Cries in the Night: Chapters 5 & 6

Chapter 5

“What do you mean?” Beth asked Chris in reference to what she had remembered when she was hypnotized.

“It was when I saw Tommy’s hand from behind the crate holding the gun,” Chris stated.

“And,” Beth inquired.

“He had a tattoo on his wrist,” Chris informed her.  “It was a circle with the letter G in the center.  The G had squiggly lines around it.  Let me get a piece of paper so I can draw it.”

Chris grabbed a pen and paper from on the side of the sofa.  She drew the image as she had described it, and handed it to Beth.



“What do you think it means?” Beth asked her.

“I don’t know,” Chris answered.  “But I am going to find out.”


At the coffee shop, a bored Charlotte flipped through the text messages on her phone as Nikki arrived.

“I was beginning to think you were not going to show up,” Charlotte said.  “How did the doctor’s appointment go?

“Would you be quiet about that,” Nikki stated as she sat down at the table.  “It was just a regular check-up.”

“Did his office move?” Charlotte asked.

“What do you mean?” A confused Nikki inquired.

“When you left in your cab you were headed in the wrong direction,” Charlotte told her.

“What?” She responded.  “I lost my sense of direction we eventually turned around and went into the other direction.”

“Then how come when I called Dr. Samuel’s office to leave a message for you they said you didn’t have an appointment today,” Charlotte quizzed her.

“Alright I wasn’t there, and I can’t believe you checked up on me,” Nikki stated.

“I didn’t,” Charlotte informed her with a smile.

“What are you two talking about?”  Calvin asked as he walked up to the table.



At the Whitney mansion, Lyle had just hung up the phone after talking to his father, Gunther.  He had informed him of the conversation that he had overheard between Sky and Raven.  He told his father that Sky told Raven that Alicia had put out a hit on them.  Lyle then entered the living room, and picked up a duster to start dusting.

The front door to the mansion opened and Raven entered holding shopping bags in both hands.  She saw Lyle there, and asked, “Can you get the rest of my bags from the car?”

“How many more are there?” Sky asked as he entered from his study.

“Not too many,” Raven replied.  “Only 5 or 6 more.  I was only shopping for shoes.”

“I will get them right now, Mrs. Whitney,” Lyle responded as he walked out the front door.

Raven put the bags she was holding on the ground, and through her arms around Sky.

“What’s wrong?” Sky asked her.

“I was so nervous,” Raven replied.  “It didn’t hit me until I was out there.”

“What?” Sky inquired.

“That Alicia could have someone watching me right now and the children as well for that matter,” Raven answered.  “How can we be sure that we will always be safe?  I don’t know how you managed all these years without always looking over your shoulder.”

“I told you that you don’t have to worry,” Sky reminded her.  “Alicia is getting her money, and she is going to leave us alone.”

“I can’t believe that there isn’t anything that we can do about that,” Raven stated.

Lyle stood in the doorway holding some of Raven’s shopping bags.  He shook his head back and forth as he listened to the exchange between Sky and Raven.

At the Karr house, an excited Laurie was on the phone with Beth informing her that she was now working in Victor’s office.  “It may be just temporary but I really think we are making progress.”

“I’m really happy for you,” Beth stated.  “Victor is making progress.”

“I haven’t been able to share with him everything that happened to me, I know that would clear up a lot of his questions,” Laurie informed her.

“You can’t force or push things with him,” Beth reminded her.  “Victor has really come a long way in such a short time.  You are very fortunate.  Some people never get that.  I’ve been trying so hard with my stepson.”

“You’ll are still having problems with him?” Laurie asked.

“We always have,” Beth replied.

Beth recalled in her mind what started out to be a happier time.  Adam had come to get to know her and accept her as his step mom.  There was still some tension between him and Miles because Adam felt abandoned by him when Miles left him in London with April.  But Adam had finally moved in with them.  Beth was finishing up dinner in the kitchen as Miles was chatting with her.

“I can’t believe I am registering Adam for school tomorrow,” he told Beth.

“Time flies,” Beth replied.  ‘Before you know it, he will be through middle and high school.”

“Not that quick,” Miles responded.  “Besides I’d like to give him a younger brother or sister to grow up with.”

“Really?”  An excited Beth questioned him.  “Do you think he is ready to handle that?”

“He’s come this far,” Miles replied.  “I think everything is going to be alright.”

