki were leaving, Geri noticed the earrings that Charlotte was wearing.

“Lovely ear rings!” she shouted.  “I bet they would go lovely with Aunt Geraldine’s pearls.”

Charlotte didn’t respond and shut the door to the office as they went to the elevator.

After they were gone, Geri whispered to herself, “Well, we will see how much I can get done.  I have more important things to do tonight.”


In the hallway, Nikki asked Charlotte, “What was that all about again?”

Charlotte paused for a second trying to think what to say because she didn’t want Nikki to find out about the bet.  “Ignore her.  She’s just trying to upset me to remind me that she has Aunt Geraldine’s pearls.”

“You two have been talking a lot about those pearls lately,” Nikki mentioned.  “Any reason for that?”

“No,” Charlotte responded.  “How did things go with your mom?”

“Better than I thought it would,” Nikki replied.  “She found out about Julliard.”

“How did she?”  Charlotte questioned her.

“It doesn’t matter,” Nikki answered.  “And if that upsets her, I surely don’t want her to find out what else is going on?”

“What do you keep talking about?”  Charlotte asked.

“I’m late,” Nikki informed her.

“Late for what?”  A confused Charlotte asked.

“I’m late!”  Nikki exclaimed with emphasis on the work “late.”

“Oh,” Charlotte responded realizing that Nikki was talking about her period.




At the Whitney mansion Sky was in the study on the phone waiting for the other person to answer.  He got up to make sure the door was locked.

“Mr. Whitney,” the voice on the other end of the phone asked.  The man was one of the men that had attacked Damian Tyler in the elevator.

“Yes,” Sky responded.  “And what the hell happened in that elevator?   I told you guys to scare him.  You were not supposed to rough him up or hurt him.”

“We tried Mr. Whitney,” the man stated.  “He was stronger than he looks.  We couldn’t constrain him.  We had to do something to stop him from getting away from us.”

“When I give you an order, I expect you to follow it,” Sky demanded.

“We tried Mr. Whitney,” the man repeated.

“Do you know if he called the police?”  Sky inquired.  “You guys better leave Washington immediately.”

“We have,” the man informed Sky.

“Our business is done,” Sky stated.  “I better not hear from you two again.  And if you get caught, you don’t know me.  Do you understand?”

“Yes,” the man replied as he hung up the phone.

“That’s one problem solved,” Sky whispered to himself.

Sky opened the locked desk drawer and took out the box again.  He took the photograph out of the box and stared at it. “I don’t know if I am doing the right thing anymore,” he said to it.  He placed the photograph on the desk and began to pace around the office.

“Schuyler, are you in there?” He heard Raven ask.

Before Sky even had a chance to respond, Raven was at the door and trying to open it.

“Sky, are you in there?” She repeated.  “Why is the door locked?”

“Just a second,” Sky shouted.  He shoved the box back in the desk drawer and closed the drawer as he went to open the door.

“What is all this about?”  Raven questioned him kind of angrily.

“I was on the phone trying to find out information on the Golden Eagle Corporation,” Sky lied.  “I didn’t want to be disturbed.”

“Did you find out anything new?”  Raven asked.

“Unfortunately, no,” Sky replied.  “But Gordon and I do have a lead.”

“What’s that?”  Raven inquired.

“Let’s go to bed,” Sky suggested.  “I’ll tell you on the way.”

“Isn’t it too early for bed?”  Raven asked him

Sky just stared at her with a twinkle in his eye.

Raven held out her hand to Sky.  Sky took Raven by the arm and the two went from the living room up the stairs.  Sky recalled to her how they discovered the Richman Broadcasting that had bought WMON was owned by Golden Eagle Corporation.  He also told her about lawyer working for them Norman Garrison.

The photograph that Sky was looking at was on Sky’s desk in his study.  In the rush to put the box in the drawer before Raven found out anything, Sky forgot to put the picture back into the box.


At Julia’s apartment, she was catching up her parents on all that had been happening to her with the letters and presents.

