Cries in the Night: Chapters 17& 18

Chapter 17

At the Whitney mansion, an obviously upset Raven was sitting on the sofa.  She had one of the pillows in her lap and was punching it.

“Damn, damn, damn,” she said as Sky exited his study.

“What’s wrong?”  He asked her.

“I feel so helpless,” Raven replied.

“You’re still worried?”  Sky questioned her.  “I told you that I had it all taken care of.”

“There’s more,” Raven told him.  “There’s something else I need to tell you.”

“What?”  Sky inquired.

“I’ve been having Damian Tyler try to track down Alicia,” Raven confessed.

“What?”  Sky exclaimed.  “After I told you what she threatened to do.”

“I know,” Raven replied almost in tears.

“What happened?”  Sky questioned her.

“Well, Damian was not making much progress in the investigation,” Raven explained.  “But apparently he hit a nerve somewhere.”

“Why do you think that?”  Sky asked.

“Because Alicia sent two thugs after him,” Raven informed Sky.  “They attacked him and beat him up.”

“Really?” a shocked Sky asked.

“Yes,” Raven responded.  “They threatened him and his family if he did not stop looking for Alicia.”

“Oh my God!” Sky exclaimed.

“I feel so guilty for getting him involved with all this,” Raven told him.

“Don’t worry,” Sky stated.  “Things will go back to way they were before, and Alicia will leave us alone.”

“How can you be so sure?”  Raven inquired.  “I think we need to hire body guards for us and the children.”


At the law office, James was resting with his head down on his desk.

“James, I need you focused,” William told him.

“I’m sorry but it was another restless right,” he replied.

“He really needs to go to the doctor,” Julia stated as Calvin and Guthrie showed up.

“You two again?”  William asked.  “We are trying to run a campaign here.”

“And I’m trying to keep Julia safe,” James replied.

“I assume you came for the box of chocolates,” Julia stated as she went to her hand bag.  It was a large bag not her usual small purse.  She pulled out the box and handed it to Calvin.

“Cocoa butter chocolates,” Katherine said as she saw the top of the box.

“Yes, they are my favorite,” Julia informed them.

“Your favorite flowers and your favorite chocolates,” Guthrie noted.  “This guy must know a lot about you.”

“Did you talk to Nathan?”  Julia inquired as she handed James some tissue to wipe the sweat from his forehead.

“Yes,” Calvin told her.  “We talked to him and Victor this morning.”

“Both of them denied sending the letters or knowing anything about them,” Guthrie stated.

“Do you believe them?”  James questioned them as he drank from his cup of water.

“Victor, I believe,” Calvin replied.  “It’s hard to make a judgement on Nathan since I don’t know he so well.  But we don’t have any evidence linking him to anything.”

“Can you think of anyone else?”  Guthrie asked her.

“If I went through every case I ever handled, I would have a multitude of suspects,” Julia answered.  “But I never prosecuted anyone or defended anyone who was really violent.”

“We don’t know necessarily that he is not violent,” Guthrie told her.

“Oh my,” Katherine reacted.

“Don’t worry, I can protect you both,” Bryan stated.

William slapped him on the shoulder.  “Let them finish.”

“The lab hasn’t found anything wrong with the flowers so far,” Guthrie informed them.

“We are going to talk to someone from the delivery service today as well as your landlord,” Calvin stated.

“You said he was the one who signed for them?”  Guthrie asked.

“Yes, the flowers and the chocolates,” Julia responded.  “But I don’t think it is him.”

“We are questioning to see if he may have saw something or someone,” Guthrie explained.

“For the first time since all this started I am starting to get scared,” Julia announced.

James, who was massaging his temples, looked up Julia said that.

“Don’t worry we are going to get this guy,” Calvin stated.  “And James take care of yourself you don’t look so well.


At Mike and Nancy’s house, they were at the kitchen table drinking coffee with April and Draper.

“How did you sleep last night?”  Draper asked April.

April, unaware that Draper had told Mike and Nancy about her dreams, hesitated to answer.  “Actually I slept like a log last night,” April lied.  “I think I was just so tired from the trip and I’m waiting for my body to adjust to the time change.”

“I knew you just needed to get away,” Draper stated.  “Now I think we should take Julia out to dinner somewhere tonight.”

“I thought you wanted to surprise her?”  April asked him.

