Book 2 “Cries in the Night”


Chapter 1

In London, a nervous April Scott sat in her kitchen trying to pour herself a cup of coffee when her husband walked into the room.

“You still haven’t calmed down?” Draper asked her.

April just looked at him nervously.

“Do you want to talk about it?” He questioned her.

“I told you about it,” April replied.  “Nothing has changed.  It’s a large room, and it’s mass confusion.  I am calling for you, and I can’t find you.  Then a frightening feeling overcomes me.”

“That doesn’t mean anything,” Draper told her.

“How can you say that?” April asked him.  “Don’t you remember all my psychic visions in Monticello?”

“That was decades ago,” Draper replied.  “And they stopped.”

“But they came true,” April protested.  “Logan prosecuted me for murder.  Your car went over the cliff.  They all came true.”

Draper drew close to his wife, and put his arms around her.  “I’m not going anywhere.  Besides those were visions, these are just dreams.  You can’t let those bad dreams bother you.”

“My dreams came true as well,” April reminded him.


Dr. Beth Correll was sitting down staring at the clipboard in her hands.  She was trying to decide what to say next to her patient.  “Have the nightmares returned?”

“No,” Victor replied.  “I never thought I would ever be able to say that.  It seems like every night I would dream of my step mother chasing me.  Melissa had a Jekyll and Hyde personality.  She could hit me, and then two seconds later be begging me for forgiveness.  Or she would blame me.”

“Most abusers do,” Beth stated.

“I was scared of her for so long, and I was too frightened to say anything,” Victor said.  “I still have the burn marks from her cigarettes on me.”

“And your emotional scars?” Beth asked.

“They are still there,” Victor replied.  “I just want to forget it all.”

“But that never did you any good,” Beth reminded him.  “Remember what I told you,” she continued.  “You can’t hold it all in any longer.  You need to let go of the anger.  Melissa is dead.  It is not doing you any good to stay mad at her.  And when you are able to do that, I think you will see a difference in your relationships with everyone especially women.”

“You mean I might stop sabotaging every relationship I am in?” Victor inquired.

“That’s one way of stating it,” Beth replied.  “And you need to forgive your parents.”

Victor opened his mouth to say something but Beth cut him off.

“I know you blame them for not protecting you from her,” Beth said.  “But they didn’t know what was going on with Melissa.  And if they did, they would have put a stop to it.  They feel terrible that they were not able to stop it”.

“You don’t understand,” Victor stated.  “That’s easier said than done.”

“I know it will take time,” Beth replied.  “And your parents are aware of that.  And I know there are things your mother has been wanting to tell you about her time in the sanitarium.”

Victor didn’t respond.

“This could be the final time I see you before I return to London,” she reminded him.

“I know,” Victor replied walking around his living room.  “It’s going to be hard to beat having a therapist that makes house calls.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Beth responded.

Victor just shook his head in agreement.

“You really have made tremendous progress in such a short time,” Beth informed him.

“Well, I think that is enough for now,” Victor told her.  “Now that I have changed, do you think I can win Julia back?”


At the Whitney mansion, Raven closed the door to Sky’s study after making sure no one was outside to listen to her.  She picked up her phone and called Damian Tyler.

“Have you tracked down her whereabouts yet?” She asked him, referring to Alicia Van Dine.

“I just talked to you yesterday, and the answer is still no,” he replied.  “She has become very good at hiding since she has been doing it all these years.”

“That doesn’t matter, she’s a wanted criminal,” Raven stated.  “I almost went to prison because of her.  And I won’t rest until she pays for that.”

“I’m doing everything I can do to track her down,” Damian informed her.  “But there may be an easier way to track down her whereabouts.”

“And what would that be?” Raven questioned.

“Ask your husband,” Damian replied.  “He’s the one who has been bankrolling her.  He must know something.”

Raven just stood thinking about what Damian had just said.  Should she confront her husband?


At the law office, Katherine was getting ready to leave for the day when Gordon entered the office.

“I have that background information you wanted,” he announced as he entered and handed a manila envelope to James.

“We were expecting that this morning,” An angry Julia proclaimed as she took the envelope from James and opened it.

“We are trying to be nice and help you out by giving you some work, but you need to get your act together,” James said.

“It’s been hard,” Gordon replied.  “I haven’t had any help since Lindsay, ah, left.”  He was referring to his former girlfriend and murderer Lindsay.  “And I’m still hurt over her.  How could I have been so stupid?

