Cries in the Night: Chapter 15 & 16

Chapter 15

At the Unicorn, Adam sat at the bar with Dr. Bauer.

“I really don’t come to clubs like this,” Adam informed Dr. Bauer.

Adam wanted for a response from Dr. Bauer but didn’t get one.  Dr. Bauer was paying attention to a woman on the dance floor.

“Do you know her?”  Adam asked.

“Oh sorry,” Dr. Bauer replied.  “No, she just caught my attention.”  He smiled at her but the petite red head did not seem to care.

It was the same woman that Victor had seen at the Unicorn the other night.

Dr. Bauer turned his attention back to Adam.  “What were you saying?”

“I really don’t come to clubs like this,” Adam repeated.

“We can leave if you want,” Dr. Bauer offered.

“I’m all right,” Adam replied.  “But I don’t drink.  My dad was an alcoholic and…”  Adam paused for a second when he realized that he had referred to Miles as dad.  “Anyway, I don’t fool with that stuff.”

“I grew up with an alcoholic as well,” Dr. Bauer revealed.

“Well, my dad can be a very violent and angry drunk,” Adam said. He remembered when he was younger living in London, and he hid under his bed because Miles had arrived home. He could hear Miles and Beth arguing downstairs.

“I don’t have a problem,” Miles yelled at Beth.  “And why are you picking on me after what Adam did?”

“You had a drinking problem before and it is obvious that you have relapsed,” Beth responded loudly.

“I don’t need to listen to this,” Miles shouted as he headed up the stairs.


Across the room, Geri and Gordon were walking in through the entrance.

“I can’t believe you dragged me here tonight,” Gordon stated.

“Come on,” Geri replied.  “It’s been a long day, and I need to unwind.”

Gordon still wasn’t happy but as he looked across the room, he caught sight of Adam seated at the bar.

“Looks like your man is here,” he informed Geri pointing to Adam across the room.

“What is he doing here?”  Geri questioned.  “I thought he was taking that bore Katherine out tonight?”

“Maybe she is here,” Gordon responded as his face smiled a little bit.

“This is hardly her kind of place,” Geri quipped.  “I wonder if she broke their date.  Come on, we are going over there.  And you are going to ask about Katherine.”

Geri grabbed him by the arm, and yanked him across the dance floor to the bar.

“Well how are you guys tonight?”  Geri asked with a smile as she motioned for the bartender to get her a drink.  “My usual,” she told him.  “I am the celebrity DJ here some nights,” she stated looking at Adam.

“That’s nice,” Adam said, hardly acknowledging them.

Geri jabbed Gordon on the shoulder and motioned for him to ask Gordon about Katherine.

Gordon sighed and asked, “So is that sweet girl Katherine with you tonight?”

Adam turned to look at Gordon, and he didn’t have a happy expression on his face.  “She had other plans tonight if you must know.  Now if you would excuse us.”  He stood up and Dr. Bauer took the hint as the left the bar to go sit at a table.

“Satisfied?”  Gordon asked Geri.

“Yes,” Geri responded.  “Do you realize what that means?”

Gordon looked at her confused.

Geri turned to see his expression.

“It means she lied,” Geri informed us.  “She said at the office that she had plans with Adam tonight.”

“So…” Gordon prodded.

“She lied,” Geri repeated.  “She must be hiding something, and I am going to find out what it is.”


At Julia’s apartment, James was laying on the couch as Julia brought him a wet towel.

“I need to get going,” James stated breathing heavily.

“I think you need to stay put,” Julia informed him.  “You really don’t look or sound too well.”

“I’ll stay on the couch,” James told her.

“Of course you will,” Julia replied.  As she was fixing up the sofa for him, she saw her cell phone on the end table was flashing.

“You must have a missed call,” James said.

Julia looked at the numbers, and saw that her mother had called.  “I wonder what she wants.”

“Do you want to call her back?”  James asked her.

“No it can wait until the morning,” she responded as there was a knock at her door.