“I do,” Draper responded.  “I just need to find a way to get her to the restaurant without letting her now we are here.”

“I have been cleaning up the basement,” Mike informed Draper.  “I’ve come across a lot of papers from the law office.  I don’t know if you want to see them before I shred them.”

“Sure, I’d like to take a look at them,” Draper stated as he and  Mike left the room.

Nancy looked to make sure they were out of earshot before she turned to face April.

“You certainly don’t look like someone who slept well last night,” Nancy stated.

“Well, thanks,” April responded sarcastically.  “But you are right,” April said in a serious tone.

“What’s going on?”  Nancy questioned her.

“I have been having dreams again,” April informed.  “Disturbing like I did before when Margo died, then Draper was convicted, and then the train wreck.”

“What do you mean disturbing?”  Nancy asked her.

“It started with me fearing that I was going to lose Draper,” April explained.  “I even dreamed of his funeral.”

“Oh my,” Nancy exclaimed.  “That would understandably be disturbing.”

“And now I’ve started to dream about Julia,” April informed.”  “I’m not sure of the circumstances yet but I’m looking for her and I can’t find her.  I am so worried that something is going to happen to them.”


In the basement Mike and Draper were going through files when Draper came across a newspaper.

“What is this doing here?”  He asked.  He held it up for Mike to see.  It was an edition of the “Monticello News” with the headline that Draper had been killed in a train wreck.


“We’ll probably find more articles than that down here,” Mike stated.

“That seems like a life time ago,” Draper mentioned.

“April was having visions of all that before it happened back then wasn’t she?”  Mike asked.

“Yes, she was,” Draper replied.

“And what do you think about all these dreams now?”  Mike inquired.

“I thought she was making a big deal out of nothing,” Draper responded.  “I thought she was just missing Julia, and that was somehow causing the dreams.  I guess I was hoping it was nothing.  But they haven’t stopped, and now they involve Julia.  I don’t know what to think or do now.”


In Springfield Mae and Matthew arrived at Cedars Hospital to talk to Darcy Decker about the street gang, the Gallahads.

“You were pretty quiet on the drive up here, is something bothering you?”  Matthew asked her.

“Just something that I have to do tomorrow that I am dreading,” Mae responded referring to her appointment with Dr. Hughes the next day.

“Why didn’t you mention it?”  Matthew inquired.

“Not to be rude but I really don’t want to talk about it,” Mae replied.  “And you seemed rather cheerful this morning by the way.”

“I did,” Matthew said with a sly smile as they walked into the chemical dependency unit.

“That wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Calvin and Nicki are apparently having problems?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Matthew stated as he knocked on a door.

A short blond woman answered the door. “Can I help you?” She asked them.

“Detectives Madison and Gantz to see Darcy Decker,” Mae stated as they held up their badges.

“I’ve been expecting you,” the woman said as she opened the door.  ‘I’m Darcy,” she announced.  “We can talk in this office here to the left.”

The three took seats in the room.  Darcy behind a desk and Mae and Matthew seated in front of the desk.

“Like I said on the phone, I’m not sure how much help I can be to you,” Darcy stated.

“You may be able help us in ways you don’t even know,” Mae said.

“Well, I would love to help you find that cop’s killer, but I really think this is going to be a dead end,” Darcy told them.  “I don’t think our gang the Gallahads would be linked to another gang with the same name,” Darcy explained.  “We never had tattoos like that,” she said referring to the letter “G” in the circle.  “That was all so long ago.  There was only 5 of us, and we all turned our lives around after Lujack died.  He used to be our leader.  And there wasn’t a Tommy in our gang.

“Do you know that were everyone else that were in the Gallahads are now?”  Matthew asked.

“I haven’t seen any of them in years, decades,” Darcy replied.  “I got clean and I’ve been a substance abuse counselor ever since.  I can make some calls and try to track them done.”

“We can help you with that,” Matthew informed her.

“Can we have their names?”  Mae asked.

“Sure,” Darcy replied.  “Gina Daniels.  I know she went to college or at least started it.  And then there was IQ and Lucky.”

“IQ and Lucky?” A confused Mae questioned her.

“They were nicknames,” Darcy replied with a little chuckle.  “Would you believe they thought those names made them sound tougher?”

“Do you know their real names?”  Matthew inquired.

“That’s going back,” Darcy told them.  “I try not to remember a lot about time.  And the drugs have wiped a lot of them.  But let me think.”

