Chapter 3-Cries in the Night

In the living room, Sky and Raven sat down on the sofa, after having just saying goodbye to James and Julia as they left.

“We are going to have to get busy with his campaign,” Sky told her.  “It is so close to the election right now.

“That’s true,” Raven replied.  “Now, why on earth have you been sending money to that witch Alicia Van Dine?   How could you?  After everything she did she to us?”

“Let me explain,” Sky started to say.

“ I almost went to prison for life because of her,” Raven stated.

“I know,” Sky said.  “Would you let me explain things?”

“Okay,” Raven replied.

Sky started to tell Raven the story. He recalled to her that on the day after Calvin’s funeral, when he was leaving Whitney Enterprises, he got into limo.  “I was surprised to find Alicia in the driver’s seat and not Gunther.”

“And why didn’t you call the police right then and there?  Does Gunther know?”  Raven asked.

“Would you let me continue, and yes he knows,” Sky responded.

“Alright, I’m listening,” Raven answered him.

Sky told her that the first thing he did was pick up the cordless phone in the limo, but Alicia told him to stop.  “She told me that if I didn’t hang up the phone, and listen to what she had to say, that we would never see Gunther alive again.”

“That bitch,” Raven screamed.

“Calm down, and let me finish,” Sky told her.

Raven took a deep breath, and then shook her head for him to continue.

“Then she explained it all to me,” Sky recalled.  He told Raven that Alicia had taken a hit out on Raven, Charlotte, and James which could not be called off.

“Oh my God!”  Raven exclaimed.

“She told me that if I ever called the police, if she was ever arrested, or if I had her killed-the hit would be taken out on all of you,” Sky stated.   “She told me that I had to help her get away, and to keep sending her money.  If I did that, then you would be safe.”

“I could kill her myself,” Raven shouted.

“So you see I had no choice,” Sky said.

“You could have told me,” Raven replied angrily.

“I was doing what I thought was best to keep you all safe,” Sky answered her.  “I didn’t want you to worry.”

Raven put her arms out and hugged Sky.

“I’m so sorry,” Raven stated.

“It’s alright,” Sky responded.  “We’re fine, and we never have to see her ever again.  It’s just money.”  He could feel Raven react when he said the words “it’s just money.”

Raven calmed down and said, “Yes, we will be fine.”

The kitchen door was slightly ajar.  Lyle had been listening to their whole conversation from behind it.


The next morning James was on the phone with Julia.  “William Church called to say he is on his way,” he informed her.

“Great,” Julia responded.  “But I will be running late, there is something I have to do this morning.”

“Okay,” James replied.  “Is something wrong?”

“No,” Julia answered.  “It won’t take long, and it’s nothing to worry about.”  Julia hung up the phone, and then looked across the desk at Victor.  “You have my attention, now what is so important?”

“Just let me close the door, so that we are not disturbed,” Victor stated as he got up to close the door to his office.


At the Monticello Police Department, Calvin was on the phone trying to make lunch plans with Nikki.

“That’s too bad, maybe tomorrow,” he stated as he hung up the phone.  “I guess it is just you and me,” he said looking up at Guthrie.

“I guess I okay being second choice,” Guthrie responded with a laugh.

“Yeah, she has a lunch date with a possible contributor to the foundation, and then a doctor appointment,” Calvin informed him as Matthew walked passed them.

“Good morning, Gantz,” Guthrie told him as he passed by him.

“Good morning, Guthrie,” Matthew replied ignoring Calvin as he passed.

“Matthew this needs to stop,” Calvin stated.

“I can’t speak now, I need to see the Chief,” Matthew informed him.

“I wish he would grow up and just get over it,” Calvin said.

“He didn’t seem happy to see any of you last night,” Guthrie mentioned.

“Besides believing Nikki and I betrayed him, Charlotte and he never really got along,” Calvin told him.  “He always considered her and the Whitney kids snobs.  And well, Charlotte kind of was.”

As Matthew walked into her office, Chris was hanging up the phone with Beth.  “I’ll see you at my place tonight after work,” she stated as she hung up the phone.

“What was that about?” Matthew asked as he sat down.

“We’re just getting together one more time before she returns to London,” Chris lied.  She didn’t want to tell Matthew that Beth was going to be hypnotizing her to see if she could recall something new about Calvin’s murder.