“I can believe you did not let us know that this was going on?”  Draper stated.

“I didn’t want to worry you,” Julia replied.  “And I really did think it was Nathan trying to annoy me.

“That’s obviously not the case,” April said.  “And last night was the not the first night that you sensed someone was following you?”

“No,” Julia responded.  “But last night was the first time in a long time that I felt that way.”

“I knew she was in trouble,” April told Draper.  “Just like I know you are.”

“What are you talking about?” A confused Julia asked them.

“There are things I never told you about me,” April started to tell her.

“Like what?”  Julia inquired.

“I don’t think now is the time for this,” Draper stated.  “It’s getting late.”

“Or you don’t believe me?”  April asked him.

“That’s not what I said,” Draper replied.

“Anyway, I am not leaving her alone tonight,” April informed him.

“What?”  Julia questioned.

Draper paused for a second.

“You are right,” he said.  “We are not leaving her alone tonight.”

Julia started to say something but Draper cut her off.

“This isn’t open for discussion!” He exclaimed.

“Or you could come stay the night at Mike and Nancy’s with us tonight?”  April suggested.  “They have room, and I am sure that they wouldn’t mind.”

“Besides it seems awful hot in here,” Draper mentioned.

“It’s just in the living room,” Julia replied.  “I’ve forgetting to ask my landlord to check it out.”  Julia stood at and started walking toward the vent in her living room-where one of the cameras were.

Someone was watching and getting nervous as Julia’s face got closer and closer to the vent and closer and closer to the camera.

“Well, what are we going to do?”  April asked her.

Julia stopped walking toward the vent, and faced her mom.  “I guess the Karrs it is,” she stated.  “But I want to call and check on James first.”

On the other end of the computer screen, someone got up from his chair and started throwing things.

After talking to James who did not seem any better, Julia packed up a few things to take with her to the Karr’s house.

As they three were exiting her apartment, her landlord, Curtis Reardon was walking up the stairs.

“Mr. Reardon,” she started to say but stopped herself.  “Curtis, I’d like for you to meet someone,” Julia said.  She then proceeded to introduce him to her parents.

“I hope I haven’t chased you off from her,” He stated as he noticed the suitcase she was carrying.

“I’m just staying with my parents tonight,” Julia explained.  “But if you could have a look at my thermostat I would appreciate it.”

“Is something wrong?”  He asked.

“My living room just doesn’t seem to be getting as cool as the rest of the apartment,” Julia informed him.

“I’ll have a look at it the first thing in the morning,” Curtis told her.

“Thanks, we really appreciate that,” Draper replied.


Outside Katherine’s apartment, Geri was doing her own surveillance.  She been there awhile but Katherine hadn’t done anything since she got home from work.   She was bored so she called her brother Gordon but go no answer.

“Just what I figured, that if you aren’t out with Adam then you have no life,” Geri said.  But no sooner than Geri had finished speaking when a cab pulled up into the front of the building.

A woman exited a building with a hat on her head and he coat collar pulled up around her neck but Geri could still could tell that it was Katherine.

“Okay, now let’s see what you have been up to,” Geri stated as she started her car.  Geri followed the cab but not too close so that they wouldn’t get suspicious.  She stayed on their tail for about a good ten minutes when her cell phone rang.  She saw Gordon’s name appear on her dashboard as she answered her bluetoouth.

“What do you want?”  Geri asked angrily.

“I’m calling you back,” Gordon responded.

“Well I’m doing the work that you should be doing,” Geri informed him.

“What’s that?”  Gordon inquired.

“Following Katherine,” Geri answered.

“Are you serious?”  Gordon responded.  “How do you know that she is not going to meet Adam?

“Adam is at his place,” Geri stated.  “I went there before I started staking out Katherine’s place to make sure.  Plus, we on the interstate, in the other direction.  I think she might be headed out of town.”

“Well, there you go,” Gordon replied.  “She’s leaving town.  Problem solved.”