‘How can it ever be?”  Adam’s voiced asked angrily from behind them.

A shocked Miles and Beth turned to see Adam holding a piece of paper.

Miles recognized it immediately.

“Where did you get that?” He asked Adam.

“It was with my registration papers for school,” Adam informed him.  He held the paper up so Beth and Miles could see it.  It was Miles’ petition to adopt Adam.

“Oh my God,” Beth gasped.

“So who are you?”  Adam shouted.  “And who is my real father?”

Back at the Karr house, a disappointed Victor walked in the front door as he put his cell phone in his pocket.  He was upset that Julia hadn’t picked up the phone.

“What’s wrong?” Laurie asked as she approached him.

“It’s nothing,” Victor responded.

“Are you sure?”  Laurie persisted.  “All day at the office you seemed like you were bothered by something.  Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Really, nothing,” Victor repeated.  “Is dinner ready yet?”

‘Yes, that is why I came to get you,” a disappointed Laure replied as she turned to leave the room.

Victor thought for a second.  “Mom, wait a minute,” he stated.  “There is something that you could do for me.”


At WMON, a frustrated Angela Rhomer sat in a chair as she watched Jeremy and Jody walk pass her.

“How are you doing today?”  Jody asked her.

“Things are going well,” Angela responded.  “I’m getting ready to go out and cover a story.  And I must say I do like your new hair style.”

“Thanks,” Jody replied as they passed.

“You got a new hairstyle?”  Jeremy asked Jody.

Jody gave him a playful hit on the shoulder.

“You can be all smiles, but just wait,” Angela whispered to herself.  “Someday soon, I will be sitting behind that anchor desk.”

Martin Thorton walked passed here, and into his office.  Angela followed into his office.

“Where have you been?” She asked him as she entered.

“I haven’t been gone that long,” he responded.  “You know I was trying to hire a private detective to look into Jody Travis’ past.”

“And?” Angela inquired.

“I hit a snag,” Martin informed her.

“What?”  Angela asked angrily.

“Well, I realized I couldn’t use Whitney Investigations because Jody and Jeremy are friends with the Whitneys,” Martin answered.

“So,” An impatient Angela responded.

“Then I realized that the only other Private Detective that I know-Connor McCabe was murdered,” He stated.  “But don’t worry I will find someone.”

“You have to do something,” Angela told him.  “They are sending me out to cover a poodle beauty pageant.  Can you believe that?  I went to Columbia.  Does she even have a journalism degree?”

“You just need to be patient a little longer,” Martin said to her.

“Well then you are going to have to be a little more patient in waiting for me to return to your bed,” Angela replied.

“Now there is no need for that,” Martin stated.  “I can make a few calls and delve into her background myself.”

“And I want to know what this big scoop is that they have with James Swift,” Angela added.  “I may start keeping tabs on him myself.”

Back across the studio, Jeremy was still worried about Jody.

“You still looked stressed,” Jeremy said.

“I’m handling it the best I can,” Jody stated.

“I told you that you can’t let this Robbie Hamlin thing get to you,” Jeremy replied.  “But you still looked worried.

Jody was thinking of how to respond since she had lied to Jeremy about what was actually causing her the extra stress.

“Why don’t you go see Dr. Samuel,” Jeremy suggested.

“What?” A confused Jody asked.

“”He’s done such a good job with Nikki, maybe he can prescribe you something to help you deal with the stress,” Jeremy stated.

Jody paused.  Then replied, “I’m doing fine considering everything going on around us.”

“If you don’t make an appointment to see him than I will,” Jeremy told her.

“Okay,” a reluctant Jody responded.


At the mansion, Raven finished unpacking all of her shopping bags and sat down at her dresser and looked into mirror.  “There has to be something we can do,” she said to herself.  “We have to get out from under this hold that Alicia has over us.”

Raven stood up and looked at the time on her watch.  “He should be home now,” she stated.  She picked up her cell phone and called Damian Tyler in Washington.

“I didn’t think you needed my help anymore,” Damian said as he answered the phone.

“There’s so much I need to tell you,” Raven informed him.  “And I need you to tell me what to do about it.”  Raven then proceeded to tell Damian everything that Sky had told her about the hit Alicia had taken out on them.

Lyle was outside with his ear pressed against the door trying to listen.  “Mr. Whitney isn’t going to be happy about this,” he said to himself.”


Back at the coffee shop Nikki hesitated to answer Calvin’s question until she saw Adam and Katherine enter.