Julia opened it to find her landlord, Curtis Reardon on the other side.

“I have been looking out to catch you when you got in,” he explained to her.  “But I guess I missed you.”

“Is anything wrong?” she inquired.

“Oh, no, nothing,” he replied as he caught sight of James on her sofa.  “Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t realize that you had company.”

“It’s okay,” Julia responded.  “What did you want?”

“My wife signed for another delivery for you today,” he informed.

“Oh don’t tell me more flowers,” Julia stated.

“No,” he answered her.  “And I thought most women would be excited to receive flowers.”

“Not always,” Julia told him.  “So what was it?”

Curtis Reardon handed her a box of chocolate.

“Was there a card?”  Julia inquired.

“I didn’t see one,” he replied.

“Well, thank you,” Julia told him.  “And I will talk to you later.” She closed the door and then turned to face James.

“What is it?”  James asked.

She showed him the box of chocolates.  “I guess you didn’t send them.”

“No,” James said.  “Do you think they are from Victor?”

“I don’t think know,” she answered him.  “He denied sending the flowers and I think I believe him.”

“Do you think that it has anything to do with the letters?”  James questioned her.

“It would be strange,” Julia said.  “Someone sending me gifts and also sending me those disgusting letters.”

“Just the same, I think we should let Calvin know,” James stated.

“I think you’re right,” Julia agreed as she stared at the box.

“What is it?”  James inquired.

“They are my favorite, cocoa butter chocolate,” she informed him.  She then put the box on her kitchen table.  “But I’m not going to touch them.”

James got up and started to say something.   But instead of speaking he started to shake.

“What’s wrong?”  Julia asked.  “Should we go to the emergency room?”

“No, I’ll be fine,” James replied.

Julia put her arms around him and held him.


In his own apartment, someone was looking at the interaction of James and Julia on a monitor on his desk.  He was drinking out a mug that said “World’s Greatest Daughter” on it.  He recalled removing the mug from the break room at the law office building.  He also remembered viewing Julia on the monitor as she mentioned that cocoa butter chocolates were here favorite.  He banged his hands on the desk as he she saw James on the screen.  He picked up a marker and put a giant “X” on over James on the monitor.


At the Whitney mansion, Sky exited his study and was headed up the stairs.  “Are you ready for bed?” He asked Raven as she entered from the kitchen.

“I’ll be up in a second,” she said.  “I want to call and check on the kids before I go to sleep.”

“Why?”  Sky inquired.

“Do you need to ask?”  Raven responded.  “There is a mad woman out there after all of us.  I don’t know how you can remain so calm.”

“I told you that you don’t have to worry about that,” Sky told her.

“That’s easy for you to say,” Raven replied.

“Now would you please come to bed?”  Sky asked her again.

“In a second,” Raven answered.  “I want to drink some warm milk first.”  Raven went back to the kitchen and looked through the crack in the kitchen door.  She saw Sky go all the way upstairs.  “Now let’s see what Damian Tyler has to say.”  Raven then picked up his phone and dialed his number.

Damian was in bed in Washington when he heard his cell phone ring on the dresser.  His wife, Poppy came into the room and grabbed it.

“It’s Raven Whitney again,” she announced.  “Are you going to tell her or am I?”

“I will,” Damian responded as Poppy gave him the phone.

“You better,” Poppy stated as she stared at him.

“Hello, Raven,” Damian said as he answered the phone.

But before Damian could say anything else, Raven was bombarding him with questions.

“Just wait a second,” Damian told her.  “I have something to tell you.”

“What?” An excited Raven inquired.

Damian then recalled to her what happened with the two men in the elevator.  He informed her how they beat him.  “They punched me in the face several times, and bruised several ribs.”

“Oh my God,” Raven stated.  “Are you okay?  What did they want?”

“They told me that I needed to stop looking for Alicia Van Dine,” Damian informed her.  “They   said that next time I wouldn’t be so lucky, and that they would go after my family next.”

“I can’t believe this!” Raven exclaimed.