Before Matthew had finished speaking, Chris’ phone on her desk lit up and rang.  “This is chief Egan,” she stated as she answered the phone.  “That’s great.  Please tell her to come right in.”

“What’s that about?”  Matthew asked.

“How could you forget?”  Chris asked.  “Your new partner is here.”

The door to Chris’ office opened up, and Matthew looked up in shock at the woman who entered.  The women returned that shocked locked back at him.

“Matthew, this is detective Mae Madison,” Chris stated.  “Mae, this is your partner, my son, Matthew Gantz.”

Chris could tell that something wasn’t right between them.  “Is everything okay?” a puzzled Chris asked.

The officers reluctantly shook hands.  Matthew’s new partner was the woman he had spilled the coffee on at the coffee shop last night.


At the Whitney Foundation, Charlotte and Nikki were waiting for Geri to arrive so that they could go to their lunch date with Lucinda Walsh.

“Is everything okay with your cousin Adam?”  Charlotte asked her.

“What do you mean?”  Nikki questioned her.

“I can’t put my finger on it,” Charlotte replied.  “But he did seem like a little ‘off’ last night.”

“He has a lot of issues to deal with growing up,” Nikki explained.  “He had some pretty rough times.  Julia could tell you more.  He lived with her family.”

“And not his parents?”  Charlotte asked.

“It’s complicated,” Nikki responded.

“And, I’m not sure how long lunch will be, but if necessary you can leave early to make your appointment with Dr. Samuel,” Charlotte stated.

“Dr. Samuel?” A confused Nikki asked poking up her head from behind her computer.

“Dr. Samuel, you said you had an appointment this afternoon with him,” Charlotte reminded her.

“Oh that’s right,” Nikki replied.  “Thanks I may need to leave early.”

Charlotte could tell Nikki was lying but didn’t push the subject any further.

“Could you believe Geri showed up last night?”  Nikki asked trying to change the subject.

“You should know by now that nothing she does should surprise you,” Charlotte answered her.

“But she sure did make a fool of herself last night,” Nikki responded with a laugh.

Charlotte was looking in the mirror at her earrings.

“They’re beautiful,” Nikki told her.

“I know,” Charlotte replied.  “They were part of my Aunt Geraldine’s jewelry.”

“Like the pearls Geri was wearing,” Nikki stated.

“Not exactly,” Charlotte responded.

“What do you mean?”  Nikki asked.

“When my Aunt Geraldine died, she didn’t have any heirs,” Charlotte began to explain.  “She left everything to James and me.  We were the only two kids my mom and dad had at that point.  Then along later came Gordon and Geri.  I believe my mom felt guilty that they didn’t get anything from her estate.”

“And?” Nikki inquired.

“Mom claimed Aunt Geraldine had given her the pearls, so she gave them to Geri so that she would have something of Aunt Geraldine’s.”

“Oh, I see,” Nikki stated.

“No, you don’t,” Charlotte replied.  “They were best piece of jewelry Aunt Geraldine had, and she doesn’t deserve.  She doesn’t appreciate them.”

“Oh,” Nikki repeated.

Charlotte looked at her watch and then said “I’m going to freshen up,” as she walked in the back to the bathroom.

After she had closed the door, Nikki took an envelope out from her purse, and took out a letter.  She then picked up the phone and proceeded to dial a number.

“Who are you calling?”  a voice asked from behind her.

Nikki caught by surprise dropped the phone and turned to see Geri standing there.


At the D.A.’s office, Nathan sat at his desk, and placed a call to Didi.  He was doodling on the yellow stationary on his desk. There was no answer so he left a message.  “I just want you to know that I enjoyed last night, and that I hope we can get together again.”  As he placed the receiver down he thought to himself, “I hope she is not avoiding me again.”

Almost as soon as he placed the phone down, it started to ring.  He saw Ellie’s name on the caller I.D.  Ellie was their assistant at the D.A.’s office.  He answered the phone and was shocked by what she had to say.  “I have to let Victor know.”


At the Monticello Arms, Didi, who was unable to hear the ringing cell phone in her purse exited through the front door.

The door man greeted her and asked, “Do you need me to get you a cab?”

“That won’t be necessary,” she responded.  “I have friend picking me up.”  A small sports car pulled up in front of her, and she got in the passenger seat.  The driver was the man who approached her by the elevator last night.