“Look at who’s here,” she shouted pointing at them.  “Let’s invite them over.”

Adam and Katherine passed by the table and said their hellos.

“Why don’t you sit down and join us?” Nikki asked them.

“Well,” Katherine started to respond but Adam cut her off.

“If you don’t mind,” Adam began to say, “We would like to have a table to ourselves?”

Katherine blushed when she heard him say that.

“By all means, don’t let us stop you,” Calvin responded.

Adam and Katherine proceeded to any empty table across the room.

“I hope you don’t mind?”  He asked.  “I thought this might give us some time to get to know each other better.”

Charlotte stared at them from across the room.  “Don’t they make a cute couple?” She asked Calvin and Nikki.

“What were you talking about before?” Calvin asked.

“It’s really nothing,” Nikki replied.  “We can talk about it later.”

Before Calvin could push the issue any further his cell phone rang.  “It’s my mom,” he announced as he answered the phone.

Nikki didn’t pay attention to the conversation since she was trying to figure out what she would tell Calvin if he asked her again what she and Charlotte were talking about when arrived.

Calvin was smiling when he got off the phone.

“What was that about?”  Charlotte asked trying to change the direction of the conversation.

“My mom has found a place to live in Monticello,” Calvin informed.

“That’s wonderful,” Nikki said.  “Where is it?”

“In the same apartment building as one of her old friends,” He answered.

“Who is he?”  Nikki questioned him.

“Julius Newcombe,” Calvin stated.  “He’s a retired lawyer as well.  And I think he has a thing for my mom.”

“How do you feel about that?” Nikki asked him.

“I think it is great,” Calvin responded.  “He seems like a nice guy.  And it’s about time my mom has a man in her life.  She never really dated since my dad died.”

“Oh brother,” Charlotte stated.

“What?” Nikki questioned her.

“Now look at who just walked in,” Charlotte told them.

Calvin and Nikki turned around to see Geri and Gordon walking toward the counter.

When Geri saw them, she grabbed Gordon by the hand, and pulled them toward the others.

“Are you’ll beginning to make a habit of this place?” Geri asked.

“Not if you are,” Charlotte responded with a laugh.

“Funny,” Geri responded.  “Is it just you three this time?”

“Yes,” Charlotte answered her.

“Is anyone else going to join you?” Geri inquired further.

“Like who?” Nikki asked.  “Like my cousin Adam?”

“Well now that you mention it,” Geri responded but Nikki fired back a reply.

“He is here,” Nikki informed her.  “In the table in the corner behind you.”

Geri and Gordon turned around to see Adam and Katherine at the table engaged in a conversation.  Everyone was looking to see Geri reaction that no one realized that Gordon was upset to see Katherine with Adam as well.

“Just my luck,” Gordon mumbled to himself.

“Sorry to disappoint you, Geri,” Nikki stated.

“That’s okay we were not planning on staying,” Gordon said.

“Poor Adam,” Geri whispered.  “He just needs to find out what he is missing.”

Charlotte and Nikki laughed in response.

“Like I said, you need to just give up on him,” Nikki told her.

“Come on let’s go,” Gordon said.

“Just a second Gordon,” Geri began to say.  “We forgot we need to congratulate someone.”  Geri eyed Nikki and Calvin as she spoke.

A look of panic came across Nikki’s face.


Across the room, Adam and Katherine were getting more acquainted with each other.

Adam informed her how he had grew up in London after his mother had been murdered in Monticello.

“It was rough growing up,” Adam said to her softly.  “After medical school, I came back to Monticello since my parents were from here.”

“So how things for you growing you?” Adam asked her.

Katherine hesitated for a moment.

“Is something wrong?”  Adam inquired.  “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“No,” Katherine replied.  “It’s just hard to talk about it.”

“I grew up with just me and my mom in Bay City,” Katherine informed him.  “My mom died of cancer last year.”

“I’m so sorry,” Adam told her.

“That’s alright, I dealing with it pretty well, I think,” Katherine replied.  “And after she died I decided to move her to get a fresh start.”

“And what about your father?”  Adam questioned her.

Katherine hesitated again.


 Chapter 6


In her room at the Monticello Arms, Didi was looking out the window after she finished talking to Calvin.  “Monticello, I didn’t think it would ever happen, its look like I’m back here to stay,” she said to herself.

