Cries in the Night: Chapters 11 & 12

Cries in the Night:  Chapter 11


At the Whitney mansion, a stunned Calvin was staring at Nikki after Geri’s announcement that Nikki was leaving to go to school at Juilliard.  “Is it true?”

“No,” Nikki responded.  “Geri does not know what she is talking about.”

“Geri, I have had just about enough of your shenanigans,” Calvin stated angrily.

“Would you just stop it?”  Charlotte asked.

“I’m not making it up,” Geri declared.  “I have the letter.”  Geri opened her purse and pulled out Nikki’s letter from Juilliard.

Calvin again turned to Nikki.  “What is going on?”

“It’s not definite yet,” Nikki informed him.

“When were you going to tell me?”  He inquired.

Before Nikki could answer, Lyle came running into the room.  “James, WMON says you are running for District Attorney against Victor Dallas.”

“What?”  Everyone turned around to ask in shock.

“They are not supposed to say anything yet,” James stated.

“They were doing an interview with Victor, and they asked him about it,” Lyle explained.  “He didn’t seem too happy about it.”

“How could this happen?”  James wondered aloud.

“Who did the interview?”  Raven asked.  “Was it Jody?”

“No, it was some other reporter,” Lyle responded.  “I don’t remember her name.”

“I will find out,” Raven said as she grabbed her phone and left the room.

“Does William Church know?” Sky questioned.

“I doubt it or I would have heard from him by know,” James replied as he sat down on the couch, and started breathing heavy.

“Are you okay?” Sky asked.

“Just tired and I am getting a headache,” James responded.  “I need to get William on the phone.  And who could have leaked it?”

Sky turned to look at Geri and Gordon as James asked the question.

“Don’t look at me, I didn’t know anything about it,” Geri said.

“I didn’t know anything about it until now,” Gordon stated.


Calvin brought Nikki out to the patio for some privacy.

“What is going on?”  He asked her.

“I told you I don’t know for sure,” Nikki repeated.

“You didn’t think to tell me that you might be leaving?”  Calvin asked her.

“I didn’t want you to worry unnecessarily,” she responded.

“Worry about what?”  Calvin questioned her.  “How did you think I was going to react?  Don’t you think you should have discussed this with me?  After all this is going to affect both of us.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Nikki replied.  “I don’t know what I meant.”

“It means you care about school more than you do about me,” Calvin shouted.

“That’s not true,” Nikki stated.

“If you get accepted, are you going?”  Calvin questioned her.

“Yes, I want to,” Nikki replied.

“How would we have a relationship then?” Calvin asked her.


At WMON, Jody sat in her office looking in the mirror as Jeremy entered.

“How did they find out?”  Jody asked him.

“I don’t know,” Jeremy responded.

When Jeremy had finished speaking, Jody’s cell phone rang. She looked at the ID and saw that it was Raven Whitney.  “I don’t want to deal with her right now.”

“Why is she calling you?”  Jeremy asked.

“Why do you think?”  Jody responded.  “She obviously saw the newscast.  Let’s just go home.”

“I’ll grab my stuff and meet you outside,” Jeremy told her as he left.

Jody grabbed her purse, and left the office.  As she walked passed the news set, a young man, an intern came running up to her.

“Ms. Travis, there is a woman on the phone demanding to talk to you,” he informed her.

Jody paused and responded, “Tell her I’ve left for home.”

“Don’t you want to know who it is?” The confused intern questioned her.

“I know who it is,” Jody replied as she walked away from him.  She went down a hallway where no one could see her.  She looked through her purse and pulled out the bottle of pills the doctor gave her.  “Why can’t she just leave me alone?”

Angela was standing behind her and just smiled.  She then went and grabbed the intern.   “I’ll take that call,” she informed him.

“She wants to speak to Ms. Travis,” he responded.

“It will be okay,” she replied.

“Hello,” Angela said as she picked up the phone.

“Who is this?”  Raven asked from the other end.

“This is Angela Rhomer,” she announced.  “I’m the reporter who interviewed Victor Dallas tonight.”

“Why you, I have a good mind to…” Raven started to exclaim before Angela cut her off.