“You need to get over her,” Katherine stated.  “I’m sure a nice guy like you can do better than that floozy.”  Katherine gave him a polite smile then took the envelope from Julia and went to her desk.

“Really?” Gordon responded as he perked up and smiled.

James hit his shoulder and shook his head at him.  “You’re not going down that road again,” he whispered to Gordon.  James was referring to the fact that Gordon had dated Lindsay when she was the assistant at the law office.

Katherine opened the folder on her desk and put the envelope in it, then put the folder back on her desk, “Is there anything else you need me to do before I leave?” She asked as she picked up a box from the floor and carried it to the closet.

“Let me help you with that,” Gordon said as he raced toward her and took the box.  He placed it on top of another box labeled “Suzanne.”  “Suzanne?  Is that…”

Gordon cut James off before he could finish asking the question.  “Don’t pay attention to that,” James responded.  The box had contained stuff James’ ex Suzanne had left behind before she left town.”

“I think we have done enough for today,” Julia responded changing the subject.  “We should have cleared enough room for Mrs. Stoner.”

“She’s only going to be a consultant,” James replied.  “So she won’t be here every day.  But its fine, you can leave.  We will see you in the morning.”

“Good night,’ Katherine said as she left.

“I’ll walk out with you,” Gordon told her as he strolled toward her.

Katherine paused for a second before deciding how to respond.  She hoped she hadn’t given Gordon the wrong idea by her kind words.

“That would be a friendly thing to do,” she stated nodding her head and trying to not to show interest in him.

Julia waited for the door to close before she jumped into James’ waiting arms.

“I’ve been wanting to do this all day,” she told him.

“Me too,” he responded as he kissed her.

“Are you okay with keeping things quiet about us for now?” Julia asked.

“I told you I was,” James reminded her.

“I just don’t want to hear people say she’s in love with her boss again,” she told him.  “I still can’t believe I was stupid enough to get involved with Victor Dallas.”

“I’m not Victor,” James stated as they started to leave the office.

“Thank God,” Julia responded.

“I would just like for people to know we are dating before we send out wedding invitations,” James said.

“What?” Julia asked as she laughed.  “Things are going so well right now, Nathan has stopped all of his antics.”  Julia stated referring to the notes she has received in the yellow envelops.

As they made their way to the door to leave, the phone started to ring.

James and Julia looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Jeremy Rhodes.

“Are you going to answer the phone?” Julia asked him.  “He must want to know when you are going to make the announcement,” Julia told him.  “Have you decided?”

“I’m meeting with William Church tomorrow,” James responded as he let the phone ring.  I guess we will decide tomorrow.  I know he wants to do it as soon as possible since it is so late in the campaign.  There is barely a month until election day.”

“You were so lucky to get him for your campaign manager,” Julia replied.  “My father said he is the best.  He’s worked on governor and senatorial campaigns.  And several of Mike Karr’s campaigns.”

“My father was D.A., and I always wanted to follow in his footsteps,” James stated.  “I didn’t think now was a good time until Jeremy said he heard rumors that I was mulling a run for D.A.”  James said referring to his biological father, the late Logan Swift.  “And I wonder who started that rumor about me running?”

“I don’t know,” Julia responded with a smirk on her face.  It was obvious that she had started the rumor.

“Besides, I don’t want to see Victor get re-elected by not having anyone run against him,” James added.

“Me too,” Julia agreed.  “I wish I could see the reaction on his face when he finds out you are running against him, and using his grandfather’s former campaign manager.”

“I need to go tell my parents,” James informed her.  “My mother will have a fit if she is the last one to know.”

As they walked down the hall, a shadowy figured stared at them from around the corner.


At WMON, Jeremy hung up the phone.  “He’s dodging my calls,” he said to himself.

“Who is?” Martin Thorton, a fellow news director asked him.

“A lead on a possible story,” Jeremy replied.

“Care to share?” Martin inquired.

“Not yet,” Jeremy replied with a smirk.

“If you have a second, I’d like to ask you about something?”   Martin asked.

“Sure,” Jeremy answered.

“I don’t mean to pry,” Martin began, “But is Jody okay?”

“We’ve have both been under a lot of stress with everything going on with Nikki,” Jeremy replied.

“I understand that, and I am glad Nikki is doing better,” Martin stated.  “But I did notice she was going kind of soft on her reporting on Charlotte Lombard.”

“I did notice that myself,” Jeremy responded.  “I think it was just the stress, and besides Charlotte ended up being innocent.”