“Funny,” Geri laughed sarcastically.  “I thought you were sweet on her?”

“Sweet, yes,” Gordon answered her.  “But obsessed is something different.”

“I’m not obsessed,” Geri shouted.

“You are sure acting like it,” Gordon told her.

“I am not, now you take that back,” Geri demanded.

“I have a real case that I am working on with Dad,” Gordon informed her.

“Oh crap!”  Geri exclaimed.

“What’s wrong?”  Gordon asked her.

“You got me so distracted that I lost them,” Geri informed.  “They must have turned off at the Springfield/Mayfield exit.”


“Why would she want to go to either of those places?”  Gordon inquired.

“That’s what you are supposed to be finding out,” Geri replied as she turned her car around and started going back in the other direction.  “I wonder if I can still catch them?”  Geri asked as hurried to get back to the next exit.

“What are you doing?”  Gordon question her.  “Be careful.  You don’t want to cause an accident.  Or get another ticket.”

“I won’t,” Geri responded angrily.  “Besides I can’t.  My license is still suspended.”

No sooner had Geri finished saying that, then flash of red lights appeared in her rear view mirror with the sound of sirens.

“Oh crap,” she shouted.

“What?”  Gordon asked but Geri ended the call.

She pulled on side of the road, and picked up her purse off the seat.  She then grabbed her wallet.  And pulled out a wad of cash.

She looked in her rear view mirror and then unbuttoned her top bottom.  She hesitated then unbuttoned another one.  “Two buttons should do it,” she said to herself as the police car pulled over in back of her.


In their bedroom, Sky and Raven were lying in bed trying to get to sleep when Sky’s cell phone range.

“Don’t answer it,” Raven told him.

“Let me at least see who it is,” Sky stated.

“It can’t be anything good at this hour,” Raven replied.

“It’s not a number that I recognize,” Sky announced.

“Then don’t answer it,” Raven said.

Sky looked at Raven and then the ringing phone.  He then decided to answer it.

From Sky’s expression, Raven could tell that it was not good news.

“The police station,” Sky exclaimed.

“That’s just great,” Raven stated.

“I’ll be right there,” Sky told the person on the other line.

“Which kid?” Raven asked as Sky hung up the phone.

“Geri,” Sky responded.

“Oh God, what did she do this time?”  An excited Raven questioned him.

“Speeding and driving on a suspended license,” Sky informed her.

“Well, it could be worse,” Raven said.

“It is,” Sky replied.  “Apparently she tried to bribe the cop who stopped her.”

“That’s just great,” Raven repeated.



That night was another restless night for April at the Karr’s house.  She finally managed to fall asleep after Draper had woke up and left the bedroom.  He ran into Julia in the hallway.

“Where’s mom?”  Julia asked him.

“She didn’t get much rest last night,” Draper replied.  “She’s still in bed.”

“She said that she was worried about not only me but you last night,” Julia stated.  “What was that about?”

“Nothing I want to worry you about,” Draper responded.  “We need to find out who is sending you those notes and gifts.”

“Calvin is working on that,” she informed them.  “And I need to go back to my apartment.  I really didn’t grab anything appropriate for work.  We are going to WMON today.”

“Do you want me to go with you?”  April asked her.

“No, I’ll be fine,” she replied.  “Mr. Reardon will be there.”

“Okay, but call me when you get to your apartment, and then we you arrive at the office,” Draper told her.

Julia paused for a moment.  She felt that her father was being overly cautious but she didn’t want to get into it with him.  “Okay,” she finally said.



Curtis Reardon had awoken early.  “Since I am already up, I am going to check the thermostat in Julia’s apartment,” he told his wife, Jackie.

He entered Julia’s apartment and looked at the thermostat.  “It’s turned on to 78 degrees,” he said to himself.  “It sure doesn’t feel that way.”

Someone was looking at him in Julia’s apartment and did not like what he saw.  He took off running out of his house.


Laurie Karr was pouring her morning coffee when she was surprised to get a call from Victor.