“And they said to tell you the same thing,” Damian told her.  “So I’m done.  I’m not looking for her anymore, and you should do the same.”

“How could they know that you were working for me?”  Raven asked.

Poppy grabbed the phone from Damian.

“He’s not doing anything for you anymore,” she told Raven.  “And stop calling.  He’s done too much for you already.”  Poppy then ended the phone call.


The next morning at the Karr house, Mike entered the living room to find Nancy typing away at her keyboard.

“For the amount of time you are spending at that, you should be finished soon,” Mike stated referring to the reissue of her autobiography of Geraldine Whitney.

“I want to make sure it is perfect,” Nancy responded.

“I assume April and Draper are still asleep?”  Mike asked.

“Yes, they did get in late last night,” Nancy replied.

“But I am awake,” Draper said entering the room.

“You must be tired?” Mike questioned him.

“A little,” Draper answered him.  “But I am more excited.  I haven’t seen Julia in so long.  And if we haven’t expressed our thanks enough, April and I are extremely grateful for you two allowing us to stay here.”

“It’s no trouble at all,” Nancy said.

“What are your plans today?”  Mike inquired.

“We want to surprise Julia,” Draper informed them.  “And I’m hoping when April gets to see her then things will start to get back to normal.”

“What does that mean?”  Nancy questioned him.

“I know April really misses Julia,” Draper explained.  “More than she is willing to admit.  And I think it is causing her problems.”

Mike and Nancy stared at each other.

“What kind of problems?”  Nancy asked.

“She has been having a lot of bad dreams,” Draper informed them.  “They have been affecting her terribly.”

“And you think coming here is going to change that?”  Mike inquired.

“I hope so,” Draper replied.  “I was hoping we could have her over for dinner tonight, if that is not too much trouble.”

Mike and Nancy stared at each other again.

“Is something wrong?”  Draper questioned them.

“I guess you don’t know,” Mike stated.

“James is running against our grandson Victor for District Attorney,” Nancy informed him.  “And I don’t think it would be appropriate for us to have her over to our house when the campaign going on right now.  Though I understand she and Victor are getting along better now since they called off their engagement.”

“Julia has told us very little about that,” Draper told them.  “Do you know what the reason was for their break up?”

Nancy paused for a second.  “I think you need to ask Julia that.”

In the other room, April lay in bed tossing and turning.  She was dreaming about Julia.  It was just like her previous dream about Draper.  She was looking for Julia, and kept calling out to her.  But she couldn’t find her.


At her apartment Mae Madison was preparing to leave for work.  She grabbed her gun belt off her dresser to put it on her waist.  As she did so, she knocked a picture over that was on top of the dresser.  She picked it up and looked at it.  It was young police officer in a Bay City police uniform.

“I guess I need to get this over with,” she whispered to herself.  She picked up her cell phone and dialed a number.

“Dr. Hughes’s office,” the voice on the other end of the phone answered.

“This is Detective Mae Madison, I need to make an appointment with Dr. Hughes,” she told her.

“We have been expecting your call,” the woman’s voice announced.

Mae didn’t like hearing that response.

“Can you come in some time this afternoon?”  The woman asked.

“I will be in Springfield today working on a case,” Mae informed the woman.  “I don’t think that I will be back in time.”

“Then how about tomorrow?”  The woman asked.

“Yes, let’s set it up,” Mae responded reluctantly.


At her desk at the Monticello P.D., Chris was looking at the files on Calvin’s murder.

“We are getting closer,” she said as looked at Calvin’s picture.  “We are so close I can feel it.  I know we are going to finally close this.”  She was caught by surprise when Matthew entered her office.

“What are you doing here?”  She asked her son.  “I thought you were heading to Springfield today to talk to that Darcy Decker.”  Decker had been a member of the street gang the Gallahads in the 1980s.  Chris had remembered that Calvin’s killer had a tattoo for the street gang on his arm.

“We are,” Matthew replied.  “Mae is running late, and I wanted to look through the files again before we left. And they said you have them.”