“Take your time,” Mae said.

“IQ’s real name was Marty, I think,” Darcy stated.  “And his last name was something common like Smith or Jones.  No Wilson.  Yes I believe it was Wilson.”

“And Lucky?”  Mae asked.

“That’s a tough one,” Darcy stated.  “I don’t know if I ever called him by his first name.”

“It wasn’t Tom or Tommy was it,” Matthew questioned her.

“No,” Darcy stated.  “That much I do remember.  It wasn’t a simple name like that.  He hated it, but I can’t remember what it was.

“Do you remember his last name?”  Matthew inquired.

“Yes, I think” Darcy replied.  “It was a fancy Italian name like Romano.  I think at time we may have even tried calling him by his last name.”

“That gives us something to start on,” Matthew informed her.

“If you think of anything else, no matter how insignificant you may think it is, please don’t hesitate to call us,” Mae told her.

“I won’t,” Darcy replied.


At the Whitney mansion, Raven had just gotten off the phone with James.  “He sounds better, I think,” she stated.

“Did he believe you?”  Sky asked.

“Yes,” Raven responded.  “I told him that we had reservations for him and Julia to meet us at Antione’s.  Just what Draper asked me to tell them.  He said they were tired and really wanted to go home, but I was persistent.  And he promised me that they were going.”

“I hope Julia’s surprise isn’t ruined,” Sky stated.

“That’s all you are worried about?”  Raven questioned him.  “Do you ever think of the children?”

“I told you to forget about that,” Sky reminded her.  “Things are going to be okay.  Now why don’t you join me upstairs?”

“It’s too early to go to sleep,” Raven responded.

“Who said anything about sleep?”  Sky said with a smile.

“I’ll be right there, I just want to call April and tell her how things went,” she shouted.   Raven picked up her phone and then sat back down on the sofa.  “And I don’t know how he can always be so calm about with Alicia still out there,” she whispered to herself.

Lyle came passing through the living room from the kitchen.

Raven just stared at him.

“Is something wrong?” He asked her.

Then Raven’s face lit up like a lightbulb.  “Lyle there is something I need you to do for me.”


Didi arrived home at her apartment with Julius to find Nathan waiting for her there. The two were surprised to find him there.

“Good night,” Julius said to Didi.  “I will talk to you later.”  He turned to face Nathan.  “Good night,” he repeated as entered his own apartment.

“What are you doing here?”  Didi asked.

“I needed to talk to you,” Nathan replied.  “And you didn’t answer my call.

“I was out to dinner with a friend,” Didi stated as she went into her apartment.

“Is that all he is?”  Nathan inquired as he followed her.

“Yes,” Didi responded.  “And I can’t believe you asked that.  Neither of us are looking for a relationship right now.”

“But I am,” Nathan stated.

“I don’t want to have this conversation again,” Didi said.

“I am still in love with you,” Nathan told her.  “And I know you still have feelings for me.”

“Do you remember the way things were last time?”   Didi asked him.  “Do you remember what other people would say about the age difference?  Do you remember why we broke up?”

“I never cared what other people thought,” Nathan informed her.  “I didn’t think you did either.  So there is an age difference between us, who cares and whose business is it?”

“Your parents did,” Didi reminded him.

“And so did your brother, and he eventually came around,” Nathan mentioned.  “And my parents will have to live with it.”

“And why we broke up,” Didi repeated.  “I can’t give you a child, and I’m not at a point in my life where I am going to start raising a kid again.”

“I know,” Nathan said.

“And are you really ready to give that up?”  Didi asked him.


At Antione’s James sat at a table by himself waiting for everyone else to arrive.  He put his hands on his temples.

“I wish this headache would leave me,” he said to himself.  He picked up the napkin off the table and wiped the sweat from his brow.  “And you need to relax so you’re not so breathing so heavy.”  He then picked up his phone and called Julia.

“I’m almost there,” Julia stated as she answered the phone.

“Good,” James responded.  “My parents must be on their way because they are not answering my calls.  I hope this doesn’t last long.  I’m starting not to feel well again.”

“I just need to find a place to park,” Julia informed him.  “The garage seems to be full.  And why didn’t you just tell your mother to go out with us another night?  That you weren’t feeling well.”