“I think we need to meet, I think we could help each other out,” Angela mentioned.


Back at the mansion, James was dealing with an irate William Church on the phone.

“I don’t know,” James yelled into phone.  “I will see you in the morning.”

“What does he want to do?” Sky asked as James hung up the phone.

“First thing in the morning, we are going to make a formal announcement to the press,” James replied as he sat back down on the couch and took a deep breath.  “Then we switch the campaign into high gear.”  He then looked at Gordon.  “Where did Charlotte and Geri go?  I need to see everyone.”


Geri was at the bar fixing herself a drink when Charlotte entered and slammed the door behind her.

“I hope you are happy with yourself,” she stated.

“Yes, I’m pretty much pleased with my life,” Geri sneered.

“That’s not what I meant and you know it,” Charlotte yelled.  “You had no reason to tell Calvin that.”

“He is her boyfriend, and he does have a right to know,” Geri responded as she poured some vodka into a glass.”

“That was not your decision to make,” Charlotte shouted.

“They got what was coming to them,” Geri replied.  “The way you treat me.”

“Is that what this is all about?”  Charlotte inquired.

“You all think you’ll are so better than me,” Geri stated.  “You’ll think I’m not good enough for a doctor.”

“That’s not what we meant,” Charlotte responded.

“Yes it is,” Geri retorted.

“I’m sorry,” Charlotte said.  “But that was no reason to do that to Nikki.  You can see whoever you want.”

“Even Adam?”  Geri inquired.

“Oh brother,” Charlotte stated.  “Can you give up on him?  He is obviously interested in Katherine.”

“Do you want to wager on it?” Geri questioned her.

“What do you mean?” Charlotte asked.

“If I can land Adam in thirty days, then you all are going to start treating me respect,” Geri told her.

“Oh brother, you need to earn respect,” Charlotte responded.

“Also, if I can land him in thirty days, I will no longer have to work at the foundation,” Geri continued.

“You hardly do now,” Charlotte quipped.

“And if I can land him in thirty days, you are going to give me the rest of Aunt Geraldine’s jewels.”

“And why would I go along with something like that?” Charlotte asked her.

“Because if I can’t land him in thirty days, I will give you Aunt Geraldine’s pearl necklace,” Geri responded as she took the case out of her purse and opened it to show Charlotte the pearls.

Charlotte let out a gasp as she saw them.

“I assume by your reaction, that means the bet is on,” Geri stated.

As Geri had finished speaking, Gordon entered the room.

“James wants to see us all in the other room to talk about his campaign,” he informed them.

“Okay, we are all done here,” Charlotte responded as she left the room.

“What was all that about?”  Gordon inquired.

“What do you think?”  Geri replied.  “She’s blaming me for Calvin and Nikki’s problems.  But I will show them.”

“What do you mean?”  Gordon questioned her.

“I’m going to land Adam,” Geri answered him.  “They think I can’t. Won’t they be shocked?”

“Why are you so fixated on him?”  Gordon asked her.

“I don’t know,” Geri responded.  “Because they don’t think I can get him.  I like a challenge.”

“You have nothing better to do,” Gordon stated.

Geri turned to face him and was not amused.  “And now I betting Charlotte Aunt Geraldine’s pearls that I can land him in thirty days,” Geri informed him.

“What?” a confused Gordon asked.

“And I have another job for you to do,” she told Gordon.

“What is that?” He questioned.

“I want you to find out everything you can about your new lady love, James’ assistant, Katherine,” Geri informed him.


At the Karr house, Laurie sat on the sofa talking to her mother Nancy.

“Victor is ignoring my calls,” Laurie informed her.  “He was very upset tonight.  I tried to get him to come over her with me.”

“That’s Victor for you,” Nancy replied peeking from behind the monitor on her desk where she was sitting.  “He doesn’t want anyone to see him upset.  How are things between you two?”

“I thought we were making progress with me working at the D.A.’s office,” Laurie responded.  “It’s been working out so far, besides today.  We talk, but he hasn’t opened up to me.”

“Don’t forget what Beth said?”  Nancy reminded her while she was typing on the keyboard.  “You need to give him time.”