“Yes, they are on my desk here,” Chris answered pointing at them.  “I was just hoping that somewhere in here they may be a link that we missed to who Tommy is.” Chris stated referring to the man who killed Calvin.

“And how many times have you gone through these files?”  Matthew inquired.

“More times than I could even count,” Chris replied.  “We tried everything.  We looked at everyone who worked for Van Dine.  Their relatives, their kids, everyone and nothing.”

“But this tattoo might lead us to someone,” Matthew told her.

“I know” Chris responded.  “I was just hoping we would get someone that would could forward after seeing the segment on Monticello’s Most Wanted.  And how are things between you and Mae?”

“They’re fine,” Matthew informed her.  “I think I finally have a partner that I can trust.”

Chris wasn’t too pleased with the comment since she knew he was taking a jab at Calvin.  She started to say something but then she stopped herself.  She picked up a picture of Alicia Van Dine.  “This may be it,” she stated.

“What?”  Matthew asked.

“A way to another lead in the case,” Chris replied.



At the law office, James and Julia arrived to find Katherine, William and Bryan waiting for them there.

“Are we running late?”  Julia asked.

“No, we got here early to get started,” William answered them.

“How are you feeling today?”  Katherine asked James.

“Another bad night, thanks,” he responded.  “But I feel better now.”

Julia wanted to say something but didn’t.

“Would you like some coffee?”  Katherine asked Julia.

“Yes,” Julia replied.  “Thank you.”

“And my dad and I found this by the door when we arrived,” Bryan said handing her a coffee mug.  The said “World’s Greatest Daughter.”

“My mug, you found it!” An excited Julia responded.

“It was outside the door in the hallway when we got here,” William stated.

“I wonder if someone found it or picked it up by mistake,” James said.

“At least I got it back,” Julia told him.  “This mug has been with me a long time since college.”

“Now getting back to the campaign,” William started to say.

“Yes,” James responded.

“I want to set up an interview with WMON,” William informed him.  “They owe us time after the interview with Victor.”

“We can get them to a nice sit down interview with that reporter you know,” Bryan explained.  “Not the witch from the press conference.

“That won’t be a problem,” James replied.  “I can tell Jeremy that we want no one but Jody to do the interview.”

The door to the law office opened and everyone was surprised to see Geri enter.

“What are you doing here?”  A shocked James asked her.

“I’m trying to find my sunglasses,” she told them.  “I didn’t leave them here last night did I?”

“You could have called to ask us that,” Julia stated.

“I was in the neighborhood anyway,” Geri responded.  “You didn’t happen to see them, did you Katherine?”

Katherine was surprised by her directing the question to her.  “No, I’m sorry I haven’t,” Katherine replied.

“I could have sworn I had them here last night,” Geri said as she walked around the office.

“Oh, and Gordon and I saw Adam out last night,” Geri announced.

Katherine looked shocked when she heard Geri say that.

“I had expected that we would see you with him,” Geri stated.  “I thought you said you two had plans last night.”

Katherine paused for a second still undecided how to handle the question.

“We did,” Katherine replied.  “But I decided to cancel and take it easy last night.  It was a long   day at the office here.”

“Funny, he didn’t say that,” Geri told her.

“Enough, Geri!” James exclaimed.  “We have work to do here.  Can you please leave us alone now?”

Geri took one last glance around the office.  “As you wish,” she stated as she turned and walked out the door.

Katherine was bothered by Geri’s questions but she tried not to show it.


Chapter 16

 a21District Attorney office Lowndes County Georgia Valdosta GA

At the District Attorney’s office, Victor, Nathan, and Laurie where settling in for the day when Calvin and Guthrie entered.

“Can we help you gentlemen?” Victor asked.

“We’d like to talk to Mr. Gannon first,” Guthrie informed him.

A shocked Nathan stood up from behind his desk.  “Yes?” He responded.

“Is there some place private that we could talk?”  Calvin inquired.

“You can use my office,” Victor replied.