Jody stood around the corner from them.  They were unaware that she could hear every word that they were saying. “Now, that the trial is over, I should not have to worry about Raven’s threats,” Jody whispered to herself.  Jody recalled in her mind how Raven had threatened to reveal her secret.  “And if Jeremy found out I don’t know what he would do,” she whispered to herself.


In her office at the Monticello P.D., Chris stared at the picture on the wall of her with Calvin and Derek as there was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” she responded as Calvin opened the door and walked into the room.

“I’m going to be leaving, and I was just checking to see-” he started to say before Chris cut him off.

“We still haven’t received any new leads,” Chris responded referring to Calvin Sr.’s murder.

“Okay,” a disappointed Calvin responded.

“The segment on Monticello’s most wanted is still new,” Chris responded.  “Give it time.  I am convinced we are going to get some new leads. And how are things going with you and Detective Guthrie?” Chris asked referring to Calvin’s new partner.

“They are great, Chief,” Calvin responded.

“Okay, then can you send Gantz in on your way out?” she asked.

“Sure, Chief,” he replied as he left.

A few moments later, Matthew arrived in her office.

“You wanted to see me Chief?” he asked sounding formal.

A disappointed Chris looked up from her desk.  “What’s with the attitude?”

“I don’t see how you can be so nice to him, after what he did to me!” Matthew exclaimed referring to the fact that Calvin started seeing Nikki while she was still dating him.

“I can’t let personal feelings get in the way of my work, I keep telling you that,” Chris reminded him.  “I may not like the way he handled things with Nikki but he is still a good cop.”

“So you say,” Matthew replied.

“Enough of that,” Chris demanded.  “Try to get here a little early tomorrow.  You will be meeting your new partner tomorrow.”

“Great,” Matthew said.  “I don’t know why you couldn’t give me Guthrie instead of someone new.” Matthew didn’t wait for an answer, he just walked out of her office.

Chris picked up a letter from her desk and read it.  It was a notification of a parole hearing for Robbie Hamlin, the former video disco owner who had been part of Louis Van Dine’s plan to take over Monticello. Chris stared at the letter and then looked the picture of Calvin Sr. on her desk.  “Maybe there is one more thing I can do to help find your killer.”


At the bar in the Monticello Arms, Didi sat down at a table.  “I don’t want you to read too much into this, this is just drinks,” she said.

“It’s a start,” Nathan replied to her from across the table.  “I’m not the enemy, you don’t have to avoid me.   Besides if you are staying in Monticello, we are going to be running into each other.”  Nathan was referring to the fact that Didi has been avoiding all the calls and messages that he had left for her.

“And you need to get used to the fact that I can beat you in court,” Didi reminded him.

“Funny,” Nathan responded.  “But there is no reason a prosecutor and public defender can’t get along.  Do you remember the first time we crossed paths?”

“Yes,” Didi responded. Didi recalled to herself their first meeting in a Capitol City court room.  She was the public defender for an ex-con who tried to flee a traffic stop. Nathan, the assistant D.A. approached her as she and her partner Marty Stillwater had entered the court house.

“I’m sure you are aware of your client’s extensive history with breaking the law,” Nathan mentioned as he walked by her.

Nathan wasn’t expecting a response but that didn’t stop Didi.

“He is accused of a minor offense,” she replied.

Nathan turned to face her.  “We need to keep bad people like him locked up to protect the good people out there,” he stated.

Didi just froze when he said that.

“What is it?  Marty asked her.

“Those are almost the exact words Calvin said to me the first time that I met him,” she informed him.


At the Whitney mansion, Sky sat on the sofa in the living room, having just clicked off the television.

“Was that something you didn’t like?” Lyle asked walking across the room.

“No,” Sky responded.  “It was the replay of the unsolved murder of Calvin Stoner.”

“That case has touched a lot of people in this town,” Lyle stated.

“He was a good man, and a good cop,” Sky responded.  “Raven and I tried to work the case ourselves back then but we didn’t have any better luck than the police.”

Sky recalled to himself the day after Calvin’s funeral.  He was leaving Whitney Enterprises, and headed to his waiting limo outside the building.

“Let’s go home,” he told his chauffeur Gunther as he entered through the rear door on the passenger side.

“Not just yet,” he heard a female voice say from the front of the limo.

“Gunther, I don’t know what you are up to…” Sky started to say before he was cut off.

“It’s not Gunther,” the woman said as she turned around to face him.  “I need your help.”