“You know how my mother is when she had her mind set on something,” James told her.  “There’s no talking her out of it.  And I found a spot easily.  If you didn’t go home and change then you could have as well.  What you were wearing was fine.”

“Fine?”  Julia questioned.  “That’s something a man would think.  I will see you soon.”  Julia hung up the phone and pulled into a parking spot.

When she got out of her car she realized how dark and isolated the parking lot was.  She paused for a second.  “There is nothing to be worried about,” she whispered to herself.  She began walking to the elevator on the other side of the garage.  She paused for a second because she thought she heard something.  But it was silence.  She looked around her and didn’t see anyone.  She started walking again, but then she could swear she heard someone behind her.  She took off the running for the elevator.

“Somebody help me,” she yelled.  She saw a couple at the elevator turned to look at her before she slipped and fell to the ground.

“We’re on our way,” the couple from the elevator shouted to her.

As Julia tried pick herself up off the ground, she turned to see her parents standing in front of her.

“What are you doing here?” A shocked Julia asked.


At 1:00 AM, Laurie Karr lay in her bed unable to sleep.  She kept thinking about all the questions the police had asked Victor that day.  “I need to talk to Beth,” she said to herself.

In London, Beth was just getting up for the day.  She was in her kitchen making a pot of coffee when her phone rang.  She was shocked to see Laurie’s name on the ID.

“Laurie, is everything okay?” She asked as she answered the phone.  “It must be real late over there.”

“I can’t sleep,” Laurie told her.  “I didn’t wake you up did I?”

“No,” Beth replied.  “Miles is still in bed but I am always up this early.  What is wrong?”

Laurie recalled to Beth what she heard about Victor’s visit from the police.  She also informed her about Victor saying that he “was not giving up on Julia yet.”

“She’s gotten more letters?”  Beth inquired.  “I thought they stopped coming.”

“She got them before?”  Laurie responded.  “I wasn’t aware of that.”

“Yes,” Beth replied.  “She received a couple while I was in town.”

“Do you think that Victor could be involved?”  Laurie asked.

Beth thought for a second on how to respond.  “I don’t think so,” Beth said.  “He made such tremendous progress in my short time with him.  I know he wanted Julia back but I don’t believe he would do this.  It would be totally out of character for him.  No.  It couldn’t be him.”

“Are you sure?”  Laurie questioned her.

“Yes,” Beth exclaimed.

Then Laurie informed her that Victor had the same yellow stationary in his desk that had been used for Julia’s letters.”

“Is he the only one what that kind of stationary in the office?”  Beth inquired.

“No,” Laurie answered her.  “Most of the office uses it.”

“So it could be anyone in the office or the stationary is that common,” Beth asserted.

“I guess you are right,” Laurie said.

“Are the police aware of the yellow stationary in the office?”  Beth asked her.

“I don’t think so,” Laurie responded.

“I think that they should be made aware of that,” Beth told her.

“I assume you are right,” Laurie stated.  “Victor probably won’t like that.”

“How are things between you two?”  Beth inquired.

“I thought we were actually making progress,” Laurie informed her.  “But now James Swift is running against him for District Attorney, and it’s like he’s a totally different person.”

“I didn’t hear about that,” Beth said.  “He must be under a tremendous amount of pressure now.  But I still believe he is coming around, and I can’t stress the great progress he has made in such a short time.”

“I know he won’t admit it, but I know he believes you were a great help to him,” Laurie stated.

“Thanks,” Beth responded.

“You were,” Laurie said.  “It’s a shame you and Miles did not have kids of your own.”

Laurie’s statement had caught Beth by surprise.  “I know.  I ‘ll talk to you again soon,” Beth told her as she hung up the phone.

Beth walked into her living room and up to her fire place mantel.  She picked up a picture of her with Miles and little Adam.  She flash-backed to all those years ago.   A pregnant Beth was sitting on the living room floor playing with Adam who was laying on the ground smiling.  “You’re going to be a big brother soon,” she told him as Miles entered the room.  She noticed Adam’s manner changed when Miles was in the room.  Beth heard Miles’s alarm clock go off upstairs which brought her out of her flashback.  “We almost had it all,” Beth whispered to herself.


Chapter 18


The next morning Julia was awoken by a phone call from James.

“I don’t think I am going to make it in this morning,” he informed her.

“That doesn’t surprise me,” Julia stated.  “You looked so worn down last night.  And you hardly touched your dinner.”