As she turned away from the window, her cell phone rang. She saw Nathan Gannon’s name on the caller ID, and placed it back on the night stand.

She sat on her bed and began to remember.  She recalled another run in that she had with Nathan Gannon outside the courthouse in Capitol City.  They had just butted head in courts over the sentence for one of Didi’s clients.

“You know that sentence was unjustified,” she yelled at Nathan.  “You had that judge sentence him too harshly.”

“He’s a repeat offender,” Nathan countered back.  “He got what he deserved.”  Nathan walked closer to her.

“He’s barely out of his teens,” Didi shouted back.

“Besides that is not what this is really about,” Nathan stated.

“What does that mean?”  Didi questioned him.

“I think you know,” Nathan replied.  The two just stared at other.  They Nathan grabbed her and the two kissed.

Didi stopped remembering and walked back to the window.  “I’m not going down that road again,” she said to herself.


Back at their table, Calvin was confused by Geri’s comment about congratulations. Geri could tell Calvin did not know what she was talking about, and she could see the fear in Nikki’s eyes.

“Well, you see,” Nikki started to say but Geri cut her off.

“Oh, did you not hear?” Geri asked coyly while looking at Calvin.

“Now, Geri,” Charlotte said interrupting.

“I didn’t mean to steal your thunder,” Geri continued.  “But I thought Charlotte and Nikki would have told you by now that they secured a record donation for the foundation from Mrs. Walsh today.”

Nikki breathed a sigh of relief.

“That’s wonderful,” Calvin stated.

“We’ll be on our way now,” Geri said as she and Gordon walked away from the table.

“What was all that about?” Gordon asked when they were far enough away from the table that now one could hear them.

“Interesting,” Geri replied.  “Very interesting.  She hasn’t told him yet.”

Over at their table, Katherine still remained silent.

“I hope I didn’t upset you,” Adam stated.

“No,” Katherine responded.  “It is just hard to talk about with people.”

“You don’t have to,” Adam replied.  “Just forget I asked.”

“No, that’s okay,” Katherine answered him.  “You see, I never knew my father.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Katherine,” Adam told her.  “But that’s like me. Like I said, I never knew my birth father, either.  He died before I was born.”

“No, he’s not dead,” Katherine explained to him.  “He abandoned my mother when she found out that she was pregnant.”

“I’m so sorry,” Adam said to her.

“It’s okay we did fine without him,” Katherine stated.  “I thought your father was also a doctor?”

“Step-father,” Adam responded correcting.  “He never told me I was adopted.  I found out on my own when I was getting registered for school.”

“How did you handle it?”  Katherine asked him.

“I tried run away, again,” Adam replied with a fake laugh.  “I ended up moving back in with my aunt and uncle who are Julia’s parents.”


At the law office, James and Julia began packing up their stuff after a long day.

“I’m sorry Katherine found out about us the way she did,” James said to her.

“It’s okay,” Julia responded.  “It was going to happen sooner or later.”

“We’ll I guess it’s about time, we start telling people close to us about us,” James stated.  “Are you still worried about how people are going to react?”

“Things are going too well right now,” Julia told him. “Victor’s antics have stopped.  I’m not fearful looking over my shoulder every day.  I am not going to let anything bother me.”

“Good,” James said.


In London, April Scott was asleep in bed with her husband Draper.  They were in bed for a couple hours before April began to dream again.  

   Julia and her other daughter were leading her forward again.  She could see people on both sides of her.  Everyone was offering her their condolences.  Then the coffin appeared again.  She stopped because she didn’t want to go forward. 

   Julia pulled her hand forward again telling her it was going to be alright.  The three knelt down in front of the coffin.  April lifted her head to look in, and that is when she woke up from the dream


“No!” she shouted which woke Draper up from his sleep.

“What is it?” He asked her.

April put her arms around him and hugged him tight.

“I’m not going to lose you,” she told him.  “I won’t let it happen.”


Later that night, somewhere someone sat at a desk and turned on a computer monitor.  A video of Julia appeared on the screen.  It showed Julia getting ready for bed.  The man flashed back to all the hidden cameras he had installed when he had snuck into Julia’s apartment with the key he had made after he mugged her.

Julia took the remote and turned on the television as she laid down on her bed.  The end of the movie “Pretty Woman” was on the screen, with  Edward climbing up the fire escape of Vivian’s apartment carrying a bouquet of red roses.