“It easier said than done,” Laurie stated.  “I just want him to understand I didn’t abandon him, and I had my reasons for staying away.”

“I’m sure deep down, he knows that,” Nancy told her.

“He knows nothing about what happened to me,” Laurie informed her.  “He doesn’t know why I spent so much time in Greenhaven and what happened to me there.”

“You need to calm down,” Nancy said.  “Remember how long it took you to adjust to things once you got out.  He is going through something similar.”

“So want are you working on over there?”  Laurie asked her mother.

“Nothing important,” Nancy answered.  “Just responding to my publisher about an update at the reprint of the Geraldine Whitney Story.”



At the Unicorn, Victor sat by the bar by himself ignoring his mother’s calls.

“Julia, I should have known better than to waste my time on you,” he mumbled to himself.  “And you think things are going to be so perfect with James.  Well they won’t by the time I’m through.”

The bartender tried to make it not too obvious that he was looking at Victor.

“What are you looking at?” The drunken Victor growled at him.  Victor then turned his back to him.

A pretty petite red head walked across the dance floor to the other side of the club.  Victor stared at her.  “It can’t be?”  He asked himself.  “What is she doing here?”



The next morning, Julia arrived at the law office carrying the vase with her pink roses in it.

“They’re beautiful,” Katherine said as she caught a glimpse of them.

“You’re late,” an angry William Church uttered.

“I’m sorry, traffic was bad this morning,” Julia replied.

“I want us all outside the courthouse within the hour to make a formal announcement of James’s candidacy,” William stated.

“I know,” James replied drinking a cup of water.

“That’s if your friends at WMON don’t mess it up this time,” William said.

“I’m sure things will run smooth this morning,” Bryan replied.

“And I want to know who that leak was,” William shouted.

“We all do,” James responded rubbing his forehead with his fingers.

“Are you okay?”  Julia asked him.

“Fine,” James responded.  “I think I am just a little tired.  I’m feeling nauseous again.  I didn’t eat anything this morning.”

“That’s not good,” Julia told him.

“Well, I threw up when I got home last night, so I really wasn’t in any mood to eat this morning, I was suffering from insomnia.” James explained.

“You need to get yourself well,” William stated.  “See a doctor if you have to, but I need you focused right now.

“I’m sure he will be fine,” Bryan responded.  “Besides you weren’t doing too good yourself last night.”

“But I can handle it,” William replied.  “I’m used to pushing myself for campaigns.”

“So who are they from?”  Katherine asked Julia about the flowers changing the subject.

“Yes, who are they from?”  James questioned her while still rubbing his forehead.

“Like you don’t know,” Julia replied with a smile.  “And pink roses, my favorite.”

“They’re your favorite?”  James inquired.

“Yes,” Julia answered him.

“I didn’t know,” James stated.

“Lucky guess, then” Julia said.

“Wait a minute, you don’t think that I sent them?”  James asked her.

“You didn’t?”  Julia responded.

“You don’t know who sent them?”  Katherine asked.

“No there was no card,” Julia informed her.

“Who could it be?”  Katherine questioned her.

Julia paused for a moment.  Then her expression changed to anger.  “Damn that Victor,” she uttered.

“Victor?” A shocked James asked.  “Why would he?”

“He had some deluded fantasy about me going out with him again,” Julia explained.

“What?”  James asked getting excited.

“It’s nothing to worry about,” Julia replied.  “Calm down.  I don’t like the way you are breathing right now, and getting upset isn’t going to help that.

“Enough,” William shouted.  “We need to focus on what is important here.   Could you get us some more water?”  William asked Katherine.

“If it wasn’t Victor, then who could have sent them?”  James asked.


Cries in the Night:  Chapter 12


At the morgue, Matthew and Mae arrived to see Dr. Bauer.

“How can I help you?” He asked them.

“We were hoping you could help us with a cold case,” Matthew explained.

“Are you familiar with the Calvin Stoner case?”  Mae questioned him.

“The cop that was killed over thirty years ago?” A confused Dr. Bauer asked.  “I saw the story about it on WMON not too long ago.  How could I help with that?”