“I was,” James replied.   “And I threw up again last night and I still can’t sleep despite how drowsy I feel.”

“You definitely need to see a doctor,” Julia told him.  “You might be coming down with the flu or something.”

“I know,” James responded.  “But we need to talk about last night.”

“About dinner?”  Julie questioned him.

“You know I mean: what happened before dinner,” James responded breathing heavy.  “Do you think someone was following you?  Or are the letters making you paranoid?”

“I don’t know,” Julia answered him.  “I can almost swear I heard someone following me last night.  But I guess it could have just been my parents.  But then again they were on the other end of the garage.  Now please calm down, you don’t sound so good.”


Someone was looking at Julia on his computer screen, He got up and walked around to see all the pictures on the wall he had taken of her.  In the all pictures of her with James, James had X’s marked all over him.  He then recalled being outside the law office when the water delivery man was there.  The delivery man left the bottle by the door and went down in the elevator.  He then emerged from around the corner and walked by the law office.  As he passed the water bottle, he injected a needle into it and then quickly pulled it out.


At the detective agency, Gordon was reading something on his computer when Geri entered the office.

“What are you doing here?” he asked her.

“I do believe I am one of your clients,” Geri reminded him.

“But I didn’t think you got up before noon,” Gordon stated.

“Funny,” Geri replied though she was not amused.

“What have you found out about Katherine?”  Geri inquired.

“Not much,” Gordon responded.

“Even after I gave your file from James’s office?”  She questioned.

“Yes, and everything in it checks out,” Gordon stated.  “She is from Bay city.  And all of her references checked out.  There wasn’t much more information to get from that file.”

“And you call yourself a detective?”  Geri muttered.  “Well I will have you know that Katherine did not go out with Adam again last night.”

“How do you know?”  Gordon asked her.  “Did you follow her?”

“No,” Geri replied.  “I followed him, and isn’t that what I am paying you to do?”

“You followed him?”  Gordon questioned.  “Isn’t that getting kind of stalker-ish?”

“Isn’t that what you do?”  Geri inquired.  “Follow people.”

“So did she lie to him again?”  Gordon asked.

“I don’t know,” Geri answered him.  “But tonight I am going to follow her if she doesn’t go out with him again.”

“Oh boy,” Gordon said.  “Just be careful.”

“Careful about what?”  Sky questioned as he entered the office.

“Daddy, what are you doing here?”  Geri asked sounding innocent.

“I have business with your brother,” Sky replied.  “Aren’t you up a little early today?”

Gordon chuckled at the response.

“I’ll see you later,” Geri told him as she left the office.  “I have work to do.”

“Work?” Sky asked with a puzzled look on his face as he and Gordon both laughed at her statement.

“Careful about what?”  Sky repeated.  “We can’t afford to have your sister in the papers now that James is running for District Attorney.”

“It’s not what you think, Dad,” Gordon said.  “She’s pushing people’s buttons at the Unicorn.  If she doesn’t watch it she may lose her D.J. gig there,” Gordon lied.

“Well that may be for the best,” Sky stated.  “What have you found out about the Golden Eagle Corporation?”

“It’s the strangest thing I have ever seen,” Gordon told him.

“What do you mean?”  Sky asked.

“They hardly have a carbon footprint,” Gordon explained.  “They have a website.  But they appear to have come out of nowhere.  They are not in any business directories or organizations.”

“They just tried to buy the Monticello Towers,” Sky reminded him.

“I know,” Gordon replied.  “I talked to the people at the towers.  I got the name of the lawyer that they were walking to about it.  I even got a phone number for him”

“And?”  Sky inquired.

“His name is Norman Garrison and he is from Collinsport, Maine” Gordon informed him.  “That’s what he told the people at the Towers.  And I can’t find out anything else about him.  He is the only person listed to contact on the Golden Eagle Corporation website.   It’s all unbelievable.”

“Have you found out anything else?”  Sky asked.

“I discovered the name of another company that Golden Eagle bought-Richman Broadcasting,” Gordon told him.  “And again no one from that company could tell me anything more about Golden Eagle than that they negotiated with Norman Garrison and he made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

“Have you looked into Richman Broadcasting?”  Sky questioned him.

“That’s what I am doing now,” Gordon stated.

“Richman, Richman, Richman,” Sky kept repeating.  “There is something familiar about that name.”