“What is it?” she questioned him.  “Is everything okay?”

“Yes,” Victor responded.  “I will be in late to the office this morning.  I need to see someone.  I shouldn’t be long, but I tried to reach Nathan, and he didn’t answer.”

“That’s all right, I will let him know,” Laurie told him.


At his apartment James looked at himself in his bathroom mirror.  “I really need to start taking it easy,” he said.  “I can’t spend another sleepless night in the bathroom throwing up.  And why is my breathing bothering me.”  He took his shaving cream off a shelf and was going to start shaving when his noticed a rash on his chest.  “You definitely need to go to the doctor.

He went to other room, and picked it his phone.  He saw Bryan’s name on the caller ID.

“Hello, Bryan,” he stated as he answered the phone.

“I hope you are feeling better this morning,” Bryan said.  “My dad wanted me to call you.  He is real excited about this interview at WMON.  He’s re-writing statements that he wants you to mention during the interview.”

“What now?”  James asked.

“He’s just a perfectionist,” Bryan responded.  “He wants to make sure that you get our points across.  So we won’t be in the office this morning.  We will meet you at WMON.  He said to tell you to make sure you are there for eleven o’clock.”

“I will be,” James responded.  “I need to go to the office first to meet with Didi Bannister, but I then I will be right there.”


Back at Julia’s apartment, Mr.  Reardon had returned to the living room after checking out Julia’s bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.  “Something is definitely wrong in this room,” he stated.  “Now the question is, do I have to start crawling through the ceiling?”

He went up to the vent in the living room behind the sofa, and put his hand up to it.  “You feel fine,” he said.  “Now where is that other vent?”  He looked across the room to see the vent above the wall where the television was.  He went to that vent and stuck his hand in the air.  “I hardly feel anything at all.  Something is not right.”

He went grab a stool from Julia’s kitchen then stood on it to open the vent.  When he opened it, he saw the video equipment inside it.  “Oh my God,” he exclaimed.  He stepped down from the stool and keep feeling his pockets to see where his phone was.  “I have let Julia know.”

After realizing he left his phone on Julia’s end table, he went to pick it up.  But before he could grab it, a cord was placed over his head and around his neck.  He struggle to grab hold it but the person behind holding the cord was too strong.  After about a minute his body became lifeless.

The killer laid Curtis Reardon down on the sofa and then stood on the stool and closed the vent.  He then grabbed Reardon’s body but before he could do anything he saw that someone was trying to open the door.

Julia was on the other side of the door.  She was having trouble opening door and holding her suitcase at the same time so she put down the suitcase.  She opened the door but when she entered the living room, no one was there.

Chapter 20

Back at the Karr house, April woke up screaming.

Her sounds caused Draper to come running to the bedroom followed by Mike and Nancy.

“What is it?”  Draper asked.

“I saw Julia,” she started to tell him.  “Someone is watching her.”

“What?” a confused Nancy questioned her.

“In my dream,” April explained.  “She was in her apartment and he came up from behind her.    Then I woke up.”  April started to shake as Draper grabbed her.

“You need to calm down,” Draper said.  “Everything is going to be alright.”

“Where is Julia now?”  Mike inquired.


Back in her apartment Julia went into her bedroom, and she was looking at dresses in her closet.  In the bathroom the killer stared at her through the crack in the door.  He watched as Julia changed clothes.

Julia then looked at herself in the mirror, and started to walk toward the bathroom.  She then stopped and went into the other room, and dug into her suitcase.  She pulled out a compact.  “I forgot that I took you with me,” she said to herself.

She then went back to the living room as she was getting ready to leave.  She turned to see the stool under the vent.

The killer had moved from the bathroom into her bedroom and was watching Julia through the crack in her bedroom door now.

Julia walked toward the stool.

The killer started to panic. He looked at the cord around Mr. Reardon’s neck in the bathroom and scanned though Julia’s bedroom for something.  He grabbed a pillow off her bed.  He was headed toward the other room.