“We might have a lead,” Mae informed her.  “We believe a street gang or someone with past involvement with a street gang could be the killer,” Mae explained.

“And?”  Dr. Bauer inquired.

“You are from Springfield aren’t you?”  Matthew asked him.

“Yes,” Dr. Bauer responded.

“The killer had a tattoo on his arm,” Mae continued.  “That tattoo was a known symbol of the street gang the Galahads.”

“The Galahads?”  Dr. Bauer questioned.  “Are they still around?”

“So you do remember them?”  Mae asked.  “We have very little information of gang activity back then.  But a cop in Springfield told me that a member of the Galahads took the hospital in Springfield hostage back then in 1984.  And you were a doctor there back then.”

“Med student,” Dr. Bauer corrected her.  “I do remember it.  But this is Monticello, that happened in Springfield.”

“But the gangs could be related someone,” Matthew explained.

“I actually knew the ex-leader of the Galahads,” Dr. Bauer informed them.  “He died shortly after the hostage crisis at the hospital.  Most of the gang back then turned their lives around.  I don’t know if I could remember their names or where they could be.”

“We could use anything that you could remember,” Matthew stated.

“A friend of mine, Beth Spaulding, may be able to help you out more,” Dr. Bauer told them.  He paused for a minute.  Then his face lit up.  “There is someone I do remember.”

“Who is that?”  Mae inquired.

“Darcy Decker,” Dr. Bauer replied.  “She was the woman who held the hospital hostage.  But she turned her life around and became a substance abuser counselor.  She used to work at the hospital but that was years ago.  I have no idea what she would be doing now.”

“It’s a start,” Mae responded.


As Matthew and Mae were leaving the morgue, they ran into Adam who was headed toward his office.  He was holding a picture.

“This is my new partner Mae Madison,” Matthew stated introducing the two.  They exchanged hellos.

Mae noticed the picture he was carrying was a wedding picture. “Who are they?” she asked.

“This is my parents’ wedding picture,” Adam answered.  “I had never seen it before, the Karrs gave it to me last night.”

Matthew looked confused at the picture since the man in the picture definitely not Miles.  “Who is…” he started to question but Adam interrupted him.

“These are my birth parents,” Adam explained.

“Oh, I didn’t know” Matthew exclaimed.

“That’s all right,” Adam responded.

“So how is Miles been doing?”  Matthew inquired changing the subject to Adam’s stepfather.

“I’m sure he is doing fine,” Adam replied.  “If you excuse I need to get to work.”  Adam then said goodbye and entered his office.

“Well that was awkward,” Mae stated.

“Yeah,” Matthew agreed.  “I wonder what is going on with him and Miles.”

In his office, Adam set the picture down on his desk and began to look at it.  In his mind, he recalled Matthew asking him about Miles.  He remembered Beth asking him to try understand Miles’ situation.  He remembered the Karrs’ reaction when he referred to Adam and Nicole as his parents.

He picked up his cell phone and flipped through his contacts.  He stopped on Miles’ name.  His stopped his thumb right before it pressed the call button.  He remembered all those years ago when Miles and Beth informed him that Beth was pregnant.  “After that things were never the same again,” he said to himself as put away his phone.


Outside the courthouse, Sky, Raven, and Gordon waited for everyone to show up for James’ announcement. Sky could tell Raven was nervous. “What’s wrong?”  He asked her.

“I worry every time the kids are late,” Raven informed him.  “Who knows if Alicia could be responsible?”

“I told you that you don’t need to worry about that,” Sky reminded her.  “I’ve taken care of that.”

“I don’t see how you can’t be worried,” Raven replied.  “Something does seem to be bothering you.  If that is not it, then what is wrong?  I mean besides James’ announcement not going as planned.”

“The Golden Eagle Corporation,” Sky responded.  “I lost the deal to them.”

“I’m sorry,” Raven replied.

“I’m not used to losing,” Sky said.  “But this company just apparently came out of nowhere.  I can find out very little about them.”

“Really?”  Gordon asked after catching wind of the conversation.  “Would you like for me to investigate them for you?”

Sky paused for a second.  “Yes I would,” he replied.  “I’m even going to work on it with you.”