“Like what?”  Gordon asked.

“I remember,” Sky exclaimed.  “Jeremy Rhodes said that that was the name of the company that bought WMON.”



At WMON, Chris and Deborah arrived to meet with Jody and Jeremy.  Angela noticed the four of them as they all went into Jeremy’s office.

Angela ran over to where Martin was sitting.  “Do you know what that is about?”

“No,” Martin responded. “But I wouldn’t worry about it.  You have that goldmine of a story that you are sitting on right now.”

“I still haven’t decided on how I want to use it,” Angela replied.  “I want to know what Raven Whitney has on Jody.”

“Use the story, and it won’t matter,” Martin told her.

Angela pondered what Martin was saying.  “I’m going to give her one more chance first.”


In Jeremy’s office, the four of them sat down to discuss Chris’s idea.

Jody put down some mail that she was reading.

“Does that have anything to do with the case?”  Chris asked.

“No,” Jody responded.  “I’m just trying to catch up on my mail at home.  Now what did you want to talk to us about?”

“First I want you to know that we really appreciate all the work that you have did on Monticello’s Most Wanted,” Chris stated.

“We were just doing our job,” Jeremy stated.

“Well I would like for you to do another segment,” Chris told them.

“We are still doing the series, who would you like us to focus on?”  Jody inquired.

“Alicia Van Dine,” Deborah stated.

“Alicia Van Dine,” Jeremy and Jody both repeated.

“I know she was part of the story on Calvin’s murder, but she is a wanted felon in her own right,” Chris stated.  “Kidnapping, purgery, bribery.  She almost sent Raven Whitney to prison.”

“I remember that well,” Jeremy stated.

“I am sure the Whitneys would be very supportive of the story,” Chris said.

Jody’s reaction was not too happy to Chris’ remark.

“I don’t know if Raven ever forgave me for thinking she was the clown puppet murderer,” Deborah said.

“That was so long ago,” Jody stated.

“Clown puppet murders?”  Jeremy asked.

“Before your time,” “Jody responded.  “And that killer was caught.  She’s not one of Monticello’s Most Wanted.

“She actually fell to her death,” Deborah noted.

“Who was she?”  Jeremy probed.

“Miles’s sister April’s crazy housekeeper,” Jody informed him.  “But that’s a story for another time.”

“Yes, Alicia Van Dine,” Jeremy uttered.  “I’d love to do a story on her and catch her.”

“Since it’s closely linked to Calvin’s murder we hope it will keep interest in Calvin’s murder,” Deborah explained.

“Have you made any new progress in the case?”  Jeremy questioned them.

“Off the record,” Chris started to say.  “I have detectives trying to track down former gang members of the Gallahads.  The tattoo on the killer’s hand was a symbol of that gang as you know.  And I am hopeful it will lead us somewhere.”

“Back to Alicia,” Jeremy said.  “I am aware of her purgery in Raven’s trial but who did she kidnap?  I don’t remember.”

“Well, she actually didn’t do the kidnapping herself,” Chris explained.  “She paid to have Preacher Emerson kidnapped.”

“I never met her, but she sounds like one ruthless woman,” Deborah stated.

“She was,” Jeremy replied.

“Do we know the whereabouts now of Preacher Emerson?”  Deborah asked everyone.

“No,” Chris and Jody both responded.

“I guess we should be leaving,” Deborah stated.

“Yes,” Chris replied.  “But please keep us informed.”

“We will,” Jeremy replied.  “I am going to get in touch with the Whitneys first.”

As Deborah and Chris left the studio, Angela emerged from the side of Jeremy’s office.  “Damn, I couldn’t hear a thing while they were in there,” she whispered to herself.  “But I am calling Raven Whitney before you do.”

Jody closed the door to Jeremy’s office and sat back down.

“Did it bother you when they mentioned Preacher?” She asked him.

“No, why should it,” Jeremy replied.  “We all know he was your ex-boyfriend.  And besides we haven’t seen or heard from him since the night of Miles and Beth’s wedding.”

Jody picked up the mail that she was reading before Chris and Deborah had arrived.  “That’s true,” Jody noted.

“He sure managed to disappear,” Jeremy said.

“Oh my,” Jody exclaimed.

“What is it?”  Jeremy asked her.

“I opened Nikki’s mail by mistake,” Jody informed him.