As Julia began to step on the stool, her phone rang.  She saw her father’s name on the caller ID.

“I just getting ready to call you,” Julia informed him as she answered.

“Ask her if everything is alright,” April screamed in the background.

“I’m fine,” Julia stated.

“Is she doing okay?”  Julia inquired.

“She had a bad night,” Draper told her.  “Are you sure everything is fine?”

“Yes,” Julia answered him as her doorbell rang.  “Hold on.”  Julia went to the door to see Jackie Reardon, her landlord’s wife standing there.  “Just a moment,” Julia told her.

“That’s fine,” Jackie responded.

“I need to go Dad,” Julia said.

“Okay but call us when you get to the station,” He told her.

“Okay,” Julia replied and hung up the phone.  “How can I help you?”  She asked Jackie.

“I came to see my husband,” she informed Julia.  “He said he was coming over to check your thermostat.”

“He’s not here,” Julia stated.  “But that explains why my kitchen stool is near the vent.  He must have been working earlier.”

“Maybe he went to the hardware store,” Jackie assumed.  “Can you have him get in touch with me if you see him?”

“I will, but I am headed to work myself,” Julia explained.

“Well, that’s okay, it’s not that important,” Jackie replied.  “Oh by the way, I love the flowers and candy someone has been sending you.  Do you have a secret admirer?”

“Not exactly,” Julia responded.

“Well, have a good day,” Jackie told Julia as left.

“More like a crazy admirer,” Julia whispered to herself.

Julia grabbed her suitcase and then left the apartment.


Outside the Monticello P.D., Mae sat in her car in the parking lot hesitating to go into the building.  She was taken by surprise when Calvin knocked on her window.

“Is everything okay?”  Calvin asked her as she rolled down the window.

“Yes,” Mae responded.  “Could you tell Matthew I will be in a minute?  I need to return my mother’s call first.”

“Sure,” Matthew said as he walked toward the building.

“Well, you could do that,” Mae said to herself.  “But eventually you still will have to go to work today.”  She then picked up the phone and called her mother who was surprised by the call.

“I thought you were avoiding me,” her mom, a former cop, stated.

“No,” Mae responded.  “I’ve just been busy settling in, and I’m still trying to finish unpacking.”

“And how has work been?” Her mom inquired.

Mae told her mom about her partner Matthew, the stakeout and the cold case of Calvin’s murder.

“That sounds interesting,” her mom said.  “I hope you’ll can catch the guy after all these years.”

“I have a good feeling about that,” Mae responded as she tried to end the phone call but her mother asked one more question.

“Have you had to use your gun?”  Her mom questioned.

Mae was not pleased with the question.  She took a deep breath before she replied.  “No.  I haven’t had a reason to use it.  You know how it is being a cop.  You are not always grabbing for your weapon.”

“Okay,” her mom said.  “You sound like you are doing well.  Have you spoken to the physiatrist yet?”

Mae took another deep breath before responding.  “I see Dr. Hughes today.”


At the Whitney mansion, Raven sat on the sofa frustrated that Sky had not returned since he left last night.  Raven stood up as the front door opened.  She immediately sat back down when she saw Lyle entering.  “Oh, it’s just you.”

“Is something wrong?”  Lyle ask her.

“You mean you haven’t heard?”  Raven questioned him.

“No, should I have,” Lyle answered.

“It doesn’t matter,” Raven stated.  Raven paused for a moment then looked around the room.  “Follow me,” she told Lyle.

Lyle followed Raven into Sky’s study.  As Raven’s back was turned to close the door, Lyle saw the photograph that Sky had left out on the desk.  He picked it up and put it in his pocket before Raven noticed.

“Have a seat,” Raven told him as she herself sat down.

“What is this about?”  Lyle asked.

“Have you given any more thought to what we talked about the other day?”  Raven questioned him.

“Yes,” Lyle answered.

“And?”  Raven inquired.