The three men walked into Victor’s office as Victor and Laurie watched.

“What is that about?” Laurie asked.

“I don’t know,” Victor answered her.

Nathan had hardly taken a seat in Victor’s office before Calvin started the questioning.
“Do you know why we are here?”  Calvin asked sternly.

“No,” Victor responded.

“Do you recall our last conversation?”  Calvin inquired.

“Yes,” Nathan replied.  He assumed Calvin was referring to Didi when in fact it was Julia.  “You’re making this a police matter?”

“You are harassing her,” Calvin shouted.

“What do you mean?”  Nathan asked him.

“The letters,” Guthrie responded holding up a plastic bag with the last letter Julia had received.

Nathan took a look at.  It was yellow stationary with the word “whore” on it.  “What is that?”  The confused Nathan asked as he noticed on the envelope: it was addressed to Julia.

“Like you don’t know,” Calvin replied angrily.

“I don’t,” Nathan responded.

“I warned you to stop contact with her,” Calvin reminded him.

“Julia?”  A confused Nathan questioned.

“Yes!” Calvin yelled.

“I haven’t had anything to do with her since I’ve been in town,” Nathan informed him.

“We know that is not true,” Calvin shouted at him.

“Why don’t you just tell us what is going on?”  Guthrie suggested to him calmly.  It became obvious that they were playing good cop/bad cop.

“There is nothing to tell,” Nathan answered him.

“We are trying to give you a chance to come clean here,” Calvin told him.  “We know you two didn’t get along in law school.  And that carried over with both of you now in Monitcello.”

“I have nothing to tell you,” Nathan stated.  “I’m sorry that someone is harassing Julia, but that person is not me.  And if you had any hard evidence I would be in handcuffs by now.  And I know my rights.  And I am telling you that this interview if over now.”


From outside the office, Laurie and Victor could tell there was a confrontation going on between them.

“I want to find out what this is about,” Victor told Laurie as he moved toward the office.

“Are you sure that is a good idea?”  Laurie asked as she followed him.

When they got near the door, Nathan exited the office.

“We are finished in there,” he announced to Victor as he walked by him.

“Is there something I can do to help you?”  Victor asked Calvin and Guthrie.

“We would like to have a word with you about Julia,” Guthrie informed him.

“Julia?”  Laurie asked in shock.  “Is something wrong?”

“No, she’s okay,” Guthrie responded.

“We can go back into my office,” Victor told them.

As then went into the office, Laurie didn’t move from her position.

They didn’t have a confrontation with Victor like they did with Nathan.  They asked him about the letters, and Victor denied knowing anything about them.

“We didn’t think you would,” Calvin told him.  It was obvious they did not consider Victor a real suspect.

Laurie was outside the door and listened to every word.  She went back to her desk and opened up the drawer.  She picked up some yellow stationary.  She looked at it, and looked at the letter that Guthrie was holding.

“It’s the same kind of paper,” she whispered to herself.  She recalled the last time she saw Julia.  Victor have stated that he was not giving up on her yet.  “Oh, Victor, what have you done?”

Across the room, Nathan was sitting at his desk.  He thought to himself, “He doesn’t know about Didi and me.”  He picked up the phone to call Didi.  Before he could finish, Calvin and Guthrie walked out of the office.

“Just one more thing, Mr. Gannon,” Calvin started to stay.

“Yes,” Nathan replied.

“In our conversation before, who did you think I was referring to when I told you to stay away from her?”  Calvin asked him.

Nathan paused for a moment.  “I thought you were out of your mind,” he responded.  “And you just proved to me that you are.”


At the Whitney Foundation, Charlotte was looking at herself in the mirror on the wall as Nikki sat at her desk.

“Those pearls are going to look so good on you,” she whispered to herself.

“What was that?”  Nikki asked her.

“Oh, nothing,” Charlotte responding since she didn’t want to tell Nikki about the bet she had with Geri about Adam.

“It didn’t sound like nothing,” Nikki told her.