“So, I am sure she will understand,” Jeremy stated.

“That’s not it,” Jody explained.  “Did you know that she had an interview for Juilliard?”


At the D.A.’s office, Victor was shocked to see Calvin and Guthrie entering the office again.

“Oh brother,” he said to Nathan who seated on side of him.

“And what brings you gentlemen here today?”  Nathan asked as they approached them.

“Stationery,” Calvin responded.

Guthrie held up the bag with one of Julia’s letters in it.  “You said you hadn’t seen this before.”

“That’s right,” Victor stated.

“But I believe you have this stationery in this office?”  Calvin mentioned.

“Stationery?” A shocked Victor responded.  “Is that with this is about?”

“Yes,” Calvin stated.

“Yes, we apparently do,” Victor replied.

“It is just used for notes and stuff,” Laurie stated from behind them.  “It’s not part of the official letterhead.”

“Obviously,” Calvin said.

“It’s cheap stationary,” Victor said.  “That’s why we buy it.  Is that a crime?”

“Anyway, we would like to have a look around,” Guthrie informed them.

“Do you have a warrant?” Nathan asked.

“Why would we need one?”  Guthrie questioned him.  “Unless you are hiding something?”

“We’re not,” Victor responded.  “And that would be fine.  Just don’t take all day.  We have work to do here.”

“Do you actually think if we were behind the letters do you think we would be stupid enough to use paper from the office?”  Victor asked.

“Would you?”  Calvin replied as he walked by them.

“You need to calm down,” Laurie said to Victor.

“We’ll be okay,” he stated.  “I would like to know who told them about the stationery.”

Laurie just stood there, silent.


At the Whitney foundation, Charlotte was doing some online shopping while Nikki was on the phone.

“Yes, I think Aunt Geraldine’s pearls will go great with that dress,” she whispered to herself.

“Are you talking about those pearls again?”  Nikki asked.  “Why are you so focused on them lately?”

Charlotte thought for a moment.  She didn’t want to have to tell Nikki about her bet with Geri over Adam.  “You saw the way she acted with them the other night.  She has no class.  She never knows the right occasion when to wear them.  Do you know that she wouldn’t even let me where them at my wedding?

“Which one?”  Nikki questioned her referring to the fact the Charlotte has been married three times.

“Any of them,” Charlotte replied.  “Maybe it’s time for me to start dating again.”

“Do you have anyone in mind?”  Nikki asked.

“No, not really,” Charlotte answered her.  And you seem extra worried today.  Is something wrong?   And not just with Calvin?   Is there a problem with your anemia?”

“No,” Nikki replied as she closed the calendar in her pocketbook that she was studying.

“Well, what are you going to do about Calvin?”  Charlotte inquired.  “Have you talked to him today?”

“I haven’t,” Nikki responded.

“What are you waiting for?”  Charlotte inquired.

“I don’t know,” Nikki answered her.  “Maybe I will get my answer from Julliard before I talk to him.”

“And what if you are accepted?”  Charlotte questioned her.

Nikki took a deep breath.  “I still don’t know.  And now there are other things to consider.”

“What does that mean?”  Charlotte asked her but before Nikki could answer her cell phone rang.

“It’s my mom,” Nikki announced.  “I wonder what she wants this time.”



In the morgue, Adam with finishing up an autopsy with Dr. Bauer.

“My findings are that she died from injuries sustained from her fall down the stairs,” Adam stated.

“I agree,” Dr. Bauer said.  “The injuries and the position of the body do not suggest that she was pushed.”

“That should make the police happy,” Adam mentioned.  “We notify the family that we can release her for burial.”

“Is everything all right?”  Dr. Bauer inquired.

“What do you mean?”  Adam asked.

“You just seemed different during that autopsy,” Dr. Bauer stationed.  “Like it bothered you.  Like you wanted to hurry up and finish it.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Adam said as he went to the sink to wash his hands.  “Everything is fine.”  He didn’t want to tell Dr. Bauer that it reminded him of something that happened when he was younger.

Adam remembered playing on the living room playing with all of his toys.  Miles entered the room and told him, “Adam, I already told you to put all those toys away.  It’s time for dinner.  Now would you hurry up and do what I asked?   Someone could trip over them and get hurt.” After Miles left, Adam got up and spied on him and Beth in the kitchen.  He looked at them and then he turned to look at his toys.









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