“If you want me to do it then I will do it,” he informed Raven.  “I just don’t know what Mr. Whitney…” Lyle couldn’t finish what he was saying before Raven cut him off.

“You don’t to worry about what he will say, I will handle Mr. Whitney,” Raven stated.


Outside Swift and Associates, a car pulled up with Nathan and Didi inside.

“Thank you for giving me a ride this morning,” Didi told him.

“It was no problem,” Nathan said.  “But I do have my ulterior motives.”

Didi turned to look at him but didn’t say anything.

“So what have you decided about us?”  He asked her.

“You know how I feel about you,” Didi started to say.  “I did miss you, and I really do want to be with you.  But all the old problems are still there.”

“I told you that I don’t care about what people think,” Nathan reminded her.  “I’m ready to tell the world.”

“That’s not just it,” Didi said.

“I know,” Nathan responded.  “And I want to be with you.  Kids don’t matter to me as long as we are together.”

“Are you sure this time?”  Didi inquired.

“Yes,” Nathan declared.  “I miss you.  I want to be with you.”

“Then let’s give it a go again,” Didi responded.

“Then I’ll pick you up after work,” Nathan told her.

“Yes,” Didi responded with a smile.

“I need to get going,” Nathan stated.  “I have been avoiding Victor’s calls all morning.”

She kissed Nathan goodbye as she exited the car.  As she did, she saw Julia standing there.


At the morgue, Adam was seated at his desk typing on his computer when Dr. Bauer knocked on his door.

“Come in,” Adam said.

“I’m sorry to disturb you,” Dr. Bauer stated.

“You’re not,” Adam told him.

“But I just wanted to let you know that I will be coming back to work after lunch today,” Dr. Bauer informed him.

“Hot date?”  Matthew asked with a chuckle.

“No,” Dr. Bauer replied.  “My sister in going to be in town with her kids, and I have seen them in a while so I want to spend some time with them.”

“That’s nice,” Adam responded.  “It won’t be a problem.  I’m sure I can handle things.”

“Thanks,” Dr. Bauer said.  “You know I don’t think I ever asked you.  Do you have any siblings?”

The question caught Adam off guard.  “No, I don’t,” he finally answered.

“Well, that’s too bad,” Dr. Bauer stated.  “I will see you tomorrow.”

After Dr. Bauer left his office, Adam started to remember.

He remembered the night that Miles arrived home and told him to pick up all his toys before someone falls or trips over them.  He put most of them in his toy chest downstairs.  He took a few things with him upstairs.  He was carrying a stuffed elephant and toy plane when he stopped at the top of the stairs.

He could see the door to Miles and Beth’s room was open.  He could hear them talking.  He put the toys down, and sat on the top step to listen.  Miles had his hand on Beth’s chest trying to feel the baby kick.  They were laughing and smiling.  An upset Adam grabbed the stuffed elephant and went to his room.  The toy plane was still on the top step of the stairs.


At the law office, Julia and Didi entered without saying a word to each other to discover James was there alone with his head down on his desk.

“You’re here by yourself?”  Julia inquired.

“Yes,” James responded and looked up to face her.

“Katherine isn’t here?”  She asked.

“No, she’s running late,” James informed her.

“That’s unusual for her,” Julia stated as she filled a cup with water from the cooler and handed it to James.

“Well, apparently everyone is running late today,” he mentioned.

“And you look worse today,” she stated.

“I know,” James responded.  “I’m headed to the doctor right after the interview.”

“Good,” Julia responded.  “I guess you still didn’t sleep last night.  Did you get any more tremors like the other night?”

“Yes, I didn’t sleep, and no on the tremors,” he answered her.

“I’m sorry my ride was late,” Didi told him.

“And I would have been here sooner if I didn’t have to go back to my apartment to get something to wear,” Julia said.

“What?”  James asked.

“I didn’t sleep at my place last night,” Julia explained.  “I stayed with my parents at the Karr’s house.”

“Why?”  James questioned her.