“Have you spoken to Calvin yet?”  Charlotte asked changing the subject.

Nikki hesitated before she answered.  “No, I haven’t.”

“What are you going to tell him?”  Charlotte inquired.

“I don’t know,” Nikki responded agitated as the phone rang.  Nikki looked at the name on the ID.  “It’s your mother again,” she announced.

“What does she want this time?”  Charlotte asked.  “Don’t answer it.  She is driving me crazy.  She wants to know what I am doing.  Where I’m going.  And a hundred other questions.  She wasn’t this protective when I was a teenager.”

“I don’t know,” Nikki responded.  “But my mom has been acting strange as well.”

“Maybe they are in on it together,” Charlotte chuckled.

Nikki had open her pocketbook and was looking at the calendar.  She looked at the previous month and then the current month.

“What are you looking at?”  Charlotte asked her.

Nikki was silent looking at the calendar.

“What are you looking at?”  Charlotte repeated.

“Oh sorry,” Nikki responded.  “I was looking at the calendar checking the date to see when I should hear from Juilliard.”

“When is it?”  Charlotte inquired.

“Soon,” Nikki replied as she stood up from her desk.  “I will back in a second.”  Nikki went to the bathroom and closed the door.  She looked at the calendar again.  “That can’t be right.”


Across town, an unhappy Calvin and Guthrie were leaving the District Attorney’s Office.

“That got us nowhere,” Calvin stated.

“Do you believe them?”  Guthrie asked.

“I’m not sure,” Calvin replied as he noticed Julius walking down the hallway.  “Mr. Newcomb, how are you?”  Calvin asked.

“Just fine,” Julius replied.  “And please call me Julius.  What brings you two here?”

“We are working on a case,” Guthrie replied, getting involved in the conversation.

“I’m taking my son out to lunch,” Julius informed them.  “And I’m running late.  But please give my apologies to your mother.  I’ve been meaning to go over and help her unpack and get settled.  But I got called away out of town the last few days.  My sister had taken ill in Point Clair.

“I will,” a puzzled Calvin responded.

“I thought he was helping your mom move?”  Guthrie asked.

“So did I,” Calvin replied.


At WMON, Jody sat at the news desk reading copy as Angela passed in front of the desk.

“How are you today?”  Angela asked with a smile.

“Just fine,” Jody responded.  “And how are you?”

“Great,” Angela replied.  As she turned away from her Angela whispered to herself, “That bitch.  Enjoy the desk while you have it.”

Across the studio Martin was headed into his office.  Angela quickly followed him through the door.

“Where the hell have you been?’  Angela shouted.

“Calm down my dear,” Martin replied.

“You left this morning before I woke up,” Angela began to say.  “You promised me a big story if I let you come over.  So what it is?”

“Don’t pretend that you didn’t enjoy yourself too,” Martin stated.

Angela just made a face.

“Take a look at this,” Martin told her as he handed her a piece of paper.

An eager Angela grabbed it and read through it swiftly.  “Is it true?  How did you find out about this?”

“From the tip line,” Martin informed her.  “Jeremy ignored the call but I followed up on it.  And see that is a signed sworn statement.”

“Wow,” Angela replied.  “This is going really going to shake things up in this election.”

“I know,” Martin responded with a laugh.

“But I’m not sure if I want to cover it yet,” Angela told him.

“What?” A shocked Martin responded.  “Why?”

“If I promise to kill the story, Raven Whitney might finally tell me what she has on Jody,” Angela informed him.

“Do you really want to waste a career making story like this for that?”  Martin questioned her.

“I’m not sure,” Angela responded.


Across town, Didi was just sitting down to have lunch with Deborah when her cell phone rang.  She saw it was Nathan.  “I can call him back later,” Didi told her.

“Anyone I know?”  Deborah asked.

“Nothing important,” Didi answered her.  “I was surprised to hear from you,” Didi stated changing the subject.

“I always promised you that I would keep you up to date on the progress in Calvin’s case,” Deborah reminded her.

“Has there been a break?” An excited Didi asked.