“My favorite scene in my favorite movie,” Julia whispered to herself.  “Though I like pink roses the best.  And if brought a box of cocoa butter chocolate as well, that would have made it perfect.”

The man took notice of what Julia was saying as he drank from a mug with the words- “Worlds’s Greatest Daughter” on it.

The man continued to watch her until he fell asleep. The next morning he was awoken by his phone ringing.  He didn’t answer it.  He turned to look at his clock to see what time it was.  He then hurried up and ran into his bathroom and turned on the shower.


Later that morning at his law office, James was going over his announcement that he was running for District Attorney with Katherine while they waited for everyone else to arrive.

“Ms. Scott, should be here in any moment,” Katherine stated.

“But what is taking the Churches so long to get here?”  James pondered.

“I don’t know,” Katherine responded.

No sooner had Katherine finished speaking then William and Bryan entered the office together.

“Sorry, we are running late this morning,” William stated.

“How are you?”  Bryan asked smiling at Katherine before William interrupted him.

“I want to arrange to hold a press conference the day after tomorrow on the steps of the court house,” William informed him getting right down to business

“I will release your bio to the press at the same time.”

“What bio?”  James asked.

“You haven’t seen it?”  William questioned and him and then turned to Bryan who wasn’t paying attention.  “You didn’t show it to him yesterday?”  He yelled at Bryan.

Bryan jumped up in shock.  He grabbed a piece of paper out of the folder he was holding and handed it to James.  “Here it is,” he said.

“Despite the way he seems, he is an expert speech writer, and graphic artist,” William informed James about Bryan.  “As I told you before, I didn’t put any information on that about your relationship with Ms. Scott.”

“I don’t think Julia will have a problem with that,” James responded.

“Problem with what?”  Julia asked as she entered the office.

“Well, hello,” Bryan said as he turned to look at her.

William turned and gave him a mean look.

“We were talking about the press conference and his bio that we are giving to the press,” Bryan informed her with a smile.

“When?”  Julia asked.

“The day after tomorrow,” Bryan informed her.  “I also didn’t mention any of your parents’ murder convictions.  But my dad has a statement ready should the topic arise.”

Julia could tell that Katherine was bothered by it.

“Why don’t we go down the hall, and make a fresh cup of coffee?”  Julia suggested to Katherine.

“None for me,” William stated.  “I’m strictly a water person.

“Me too,” James responded.  “I actually have a water cooler in my office.  I’ll get you some.”

Bryan sat there making fun of the exchange between William and James but no one noticed because he had his back to them.  He then turned to face Katherine, “I’ll gladly have a cup if you ladies are making it.”

The two women then proceeded to go down the hall to a lounge area. Katherine grabbed the coffee pot and began to wash it out.

“That can wait a second,” Julia told her.  “I know I promised you yesterday that I would explain to you about all our parents’ murder convictions.”

Katherine turned to face Julie and said,” All right, I’m listening.”

Julia than began to explain how her mother April had been falsely convicted of killing her former sister in law, Denise.

“My father and Uncle Miles were able to prove it was actually Denise’s father that had killed her,” Julia stated.

“And your father?”  Katherine inquired.

“That’s an interesting story,” Julia began to say.  “It also explains how James’ mother and mine became good friends.  They actually never used to like each other.”  Julia told her the story how Draper had been convicted of killing April’s birth mother.”

“Nola Madison, an old movie actress was the actual killer,” Julia said.

“How did that make your two mothers friends?”  Katherine asked.

Julia told her about Draper’s train wreck on the way to prison.

“He got amnesia after that and wondered to a farm house,” Julia explained.  “A crazy woman, Emily, thought he was her husband who had apparently deserted her years earlier.”

Katherine had a confused look on her face.

“I swear I am not making this stuff up,” Julia said.  “The crazy women even tried to say that she was carrying my father’s baby.  But it actually belonged to a psychotic hospital orderly.”

“And your mom and Mr. Swift’s mom became friends because of this how?”  Katherine asked.

“Well, the crazy woman had an even crazier housekeeper, Molly Sherwood,” Julia continued.  “Molly was determined for Emily to be with my father.  She wanted it so badly, she began to kill people so that it could happen.”

Katherine looked at her in shock.

“It’s true,” Julia repeated.  “Molly had thought she had killed James’ mother, but she had actually shot her with blanks.  Molly then went to kill my mother.  But James’ mother, Raven went to stop her.  Molly saw Raven at the top of the stairs.  Since she thought she had killed Raven, she thought she was seeing a ghost.  The shock caused her to fall back down the stairs to her death.”