Sky stood looking at her in shock.  There sitting in the driver’s seat of the limo was Alicia Van Dine.

“Alicia why on earth do you think I would ever help you?” Sky asked her.

“You will after you hear what I have to say,” Alicia stated.

“Sky!” Raven kept repeating which broke Sky out of his memory.

“What is it?” he asked.

“We need to talk,” Raven replied.


At Foundation Charlotte and Nikki were confirming their lunch plans for the next day.

“I just got off the phone with Lucinda Walsh’s secretary from Worldwide Industries,” Nikki informed her.  “We are set to meet her at noon tomorrow at The Top of the Towers.”

“Does she still go by Walsh or is it Dixon now?” Charlotte asked about newly married Lucinda.

“I’m not sure,” Nikki replied.  Nikki really wasn’t paying attention to her, she was reading a letter.

Charlotte realized that Nikki wasn’t listening.  “Is there something you want to share with me?”

“What?” a shocked Nikki responded.  “No, it’s just my doctor bill.”  Then Nikki stuffed the letter in her purse.

“We need to find out if she is going by Walsh or Dixon now,” Charlotte repeated.  “Its little details like that mean stuff to people.  And I am expecting a huge contribution from her.”

“From whom?” Geri inquired as she entered the offices.

“Where have you been?” Charlotte asked.  “You were supposed to be here this morning.”

“Gordon needed my help at the detective agency,” Geri stated.  “He still is having a hard time getting over the Lindsay situation.”

“What’s to get over?” Nikki asked.  “She’s a killer, end of story.  And what case is it this time?  Did somebody lose their Labrador? “

“No, it’s a Doberman,” Geri replied sarcastically.

“Anyway, we are just about finished here,” Charlotte stated.  “Can you at least file this stuff for me?”  She asked her sister.  “And then can I trust you to lock up for us?”

“We are you headed?” Geri asked.

“Nikki wants to introduce me to her cousin, Adam,” Charlotte informed her.

“The doctor?” Geri asked as her eyes perked up with excitement.  “Can I join you?”

Nikki paused for a moment.  Then she replied, “I don’t think he is your type.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Geri inquired.

“It means he’s the kind of man who graduated medical school, and the not the kind that barely has a GDE,” Nikki answered her.  “He’s more interested in helping people, and not getting them to follow them on twitter.  He dates lawyers, not women who need lawyers.”

“Enough,” Geri interrupted her.  “That is not fair.”

“Geri we are just going for coffee,” Charlotte stated.  “She isn’t trying to set us up.  But you have to admit he is out or your league?”

Geri didn’t say anything.

“Now, can I trust you to lock up when you are finished here?”  Charlotte asked.  “And I’m depending on you to be here tomorrow when Nikki and I are at lunch with Mrs. Walsh.”

“Of course,” Geri said with a fake smile as she turned toward the files.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Charlotte said as she and Nikki started to leave.

“I haven’t seen him in a while,” Nikki told Charlotte as they were leaving.

When they closed the door, Geri went to the wall and looked in the mirror.  She gave her hair a touch.  She looked around the room and saw her purse.  She went to her purse and pulled a case out of it.  She opened the case to reveal a pearl necklace.  She put the necklace on and admired herself in the mirror.  “Not my type,” she whispered to herself.  “Out of my league.  I will show them.  Just wait, I will show both of them.”


At the morgue, Dr. Bauer was walking into Adam’s office as Adam was preparing to leave.

“I have a surprise for you,” Dr. Bauer informed Adam.

“What’s that?” Adam asked as he walked toward him.

“Show him,” Dr. Bauer stated as he moved to the side and left a workman behind him move toward Adam.

The man held up a name plate for Adam’s office door.  It read Dr. Adam Cavanaugh, Medical Examiner, City of Monticello.

“What do you think?” Dr. Bauer asked.

Adam looked at it, then looked up at Dr. Bauer.  “You have the wrong name on it,” Adam stated coldly as he walked back to his desk.

“What?” a confused Dr. Bauer asked.  “I think it is spelled correctly.”

“That’s not it,” Adam replied.  “Didn’t you get my message before I arrived?”

“I don’t think so,” Dr. Bauer responded.

“I go by Adam Drake now,” Adam informed him.  “That was my father’s last name.”

“I thought your father was Dr. Miles Cavanaugh?”  Dr. Bauer asked.

“He was my stepfather,” Adam replied as his voice began to get louder.  “Is there a problem with that?”

“No,” Dr. Bauer replied.  “I will have them make another name plate.”



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