“Not exactly yet,” Deborah told her.  “But we did find out something new.”

“And what’s that?” Didi questioned her.

Deborah explained to Didi that the man who shot Calvin had a gang tattoo on his arm.  “It is a sign for the street gang the Gallahads.”

“They expect to track someone down from a street gang all those years ago?”  Didi asked as he tone died down from being excited when she asked if there was a break in the case.

“You never know where a lead might take us,” Deborah stated.

“We’ll see,” Didi replied.  “But I made peace a long time ago with the fact with that I might never find out who killed Calvin.  Especially as long as Chief Egan is in charge.”

“Now that is the other reason I wanted to see you,” Deborah informed.

“I knew they had to be a catch,” Didi responded.

“You can’t keep blaming Chris for Calvin’s death,” Deborah said.

“How can I not?”  Didi shouted.  “It took me a long time to forgive you for allowing her back on the force when you were chief.  And if you think…” Didi couldn’t finish what she was saying before she was interrupted.

“That’s enough, mom,” Calvin stated.

“What are you doing here?” A surprised Didi asked.

“For lunch, what do you think?”  Calvin responded sarcastically.

Didi started to introduce Calvin and Deborah before Calvin interrupted her again.

“We have already met the former chief,” Calvin responded referring to him and Guthrie.

“And my dad told me to give you his best,” Guthrie stated.

“Tell him thank you,” Deborah responded though you could tell that she was shocked that Steve told Guthrie to give her a message.

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore,” Didi told Calvin.

“Well, do you want to tell me who helped you move?”  Calvin asked.

“What?”  Didi asked confused.

“I know Julius has been out of town, so who helped you move?”  Calvin inquired.  “And why did you lie to me?”

Didi paused for a moment.  “Marty helped me pack up in Capitol City,” Didi replied referring to her former law partner Marty Stillwater.  “And I didn’t lie to you, you just assumed it was a Julius.  And I haven’t had any help unpacking here yet.  I didn’t want to take away from you time with Nikki the other night.”  Didi stated as she continued to lie.

“Well, we need to get going, Calvin, don’t we?”  Guthrie said trying to defuse the situation.

“Yes, we do,” Calvin replied.  “I’ll talk to you later, mom.”

As soon as they were out of view, Deborah turned to Didi.  “He may believe what you just told but I could tell you were lying.  What’s going on?”


Back at WMON, Jody was still at the news desk, when an intern came up to her.

“Ms. Travis, Mrs. Whitney is on the phone for you again,” he informed her.

From Jody’s expression, you could tell that she was not pleased.  “Could you please tell her that I am busy right now, and that I will call her back later?”

“That’s all right I will talk to her,” Jeremy said from behind her.

His sudden appearance caught Jody off guard.  Before she could respond, Jeremy had the phone in his hand.  A nervous Jody looked on trying to tell what Raven was telling him.  Jeremy had his back to her so she could hardly hear.  After what seemed like an eternity, Jeremy hung up the phone and gave it back to the intern.

“What did she have to say?”  Jody asked him before Jeremy could even finish turning around to face her.

“What I expected,” Jeremy responded.  “She was complaining about the ambush Angela did on James at the press conference. I had already explained to Sky that we didn’t have any control over it.”

“How did she handle it?”  Jody inquired.

“Fine,” Jeremy replied.  “I assured her that we would help James as much as we can.  After all, our daughters grew up together.  They are almost like family.”

“I see,” Jody responded.  She breathed a sigh of relief that Jeremy could not see.

“She also said to call her back when you are not so busy,” Jeremy informed her.  “I don’t know why you didn’t want to talk to her.”

“I just haven’t been in the mood for chit chat,” Jody told him.

“I’m going to look over the copy for tonight’s top stories,” Jeremy told her as he walked away from the desk.

Jody dug in her pocket and took out the bottle of pills Dr. Samuel had prescribed for her.  She just held them in her hand and looked at them.

Across the studio, Angela was looking at her and smiling.


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