“It’s a long story,” Julia told him.  “I can tell it to you later.  There is no reason to get upset. Calm down.  You are breathing heavy enough as it is.  You need to look your best for the interview.”

“Where are William and Bryan?”  Didi inquired.

“William was re-writing some things he wanted me to say in the interview,” James said.  “But now that is going to change.”

“Why?”  Julia asked.

“I just got off the phone with him again, and he is not happy,” James informed her.

“Why?”  Julia questioned him.

“Geri was arrested last night,” James explained as he placed his head in his palms.

“Your sister?”  Didi inquired.

“Yes,” James responded looking up at her.  “She’s always getting herself into trouble.”

“Let me get you some more water,” Julia told him.  “You still don’t look too well.  And I’m taking you to the doctor.”

“I told you I’m going see the doctor after the interview,” James reminded her.

“What is she in trouble for?”  Didi asked.

“Speeding, driving with a suspended license, and trying to bribe an officer,” James answered.

“What?” a shocked Didi exclaimed.

“You haven’t gotten to know Geri as well yet as you do Charlotte,” Julia stated handing James another cup of water.

“She could keep us in business all by herself,” James said.

“Is she still locked up?”  Julia inquired.  “Do you want me to go to the courthouse?”

“She’s not there,” James stated.

“Where is she?”  Julia asked.

“She’s not in Monticello,” James informed them.  “She’s in Mayfield.”

“Mayfield?” A shocked Katherine asked as she entered the office.  “Who’s in Mayfield?”

“My sister, Geri,” James replied.

“Would you like me to go there and handle this?”  Julia asked him.

“Or I could?”  Didi told him.

“Sorry, I’m late,” Katherine said.  “I forget to set my alarm this morning.  What was she doing in Mayfield?”

“It’s a long story.  She got arrested last night.”

“Oh,” Katherine responded but not sounding too shocked.


At the Monticello P.D., Matthew sat at his desk going over the information they had received from Darcy Decker about the former members of the street gang, the Gallahads.

“Where’s Madison?”  Chris asked as she entered the room.

“She said she had an appointment that you knew about, and that she would be back soon,” Matthew answered.

“That’s right,” Chris responded but not elaborating.  “Are you working on trying to track down the former Gallahads?”

“Yes,” Matthew replied.  “It’s not that easy when you have common names to go on like Gina Daniels, Marty Wilson, and we don’t even know “Lucky’s” real name.”

“Well, I was hoping Jody and Jeremy would get back to me today on doing a Monticello’s Most Wanted segment focusing solely on Alicia Van Dine,” Chris informed him.  “I hope it would help with new leads but I haven’t heard from them yet.”

“What is she wanted for again?”  Matthew questioned her.

“Purgery and kidnapping among other things,” Chris answered.

“Kidnapping who?”  Matthew asked.

“Preacher Emerson,” Chris responded.  “You are probably too young remember all that.”

“ Are they going to interview him too?”  Matthew inquired.

“No,” Chris replied.  “No one knows where he is.”

“Should we try to find him?”  Matthew suggested.

“It couldn’t hurt,” Chris told him.

“I think I found him,” Matthew exclaimed.

“Who?”  Chris asked.

“Marty “IQ” Wilson,” Matthew answered her.


At WMON, Jeremy and Jody were talking in his office.

“How did things go with your talk to Nikki yesterday?”  Jeremy asked.  I hope you weren’t too hard on her,” Jeremy stated.  “She is an adult.”

“It went well, I guess,” Jody replied.

“What does that mean?”  Jeremy inquired.

“I think she is hiding something else,” Jody explained.

“Like what?”  Jeremy questioned her.

“I’m not sure,” Jody answered him.

“Well, I hope you are not going to let yourself get upset over this,” Jeremy stated.  “That stress is not going to do you any good.”

“I’m fine,” Jody told him.  “Can we talk about something else now?”

Jeremy paused for a second.  “Have you spoken to the Whitneys about the segment on Alicia Van Dine?”  Jeremy asked her.

“Not yet,” Jody replied.  “But I assume they may come with James for the interview today.”