At WMON Jody sat at the news desk, preparing to leave for James’ press conference.  She stared at her phone.  She could tell she had a voice mail message.

“Who is it from?”  Jeremy asked as he sat down next to her.

“Raven Whitney, I assume,” Jody replied.

“Why don’t you want to talk to her?”  Jeremey inquired.

“We will see her soon enough,” Jody responded.  “I need to freshen up, then I will be ready to leave.”  Jody then left for the bathroom.

Jeremy was seated at the desk as Martin walked by him.  “How is the day going?”  Martin asked with a smile.

“It’s going well,” Jeremy replied practically ignoring him.

“Is something wrong?”  Martin questioned pretending to not know what Jeremy meant.

“You know, Jeremy replied.  “I don’t know what kind of game you are playing, but we are all on the same game here.”

“As you say,” Martin replied as he left the news desk.

“Hey!” Jeremy shouted.

Martin turned back to face him.

“Watch your back, I got my eye on you,” Jeremy told him.

Martin turned away from him and smiled.  “So the game is on,” he whispered to himself.


In the bathroom, Jody was standing at the sink washing her face.  “You can make it through this.”

“Make it through what?”  Angela asked emerging from the back of the bathroom.

“Nothing,” Jody replied.

“Are you sure?”  Angela asked her.  “Something definitely seems to be bothering you.  You seem to be under a lot of stress.  You might want to see a doctor about that.”  Angela stared in the mirror just touching up her hair.  “If there is anything that I could do to help, just let me know.”

“You really would like that wouldn’t you?”  Jody questioned her.

“What do you mean?”  Angela asked innocently.

“You know that little stunt you and Martin pulled last night,” Jody responded.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Angela replied.  “I was just doing my job.  Martin gave me an assignment and I did it.”

“Even though, Jeremy and I had already had plans for the story,” Jody stated.

“Really?”  Angela asked.  “I had no idea.  Martin never told me anything.”

Jody paused for a second and look Angela over trying to decide what to say.

“Really?”  Jody repeated.

“I swear,” Angela responded.  “He didn’t tell me anything.  I will ask him about it, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.  And if there is anything I could do to help you, just please let me know.”  Angela turned and prepared to leave the bathroom as Jody’s phone rang again.

“Can you just leave me alone!” Jody yelled as through the phone in her purse.

“Excuse me,” Angela said as she turned back around to face Jody.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean you,” Jody stated.  She just sat there in the mirror and looked at herself.  She then turned to face Angela.  “Maybe there is something you could do for me.”

Angela left the bathroom a moment later and went to Martin’s office.  “Let’s go,” she told him.  “I have a press conference to cover at the court house.”

“How did you manage that?”  Martin asked her.

“I have my ways,” Angela responded.

“I expected you at my place last night after the news cast,” Martin stated.

“You can’t expect me to jump into bed with you for a little story like that,” Angela replied.

“Maybe if I told you what information I found out from the tip line yesterday that might change your mind,” Martin said.

“What was that?” An intrigued Angela asked him.

“It doesn’t come for free,” Martin informed her.

“All right,” Angela responded.  “What is it?”


Back outside the courthouse, Raven clutched her cell phone  after leaving the voice mail for Jody.

“I will not let you keep avoiding me,” she whispered to herself as she stood off to the side by herself.

She opened the phone, and dialed another number.  “Let’s see if Damian has anything new to tell me.”  The call went straight to voicemail.  “What is going on with everyone?”


At his kitchen table, Damian stared at his phone on the table as it rung.  He face was badly bruised. His wife Poppy entered from the other room.  “You need to tell her what happened,” she told him.

Damian flashed back to the night before when he was leaving work.  He entered the elevator in the parking garage where he was joined by two burly men who attacked him.


In Capitol City, Didi and Nathan watched as the movers moved all of her stuff into a moving van.

“I’m glad you are moving to Monticello,” Nathan told her.

“This doesn’t change anything,” Didi responded.

“Even after last night?”  Nathan asked her.

“Don’t you remember how things ended?”  Didi questioned him as her cell phone rang.  “It’s Calvin,” she announced as she answered the phone.

“How are things going?” Calvin asked her.