Back at the D.A.’s office, Victor began his apology to Julia.  “This has been a long time coming,” he began.   “And I know I have no right to ask you to forgive me.”

Julia just sat there and looked up at him listening intently.

Victor’s tone changed.  “This isn’t easy for me to say,” he said softly.  Victor then explained to Julia the years of abuse he suffered at the hands of his step-mother Melissa.  “I never handled it well.  I actually never dealt with it all until now. I know that is no excuse for the way I treated you and acted.”

Julia was noticeably shocked by the revelation.  “I’m so sorry,” she stated.

Victor informed her that he was seeing Beth, and he was trying to get his life back in order.

“That sounds like a good plan,” Julia stated.  “You do seem different.  More like the Victor I used to know.”

“He is still in here,” Victor replied to her.

Their conversation was cut short by Nathan Gannon knocking at the door.

“Now what does he want?”  Victor said as he got up from behind his desk.  “Don’t worry I will get rid of him.”

“No that’s okay,” Julia responded.  “I have to get my office anyway.”

“But I am not finished,” Victor stated.

“That’s okay,” Julia responded softly as she held his hand.  “I forgive you.”  Julia then let go of his hand and opened the door.

Victor looked up angrily at Nathan.

“Have a good day,” Julia said to Victor as she left.  She looked up at Nathan and just walk by him hardly acknowledging him at all.

“What was that about?” Nathan asked.

“None of your business,” Victor responded.  “What is so important?”

“Ellie quit this morning,” Nathan informed him.


Outside the Monticello Arms Didi was thanking the driver for picking her up at the hotel.

“I so glad I ran into you last night,” the driver stated referring to seeing her at the elevator the previous night.

“Yes, that was a surprise,” Did replied.  “I have not been back in town long.”

“I heard about the Lombard case,” he began to say.  “That was great work.  You haven’t lost your touch.”

“Thanks,” Didi responded.

“Would you like to grab a bite to eat first, and catch up more?”  he asked.  “Or I could take you right to the apartment building I was telling you about last night.”

“I think we can get something to eat first,” she answered to look at him.  The man was Julius Newcomb, Didi’s ex-boyfriend from when she first had arrived in Monticello.  He had asked Didi to marry him before he moved to Chicago.  Didi had turned him down because she was fighting her feelings for Calvin Sr.


At his office, James was talking to William Church about his running for District Attorney of Monticello.

“Will Ms. Scott be joining us?”  Katherine asked as she sat down in a chair with a tablet to take notes.

“She will joining us a little bit later since she had something to do this morning,” James explained.   “So we can get started without her.”

Before they could begin the office phone rang, and Katherine answered it.

“Swift and Associates,” she stated as she picked up the phone.  The expression then changed to shock.  “Gordon?”

James quickly took the phone from her.  “Gordon, what do you want?” he said into the phone.

Gordon was taken by surprise to hear James’ voice on the phone.  “James, can you put Katherine back on the phone?”

“No!”  James exclaimed.  “Remember what I told you about last night?”  James warned him to not go out with Katherine like he did James’s last assistant.

“But James,” Gordon persisted.  “I mean it.”  James then hung up the phone.  “Sorry that was a family situation.”

“We need to talk about your family later,” William mentioned.  “Now can we get back to talking about your campaign?”

“Absolutely,” James responded.

“Great because I have an idea about how to make an impact in announcing your candidacy,” Martin stated.

“I have friends at WMON,” James informed him.  “They are waiting with anticipation for them to report it.”

“Well, tell them to hold just a while longer,” William told him.  “I want to get your campaign staff in place first.”

“Staff?”  James questioned.  “I didn’t even think about that yet.”

“That’s what I am here for,” William responded.  “I have someone in mind.”

“Anyone I now?” James asked.

“No,” William responded.  “But I will introduce you to him soon.


At WMON, Jeremy and Jody entered his office as the woman from Martin’s office looked at them.  The woman quickly and quietly ran to the door to put her ear against.

“I must say you do seem better today,” Jeremy stated.  “I told you not to let Robbie Hamlin’s parole letter get you do upset.  He’s not going anywhere.”

Jody recalled in her mind lying to Jeremy that it was Robbie Hamlin’s parole hearing that was causing her added stress, and not Raven threatening her.