“Oh my,” Katherine gasped as she got she coffee mugs from a cabinet.  “I had no idea.”

“I know it sounds incredible,” Julia stated.  “Maybe we should I should wait to tell you the story about James’ mother’s trial another time.  We should get back to the office.”

“That would be fine,” Katherine said. She was looking at all the mugs in the cabinet.  “That’s strange.”

“What is?”  Julia asked.

“Your favorite mug,” Katherine began to say.  “The one that says ‘World’s Greatest Daughter’, is it at your desk?  I don’t see it up here.”

“No,” Julia replied as she moved toward the cabinet to look for herself.  “My parents gave it to me when I left for college and I have kept it with me ever since.”

“I remember,” Katherine responded.

Julia had not luck in finding it either.  She grabbed a white mug off the shelf.  “This will do for now, she said.

The two women returned to law office, with Katherine carrying a tray with the coffee pot and a couple mugs.  As soon as they entered the office, the elevator doors opened.  Angela Rhomer exited headed toward the side of the office door.  She was trying to hear the conversation inside without being seen.

Katherine began pouring coffee into the white mug for Julia and handing it to her.

“Oh, Mr. Swift,” Katherine began to say.  “If all right if I leave a half hour early?”

“I think that will be fine,” James responded.

“Any particular reason?” Julia asked with a smirk.  “Could it have anything to do with a man?”

Katherine began to blush.

“Adam is taking you out isn’t he?”  Julia asked.

“Well, yes,” Katherine responded with a nod.

“That’s wonderful,” Julia stated.

“That’s just great,” Bryan whispered to himself.

The conversation returned to James’ campaign for D.A., and when they were making the announcement.

“He’s running for D.A.,” she whispered to herself from outside.  “That’s what Jeremy thinks is a big scoop.  What a waste of my time.”  As Angela walked toward the elevator to leave, her cell phone rang.  She can see Martin’s name on the I.D.

“What?” she asked as she answered the phone is a not so polite tone.

“I have found out some information on Jody Travis,” he told her.

“Is it something we can use?” an excited Angela asked him.

“Meet me at my place, and I will tell you,” Martin said.

“No!”  Angela exclaimed.  “Tell me know.”

“I discovered that she is the daughter of the later Senator Ben Travis,” Martin started to say.  “His illegitimate daughter.”

“And?” Angela asked still not pleased.

“She also used to be an actress,” Martin continued.  “She was lead in a play “Some Hidden Thunder”, before she was fired.”

“So,” Angela stated.  “What did you do, read her biography?  What good is any of that?  Do you really think anyone cares about any of that?  You really need to find something I can use before you get me into bed again.”

“I will,” Martin answered.

“Well, while you were busy uncovering nothing of use,” Angela began to say.  “I found out that Jeremy’s big scoop is.”

“What is it?” An eager Martin inquired.

“It’s no big story,” Angela answered.  “James Swift is going to run for District Attorney.  I don’t know why Jeremy considers that a big story.  I could report it before he announces it, but would anybody really care?  Would it raise my profile?”

“I know how we can use this information,” Martin told her.

“How?”  Angela questioned.

“Come to my place, and I will explain it to you,” Martin said.

“All right,” a reluctant Angela replied as she got into the elevator.


At the Monticello P.D., Chris sat in her office looking at the sketch of the tattoo that she drawn from her memory during the hypnosis.

She picked up her office phone and punched one of the buttons.

“Yes, Chief,” Guthrie answered from the other room.

“Are Stoner, Gantz, and Madison here as well?” Chris asked him.

“Yes,” Guthrie responded.

“Get them,” Chris stated.  “I want to see all of you in my office.”

“Right away,” Guthrie told her.

After the four of them were in her office, Chris began to speak to them.  “We have information on your father’s murder,” she informed them as she looked at Calvin.

“That’s great,” Calvin replied excitedly.  “Do we know who it is?”

“Now calm down,” Chris said.  “We haven’t got there yet.”  She picked up the tablet with the sketch and showed it to them.”

“What’s that?” Matthew inquired.

“This tattoo was on the arm of the man who shot and killed Calvin’s father,” Chris explained to them.

“What does it mean?” Calvin asked.  “If it means anything?”

“I don’t know,” Chris responded.

“I do,” Mae stated.



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