“The movers are almost finished loading my stuff into van,” she replied.  “Then we will back on our way to Monticello.”

“I can come by after work, and I can help you unpack,” Calvin stated.

“That would be wonderful,” Didi responded.  “Will Nikki be with you?  I’d like to get to know her better.”

“I don’t think so,” Calvin replied.

“Is something wrong?”  Didi inquired.

“We can talk about it tonight,” Calvin told her.  “I need to get back to work now.”

“Something doesn’t sound right,” Didi said to Nathan as she hung up the phone.

“If he is going to help you unpack, I shouldn’t be there,” Nathan stated.

“There is no need for that,” Didi said.  “He knows I have male friends.”

“So that is all I am?”  Nathan questioned her.  “A friend?  Is that what I was last night?”

“Let’s not start this up again,” Didi stated.

“You push me away, then let me back in, then you push me away,” Nathan said.  “Do you know what you even want?”


At the Monticello P.D., Chris was in her office on the phone with Matthew.  He was recalling to her about his meeting with Dr. Bauer.  “That’s wonderful.”

“We are in contact with the Springfield P.D, and they are trying to find out the whereabouts of Darcy Decker for us,” Matthew informed her.

“Let me know the soonest you find out anything,” Chris said.

“We will,” Matthew replied.

“And tell Mae I need to speak to her when you return to the station,” she stated.

Mae could hear her through the phone, and did not seem to be pleased about what she had heard.

“I assume that had something to do about why you left Bay City?” Matthew asked Mae.

“That’s a closed subject,” Mae replied.  “Unless you want to talk about Nikki.”

“Nikki?” a surprised Matthew responded.  “How did you know?”

“I figured it had to be about her,” Mae said.  “And I am a detective after all.”

“Then I guess we keep our secrets to ourselves,” Matthew told her.


As Chris hung up the phone, Deborah looked up at her from the chair where she was sitting.  “What was that about?”  She inquired.

“We might have our first big lead in Calvin’s murder,” Chris informed her.  “The tattoo might lead us to him.  I think I am going to hold off on sharing the information about the tattoo with media right now.  At least, until after they talk to this Darcy Decker.”

“That’s your call,” Deborah told her.  “Now let’s head to lunch.”

As they left Chris’ office, Calvin and Guthrie were seated at their desks.  Chris could tell Deborah was staring at Guthrie.

“Calvin I believe you remember retired Chief Saxon, don’t you?”  Chris asked stopping by his desk.

“Of course,” Calvin responded as he stood up to greet them.

“But I don’t know if you met his new partner, this is Steve Guthrie,” Chris said introducing Deborah and Guthrie to each other.

“No we haven’t,” Guthrie answered her.  “But I’ve heard a lot about you from my dad.  He used to be your partner.”

“Of course, Steve’s son,” Deborah stated appearing not too pleased about what Chris had done.  “Please tell him we said hi, we are running late.”  Deborah motioned to Chris and they left the room.

“You may have not wanted to say it, but I know that you wanted to meet him,” Chris stated.

Deborah didn’t respond to her.  Then she turned to walk away.  “He looks just like his father,” she whispered to herself.


In London, Draper was bringing his and April luggage down from their bedroom, as April lay sleeping on the couch.  He placed the bags on the floor, and felt his pocket.  “I most have left the tickets on the dresser,” he said to himself.

Draper went back up the stairs to look for the tickets.  He went to the bedroom, and didn’t see them on the dresser.  He scanned the room and then saw them on April’s night stand.  “Got ya,” he whispered as he picked them up in his hand.

Downstairs, April began to awake and started to scream.  “No!”  She shouted.

Draper hurried down the stairs and raced to her side.  “What is it?”  He asked.

“It was another dream,” she informed her.

“Honey, I told you that you can’t let these things bother you,” Draper said.  “Nothing is going to happen to me.”

“It wasn’t about you,” April told him.

“It wasn’t,” Draper responded.  “Then what was it about?”

“Julia,” she answered him.  “This time I was trying to find Julia.  I was looking for her.  It was all dark but I sensed something had happened to her.”

Draper looked as his wife, but he was not sure how to respond to her.



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