“So what’s going on?” Jody asked changing the subject.

“I’ve been wanting to tell that I have a lead on a story,” Jeremy informed her.

“What’s that?” Jody inquired.

“James Swift is going to be announcing his candidacy for District Attorney of Monticello,” Jeremy stated.  “He’s going to let us be the first to report it.”

“That’s great,” Jody responded.  “But I need to get to make-up.” She said as she got up and left his office.

“I’ll let you know as soon as I hear something,” Jeremy said.

As the door began to open, the woman jumped around the corner from Jeremy’s office.

As Jody exited, Jody called Beth on her cell phone.  After Beth answered Jody said “I’m scared Raven is going to want favors for James like she did for Charlotte.  I wish she would just leave me alone and stop threatening me.”  Jody had her hand in her purse on the pill bottle.  She walked pass the hallway unaware that the woman was standing there.

The woman who was watching her looked at Martin who was passing by her.

“Do you know what is up with her?” she asked him.

“I don’t know, but I am going to find out,” he responded.  “Don’t worry.  You days of just being a news reporter are almost done.  Pretty soon the sign on that office is going to change.”  He said referring to the sign on Jody’s door.

“I want to see it read, Angela Rhomer, lead anchor,” she stated.

“It will soon,” Martin responded.  “You just need to wait a little longer.”

“I’ve gotten impatient with your empty promises,” Angela stated.  “I’ve found something out on my own.

“Oh really, what is it?”  an excited Martin asked.  “You were eavesdropping on them weren’t you?”

“Something you should have done,” Angela said.  “I couldn’t hear what they saying in Jeremy’s office.  But I did hear Jody her phone conversation.”

“And?”  Martin asked with anticipation.

“Apparently Raven Whitney is blackmailing her,” Angela informed him.

“About what?”  Martin inquired.

“I didn’t hear,” Angela responded.  “But I am going to find out.  And use it to my advantage.”

“Does Jeremy know?”  Martin asked.

“I don’t think so,” Angela replied.

“Interesting, the plot thickens,” Martin stated.


In London, April Scott put down her cell phone down as she sat on her sofa.

“What’s wrong?” her husband Draper asked as he entered.

“I’ve been trying to reach Beth,” April informed him.  “But she hasn’t responded yet.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure she is going to tell you that you have nothing to worry about,” Draper told her.

“I don’t think so,” April replied.  “You know what happened last time.”

“That was decades ago,” Draper answered her referring to April’s visions which foreshadowed her mother’s murder and Draper going to prison for it.

“I’m scared to go sleep,” she informed him.  “I’m don’t know what I am going to dream next.”

“What happened last night?” Draper asked her.

“Do you really want to know?” April questioned him.

“Of course,” Draper told her.

“Well, I was not sure where I was in the dream last night,” April stated.  “But all these people kept coming up to me, and telling me how sorry they were.”

“Who were they?” Draper inquired.

“I couldn’t make out who they were,” April replied.

Draper put his arms around her, and he hugged his wife.

“It’s going to be okay,” he told her.  “We will get through this.”  But by the look on his face you could tell that he was beginning to worry.


At Monticello General, Beth was finishing up her phone call with Jody.  “It’s not a good idea to keep all this from Jeremy,” Beth told her.

“I know,” Jody replied.  “I’m just trying to do what is best for everyone.”

“And I keep telling you that can’t keep all of this bottled up inside you,” Beth stated.  “All this stress will get to you.”

“I am aware of that,” Jody answered her.  “I need to run but I will talk again with you later.”

Beth put her cell phone back in her purse after the conversation.  She looked up at the door that she was about to enter.  It read Dr. Adam Drake, Medical Examiner, City of Monticello.

“Oh, Adam, why did you do that?”  She whispered to herself as she shook her head and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Adam responded from inside.

Beth sat down and started exchanging pleasantries with him.

Adam seemed generally happy to see her until started talking to him about him using the last name Drake instead of Cavanaugh-his step-father’s name.

“When is the last time you talked to your father?” Beth asked him.

“You mean Miles?” he asked.  “I think you know the answer to that.”

“You need to stop punishing him like this,” Beth stated.

“I didn’t mean for you to get dragged into the middle of this,” Adam told her.

Adam turned got up from his desk and turned his back to desk as he looked out the window.