“I don’t imagine them having being a problem with it,” Jeremy stated.  “After what Alicia did to them, I think they will glad we are trying to track her down.”  Jeremy was referring to the fact that Alicia almost caused Raven to go to prison for murder.

“I hope so,” Jody said but not sounding too confident about it.

“There is something else we should talk about some more,” Jeremy told her.

“What?” a nervous Jody asked.

“Preacher,” Jeremy answered.

“What about him?”  Jody questioned him.  “I thought it didn’t bother you when his name was mentioned yesterday.”

“It didn’t,” Jeremy stated.  “But if he sees the story, he may return to Monticello.  And if that happens…”

Jody cut Jeremy off before he could finish what he was saying.  “He won’t.”


Outside the office, Angela was trying to hear what they were saying when Martin called her over to him.

“You need to be more careful,” he said.  “People can see you where you are standing and can figure out what you are doing.”

Angela wasn’t too happy with the comment.

“Well, did you find out anything?”  Martin asked her.

“All I know is that they were talking about some guy named Preacher Emerson,” Angela informed him.

“What about?”  Martin inquired.

“I don’t know, but we are going to find out,” Angela responded.

“I wouldn’t focus on that too much,” Martin stated.  “You are sitting on a career making story right now.”

“I told you that I want to use it to bargain with Raven Whitney first,” Angela reminded him.

“Then, what are you waiting for?”  Martin asked.  “If you wait too long someone else is going to jump on this.”

“All right,” Angela said as she headed to Martin’s office.

As they entered Martin closed the door behind them.

“Do you have the Whitneys’ number?”  Angela asked him.

“I should have it in my address book on my computer,” Martin answered her.

Angela sat down at his desk, and started to look on his computer.

“I think you owe me a visit tonight for this,” Martin told her with a mischievous smile.

“We’ll see,” Angela said as she picked up a phone to dial Raven’s number.”


At the Whitney mansion, Raven was sitting in the living room when the phone started to ring.

“Oh, Sky please let that be you with some news,” Raven said as she answered the phone.

“Mrs. Whitney,” Angela asked as Raven answered the phone.

“Yes, who is this?”  Raven questioned.

“How soon you forget,” Angela responded.  “Angela Rhomer from WMON.

“Oh you,” Raven replied with an “I could care less attitude.  “Why are you bothering me?”

“I told you Mrs. Whitney, I can help you,” Angela reminded her.  “I can guarantee you excellent press coverage for your family.  All you have to do is tell me what you have on Jody Travis.”

“And I told you that I don’t know what you are talking about,” Raven stated angrily.

“Mrs. Whitney, I am trying to help you,” Angela repeated. “I am sitting on a story that could destroy your son’s political career right now.”

“You’re bluffing,” Raven responded.  “And I don’t take threats lightly.  You might want to ask around and find out who you are dealing with here.  If you hurt me or my family.  I will destroy you.”

Angela hung up the phone and looked Martin.  “I gave her a chance.  Now let’s go interview your source.”


Across town, Calvin and Guthrie were walking out of a florist.

“We’ll that was a waste of time,” Calvin stated.  “The flower company couldn’t tell anything about the person who sent Julia the roses.”

“It does tell us something,” Guthrie replied.  “He called from a burner phone and paid with a prepaid credit card.  He didn’t want it to be traced to back to him.  But why send flowers, then also send a threatening note?”

“It doesn’t make sense,” Calvin stated as he looked at his phone.

“Still no word from Nikki?”  Guthrie asked.

“No,” Calvin responded.  “I guess I will have to go see her in person.”


At the foundation, Charlotte was finishing all the mailings that Geri had left.  “I don’t know why I depend on her for anything.”  She said to herself as Nikki entered.

“You never answered my calls last night,” Charlotte stated.

“I was avoiding everyone,” Nikki replied.  “Let’s get this over with.”  Nikki opened up her purse and pulled out a box.  It was a home pregnancy test.



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