It reminded Beth of the first time she saw Adam.  He had been living with his Aunt April in London for about a year and half. It was the Christmas holidays.  Beth and Miles had just gotten married.  After a quick honeymoon, they went to London to see Adam.  Miles decided to make it a surprise visit.  She was seated in the living room after having just met Miles’ sister April and her husband Draper.  April called Adam to come down from upstairs.  Adam came down the stairs followed by his cousin Julia.  Adam was shocked to see Miles there.

“What are you doing here?”  he asked sounding like he really didn’t care.

April was shocked by Adam’s tone.  “Adam why are you taking that tone with your father?”

“Sorry,” he replied looking at April.  He then turned to Miles and said “But I’m not going back with you, and you can’t make me.”  He then ran back up the stairs.

Everyone looked at each other in shock.

Beth came back the present when Adam turned and sat back down at his desk.

“I don’t know why you have no problem talking to me, and yet you can’t talk to your father?”  Beth inquired.  “It’s my fault just as much as it is his fault.”


Geri’s arrival at the foundation had caught Nikki by surprise as she dropped the phone.  Nikki ignored her question about who she was talking to, and remarked, “It’s about time you are here.”

“What do mean?”  Geri asked.  “I’m right on time.”

Charlotte peeked her head out from the bathroom door.

“What are you doing back there?” Geri asked referring to the fact that she was all the way in the back of the office by the bathroom.

During Charlotte’s interchange with Geri, Nikki put the letter back in the envelope and tried to put it back in her purse.

“I’m getting ready for our lunch with Mrs. Walsh,” Charlotte answered. “That is why you are here, to watch the office while we go to lunch with her.”

“That’s if you can stay in the office and do your job,” Nikki exclaimed as she stood up from behind her desk.

“What’s that’s supposed to mean?” Geri inquired.

“You know darn well, what she is talking about,” Charlotte responded.  “You know that surprise appearance you did last night on our date with Nikki’s cousin Adam.”

“I thought you said it wasn’t a date,” Geri quipped.

“That’s not the point,” Charlotte replied.  “You had a job to do here, and you were not invited.”

“What’s wrong?”  Geri asked.  “Are you worried that Adam would be more interested in me than you?”

“We told you that wasn’t a set up,” Charlotte reminded her.

“Plus, he did not seem interested in you at all,” Nikki stated emerging from the bathroom.  “Now, Katherine on the other hand, well that is a different story.”  Nikki was referring to the fact that Adam seemed to have taken interest in James and Julia’s assistant, Katherine.

“Oh please,” Geri began to say.  “Poor, sweet, little, Katherine, what would Adam want with her when he can have a real woman.”

“Stop it Geri,” Charlotte said.  “He’s way out of your league.”

“You don’t know anything about Adam,” Nikki stated.  “Do you actually think he would be impressed or turned on by those pearls?”

“You noticed?”  Geri responded with a smile.

“You never deserved Aunt Geraldine’s pearls,” Charlotte told her.

“I don’t know why are complaining,” Geri responded.  “You got the rest of her jewelry and everything else.  But you are jealous.  I know you always wanted her pearls.  But I’m sure Adam noticed me wearing them as well.

“Oh please, Adam wouldn’t go for someone who is too easy,” Nikki stated.

“You don’t know what you are talking about,” Geri exclaimed.

“Oh please, the whole town knows what I am talking about,” Nikki replied.

“Why you…” Geri started to say but Charlotte cut her off.

“That’s enough,” Charlotte shouted.  “We need to get on our way.  I’m sure I can count on you to handle things here while we are gone.”

“Of course,” Geri answered sarcastically.

“And I mean it, Geri, stay away from him,” Nikki repeated.  “He has enough going on in his life than to have to put up with any nuisance from you.”

“We’ll see,” Geri whispered to herself with her back turned to them.


Somewhere someone was holding the picture of James and Julia leaving that office that had finished developing.  He walked across a room, and opened a cabinet.  There were all pictures of Julia hung up on the backboard.  There were pictures of her arriving and leaving work.  There were also pictures from outside her apartment and the courthouse.  The pictures were from all times of day.  He grabbed a thumb tack from the board, and pinned the new picture in the middle.  All the pictures were surrounded by an outline of a heart.  Sitting on a shelf in the cabinet was a coffee mug that read “World’s Greatest Daughter.”



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